Pen Tricks: Pen Spin #1 Tutorial

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I can't do this maybe I should stick to MY special trick that is ‘eating the top end of the pen’.
It is I who Nuts to That
wHo Is WaTcHiNg In 2018
Overthinking Ninjago
Asmr huh
Aman Soni
fake . the pen is paid actor
Das Getto Pikachu
uhm in the first ten minutes the pen moves in a triangle instead of a circle.
Who Here Tryna Become *Cool* In School?
Rasan-kun 絶望
*"Pen spinning"* Figeting level: Legendary Difficulty: Very hard Style points: 9/10 Recommend place: School
supermonster gaming
You are starting to pissing me of with that pen, connor
Basileus s
I have been practicing this trick for 20 minutes non stop and my hand forgot how to hold a pen to write
I started doing this at school and the girl sitting next to me looked terrified... just as she should be
maria christhelyn
Me: *twisting my whole hand*
*Watches video* Oh! This should be easy! *1 hour later* I LITERALLY CANNOT DO THIS. THIS. IS. IMPOSSIBLE.
Tyler Thomson
Thank you, my pen is now a helicopter. (Edit: My pen flew off somewhere in the sky. Can someone help me find it?)
Estevan Vasquez
Anyone else practicing this while scrolling through the comments?
Weeb Dew
Me:imma spin you Pen:ok Fingers:im gonna give you a trip to hell
Does it count if i launch it across the room
FluffyConnor _
Your starting to piss me of with that pen connor
Mirza Andhika Putra
Thank you for making us an anger ::))
reem assaf
Why is this in my recommendation, who's watching in 2018
Izuku Midoriya
Guys no joke, if you just keep failing while keeping you’re hand calm and relaxed, then it’ll become really easy^^ not lying cause I was getting angry and screaming but once you calm and think about it it becomes natural, just don’t flick it hard, move your thumb to let the pen flick and practice the movements of the other fingers, amazing video^^ have patience everyone!
Sohil Bali
Kiwi Borb
My hand is too small for this. *cri*
amber adison
then uncap the pen making into a sword and beat the crap out of gods titans and the Minotaur
Thatoneguy 44
Instructions unclear.... fingers are currently dislocated 🤔
Lunaw :3
Anyone bring their pen while watching this?
31_szg3 -
Coming back to this video after I've mastered it is so satisfying.
I wish i ever had clicked on this video now its a challenge
Oh Yeah Yeah
Doesn’t work. It’s already patched.
Jeff Young
Any body else mesmerized by his voice
Can we get 4200 subs with no videos??
Instructoins unclear: got pen stuck in left nostrill
Chunchun Maru
Oliver Orolin
error 404 physics not found
Viggo Macintosh
Am I the only one that just got freaking triggered😂😡😡
My pen doing parkour all over my hand
Kriti Acharya
*tries to master this thing during class* teacher: umm whachu doin? Me: oh, my pen's not working. So, just shaking it lil bit hehe.
Ishika -
*How to look badass in school*
Mary Carter
I managed to fling my pen into my face. So far, so good.
jeon kookie
Who watches this to show off at skool
Ruby Ann Ramos
After I dropped my pen like a hundred times I got it the trick is to not get frustrated just stay calm
Wasif Ihsan
I do it it unconsciously during class or while thinking. And my friends are like WHAAAAAAAAT?!
alon maayan
in the first 10 min i only got better at dope saves from a fling pen
Jacob allard ::
A majority of people will get frustrated very quickly I was one of them but I kept at it and in about an hour I had it just keep trying
My pen flew to another dimension
Dead mEme
Sometimes we gotta learn to judge a book by its cover
*5 hours and lots of screaming later* i still can’t do it
Imran Uddin
7 yrs later.... still cant do it😂
Gabriel Austria
Totally useful in Highschool
Thank u man!! I leant this trick and now i am the topper of the class😂😂
BiggestBoi Around
My pen like slips down when I do it repeatedly
Dusan Simic
And here i am, watching a guy show how to spin a pen on a friday night
Commando Marauder
Thats the sonic
Skoufalo t
Guys, I know it looks very tough and you have probably tried it and failed, don't get disappointed because I did it like after a weak of practice. Remember, everything is practice. Just try it in class sometimes and at some point you will get it.
I have an exam tomorrow *watches this video*
ᴀᴢjιχт Øק
Yeah...I feel that tingle
Mysterious Gamer
Is supposed to fly up and stab u in the leg It didn't happen to me btw
Idk bout you but when i extend my 2 fingers the pen doesn’t go over the fleshy part but it goes more down behind my hand.
Kharoud Kaur
I have never put so much dedication and sweat into something else... *And* *it* *was* *worth* *it*
Pretty girls like trap music
Instructions unclear, pencil stuck in my eyeball
I'm a hair on the top of your phone :P
Don't despair, i've made it after 7 years of practicing
I wish this man was my math teacher..
Who clicked on this video when a pen was nearby you
Queen Woods
Lol if I do this in class I already know it will go flying across the room.
The Malarkey
Right now I'm usually so tired and bored at school that I watch those pen spinning videos at night and the day after at school I practice them 😂
Zeno Flare
Pro tip on this: When I was first practicing this I felt like I was doing something wrong until I started messing around. I was holding it with the middle of my fingers... DONT DO THAT! To make it work you have to hold it with the tips of your fingers; so go below the top creases of your fingers.
Chris Rodriguez
OMG what is this shit you didn't even explain well
Saksham Sharma
*I just flew off the ground while doing **0:09*
Eclipse Chaser
Me:It’s 1:35 am I should go to sleep Also me: OHHH LETS LEARN HOW TO PEN SPIN
AagGkAAasHiEe !!
thanks, now im raging and i wanna break my hand
Earth Is A Donut
I can crush the that an accomplishment?
Synmythical Samurai
I learned this all by myself so guys take time to figure things out by urself better chance of getting it more fluently
Def alt
But thats my thing...welp moms right....i need a better job not pen spinning..... I quit
Darrius B
Thanks u explained it so much I can't do it now ;)
Kitkat YT&more
My pen spins in a circle rather than a triangle type? You know what I mean? Any suggestions on how to fix this guys?
Patrick H117
What is the name of the trick ? Please Answer
Anyone here to impress your friends?
20 sophia 06
2:30 haha I wish
Fiery Fox
Welp now I have a pencil stuck on my phone screen......... Did I do it right
ralph Arpaio
Why does it keep falling out of my hand? Please help. The pen keeps spinning out of my hand
It won't spin, it just kinda moves back and forth
John JK
This video has almost 9 million views and I never seen someone do this trick
Joko Barot
Can you do a face reaveal
When I try and do this I always fling the pen to hard and it goes flying out of my hand and into the person sitting in front of me in class, whoops 😬.
Me: *sees tutorial* Me: *tries it* *pen goes flying and somehow stabs my leg*
At least now I know how to launch my pen through the room.
w r u doing
I almost stabbed someone out of frustration
Geez is this asmr
TheKriskoBg WaR
Roses are red Ink is blue This is imposibru
Wow. I struggled doing this for 30 mins gave up. Came back to the video did it again, and now I suddenly mastered it....
This video makes it sound like someone is licking my ear xD
Henri Konnimois
I usually strugle at learning/mastering things like this but this on i mananged to learn in a few hours
Po Bely
I dont know how but i got it like okish in the first 30 mins
Dylan Fallon
tip: uncap the pen. better yet, practice with a pencil.
Blossom 01
My pen flew at the screen and I started laughing I think I drank too much apple juice
here i am learning the tricks to look badass in school lol
11:11 Mood
Guys It Doesn't Work...Its Patched!
Buterfly pen