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We had the incredible opportunity to stay at the incredible Soneva Kiri in Koh Kod! It is one of the most expensive & luxurious resorts in all of Thailand - an experience we will never forget :) Favourite travel filmmaking gear - /> SUBSCRIBE TODAY - WE POST NEW VIDEOS EVERY - MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY AT 7AM AWST: /> A big thank you to Soneva Kiri for the incredible stay // /> ----------------------------------------­­-- Our day began at Bangkok airport as we were escorted to our private jet that would fly us to the island of Koh Kood in Thailand. A quick buggy and private boat ride later we arrived at Soneva Kiri. There we checked into our $2000 a night luxurious villa with wrap-around pool and a private slice of the beach. In the afternoon we experienced the coolest dining experience ever... Treepod high tea dining! To end our night a raw meal was prepared before having popcorn and movies delivered to our room. Looking back on this day I still can't believe we got to experience this amazing resort in Thailand. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us - we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! LOVE YOU ALL!! ----------------------------------------­­-- FLYING THE NEST: Website • />Facebook • />Twitter • />Snapchat • /> STEPHEN: Instagram • />Twitter • /> JESS: Instagram • />Twitter • /> ----------------------------------------­­-- Want To Send Something? "Flying The Nest" PO Box 3130 Joondalup, Western Australia 6027 ----------------------------------------­­-- NEW VLOGS EVERY MONDAY & WEDNESDAY AT 7AM AWST NEW CHALLENGE/Q&A/COLLABS/FUN VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY ----------------------------------------­­-- Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!! We also run a travel blog over at www.flyingthenest.tv if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest. ----------------------------------------­­-- Thank you for the music: /> & /> & /> ----------------------------------------­­-- For list of full Camera Equipment we use -

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Flying The Nest
HEY EVERYONE!! How are you going? We missed chatting with you so much! Terribly sorry about the late upload of this vlog, last 6 days we caught 8 flights, had some incredible adventures and met some amazing people! We were off making some awesome new videos for you!! Back to 3 vlogs next week, so much content coming your way!
You guys are the best! Lovvveee this vlog and it's so awesome seeing your happiness! So happy for all your success! - Justin
Douglas Brown
Lol, no more karaoke for Stephen!
Rui Delgado
I REALLY want to go.
Guys, you are my favs. Didn't even know how long the vlog was till after it was over. Fantastical, magical locations. Love it and really enjoy watching the two of you as you share your adventures with the rest of us...THANK YOU.
amar radzi
This is literally the best channel for traveling vlog,I really feel like we are best friends now. When both of you revisit Malaysia? I would like to invite you to my wedding in Malaysia on July 7,2017 in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. I really want both of you experience the Malaysian wedding. Lots of love from Malaysia. God I miss both of you coz been waiting this Vlog for so long and it's WORTH IT. P/s when both of you crying I'm cried too
Lyn Dow
So happy for you guys. Look 👀 how far you've both come. Good luck to you 👍🏻😉
Richard Ling
I just watched a similar video of this place by another couple maybe 2 weeks back? But i have to say yours is much much better, more genuine, funnier, light hearted and sincere. I didn't even skip a single second of your vid, it was that enjoyable watching you guys. Congrats on your marriage and enjoy that beautiful island guys.
Katrina Edmond
You two absolutely deserve it! Gosh you have come a long way since your time in Canada, and have been my favourite channel ever since I found you guys. You really are just the best and I hope that you enjoy every minute!
Susan Mckee
How in the world will you ever top this. Unbelievable! Enjoy more than the every moment, enjoy every inch. Incredibable.
Najwa Razali
I just started watching your videos about 4-5 days ago and I am in love with your channel. keep uploading beautiful videos and I am so happy for you guys too! <3
Nard Walker
wowwww wat a awesome experience..... im sure Christian LeBlanc were there 2 weeks ago..... i loved how you guys showed heaps of different things to him...... very cool.
Shoes OFF required... that's my kind of place. So beautiful and truly paradise on earth. And you two are too sweet! *hugs*
Alif Aziz
what a sweet couple! keep doing this vlog :)
Lachlan Neil
I wish I lived in a chocolate and ice cream room combined. AMAZING places and views. You guys finally flew in a nest with zip line delivered tea. Great job and keep it up.🖒
Chocolate Potato
I didn't even realize the vlog was that long until Stephen pointed it out. Enjoyed it! I wanted more of it. We love you guys so much! Hope to bump into you if you plan to visit Malaysia next time. Lots of love!!
amir dubais
Couple of the year! :D enjoy your honeymoon.
HK Chin
Great video as always,by the new I'm ur new subscriber, and I'm been enjoying your channel and videos so much 😁 keep up the good work
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where is the no guys . the one that . nooooo..
Ed Snoke
I can't wait to see your wedding....
The world Upside down
Jess is so cute 😘 bless her❤️
Anis Syaz
btw 18:58 mins of you guys are not enough for me haaha 😂 love u !
Emilea 33
Omg😂😂😂i was there for vacation, saw you guys, asking myself why are they filming everything and now i found you an the internet😂
M N Momen
Yes it was really S o much Extraordinary, specially the the Treepod. Overall all are very charming.
Jacky's Cookie
Which one do you think is cheaper and worth it? Soneva Jani Thailand or Maldives?
Stardustlike U
no more travel vlogs after 2 weeks?
FAH 007
visit Bangladesh
FAH 007
its really feels very good to see ur vlogs.I just love ur vlogs.I'm from Bangladesh
Yusuf Khairullah
Was this stay sponsored?
Desmond Parry
Rosemarie Eagle
Thank you so much for replying. Watching this again coz I can't sleep! I keep on dreaming this place and how both of you are amazingly lovely!
Rosemarie Eagle
You made me cry too 😩😩 but happy cry . You deserved it because I think you are good, amazing, humble couple
Harish Chouhan
You guys are now my new fav's.
yacine aouimeur
love you guys!! you deserve it!
Helen's Point of View
so cool
Fila Walangitan
i hit the like button immediately without even watchin the entire vlog 😂
Amanda Rice
Hey Flying the Nest!! You guys are soo inspiring. I just started following you and this has got to be my favourite video so far. Congrats on your wedding from BC, Canada ❤️
Jude Ban
it be great if u could tell us whats the damage spent so we know what to expect if we go.thxs
Pam Choc
This is like the type of place where only the Queen of England can afford to go to... You guys are so blessed! :)
Noorul Hassankhan
you guys r the best
Alorra Davis
I just recently started watching you and I was wondering, have you ever been to the United States?
Kim Loyer
So very very well deserved! Keep smiling my far away friends!
Manas Patil
this is jus an unbelievable experience......jus an absolute unbelievable experience.....love you both.....the place is like must go....and you two are adorable...
Firdaus Azman
The best part ofthis video was that Hilary Duff song 😻
You are welcome guys! Totally didn't realise that it was a 18 minutes vlog until Jess mentioned it. It will always be pleasant to support such down to earth, friendly and cheerful people. You guys never failed to make me smile in every vlog. 😁 Keep up the effort and Im sure you guys will continue to strive! All the best :)
James Angrave
Just wanted to say, been watching a lot of your posts recently and your productions are so entertaining and informative, love them. While delivering a vlog that provides in insight into the amazing places you visit your delivery to camera is also entertaining and amusing without going over the top. You deserve a much higher subscription rate. May your channel maintain it's growth and your travels continue for the forseable future. 👍
Woah Woah
I suggest Bora Bora xxxx
Lai Yuling
b. Huh bob k
Akshay Suratwala
hi...i have just watched few videos of yours they are awesome.. It would be better if you give a more detailed information abt the cost of each luxury in detail...
Donut senkaow
I want both you guys back to Thailand again and again 💙
Adele c
just watched I'm subscribed I'm can't wait to watch more now back to it.
Sam Brand
I used to LOVE watching Mr Bean at my grandparents house.. it was the only 'kids' dvd they had haha. absolutely loved this vlog!!!
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Great video
Cool! Love you both and congratulations. Happy always ;)
alan edward
Very interesting place for relax. So calm and beautiful.
Ashley Lynn
Love love loved this!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️
Peter Goldstein
This video could be half its length if you edited out every "it's really cool", and I wish you would.
Krista B
omg Jess!!! Hilary duff! yes please! great song!
Krista B
Well I just need to go here... dayum that place is fine!!!!
Really cool place to stay even for a night. Follow ur channel since your trip to Malaysia. Really cool vlog guys! Happy sweet pre-honeymoon.😍👍🏻
gary kirkham
Hello. Great video.. but im sure Christian leblanc and laura have already done this vlog? All the very best on your travels and adventures. Gary
azizul azeem
The best is Jess's byeeeeee suckerrrrr
Enjoy guys..you deserve it
Chantelle M
Wow!! So happy that you guys got to experience this...can't think of anyone more deserving and appreciative! :)
Ana Ghica
Ohh my gosh, 30k guys, congrats!! It's been amazing to see you evolve over the last year and you sure deserve all the support! I now make a great veggie sausage sizzle, haha!! 😁
Jagmeet Singh
thank you! totally wanna do this. keep visiting such exclusive resorts
Abhman Awed
Nikki Ann
sending love from perth! im starting to daily vlog, would love to meet yous one day!
Hezryk Zaidi
take my life
Yousef Tarek
And I appreciate being able to experience a little bit of this luxury through your videos! :D
Lisa Frame
When you guys started to get emotional you made me want to cry with you! You deserve everything guys, you put a lot of work into what you do and I always adore the vlogs you do! Keep up the fantastic work! ! :D
You guys deserve it!!! What an incredible experience, I don't know if I could do it though, I feel so bad when the price of a one night stay matches with two months salary of a "normal" person, but it's nice to see how you two are grateful, please stay always humble! I personally unsubscribed Christian LeBlanc because I think that since when he reached the popularity he became pretty arrogant and showing off, but I love you guys because you are real! STAY REAL and enjoy it! :D
Zara Bentley
amazing video! i would love to stay there! dream vacation :)) great Vlog!
Talitha Bere
You guys are amazing. Funny story I watched your Hawaii vlogs over a year ago. I just got back and re watched your vlogs to compare your trip to mine. I stayed in the same hotel as you guys did. I couldnt believe how much in your vlogs I walked in the same spots and streets because you stayed in the same hotel. I have watched every video and I won't be stopping anytime soon. Thanks for being apart of my life 😊
Anna M
Wow, what a place! So jelly :P
This vlog is EPIC!!! Thank you right back for sharing with us
You need not to post these videos here. You dont approach to normal people. Unless..you just have your nose high.
Overland Metalhead
Remember that hotel in Dubai that's in the shape of a wind sail? Well, that's 7 star.
Ami R
This is one of the most awesome vlog review places dat im hoping to see. Thanks for making it happen.
Sophie Ritchie
Aw I loved this vlog & you guys! You deserve all the best for how hard you guys work to put out such amazing content 😊 enjoy!! X
Rosco Adam
🎉Time To Party 🚁⛱ 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Oi Oi Oi Great 🎥 Guy's 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Watching Here In 🇦🇺 Aussie 🐍
Rebecca Teagan
So awesome to watch you guys become more and more successful. Started watching at the end of 2015 and have never looked back. Love love love your channel and I wish you guys all the happiness in the world!!
Paul Gee
You guys are like the sweetest couple ever. :) What a beautiful place.
Mohd Rider
keep on vlog guys .. I'm watching it all 😁
Princess of Santorini
Awwww guys you made me tear up luv you guys ❤❤❤ travel is life and you inspire me to travel all the time
Aiman hakim
how many countries you guys had go?
Anis Syaz
you guys are soo cutee
Heather M
I loved this long vlog! Also I cried when you both cried. What an amazing place!!
bobby jalak
nice!! so how many nights did u guys stay? was it a gift for pre honeymoon or did you guys pay for the stay? interesting episode guys! like it!
Emily Explores
Oh my god I died at that giant nest :') Thanks for bringing us along! What an insanely cool experience.
Saw this earlier and wanted to watch it right away... but I had a guy over and had to wait. :( lol. Darn boys getting in the way. 😂 love that you had your own golf buggy by the way. So awesome. That place looks amazing.
Nicole Lisa
You two have such an amazing relationship! The last bit I almost cried
MichaelRyan Cross
Loved the "sappy moment"! Thankfulness is nothing to be embarrassed about!
Dayton Haynes
You are getting a lot of support because you guys are amazing and deserve it!
souad yoga
this is so perfect
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i love the way you guys edit your vlogs. One day you will become a much bigger channel, because of all the great work youre doing, keep it up!
Briana Deeds
you're amazing!
aqila hamid
awwww don't cry..you both deserve it..and we also enjoy watching u..not to mention some of us don't even have a chance to go to a trip..the least we can do is watching u and experience it with both of you..thanks for the effort of making a video..and don't forget to check for koh lipe and krabi..that is also a nice island to visit in thai..see u guys next week 😂
Bobby Baldeagle
And as I've said time and again "you kids ae so blessed"... God is truly smiling own on y'all....