Ritchie Blackmore & Doogie White acoustic

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From Japanese TV "Bang Up Rock" interview.

Ritchie is the Greatest Guitar player ever.
Doogie has a beautiful voice
If you wanna know how good a rock guitarist is hand them an acoustic
Mick Nordström
Very entertaining and amusing :) Blackmore is a genius and Doogie's voice is fantastic!
Pity these guys didn't do a 2nd album together.
Mark Gowans
Were the pair of them drunk?
One of my all time favourite clips!I want a full version of That'll be the day with Ritchie on guitar
Tokyo, Osaka, and somewhere else....Nagoya... love it! Please Rainbow reunion!!
Blackmore plays so easily. Amazing guitarist.
Elka Vasileva
OMG.......the "sad alcoholic" part is...........bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
yeeesss! ....we're sad alcoholic! I will drink more...( ̄▽ ̄)
Сергей Ленков
Blackmore's White. Great!
Bautista Garais
Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
Thomas Heusel
For this and more... I dedicate Doughie White for the best Rainbow-singer ever!!!!!
"Hey Joe" turned into "Oh Jay"
1:32 Wow... I've heard him shred like that... I mean those are not his usual runs..
mywave inwoods
just for instance at this very moment think of justin beiber. bhabhaaaaaaa
This was a great era of Rainbow. Very funny when they wanted to be!
This is awesome man!
Class !!!!
Carlo Girardello
amazed on how ritchie never misses a note
Kurt Sherrick
Hey Joe is not a Hendrix song. The song s original writer is not known. I love both versions Hendrix and Deep Purple. But the classical intro of Purple's version is for sure a little more creative. I always enjoy anything Ritchie Blackmore does. It's always good to hear artist in a casual environment.
Lev Denisov
Great Duo ! Very Nice Alvarez Guitar !!! FANTASTICO !!!
Alex Al
hes good  black hat.. very good
Focus Addiction
Whats the second song please?
huw jones
Absolutely Fantastic!!
Jiří štěpánek
Doogie je bůh a s Diem nejlepší vokalisté co jsem kdy slyšel v hardrockové scéně. Díky chlape.
Jayson Sim
Ritchie the magician!
So amazing... They are just having fun. I miss it so much in music.
Joseph T
Very cool. Much talent here.
Kenneth Moh
I like Ritchie's hat.
Hammond Voodoo
Priceless =).
The first thing was I remembered Dio's voice. Of course Doogie is a good singer but he has no class. Blackmore himself is incredible on his guitar.
Lovely!! :)
Song at 3:50?
Marcus Banér
doogie does not have a special voice..
Yustinus Huller
what's the name of the song at 0 : 57 ??
Roby Lazarus
Very endearing and funny... Thanks for sharing.
Nemanja Filipović
I hate the claps
Best unplugged ever!!!!!!
80s Rock And Metal
Great Video
NNB berjaya
True Musicians...
Akira Bittencourt Canal
What is the song in 0:54
Amazing voice!
Stefan Sunden
Outstanding & funny :-)
Jan-yngve Bohlin
Reina Lily
very well ♥
Pablo Cesar Diaz
Song at 2:39?
James Willie
egoistic richie
Solid State
,,ask them to play some Skynyrd.
Slashs Hat
william wallice
Awesome ,i love Ritchie
rob waying
Greensleeves a traditional english folk song but Doogie changed the lyrics lol
Pavel Georgiev
is he using just 2 fingers?
Perry Hiley
what is the tune Ritchie plays that Doogie sings about beer on? I really like it...
Bill Taylor
Doogie is great........... ;-). Wish this last version of Rainbow had gone on a bit longer, bet they would have been really good.
John Dirk
Blackmore's White
Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist
well,my friend,the words 'Ritchie Blackmore' and 'fun' looks a little bit weird in a same phrase,but the world is full with unbelievable things;):)
Norman O'Brien
F**king brilliant! I've never seen Ritchie chilled out and just having fun before! Great video and thanks for sharing it! :)
Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist
i think that all of us here are sad alcoholics:);)
richard windrose
I saw Ritchie and Rainbow, have to put it that way, and at the end...they left. That's what band's do at the end of the show. They leave the stage. But not sir Blackmore. No. The audience is sitting on the hill at Alpine Valley Wisconsin and we are waiting for an encore,(Possible, right?) and Bitchie flips everyone off by playing the Wizard of Oz song Somewhere Over the Rainbow as their HELICOPTER flies over the pavilion. Sir Ritchie had his moments. Cool clip here w/Doogie.
Prog Lover
it's funny to see how Ritchie starts playing songs with a smile but as he goes on and gets to That'll be the day and Long live rock n roll you can clearly see he doesn't like the way Doogie performs and plays 20 seconds of the songs. Then on the Greensleeves puts him on the spotlight and makes life even more difficult for Doogie
vinicius gabriel
how jey its the best original song ever hahahahahahaha
Wow, those fast runs on an acoustic guitar.
Were the pair of them drunk! This is hysterical.
CK Kim
Wow, all those fast runs on an acoustic guitar using his fingers.
Jim Morrison
if someone here has tabs for the this version of greensleeves 3:50 please could you send me ? :D this is by far the best version in my opinion :)
toughtful a.g.
such a cool guy is this phenomenal Dougie...how cool he may be, sometimes the tension, the fear of annoying Ritchie is sensible
Gur Yaniv
I like this. And i envy japan. Many famous musicians go to japan during their tour.
Super !!!
don veitch
I am a sad alcoholic !!!
Oh my god... Slash got some major influence from this guy!!!
確かgreensleeves だったかと思います。 当時のライヴでも、still I'm sad の演奏前にア・カペラでドゥギーが歌ってました。
This is sooooo funny. I love it.
Danny Biesheuvel
@celer1ty2 i think it's his Alvarez
3:51 awesome.
This is utterly brilliant.
@Vintersorganic That'll be the day - Buddy Holly
What's the name of the song at 1:55?
brilliant, i love this! thank u!
Denis Nujic
Maria Melo
Oh great... I love....! I miss this beautiful musics...!
@leefurious Good. Just checking -- you never know given who's out there on youtube!
@rizzdog yeap
@leefurious You realize it's O.J., yes?
Holy crap, that was the best "Hey Joe" (Oh Jay) version i've ever heard in my life!
@iloveamerica001 doesn't look funny at all.but doogie yes he is.
Serginho1982 RB
The time has come for giving him the title "SIR" RITCHIE BLACKMORE !!!
@MajaCiapa Greensleeves
jorkkis mustalisä
@MajaCiapa Sounds kind greensleevs, but a bit differend lyricks :D
Marija Ciapa
@Markurtis Thanks. ;)
The Influencing Machine
@MajaCiapa That song is Greensleeves, an old song from a few centuries back...
Marija Ciapa
The song from 4.00, What's the name of it? :)
Jose Castro
Great Doogieeeeee!!
Hrvoje Funda
whats the name of last song?
Chris Vaughan
Oj where r u going with that knife in your hand. . . LMAOOOOOOOO Doogie Rules!!!!