How to use KGB archiver: a file compresion tool. | video tutorial by TechyV

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You can ask questions related to IT for free. Get answers in few hours. For the latest tech news and tips visit us at: /> KGB Archiver is a compression tool that has very high compression rates. It encrypts archives using AES-256 . It is very powerful because it creates the tinniest archives. It is even more popular for the reason that it supports many different languages. You can download it here

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Clotilde C. Hock
Compressing is a great way of reducing disk space, but the compression level should not be more than about 1-5 percent. But if the question comes to compressing files into higher ratio with a very tightening power, everyone will surely become puzzled. I found this KGB Archiver useful in this regard. Its compression ratio is amazingly high and also very effective to share any data. My HDD is full of many files including movies, books, programs, etc. In order to save disk space, I had to get any compressor that does a nice compression job. I found KGB Archiver the best to reduce the size. Though it takes a little bit long time to use, its features are really awesome. Thanks a lot, Techyv for this remarkable tool.
karim Mohamed
thanks bro
Trendy Sardar
Thank you so much for solve my problem.♡♡
For The Honor
Thank you, bro. GOD BLESSED YOU!!!
kolanu balu
it is not installing,it is saying there is problem with installer package.please help.
Amazing Tricks
kgb archiver is a highly compresser app but its extracting speed is very slow and i hate the slow things please made a new app thats compress highly and speed is very good
Dawn Fraser
Thank you so much for your good explanation Techyv. I am searching for a good compression tool for a long time so I can send folders simply by compressing it. At last, this video ended my searching. This software is remarkable because after using this, I can say now that, KGB Archiver is very easy-to-use and way better than the WinZip software. Starter can easily learn the installation and compression is a lot easier now. Really, is a very good solution provider.
Ramraj G
image,audio and video files are already compressed file formats, u should have used some other files like games or softwares to compress to show the lowest compression rate possible with this said software
rahulvaio m
cool bro i only have 500 gb
AdiiL Elmotawakil
What's to be surprised about? .. I have a 3TB hard drive
syafiq zaidi
Reference Number: 154879554-1 Registration Key: CFE3RR-BVX5T-WDVYT-KGA6M-BFJL5-UHRTS
Stephan Langeveld
the msiexe /i method doesn't work for me :( can someone give me a solution
can i compress Counter Strike source 4GB to 1 MB ?
Rain Rular
KGB Archive are very important software for all. Because it can compress big file to small file. Must needed software. Thanks .
Fox Clard
I need full lisence version of KGB Archiver. Can I collect this free?
Downs Nieves
Good video tutorial. Helpful tutorial for me.
ruse james
I would like to request to every one to watch this video because Installation and compression was lot of more easier after watching this video.KGB Archiver installation and compression can be easily done by using this video.
Green Weaver
I don'n know about this software. But when I watch this video tutorial I deside I use this software. Thanks for share this nice software.
Howard Florey
Offers greater compression than many other archiving programs. It's easy to use, even for those of us who are new to these things.
Erskine Caldwell
Specially thanks to Experts who contributed for the video,because i become very efficient watch this video.
Robert Busch
I really don't know how to install it thanks to techyv, now i know to install KGB archiver
David Hecht
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Jozy marry
KGB Archiver is a supper compression tool..It's very fast and easy to use..Just use it and make your compression fast..
Jak Santa
I love this software because i try this software and i hope you also love it when you are using it..
John henry
This software is small but very helpful..It can compression a large file with in a short time..It's work very good.
Acilis Haris
KGB Archiver is very easy to use and easy to compression..It's more better then win zip software..So try this software..
Amy Bate
like this video compress with KGB Archiver. Thanks to i find 'Ways to keep my PC cool'. I just now visited and found that post on this site
Arthur Adams
I was looking for a small and free compression tool. Thanks techyv this was useful
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