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Where there's a will, there's a way. And Serrel Smith had a gym-full of will on Saturday. With St. Petersburg trailing nationally-ranked Oak Hill Academy by as many as 21 points in the third quarter of the National Hoopfest contest, Smith simply lit things up for a standing-room-only crowd at Berkeley Prep. Hitting five deep 3-pointers in the fourth quarter alone, Smith willed the Green Devils back into the game. His last 3 trimmed the Virginia squad's advantage to five with 48 seconds remaining, but they just ran out of time in a 78-72 setback. With two McDonald's All-Americans playing for Oak Hill (22-0), Smith was the best player on the court. The first player on a losing team to receive a National Hoopfest game MVP award, Smith dropped in a weekend-high 42 points, going 8-for-12 from behind the arc, and added five steals. "Ole Miss has got a good one; he's a special player," said St. Petersburg coach Chris Blackwell. "These are things he's been doing since his freshman year. He's always had a good supporting cast but at the end of the day, when a bucket is needed, we know who to go to." It didn't look like Smith was going to get a chance to be a difference-maker as Oak Hill played most of the first half over the rim. A crushing trap led to a lightning-fast transition game and dunks from All-Americans David McCormack (13 points and 15 rebounds, team MVP) and Keldon Johnson (23 points and eight boards) as well as Keyontae Johnson (12 points and seven assists). Oak Hill was up 48-32 at halftime and stretched its advantage to 60-39 with 3:23 left in the third quarter. Enter Smith, who triggered a quick 8-0 run late in the third before raining in 3s in the fourth. "I was kind of rattled up in the first half," Smith said. "Once I settled down, it started coming easy." St. Petersburg's first three baskets came from the senior to cut the gap to single digits, raising the energy level in the gym with every swish. The D for the Green Devils (13-2) held Oak Hill scoreless for the first four minutes of the fourth, and scoring from seniors Tai Strickland (12 points), DJ Anderson (six points) and Tre'zon Brown made it a two-possession game. "We had to tighten up and limit their transition. It was killing us, but when we stopped it, we started cutting into the lead," said Smith, as his third steal of the quarter gave the Green Devils a pair of opportunities to further close the gap. "This is the best competition we've got, right here," Smith said. "The competition at home is going to be way easier. We've got to work together and we'll be okay." "We're probably going to be one of the teams to contend with (in the playoffs)," Blackwell said. "We'll be working on fine tuning the things we do well, working on our detail and trusting our process. If we stay healthy, we'll be reckoned with." #HoopJourney Subscribe To Our Second Channel Hoop Journey 2: /> LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! Hoop Journey is committed providing basketball fans consistent exclusive content on a daily and weekly basis! We are dedicated to producing High Quality footage and mixtapes of the top high school talent in the country, potential NBA stars, and much more. Hoop Journey produces the Best basketball documentaries on YouTube. Hoop Journey strives to bring you the highest quality content on all things basketball. If you like our videos and want to see more make sure to subscribe, for more similar videos! Also if anyone wants to see a type of video, of a player, or game, leave it in the comment section below. Follow Us On Social Media TWITTER: />INSTAGRAM:

Hoop Journey
Last year Serrel Smith (#10 white team) dropped 39 on Oak Hill in the Same Gym!
Jonathan Lee
Awesome to see that the team was hype for their teammate even though they took a loss. Great teammates
I don’t care what nobody says that boy killed Oak Hill! They’re lucky he didn’t have any real help
Serrel Smith isn’t just “a local kid” he’s ranked with d1 offers...
Spencer Gibson
People who don't understand why St. Pete is cheering after a loss against the top team in the nation doesn't know basketball and doesn't appreciate the sport.
Justin Berry
Didn’t he drop 39 on them last year
Oak hill are some bullies, but hats off for number 10
Marco Chavez
Now I wanna know what the requirements are for a media pass
Lol i don’t understand why oak hill is cocky..... majority of the teams they play they have 5x the talent ... u should win 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Allen Smith
No.10 is by far the best player on the floor and no.2 in white has got skills.
Temitope Baruwa
They just tainted the legendary phrase “With no regard for human life”
Evan Harris
They talking suicide in the background? Around 3:42 Tf lol
Jacob Thomas
#3 is a drama queen
Allen Smith
No. 3 is is a creep, Oak hill looks like a good high school team full of role players at the next level.
David Hayes
So I guess you could say he dropped 81 on them 😁
DeAngelo Jackson
He averages 40 against them. They know who he is.
Brandon Behring
727 baby they hype cause oak hill was suppose to blow them out of the gym oak hill second in the nation st pete is 6th in their state like they played good as hell against oak hills full d1 line up
Arvin Raj
8:08 oak hill number 0 sleeping on number 2 white jersey on defense
Dylan Zatarain
Im still wondering what the requirements for a media pass are...
Darcy Jones
Osn slick look like jeeper creeper at the beginning 😭
HandyANDY - Handyman
Serrel Smith #10 white is definitely a player! Great game to watch
Papaya Yang
he plays like jamal crawford to me😅
Jermaine J
It appears the "local kid" Serrel Smith is committed to Maryland and withdrew from Ole Miss. Can we officially say he doesn't have enough help?
Tyrone Shoemaker
I wanted to hear "...what the requirement is to get a media pass?" 3:21
rags cena
Oak juss big and dunks or alley opps....them small dudes was balling em up....if theu had 1 guy that was big they wlda won....oak hill overrated
Roman Gonzales
Didn't number 2 on Oakhill go to IMG academy last year?
ok swag
why oak hill look like a bunch of grown men
Sola Ayodele
Oak Hill remind me of the Monstars in space jam ..just straight beasts
Drew Burson
Serell is a bad bad man
Omari Harper
Oak Hill? same team scared to play Spire Academy? Not impressed.
Young Gucci Mane a shooter fr. LMAO
James Mccoy
Drops 50 but plays no D.... so impressive 👍🤷‍♂️
John Wylie
why Keldon scream so much and the other Johnson dude is like
5th ave Haz music
I never seen a team so happy over a loss 😂😂😂
Respect My Nerdz
Do yall think This past seasons Oak Hill could beat Shadow Mountain? Shadow Mountain vs Oak Hills Who you got? This past season that is
Jay Green
Oak hill dont want that smoke with lamelo squad spire academy.
Adrian Lujambio
"he going to drop forty again"
XxChosen OnexX
Oak hill Lookin like they given 60% on these boys 😩😩😂😂😂
they almost beat a college roster lmao .. I'd be hype af too
Chris J
I would like to know the legitimate GPA's of all the players on the floor.
David Kelly
God damn I wanted oak hill to lose so badly Smug arrogant mfers
Julio Lois
lmao #3 got lit up by Smith, was so embarrassed lol
Mccormack won MVP and only had 2 highlights.
Thank God
Jamal Crawford 2.0
Travis Mabe
if you go against a stacked team of pretty much all d1 caliber players like oak hill and then you're on an "unknown" high school team with 1 or 2 players that may go d1 if I only lost by 6 id be talking trash and getting hyped to
Bryce Thomas
That's what I'm talking about Don't matter When you get buckets you get buckets 🤙🏽‼️
whoever number 33 is for oak hill don't do em like that! (nasty dunk)
Bobby Blatts
Oak Hill is a joke, anyone can put an all star team together and win. No respect for that club.
Brandon Haines
This game clearly shows how much better Serrel and the other dude are more skilled players... They don't need other players to make them look good...
D Ev
#3 is 6”7average ball player he not doing anything out of the ordinary #shareefonealunderrated
# AdmireAmbition
Will was getting cooked 😂
#2 is antentokumpo
MC elroyVEVO
never seen a team so happy that they lost
The white squad their scrappy and not intimidated they came to play gotta respect that #10 has game
Thatkid_ CJ
I know he watching this like “yeahhhh boy we made it to hoop journey” Kekekeke
Holy crap do you have enough ads?????
Aj Ibera
Height over heart . Only 5 point lead ?
James Beckwith
Oak hill cherry picked the whole game
nic millen
Oak hill has corny players. Big and arrogant but lack ball skills.
Malcolm Green
#0 Malcolm Green
Elusive Life Overdose
They didn't even care about the loss they was so hype they boy Balled out and dropped 42 for the team ! That's what's up!
#2 on oak hill is a beast.
Charles Driscoll
WTF are the camera man talkin bout lol
That's how you lose. With positivity and class. Great coaches and players!
MC elroyVEVO
"he did a euro in the air."
I was more impressed by the “local kid”. Showed heart against a superior team. Doesn’t look the most athletically gifted but he showed me a lot.
Trevor Black
i love all the idiot fans yelling travel when he kept his pivot foot on the ground lmfao
Nick Acree
#10 put work on the oak hill hot heads lol always so made and think there entitled , 10 cooked all of them
Air Bag
He's going to Maryland, a basketball town and where underarmour has its headquarters.
This is a lesson learned for Oakhill,have respect for your opponent,or you can get torched,even tho they won.
Zetsu Tsuletsu
Lost all respect for ophrasilv when he started dogging dark skin girls for no reason.
Henry Epps
Kid was on 🔥🔥
Did you see #0 when the started arguing he walked away like lonzo did.
Alexander De Caro
Why did the announcer have to do that to Young Thug #11😂
Andrew Keiper
Why did y'all edit this to be choppy as hell? It looks like trash.
Malcolm Davis
Yo the kid #0 on Oak Hill is ASS! Oregon better re-think that one
Flame On
Soooo basically they’re a trash team with one good player..?
Sola Ayodele
Lool.. the hell were the team in the white jerseys celebrating each time when they were still behind on points 😂😂
Travis Blick
For that many D1 players they’re trash
Serrel Smith has that killer instinct with a smooth jumper and he can play defense. Keep an eye on that one.
Chris Caban
Serrel shoots just like kobe
Jordon Hardy
You can’t say local kid who’s also a D1 athlete 😂
Darren Vath
These dude are STRONG they just create mid air and get those buckets. Guess that why all of them are going to big schools lol.
Jesus Becerra
this game lowkey nice. white team got lotta heart to match up with oak hill
Cee N
8:00 he dunked on a midget.
Both teams lazy on defense -- lots of lost opportunities for steals that were missed.
Uncle Mike
Put on for 727💯
I can't stand these F#$king weak ass kids flopping around already. Screaming AND 1 and yelling "AHHH" every time they drive in looking for a foul. I miss real basketball.
Brian Gates
They were happy to have lost lol
Joel Kelly
What a legend! Motivational stuff right there
Blood In My Eye
Whoever uploaded, I'll take ya word for it.....Too many damn advertisements. Couldn't even finish.....😒
William Merkle
oak hill #33 is a full grown man!
Doah and Duce podcast
Oak hill starting 5 is going major D1 ...I see why the team was hyped
Richie Bleu
Got a Kobe feel the Smith kid
Pulse Wired
Kekekekeke it’s OprahSide
Hope he does well in college
Ko-El Hester
#3 like Westbrook
Enkz_ One
That euro in the air tho was nasty
Bruno Dantas
Single-handedly destroyed their asses.
#3 on Oak Hill is basically westbrook junior haha. Plays just like him!