Bristol Cars - Brian May

Nick Weir meets a man who is truly obsessed with 'Bristol Cars' and devotes his life to building them. Brian May shows us around his extraordinary collection and offers a fantastic insight into Bristol Car history. Bristol Cars were formed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in the late 40's and is the last remaining descendant of the company today.

mark berry
I actuly thought it was Brian May off of Queen until I seen him.
Anne and Tony Carey
There's NOTHING wrong in being obsessed with Bristol Cars. They are stunningly beautiful. What I would give to own one.
Doug Rees
When I was a kid, I had a set of tiny toy cars, made (I believe) in England. Along with the Ferrari and the Citroen was a Bristol. I thought it looked pretty cool; but I lost track of the company and assumed it was long defunct. I was amazed to find it was still in business and still making cars (well, sort of). I guess the main reason for buying one of these cars is to experience the thrill of driving down the street and hearing bystanders shout out: "HOLY S**T, what's that??!!"
Albert Tatlock
Listen to that gorgeous v8 Rumble, effortlessly pulls that 2 ton monster along, 12mpg at a steady 60mph, heavy footed individuals expect 8mpg
Albert Tatlock
They were what a rolls Royce would have been if they made sports cars. No sign of a guitar in the place, I was expecting Brian May, simply because you'd have to be damn wealthy to own a collection of Bristol car's
that puts one in mind of the late motoring journalist LJK (Leonard) Setright, who in my youth would mystify me with his praise for these things.
mike thompson
I did so want to get a good look at the engine bay.
a very british car! If only british car manufacturers could sell more cars and take ze genmanziz stake in the luxury market away.
Dale Chappell
I second that emotion...
Travis Olson
Something I wont miss from the 90's, tv shows opening with unsuspecting hosts/guest who acted if they didn't realize a film crew was there.
pawel arabasz
Szacuneczek dla tego Pana.
urban rider
A true British eccentric
James haury
looks like he bought it. I wonder if Brian May is any relation to James May? I.E Top gear.
I whole-heartedly agree, which is why we are in the process of making a 6 part television series about Brian and his long standing relationship with Bristols. We hope to air this series in 2015. 
Cristian Gamboa
Oh my gosh how unexpectedly he showed at that garage.
John Hetherington
Love the dog
mike evans
I'd like a pair of Bristols
The trailer can also be viewed by copying and pasting the following into your youtube search window.  Bristol Cars 2015 documentary trailer
Mike Rogers
Rather lacking in information. And plain wrong in places. When are we going to have a definitive history covering all the generations of Bristols?
Did they ever throw in a proper Chrysler engine into a Bristol? I mean like the Jensen's 383 or 440? Or the Monteverdi with the 426 Hemi? The Blenheim 2 from just a few short years ago seemed odd using a Chrysler aftermarket crate engine 360 rather than one of the newer Hemi or SRT Hemi? Heck, for the price they were charging, the Blenheim 2 should have had the Viper V10 and automatic transmission like they used in the 4 door truck (as opposed to the hi=performance truck that preceded it). That truck could tow, had four doors, and could still run 13 second quarter miles, all with an automatic transmission. For an exotic car, the Blenheim should have used the V10/auto or for the 'entry level' the SRT 392 Hemi that was available in the SRT cars. The 300 hp crate engine 360 was a little low rent...
A gentleman's car and an engineer's car. I'm sure that once bitten by the Bristol bug nothing else will measure up. I still enjoy re-reading Leonard Setright's articles, particularly on his beloved Bristols. I see, below, the inevitable joke about a pair of Bristols. I'm very partial to these in both senses of the expression, but if we're talking just about the cars, how about a 411 and a 401?
Allen Saunders
different brian may then i expected i don't find a car with poor build quality charming
Matt Pedwell
Yea so good they never lasted !
Miles H
Horrid-looking cars but pretty cool nonetheless.
Steve Prince
I never did understand why anyone would choose to buy a Bristol when the Bentley T was a far better car.