One Piece AMV - Love and Honor

Happy Easter :) Thanks for watching my new AMV - (One Piece AMV - Love and Honor.) I hope you liked it! Comment your thoughts down below! Make sure you like if you think its worth one and subscribe for more! I'm sorry for not uploading much lately, its cause I have been busy in school but now I have time to upload videos again :) Music: FFH - Undone Anime: One Piece Edited by: Elat3d Twitter ► />MAL ► /> DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Tags: One Piece AMV - Love and Honor, Love and honor, one piece amv, nami the navigator amv, nami, amv, ffh, undone, ffh undone, elat3d, anime music video, arlong fight, arlong, arlong vs luffy

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Thanks for over 100 000 views! ^_^
Cori Handsaker
Nami's story is why I came to love One Piece, was hooked after the big battle. It was too epic too be denied. Punching Arlong in the face was priceless. XD
Hạ Ka' Thị Đông
♡Luffy x Nami
Rivyn Daniel
did they remake the portion about Nami's backstory? the animation looks so crisp and the character designs look improved
The Costas
1:09 this eyes... omg
Again no dedication... to bad nice amv though
Monkey D Luffy
good shit love your amv man. good job. :)
Nowhere Coffin
really good amv but i realize now how much more this song fits itachi versus any other character
น้องออม วันพีช
undone love and honor
น้องออม วันพีช
love and honor
I really like this AMV! I miss Nami (including sanji, chopper and brook) it's been forever since we've seen them and your AMV made me remember why I love Nami so much <3 thank you for making this beaut
Jonnie Hendricks
Why I fell in love with op
Very Nice
arbaz waqas
enzo gabriel
Elat3d's amv's are the best I've ever seen. :D
Sabaody Cinema
very great amv!! great song !!
Annebeth Hawkins
Wat is the name of the song & how is the arist plez tell me .
Portgas D. Ace
I freaking love this AMV!  wich program did you use to edit this amv?
Nice work! This is clearly your best one! Keep the good work up bro! ;)
Haney AMV
I didn't like the lyrics littering the video and the quotes seemed randomly placed, but the song choice was great and I enjoyed the segments without lyrics. Subbing to see your future projects!
xBro AMVz
Beautiful ^-^
Nice work ! Subbed
This deserves 1M Views.Its a masterpiece
instant musique
C quoi ton logiciel de mon tage
Ich liebe dieses Special. Ich finde es ist das Beste :D
Kim SunHee
perfect^-^I love this song♥.♥
Huỳnh Thiên
OMG, all your video so wonderfull !!
AMAZING VIDEO!!! I love it soo much!!!  Can you please tell me where did you download one piece episodes, please???
Nice amv. :)
Nice! Really enjoyed this one :)
anime shippuden
Awesome AMV, I loved it man Good luck :D
Riley Ransom
Was it mostly just the arlong park ark?
how can it be in such good quality?? These episodes from beggining were pretty shit looking :D!
Brayden Wrubleski
Okay this looks amazing. Where can i watch one piece with this quality?
luke doyle
why does the art look better on the first episodes, and whats it called so i can watch it please
Marco Mantovani
it s very cool. i listen this amv every day. Good job
yasser althahabe
+Elat3d wow man you really made an epic amv it's so awesome it's like my 7th time rewatching it hope you keep on your perfect work
Italian Katarina
ahmed hazem
need ur help plz.... scenes of saving nami are different from original episodes, how I can get it? is it a movie?
Daven Côté
One of the best AMV I've seen!Good job man!
Hannes Schöpf
The best waht i see
Was the art really like this that far back in the anime? Or is this a new version?
Shay Sheller
I thought that the song lyrics you used were kinda random and took away from the video. I think you should either use them all, have a common theme with the ones you used (you used "why" a couple of times I think but then didn't on some other ones), or don't use them at all. That said I did enjoy the amv and keep up the good work.
Norbi Playz
1:50 which episode?
gonassis Chinchilla
me gusto mucho
shizuo heiwajima
Flare Amethyst Phoenix
can you make a one piece amv with the song echo by jason walker please. and amazing job btw love the song and anime. it rocks!
Der Die Das Deali
Dimas Franzsceko
Oke elat
Dimas Franzsceko
Nice elat
Dimas Franzsceko
Video nice
peleg gal
I love it this is so good ^_^
Amazing <3 Love this so much! +1 Sub and Like, also shared!
Alicia Diaz
it almost made me cry but keep it up
Ed Mount
I love this amv, good work!
amel huremovic
arigatou for this video.. :) :)
leonardo bartolomeo Romero
como se llama la cansion
Szabolcs Molnár
P.N.D Rafcamora
Awesome !!!
مونكي دي لوفي دراجون
Wonderful sweet song
Bts Taehyung
This song gives me vibes that he's going to just start screaming and it will get intense... so very disappointed that it didn't.