The Killers - "Get Trashed"

Lady_Danger Lady_Danger
It sounds like Joy Division fighting in sandpaper in a bathtub at 5am - in the best possible way.
T shapedSpaceL
Why was this not on direct hits?
Boy, one day you'll be a man...
I just don't like the scraping sound. But the instrumental, lyrics, and vocals are great.
fearghall allonby
The Killers before they were big and were like a college rock type band lol. Still awesome. 
Over Sideways
This song is pure and amazing. It was just them being themselves playing and making music without a lot of people knowing who they were and I love it. My top five favorite band of all time.
Wouldn't call it good but it has a lot of atmosphere
patrick grondines
way was this not on sawdust?
Whose playing the etch n sketch
ben mcdermott
best killers song ever haha
at first i wasn't convinced cause its not what the killers usually do but just before dave's solo something clicked and I just fell in love i with this song
Idiot it's meant to be like that.
David Schwarcz
The morning after.
Alex Rodriguez
I dont see anything to complain about, the music fits perfectly and the song is awesome
Stephanie Campbell
Right, I'm apeshit over the killers but even I can admit a shitty tune when I hear one. That god awful scuffle noise! Just no D:
isabel zwach
i like this song so much. i like any killers song really. so far they haven't dissapointed me
isabel zwach
i totally agree with you.. i don't like to compare with other artists but the killers is definetely different shit.. GOOD STUFF !!
Joseph T
reminds me of 'im so tired' by the beatles, i wouldnt be suprised if they were inspired by it
@mrsantiaramir Thats you're opinion and you're entitled to it, i just dont agree with it.
@ProductsFromTheBrain Or it could be some people just don't like the song. I think it's incredibly average and the brushing sound just takes away from the track overall.
what's with the background 'shuru shuru' noise? :p annoying and makes the song unbearable to listen to ;S
People who think this song is shit just show that they are all to used to all the fake posers like fucking bieber and gaga etc. the reason why this song sounds so rough and gritty is because its trying to give the listener a particular feeling and is keeping the same theme as the title. Personally day and age was there worst album they lost there alternative guitar feel and moved on to more autotuned pop shit. This song is good alot better then day and age by far.
i think he was stoned/wasted wen he wrote this ^-^
Tom Ramirez
Most depressing Killers song EVAR! Pass me the tequila.
Nicholas Evans
Killers=Awsome, the fact that this song wasn't goo enough for an album, or even a compilation of b-sides (Sawdust) shows how good the Killers are, as this song itself is pretty awsome, besides the brushing ofc :P
Justin Hardwick
i feel like the lyrics and guitar have a ton of potential but the the buzzing sound isnt exactly the bees knees hardy har
Daniel Boni
Weird, not digging this
Sam G
theyve gotten a lot better.
Patricia Vasquez
this song is awesome! :D but he sounds somewhat stoned and what not haha but i love it(:
Tim Slattery
the killers = icons of our time
Tyler Barnard
the scraping scuffing noise is a brush on the snare.
Is Brooke the girl Brandon has been singing about all these years
Who is this Brooke
Kianoosh M
I love The Killers with all that I am, but this song is just bad!
The only bad Killers song