International Tabletop Day 2017 – Betrayal at the House on the Hill

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Benjamin Bosch
"you took the read caracter but screw you im ox belows" Clasic Ben it is for things like this that i love when he is on afk
Thank you, chat for rules policing. Some of Ben's initial rules interpretations made me cringe really hard. That said, they still made a couple of misplays. 1. The stairs to upper are not in superposition. Moving from the ground floor to the upper floor costs one movement. Several haunts make this REALLY relevant. 2. The traitor is supposed to roll for monster movement.
Justin Page
This was ribbeting
TC Gamer
I remember a game where I was Longfellow and ended up with dynamite, a blood dagger, and a revolver, then I died to Frankenstein
Liz! Love Liz. Liz is life! ❤️❤️❤️
Nate Shaw
Yes!!!!!!! This is my favorite game!!!!!! Please play it more!!!
can you guys play Mansions of Madness: Escape From Innsmouth?
What app are they using for the dice?
Nate Shaw
Yes!!!!!!! This is my favorite game!!!!!! Please play it more!!!
C. Chandler
BaHotH is my new favorite game!
Taaketa Dinloka
Way late to the party, anyone know what the Dice app is?
The Gamers Elite
what app are they using for the dice rolls, they would be so cool to be able to do that for d&d
Jacob Hook
I think if I was in this position I would have steadfastly denied that I was on the witch's side until it became relevant to stab someone in the back. Probably not the most optimal play, but it would have been hilarious.
Matthew McCrory
getting horrible flashbacks to frog song in FFVII
Casey Snipes
snack stream, clunk game or play ?
Jacob Meads
I’ve done the witch haunt before. It was a group of 5 people, one other person and I hadn’t even taken our turns yet and the haunt started. I was the traitor, so it was me, the witch, and the other guy who hadn’t taken a turn all in the entrance hall. We killed that guy ASAP, I ran and stole the book, then the witch and I systematically killed everyone else. It was a great game
Joods Feliciano
I think James could've attacked the witch the same time he turned it to mortal.
Jack Gilroy
When graham was talking about having not played it before he sounded so sad.
phoenix 1222
What is the intro song? does anyone know
Kraest Burns
Those sucky tombstone markers for the cards? If you bite them where they connect at the back side, it bends the front sides in just a little and makes them actually grip the card a little. I had to do that the last time I played because my friend refused to use the app.
Fun but the word is "Traitor" not "Betrayer" that made me cringe every time. Still fun and still my favorite game of all time