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New York MOST EXPENSIVE HOTEL - TOUR this LUXURY ROOM at THE PLAZA HOTEL The one-of-a-kind Royal Plaza Suite is a magnificent, three-bedroom suite in a private area of the hotel overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. The elaborate array of private and social rooms, rich decorative style, sumptuous textiles and exquisite furnishings are all inspired by the ambiance of the royal court of Louis XV. A series of unique oval and round vestibules connect the suite's formal entertainment rooms, which include an exquisitely designed living room featuring a grand piano, a luxurious dining room, which seats up to 12 people, and a library that has been stocked with titles hand-selected by Prosper Assouline, the founder of luxury book publisher Assouline. A state-of-the-art kitchen with Viking appliances facilitate sophisticated entertaining and is ideal for guests who travel with a personal chef or wish to retain the services of a chef during their stay. The Royal Plaza Suite also offers a fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment, providing an additional measure of privacy for guests. The master bedroom, which overlooks Fifth Avenue, is decorated in a romantic palate of creams, beige, and grey and has a separate dressing room. Generously sized en-suite baths are decorated with marble mosaic tile in a leaf-like pattern inspired by Central Park and are adorned with 24-carat gold plated Sherle Wagner fixtures. The Royal Plaza Suite, which is accessed via a private elevator, can also be reconfigured as a one or two bedroom suite. The second and third bedrooms have private entrances. As a Royal Plaza Suite guest you will enjoy Butler Services. The one-of-a-kind Royal Terrace Suite, is an exceptionally elegant two-bedroom duplex. Located on floors 20 and 21, it offers panoramic views and a spacious 400 square-foot terrace. The lower level offers an elegantly designed living room overlooking Central Park with an original restored marble fireplace, a full dining room, a Butler's pantry and a powder room, all of which enable you to relax and socialize privately with friends and family. One of the Royal Terrace Suite's two en-suite bedrooms is located on the lower level and has views over the city. The upper level features the large master bedroom with views over Central Park and a king size bed. The generously sized master bath, which offers a bathtub and a separate glass shower adorned with 24-carat gold plated Sherle Wagner fixtures, is decorated with marble mosaic tile in a leaf-like pattern inspired by Central Park. As a Royal Terrace Suite guest you will enjoy Butler Services. The Plaza's Terrace Suites are unique one-bedroom duplex maisonnettes with private outdoor terraces that put the Manhattan skyline at your fingertips. The lower levels of these exquisitely designed suites include a living room, study, Butler's pantry and beautiful mosaic tiled powder room. The upper levels offer a large bedroom with a furnished terrace. The master bathroom features a bathtub and a separate shower -- both adorned with 24-carat gold plated Sherle Wagner fixtures -- all set against marble mosaic tile in a leaf-like pattern inspired by Central Park. As a Terrace Suite guest you will enjoy Butler services; the in-room Butler Pantry features a microwave oven, wet-bar and under counter refrigerator. Designed to maximize the beauty of their high ceilings, Terrace Suites enjoy abundant natural light. The Plaza Suite is a grand two-bedroom suite with spectacular views of Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. Exquisitely furnished in the richly decorative style of Louis XV, this elegant suite offers a separate living room with a dining area, a Butler's pantry with wet bar and refrigerator and a powder room. Sleeping quarters include a master bedroom with a King bed and a second bedroom with a Queen bed. Two full bathrooms are decorated with marble mosaic tile in a leaf-like pattern inspired by Central Park and adorned with 24-carat gold plated Sherle Wagner fixtures. The master bath features a claw foot bathtub as well as separate shower. As a Plaza Suite guest you will enjoy. The Edwardian Fifth Avenue Suite resembles a petite pied-à-terre with beautiful views of Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. "forbes rich list" "London luxury shopping" billionaire millionaire Monaco "super rich" "private jet" yacht entertainment "luxs report" us usa America uk London "Donald trump" Dubai elite executive arab ceo forbes Europe vip money lil wayne travel 5 star hotel "super car" bugatti Lamborghini Ferrari Porsche private jet 2014 2015 monaco luxury "get rich" gambling investment Beverly Hills Malibu Miami "positive thinking" "super yacht" "mega yacht" "playboy mansion" "luxury lifestyle" mansion "The plaza hotel" "new York city" "5 star hotel" "new york" "most expensive hotel" "hotel room" Exquisitely furnished in the richly decorative style of Louis XV, the suite features a spacious sitting room.

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bambino bambini
my Ikea dining table sits up to 12 too.
Brittney Young
I would be sooo mad if I spent $45 dollars on that smh
So I will just invite all my twelve mates and share the bill to spend the night there together. But I don't really see this as anything very special. I mean, I could just go to the Versailles and hide somewhere there and when everyone leaves, just sleep there, then spend a couple of nights in jail, all for free.
This is Potato
That room isn't even worth $500...
"secret passageway"=stairwell for hooker lol
this doesnt look " luxurious" whatsoever. looks like a slightly above average hotel. nothing less, nothing more.
Barbie 6
Who says money can't buy happiness.
Steven Wright
the stuff you could steal out of THAT hotel room... <3
Alright instead of paying for this give the money to your 18 year old cousin to go to collage
Overpriced... no art on the walls, no rare antiques, no private terrace, no walk-in closet or silk sheets, nothing special about that place to justify the extreme cost.
I love the way she says "hand laid Italian tile" aren't all tile floors hand laid?? the place is nice but WOW!! $30K a night! not even worth having a Chef if you only stay one night!!
Kidnem GGOD (Reviews, Games, and Music)
For 45k, i could make my own hotel room lol. Hot tub and everything. What a waste.
danon man
Are you allowed to smoke in the room?
Why are so many people so salty? I can't ever afford to stay but I don't think they understand that even a middle of the road hotel in Manhattan smaller than the bathroom at the Waldorf will cost $300 per night.
Tommy BrownTV
i cant get why people pay so much for these rooms, why would u wanna spend all day in ur suite
Thug Life
The Rich have the life but the poor have the advantage to make it to heaven if they chose to do so
Reza Irani
meh for less than half that price you can get rooms 10x better with private jacuzzis saunas whirpools 2 floors and/or underwater suite looking at fish etc in dubai. This is a little old school out dated
Marquis de Dijon
At 30,000$ a night, and simply because I enjoy viewing and reading about some of the most luxurious hotel suites in the world, for me, I found this suite a bit disappointing. At just over 4000 sq. feet, I have seen other luxury suites, actually ... a lot more luxurious ; for the Plaza, I really was taken aback. There seems to be a lot of waisted space (did not They enter through a series of flyers, and why?) , the architecture is beautiful, of course but not 30,000$ beautiful and one of the big things for me, the suite is surprisingly dark and doesn't seem to have any central , jay dropping focal point ; the design and decoration are on of course a classic style but for some reason, it has from what this video shows, it feels dated. A seating in the dining room for 12 seems to be on the small size when so many top luxury hotels can have almost double that in their seating arrangements. Oh, yes, the workout room , the gym seemed to be very small, almost closet like, so ... it is of course wonderful but 30,000$ a night for this suite I feel is asking much to much $$$.
Now why would someone want to make a quick escape (duh) are you really a reporter
Gabriel Cundari
"Theres really isn't any request that we can't forfill".. Well there better not be, and I better get blowjobed at my command.
Angelique Jones
Ciel Phantomhive anyone? I've always wanted to bathe in a bath tub like that. I bet all the celebrities would be there!
Mulch Diggums
That suite looks like an antique collection from a bygone era. Boring and outdated. No wonder the hotel is in financial difficulty
georges jc
So what
If you talk real low it makes it a lil more expensive also.
Yassine IJassin
Nothing special really. Way to mutch money for a suite, while the poor are hungry and sleep outside 👎🏿
let's rename this video. "30,000 a night hotels and the schmucks that pay for them".
John OBrien
I've seen far better / fancier suites for the price. Four Seasons tops this easily!
Dennis Clark
New york city is big its to big, it has 5 big sections called boros the biggest is queens its. as big as philadelphia or detroit by itself
bjorn nickj
its not cozy  its not worth it 300 $ mandarin oriental hotel room is much better .
Brad Erwin
Old and ugly
Blank Canvas
Noo yok.
That is a terrible view for such a horrifically expensive suite. The guide repeatedly mentioned the view as if it were something special. It is just a city street with cars and pedestrians, anyone could have that view including a street bum. The guide made a good effort to try and justify the nightly fee, but I remain unconvinced.
To all you foreigners classical music is American for fancy!
this is the hotel os the movie scent os a woman??
Angel Peña
Manga Guru
That's 10.8 million for one year
Richard Boudville
How does any decent human being justify all this? It's a sin of avarace, and overindulgence. Hope boiling liquid gold come out of those gold-plated taps when they wash their face! Disgusting and contemptable.
Jasmyn Sharif
Xxxxoxoxoxooxoxoxllololxoxoxoxo Flying tuggles and the metro gann
I wonder if anyone sneak in just to take a picture or just to look at it
Esau Enriquez
at a dump! give me ibis any day
Sophie Mae
When she said the floor is I really wanted her to say larva 😒
globalproperties forsale
Tommie McNeill
I would stay there...
cheri H
Ugh vomit. Modern Day Downton Abby aristocrat s
cheri H
Ugh vomit. Modern Day Downton Abby aristocrat s
Mika b
30000 a night if that's for 24hrs that's 1250 per an hour. That's my monthly wages. lol
St Peter
$30 000 can buy me mining equipment and l can dig for gold for 10years
Abramović Sta
Can I just book the loo? And how much would cost?
Not even worth 5 dollars a night
Not that great, I feel comfort knowing that even rich people dropping 30$ grand a night aren't living that much better, it's mostly just bragging rights I guess
bambino bambini
the master bedroom is small as hell.
Matt W
The Plaza Hotel needs some heavy remodeling. On a price range between $600-1000, I would choose Mandarin Oriental or Peninsula.
Patel Vidhu
Over priced and seems old interior.
why you need a hunge and luxury room like dat just for 2 or 3 days trip?? !!!??
were there even views of the park? major rip off.
OG YouTuber
lol basically, they took one of the residences (with the worst view) and called it some special suite for the hotel portion of the building. Lol
International Tour Hub
i Hotels Reviews
Thank you very much! I appreciate your job a lot!
Jeffrey Huhn
it was Fabulous
Digital Marketing Forever
I'm booking now.
Jeffrey Huhn
ahhhh I slept there for 5 nights so 30000X5
Ahmad Mansouri
Is the Plaza Hotel a hotel again, or is it still appartments?
Sucks. There is no view of New York's skyline.
Crappy hotel
Elana Snyder
sign me up! is it a problem I only make 8k a year? ;)
Jack Val
Hate to say it, but the area has become a cesspool, with street vendors, and homeless people...Oh! and the streets are dirty with garbage...
Tammy Bettiga
is the cook included in the price?
Bibi Ayesha
New York city i love
JikKoh RoBoCoP