Falcom Scott
Charles Cedric Tan
The greatest Wrestlemania of all time? Good one Vince ;-)
Hugo Brömme
Bam Bam was awesome! What a beast and yet so agile. Noticed how many people were applauding him for his flying headbutt and after he won? Man, I miss that guy.
Unknown Artist
When wrestling was wrestling!
Left Side Network
guy jerks off in the crowd at 20:10 lmaoo
Charles Ringey
I love old school raw . Raw is not even Raw any more .
Byron Law
If you look at ringside you can see Vince and Randy aren't actually talking. Makes sense dubbing in the commentary as the fans at the back of them would have had the entire card of WM IX ruined. Many would argue that wouldn't have been bad thing mind.
the old raw was so much better
I love all wwe Monday night raw from 1993 to 2014
Luis Moreno
Thanks for uploading these vids. man look at scott Steiner back then when formed the Steiner brothers along with his brother rick
How do you know this was taped March 22nd, 1993?
What a Maneuver!
To hear Vince say WM9 will go down as one of the greatest Manias EVER...classic $ell job by Vince! WWE needs to put in the HOF The Great Manager-Wrestler Kimchee.
The Beverly Brothers were pretty much jobbers.
Wayne Moses
This opening match with Virgil was about as exciting as his WM 11 match with Lawrence Taylor! I dare say LT was probably a better wrestler than Virgil, and that's no really saying much!
Andrew Davis
Wasn't this the show when Vince called Rob Bartlett, & he basically called out Vince for not paying him, or paying him in pounds? His last night in the WWF
Benjamin Eshbach
mike chioda with the mullet.....ftw
Nate D
Virgil vs bam bam Bigelow. What a match.oooooookh yeeeeeah
CastAtroy 143
When the tag team division was worth watching
eww all those mullets
Freddy King
This is the best example, why I hated the "New Generation". A lot of boring wrestlers like Damien DeMento, Virgil, Kimchee - who cared about them? while they are in the ring, there was mostly NO reaction from the crowd. an then we have the "Legend" Jerry Lawler - in every single Match in the WWF he showed just ONE Wrestling Move, and that´s a Pile Driver. New Generation was just as boring most the time
The Morningstar Killer
Hey, cool finisher Demento, a...knee drop?
This happen six months before I was born. :)
Very rare moment at the 42 minute mark when the ref corrects Lawler to face the right direction for the camera
Young CK
the massacre is as such an idiots on Monday night raw april 5 including on wrestlemania is really funny
Jonathan Hudgins
Jerry Lawler's Raw debut here is truly historic. Lawler has probably had more air time on Raw than anybody ever has or will.
Leonard Fairley
Bret should have beat Hogon for belt after that shite WM
Yes Wrestlemania IX will go down as the greatest of all time...oh wait.
Raw was still brand new here. I think the posters came once the Attitude Era started catching fire.
The RAW following the 2nd worst Mania ever (imo) is pretty weak. Lawler's debut makes this show worth watching if you're a Lawler fan... but otherwise, meh.
Juan Rodriguez
hahaha I forgot about KimChee. Otherwise known as Steve Lombardi, the mighty Brooklyn Brawler
Nightmare Entity
hulk hogan wins the belt and doesnt even appear on the show lol whats the point in that
Marx Aur
WHOA! Look at Jim Powers. He definitely loaded up on the roids In WCW. He was so small in the WWF.
They should bring back the siren and have vince on commentary and have the original logo and play the Slim Jim advert every raw i love that advert Snap into a Slim Jim oooooooh yeeeeeeeah, I just love it how he did things pre 1996
Luis Moreno
Mr. Chopsticks
How can the Macho Man see out of those glasses?
Charles Surber
the steiner brothers were awesome!
Frigorific Moon
Thanks for the good memories uploader =)
Wesley C
wwe raw memories, all of the time.
So was there no Raw show on the 29th of March?
Raw omg
Yeah, I remember watching WW Superstars when I was a kid lol
Angel De la Rocha
Tony Yannuzzi
The show must've been taped on "Opposite Day"
Return Flight
23:57 Vince lying through his teeth😂
WrestleMania 9 was April 4, 1993.
Fuck the Virgil.
Forrest Walpole
not like his first and better time in WWE.
The crowd hardly took signs back then.
ROBLoX time
This was the first episode
Richard Brainard
During the Steiners match, am I seeing things or is the ref Bill Alfonso?
Richard Brainard
That mullett on Scotty though.
Seeing Jerry piledrive Jim Powers that hard and then yank on his trunks was awesome. He knows how to really make you hate him.
@isthisavalidusername was good for the time, bad end though!
Manuel Mania
Wow i was 1 Day old on that Raw Show
Yes. Anytime Hacksaw Jim Duggan gets tested regularly during "random" drug tests and Scott Steiner never does should tell you something, lol.
Wait, that's Jim Powers wrestling Lawler? He must've ditched the 'roids because when I saw him in WCW, he was jacked more than he was prior to this...
Ha!! I agree with this. The way that powerbomb was botched @ WM11. Sycho Sid making his re-debut was the only thing that helped the main event imho...
Remember, they used (or still do) say that after every WrestleMania, lol.
Leonard Fairley
mo jo
Virgil the wrestler was bad. His attitude towards fans is even worse.
Is that an early appearance by Sable at the start (ring girl)?
Virgil sucks
Richard Brainard
Oh the 90's the days of the WWF Hotline, before the Internet ruined it all
kimchee wrestling?.....Brawler should of just wrestled!
James Lawlor
How come WWE released the whole show? Didn't realise they did that
hey i didn't hate it lol
"The joy of wrestling... Page 89" randy savage!!
@Raul Cornado, It's a New York crowd where its known for being ruthless & cut throat. If you can entertain NY, you can take your show anywhere.
big win for demento! so much that mcmahon didnt even mention it!!
Vincent Tougas
in WCW
lee sheard
hogen won the title at wrestlemania IX Bret won it at Wrestlemania X
remember it was WCW that basically forced RAW to go live because they would reveal the results of RAW at the beginning of every Nitro.
No, thats Damien Demento. There is no relation at all. but ya you are right, they do look a lot alike.
Matt Jordan
I miss Fonzie.
Aron Jasson
jerry was an ass back than...
Nelson Sostre
Best era of wrestling in my opinion. Big Bret hart fan
Lee Stenson
jumpin jim brunzell....greatest of all time
Lee Stenson
who was kimchee under the mask
I could watch these shits' all night. P.S, Jumpin' Jim Brunzell innnn the house!
Virgil sucked
burger king ha
This was the first time that the fans called Lawler "Burger King."
Montreal Royals
Anyone Notice Bill Alfonso "Fonzie" as the referee in the Bob Backlund vs. Kimchee match?
@HotProperty83 it wasnt good at any time! haha god i get head aches watching it haha
Sinister Monster
so at 90's wwe raw was 44 to 45 minutes of awesomeness! (only), go to 2013 3 Hours! But Unfortunately ,, Full of Crap.
Andrew Anderson
The Steiners and the Beverly Brothers should have been the Main Event
The Sky Genie Channel
A little thing if you didn't know. When Jerry The King Lawler debuted he was hated by most of the locker room, cause he was there boss & had death threats from the wrestlers
The Sky Genie Channel
Please don't give it away. Virgil might win. note this is before i watched the match. So there is hope :) lol
Draven Darkblood
lawler that is
Juan Rodriguez
Macho Man will always be one of my faves but his commentary was pretty bad. His WrestleMania IX commentary was some of the most pointless i have ever heard. So bad, it was good lol
never fault randy savage would die so young such a shame
Jack Sims
More like the worst wrestlemania ever
Draven Darkblood
he was a horrible heel
Wait, they taped this on the 22nd and basically revealed the results of WrestleMania to the people in the audience two weeks before WM actually happened?
@dkoch2 Yeah, I didn't realize that. Still seems like a strange move. Thanks.
WWF was under severe scrutiny regarding steroids around this time. The wrestlers were tested regularly, so he had to cycle off I'm sure. By 96 in WCW he was huuuuge, most likely due to them having lax drug testing.
Jeremy Campbell
I was so freaking pissed when I seen Hogan win. I was just a kid but I was so sick of that guy.
macho man is the king of commentary
Coronado Family
People screaming ''Boring" If you cant enjoy a wretling match then get the fuck out of there then.