Natalie Portman's rap (lyrics)

Yo solo cree el video. La música y las letras no me pertenecen. Lyrics from: /> Download the song: /> I hOpe you like it! :) ADVERTENCIA: Lenguaje obsceno :)

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Alex the Kaiju Fan
I never knew this even existed.
Eric Lee LeBeau
this deserves a Grammy and an Oscar. 
"All the kids looking up to me can suck my dick!!" Lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂
Tigran Nalbandyan
still better rapper than lil wayne
When Padme joins the dark side
I will suck your dick Natalie Portman
man this doesn't ever fail to make me laugh and put me into a good mood
Jade Nguyen
This reminds me soooooooooooo much of the saints row protagonist, if you make her a girl.
I am strangely aroused.
Magi Mari 「Carrie Berry」
The theme song of my life
I was just watching her audition for Leon when she was a little darling. With in one click I was here. wow she must be Irish!
Matt Ward
Natalie Portman: The female version of Eminem.
"Ill sit right down on your face and TAKE A SHIT!!!" Powerful stuff.
The Cambot
What happened to Padme and I don't remember her having a dick :O
Why they get rid of the uncut video?!?     i loved that vid!!!
Does anyone wonder what kinda laugh fest it was when they were recording the audio for this video?
Mr 316
That Padme mixtape dropping soon , rumor is she gonna diss the homie Vader hahahahaha
U Wot
Natalie, you the real MVP.
Nick Arriaga
Padme is ratch AF.
Miles Anderson
Uncensored. Thank you.
Trailer Park Darling
natalie portman, someone i aim to be in life
Addy Minajj
Anyone still listen to this
Rainbow Neckbeard
This rap gave me a boner.
Sara Sadrnia
this literally describes my life xD
my names natalie, i dont know weather to be proad or disapproving
Elvis Shelton
this reminded me of eazy e
RoRo W
How did someone get the lyrics so wrong... and still made a video?
I think the line is "I bust in dude's mouths like gushers motherfucker"
Time for Jennifer Lawrence to step up to the plate. She would kill it fosho
Darrin Freeman
I kinda wanna marry her now. Moreso, I mean.
Sangita Shrestha
My name is natalie and I looked up to her I'm only 9💔.
I'm pretty sure she says "I bust in dude's mouths like gushers" (she was just tellin 'suck my dick')
is this how padme treats her people when she was queen of naboo?
Fergus Hammond
What song is sampled? It's right at the start of clip and repeats throughout the video. It's driving me crazy!
Nirielwë Alce-o
I'm in love with this !
the reporter does the voice for Jerry
Qi Zhang
A genius's best disguise!
This song makes me uncomfortable XD
This is crazy and amazing at the same time.
Natalie Nuñez
I first discovered this video when I was around 8 or 9 i was searching my name on YouTube and I stumbled across this, I’d sing the lyrics without actually knowing what they meant 😂😂 luckily my parents didn’t know English.
Harmonee White Gold McHaskell
Natalie Portman is so cool!!! its so cool and I love her three Star Wars movies!!!!!! I LOVE YOU NATALIE!!!!!
Moondust Manwise
Swerve me mama
Brandon Parker
is there more of her
Dennis Lambert
This is soooooooooo, soooooooooo, funny!!!!!!!!!!
Tony From Syracuse
bust in dudes MOUTHS....not valves AIRPLANE GLUE....not airplane group... snorted all the YAY which is slang for cocaine
TheAlbino Rhino
Who caught the nwa reference?
Sassy unicorn gagster From the hood
Play this at my funeral lol
Alexiss Tito
lol u put cant when it should of been can
The Real Josh Ford
You know how Anakin learned choke.... It wasn't the emperor that taught it him it it was padme. She's in to that kinky shit lol
Jerry smith
Brandon Parker
I didn't know she did that
Ramiro Garcia
That is the reason that i love this woman <3 
ziko odikadze
damn natalie <3 
Francisco Juarez
came here from 2015's worst songs
Дмитрий Овчинников
*о да* 😎
Serguei Tcherkassov
Best rap scene ever ! Eminem + etc < Natalie Portman
Ugly Lil rat boy
This is my fave
Robertson Thirdly
glue... airplane glue
Stephen Robinson
Number one song on the billboards.
J Kovic
"yay" is spelled "llell" - it's short for llello. 
will crow
intelligence and beauty plus a career in acting apparently leads to rapping about shitting on someone's face. Have you heard anything here that's important or meaningful? Is it a song of quality? Someone's taken a dump in her brain.
Bankai xxx
Rap da Natalie [I] Nós estamos aqui com a estrela do cinema Natalie Portman [N] Olá [I] Então Natalie, nos conte como é um dia da vida de Natalie Portman? [N] Você realmente quer saber? [I] Por Favor, nos conte Natalie Portman: Eu não durmo filho da puta fora de Iaque e Durban Fazendo um 120 com a cabeça enquanto estou muito louca Caramba Natalie, você é uma garota louca Você, cala a boca e chupa meu pinto Eu bato na boca dos caras como filhos da puta dos Gushers Arregaço na NBC e jogo merda no Jeff Zucker O que você quer Natalie? (Beber e brigar!) O que você precisa Natalie? (Dar a noite inteira) Não me teste quando eu estou louca de cola de avião Coloco meu pé na sua garganta até que você cague no meu sapato Deixo você gritando, pague pela minha limpeza a seco Foda-se cara é o meu nome que eles estão gritando [I]Desculpe Natalie, mas devemos acreditar que você tolera dirigir enquanto está bêbado? [N]Eu nunca disse que eu ra um modelo [I]Mas, e as crianças que se inspiram em você? Você tem uma mensagem para eles? Natalie Portman Todas as crianças que se inspiram em mim chupem meu pinto É Portman, filho da puta, bebo até mesmo doente Corto sua gargante e ponho nitroso para dentro Assisto você rir e chorar; enquanto eu rio você morre E a todos os caras, vocês sabem que estou falando com vocês (Nós te amamos Natalie!) Eu quero te fuder também! P É de Portman P É de bucetas (Pussies) Eu vou matar a porra do seu cachorro por diversão, então não me pressione [I] Bom Natalie, estou surpreso, tudo isso vindo de uma graduada em Harvad? [N] Bom, tem várias coisas que você não sabe sobre mim [I] Sério, como? Natalie Portman Quando eu estava em Harvard eu fumava maconha todo dia Eu colava em todos as provas e cheirava tudo Eu tenho uma legião, você tem um monte de caras Eu sento bem na sua cara e defeco The Lonely Island - Andy Samber Natalie, você é uma puta E eu sempre pagarei por sua limpeza a seco Quando minha merda fica no seu sapato (Que!) como para uso de drogas Bom não posso confirmar isso, meu pinto tem medo de você [I]Natalie, uma pergunta final Se você pudesse roubar um beijo de qualquer ator de Hollywood, quem seria? [N] Sem mais perguntas [I] O que!
He Andy
who made this???? is this real?
Shiina T.
Um.. At least she's honest? I think
Max Howard
Bust in dude's mouths like gushers
can't relate
Hahaha gooollld! U guys have to see the new one!
Jun cho
Oh my god....She has issues. I thought Natalie Portman was elegant, highly educated and you know...angel. But wow...Just wow.
it the male castor guy Jerry from Rick and Morty?
Naum Rusomarov
Get a job, Jerry.
Mad Pariah
I blame the schools
edgy psychic
I all seriousness this was a good song
Sachin Eldho
Loved this rap
edgy psychic
hmmm. human music. i like it.
Manny Danner
I Just Think she's Acting Mean and A Bully I don't want to Act Like A Big weirdo and she doesn't Have a Penus She only Has A Vagina, kids Don't want to do What she said Cause its Scary I'm frightened And I'm Pretty Gonna Scream And Puke And I'm Going Too Hide Myslelf in My Future house wiyh my Future Wife in My 20s From her If She Comes to future And Tries to Fight and May be Kill my future wife I will Go and hit her Back So Hard with big Huge Toy Lightsaber
Gangsta gangsta! #nwa
Chris Montefiore
impeccable delivery
Florida Man
Is that Jerry?
Michael Dodd
This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. *hangs head in shame.* That's what I get for not watching SNL. lol. 
Manny Danner
So Oh My God! I'm So scaared of Her Now Cause of this I'm 13 I'm Very Very Scaared of her Jeez What Happeneld To Her She's So angry!
She's legit insane
Lmaao I loveee thiss
speaking of dry cleaning, would you consider stealing her g-strings before they get cleaned?
Angeles Camacho
Why did she do this? Is it in a movie?
Brian M
That was not very Kosher of her...
lol what if at the harvard part, she said "When I was at Harvard, I never went to class, I got a 2.0 and never had a job"
Gravy Trane
Where's the fucking video?
suck my diccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Manny Danner
I Hope she didn't see the force Awakensright now i don't Know where she s since 2011
Ella Kramer
Love this!
Makenzie Tabora
Whenever I even think about this I laugh and then all my friends look at me like WTF
Yui Rio
I love native
Jit G
Bad bitch!
purple roses
Did she really threw a chair at that guy!!!???
anth benit
Abel Rodrigues
Padme wtf
Lucía Domínguez Mantero
Kevin W
Wheres the original?