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Ghajini Full Movie 720p with English Subtitle watch

Dharampreet Singh Bajwa
Hit like if u are fan of Amir khan
RupSwe Sisters
I remember watching this movie when I was a kid & back again watching this movie in 2019🥂
Muneeb Sajid
Lot's love from Pakistan Aamir Khan sir my favorite actor and love you Aamir sir from Pakistan 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎 awesome movie
Jp Malic
2019 anyone? From Philippines anyone??
Gaming Studio
1000% awesome movie
Mann Mehta
The sad thing is that amir was not able to tell kalpana that he was only sanjay singhaniya.
Who's still watching October 2018? In this movie you will witness what a man can do for her lover. A love story but not cliche. A movie worth to watch hundred times. 💕
Sabrina K
Still in 2019❤
Caroline Davis
This was my very first Indian film. It opened up a whole new world for me that I don't think I'll ever come back from. Thank you, Aamir Khan.
Struggle Drax
So many indians and foreigners missing out on this movie because of this fake information of "remake of Memento" even though it clearly have nothing to do with each other apart from short term memory lose. If this was a hollywood film, people would have called it a masterpiece but since it is an indian movie people will hate it just because they have nothing else to do. Shame that this movie is so underrated.
Kat ali
Watching on the 1st day of 2019! Beautiful film made me cry. Respect Aamir Khan 🙌👌✌
Indians make most imotional and intresting and also romantic film. Love from U.K
Aiscream Dy
Aamir Khan is indian...but his name says American (Aamir Khan) LMAO DONT MIND ME
Tetey Ladia
2018 anyone?
Charles Estillore
I never thought i'll cry ever harder while watching this movie for the second time😭😢 the best of the best😭 i still am broken hearted because of it but i love how it affects me at the sametime. A very Good Movie. Ive never seen a movie that makes me cry for 2 weeks before i can already move on . 😢😭😭
Priya Thapa
2018 ❣️❣️❣️anyone?
Aamir Jamal
It's 2k19. And it never gets old.
Jealow Mondejar
I watched this movie for a hundred time around yet every time I watched this, I feel the same thrill all over again. Everything about this movie is really perfect though it tragically ended. Well, it doesn't matter. The negative side of this movie... The heart break part... Makes everything awesome and unforgettable. Plus, amir khan's a real versatile actor 💓
Krong Turn
Still up from philippines
Sajid Iqbal
Ended with wet eyes again in 2019
Changiz K Baluch
Everyone is talking about the tragedy in the movie, but the first scene of the movie reminded me of the real life tragedy of Jiah Khan.
Princess Peñaflor
Finished this movie for the first time. October 25, 2018💕👌🏻
A lone girl is enough to ruin the life of an men directly or indirectly.
Team Chill Vlogs
DEMN FIRST THE 3 IDIOTS, NOW THIS MOVIEEE AAMIR Khan is trully a great actor that touched my heartttt 💕😭😭💕
dya diyana
Love from malaysia.. I love amir khan
Imtiaz Ali
Hit like if u are watching this emotional movie in 2017
Santiago Arlan Famor
Where is the english subtitle
Mohammed Kibria
I saw a lot of Hindi movies in the 2000's with my family when I was like 8 years old. Rewatching these with a lot more emotional muturity. It feels like a roller coaster ride, that's what I love about these movies you get to smile laugh and cry!
Eazu O
Love from Pakistan I love Amir Khan Best Indian actor I love all his movies legend actor....❤️
Rafia angel
Heart teaching movie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Farhen Faris
Hit like if ur watching this in 2018😘
Karen Farquharson
2018 anyone?
Qasim Tariq
Shitty travels
Swwet Miow123
I was crying when I remembered that I had killed my brother's pets because I was sad when my grandmother passed away..for that I was able to go away ... I would not kill the animal ... the feeling of regret still exists in my memory .
So underhyped movie.. Definitely deserves way more attention What an acting from aamir and asin RIP Jiah Khan
Jose Fernandez
I love this movie. it's 3 hrs long but I never got bored. there is suspense till the end. as expected from Aamir Khan, totally the best.
Juma Nne
From Tanzania,,, hit like here
Fifiana Alisa
Such a rare love story 😭 it takes me a long time to watch this movie cause I thought this movie just like an ordinary one but tonight I realize it lits 🔥 Love this movie so muchhhhh and I love this song 2:59:30 😭😭😭 Aamiir Khan fan from Malaysia 💖
Amit Agarwal
Wahhhhhhhhh what a story!😢😢😢😢😢😢 Even i selute the story of MR SANJAY AND MS KALPANA.👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️👨‍✈️ PLEASE ALWAYS RESPECT THE GIRLS AND LADIES
Sabrina K
Love this movie since 2009 from Paris😘
aga abustan
Indian make amazing and wonderful movies greetings from philippines 😊
Abdullah Al Numan
I watch this movi for a hundred time😐
Ansar Sagar
Hit like if watching in July 2018
JohnClyde Galeon II
10/30/2018 💯
Vivek Narayan
Wow 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ann giao
I just can`t stop myself from crying on the last part of this movie..! it hurts!There`s so much pain in this movie! the revenge and all of it.. The sad eyes that Aamir Khan possess really amaze me in all films that he leads. I`m from Philippines! I became his fan since 3 idiots film. I did watch hindi films because of him! He is really talented! I would recommend all his film to all my friends. A salute to Mr. Aamir Khan! Wish i could meet you in person! I really love your films.  Can anyone suggest some films that he did lead? i already watch the 3 idiots,this, and PK Thanks in advance! Dhanyavada!
Rana Rajput
2019 5th January Anyone?
AliRani Baji app ky totky bakamal hai Abbasi
Best ending and song also bestmovie runa agya
sedantes patrick
now watching 2018. an it makes me cry ;(
Isolated atom
Good old days of Bollywood Some of the finest hits Miss them so much Now the vibes are not similar
Thoughts On
Only if, ONLY IF Kalpana would have kept her phone silent, the whole story could have changed with a happy ending.
Ali Sajid
November 18 2018
hot girl
alexa saan
no english subtitles!
Neojit Potshangbam
I watched this movie at 2009 it's so nice and very emotional😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢👍
Cristian Boy Delposo
A girl like Kalpana is...... WOW
Rashedul Rana
Ei movie ta dekhle emnei choker pani chole ase....😥😥😥😥
Alamin Sharkar
I am from Bangladesh
Aadil Khan
best movie aamir khan love from india
Sumaiya Akter
Lovely move 💙💙
Thonet Sumilhig
I cry this movie 😭😭😭 Love this movie from Philippines ❤❤❤
SoLaR SyStEm
Iss movie par kalpana shetty zinda thi ya amir khan was imagining at last part???
B-P -N
Pranjal Khatiwoda
Made me emotional .
Yashwant Kumar
Too much emotional movie I like from the heart
Wana Kamal
Still watching it in sept 2018..the Best movie ever..super duper great acted by aamir khan..i'm crying a lot..
Anam Tariq
when he filled the cheque n gave .. she shld have caught him.. srsly. i feel sad she dies without knowing the truth :(
aeron belino
2019 Jan. 3. 9:30 PM... 😁
Fad Nasir
Im crying 😭
akash borde
2:27:20 very emotional scenes😢😢
CNews Entertainment
My favorite movie. mene itni ber itni ber is movie ko dekha....kiya movie yea!
Whos still watching in 2018 ?
INH Dararak Smey
Why there is no subtitle ?
AliRani Baji app ky totky bakamal hai Abbasi
Ap tu asi movies Banti hi nahi hain true lovestory thi yai abtu bas papiyo japiyo wale huti hain. World best movie and decent movie. Esai writer kahan gain hain
Vikram Solanki
surajkumar shembde
Great movie
Faiz Ahmad
hit like if you are watching this emotional movie 2018
Migs Dalisay
Now I need to find my Kalpana.
Florence Mageto
Ghajini takes away his memory and he is the one who returns it
Sabina Tamang
Its so heart touching film i am big fan of amir khan
We cry because the main character dies but what's more sad is that the girl who played a medical student in this movie actually died in real life smh
Sandeep Singh
Anyone watching in January 2019...
Sunil Nandanwar
I am Big Fan of Aamir khan Love u sir
Md Mahin
What was the name of the song played in the radio..?
Ankan Bagchi
She never got to know who he really was😶
Bunty Raj
who the hell to dislike this movie I have seen every movie but this is one of greatest ever
dinesh khadka
any 2019 and amir khan fan
Angel Bernarte
She died without knowing the truth :( Im crying huhu
Willy brown
Wow!! This movie need a awards❤❤❤❤❤❤💕
Jacob Ibanez
2018??? Actually ive never known this movie and my teacher said this is a good movie!!! I love it so much!!!
Lubaba Lamia
she died without knowing the truth..:(
Jean Josie Olivar
2010 from heaven anyone?
Hit like if you're watching in August 2018😎😎😎
Sanjana Simran
Still most favorite movie 🎥 & watching in 2018.........
radha jain
The last scene❤️❤️❤️
shareef Ullah
That's why king Of acting Mr Perfectionist :::AAMIR KHAN
It’s so sad that every single morning he’s reminded that Kalpana was murdered all over again.
Sanjeev Kumar
i love innoceny of Aamir in this movie
Sujata Poudel
I started watching hindi movies after watching this movie and just be cause of Aaamir 😚😍