SPLIT (2016) Explained

Split is a 2016 American psychological horror film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Betty Buckley. To purchase a copy of the Film , head to - /> ABOUT ME Hey there folks!! My name is Niyat and this channel was created to assist in answering all your questions about Films, Comics and Popular culture in a fun and engaging way! Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of the source materials I used in this work, appealing to allowance made for "fair use" purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, under Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.

Professor X seems to have lost his sanity reading all those people mind.
When you roleplay too hard
Black Rose
This movie was terrifying
Matthew Lee
I can't wait for glass! I think this has the opportunity to be one of the most thoughtful and interesting superhero trilogies ever made!
Benjamin Jasar
just one example of many... the scene in wich Dennis stops pretending that he is Barry and we see it clearly on his face...awsome acting.. RESPECT
Phillip Helgren
I think the more realistic take on superheros/villians is awesome in this split and unbreakable
headbut 17
I remember wanting her to shoot her uncle when she had the chance
lothar laishram
This film was so good, thrilling, scary, complex, dark I felt so many emotions after watching this movie. Best movie of 2016.
caden Macdonald
I believe that the 24th personality is what we humans would be like if our bodies could survive extremely prolonged used of natural adrenaline, which removes the natural inhibitors we have in order to make sure we don’t tear apart our muscles. Without these inhibitors our natural strength is multiplied by three, so say you can deadlift 500 pounds, congratulations you can now deadlift 1500 pounds, our speed and durability is also enhanced although not as much, now imagine what would happen to our muscles, bones, and organs if we were constantly in that state. We’d tear ourselves apart from the inside out because our bodies were not built to handle such intense amounts of physical pressure and stress for prolonged amounts of time, The Beast believes the rest of humanity to be impure because we are weak and are in his eyes impure because of that weakness. Mind you my thoughts on why he is that way is pure speculation and theory, however my speech about the inhibitors is quite true.
iBeowulf 626
TBH when he turned into the beast it scared the shit out of me. It was a great movie.
Mr. Shadow
Well this is the worst case of identity crisis i have ever seen. This guy is such an interesting individual.
David Dunn vs The Horde? Hell. Yes.
Flamey Shwamey
They should have all the names of the different personalities in the credits and the name next to them is just the guy
Đark Moyan
I came here after watching the trailer of Glass (2019)
Todd Howard, Bethesda Coward
Unbreakble universe is centered around trains. Third movie in universe will be about man who controls trains by telepathy. This person will be son of Bruce Willis. Its gonna be revealed that character of Bruce gained his powers due to having piece of locomotive lodged between his ribs. Train was made from radioactive super metal that was lost by military and used to construct that locomotive.
Ryan Meyer
Alize Cook
i remember when i saw this movie. and it tripped me out..
Ok just wanna point out that Kevin's character is very similar to "Legion" a mutant that also poses multiple personalities from the X-Men graphic novels happens to be "Professor X's" biological son. What is my point? Thanks for asking. James Mcavoy, the actor who played the character Kevin from Split also played Prof X from the X-men Movies. Just a coincidence maybe?
Loved this movie so much, the acting, the characters were all superb. James Mcavoy is truly amazing and his range is inspiring.
Johnathan Ayala
Can you do the outbreak of call of duty zombies
aya آية
Why this didn't get an Oscar???!!!
MyName AChef
just watched a quiet place, cant wait for your explanation for the monsters in that movie keep it up
In the mouth of madness. Really hope to see a video on that one.
Mike Vasquez
David Dunn vs. the Beast needs to happen.
Cameron Gooch
I could tell by the end of the video when you were describing James performance you had a smile on your face
Ancient Keyboard Warrior
Professor X kept the personalities of the minds he read........ ehhh and now he can walk
Marissa Voss
james mcavoy is an unbelievable actor
Hank Moody
This was an excellent movie. So happy for shamalan for the comeback
Pajamapants Jack
Diavolo on steroids
rasmus astrup
can you make one about aliens/cryptids from call of duty ghost
Me L
This shit waayyy deeper then I thought
David Simpson Jr
I commend M. Night Shyamalamadingdong for somehow being able to maintain a career in Hollywood. It's literally been a couple of good movies in the 90s, then 20 years of crap like Signs and Airbender, then finally 1 really good movie again.
db sc
Now there's a fine example of a dark menacing character played brilliantly by Mcavoy. Split....what a film. In the same league as Silence of the Lambs...but virtually one character carries this trophy film. Bring on the the third instalment of this saga. Great review!
As always, fucking great video. Awesome movie too
Buster Näslund
The beast's autobiography: 23 and me.
Tristo Mietitore
Dude I'm Baked Watching This
Do the Aliens from the movie the quite place i called them the listeners btw 😅
shane coleman
Could you do Green Flu Virus from Left 4 Dead
Taglu 2299
I loved this movie lol
Rorick Jager
Some of that is true, my father has DID, my father is also almost blind, like 8 diopters out of round. His only female personality also has perfect 20-20 vision. That is when I really believed that my father had multiple personalities. When I saw him take his glasses off and walk around with a truly perfect female hip sway, suddenly have a strong desire bake a pie for the first time ever and do it all without his glasses and without stumbling once. At the age of 8 years old it scared the shit out of me I thought my dad was possessed by the Pillsbury Doughboy, because the little guy looked like a ghost to me lol.
Holy crap, i had no idea this was connected to unbreakable. That's such a great idea! Yes, Shyamalan! Keep it up!
I ❤️ Hedwig
Walter Mitty
A massive Cheshire grin appeared on my face when I saw this in my notifications. Love this film and the this video, thank you sooooo much!
Tonni G
Great movie and excellent explanation!!
Vatroslav Morbidović
23 personalities of which most of them we did not see. 😑
Cole Bledsoe
Plz do the bear demons from the 13th warrior amd the grendel from Beowulf
That nigga bush from around the corner
O my fucking god this movie was the best movie i've seen in a very long time. But with M. Knight Shymanan you can't go wrong. I seen Unbreakable when i was like 19 and i loved it. Always wondered when will there be a sequel. Then i heard of this and had no idea its a spin off from Unbreakable. Glass will be here in less than a month. Can't wait! I f you haven't seen this you are seriously depriving yourself
Lenon Kitchens
James Mcavoy was *amazing* in this movie.
Lakita Butler
This is a showing DEMONIC👹 possession!
Yh Ong
I learnt from the movie, that a brain potential can only be unlock through suffering.
En' Peacee Shekelstein
M. Night Shyamaladingdong makes the weirdest stuff.
Niicee another psychopath
Excelsior Patakanaikos
Hardest role in a movie probably ever
Soul Crusher15
Split he's possessed by 23 demons he transforms when he's the beast and also dude you know there is a third movie Glass
#best one
Split came out in 2017 not 2016
Kyle Duke
Awesome as alays
Victor Wolfrin
Please do Frankenstein's army
Lololololo lalelalelolela
Always amazing videos
I thought the horde was in reference to other personalities which weren’t as strong as the main 23.
could you please do “Looper” explained? its a pretty cool ass movie with a really nice take on time travel. it also has bruce willis.
Heidi Pogner-Schultz
Oh wow, thank you! I actually tried to read the Wikipedia plot summary on this movie and I was still confused! You helped a LOT!
informationtolearn 11
Thanks for the information!!!
Indie mazter Mazzter
What if Hedwig had just been like "imma let these people out because they seem wheely nice sowwy beasty!"
Unbreakable is one of my favorite super hero movies.
Can you do Van Helsing
Astolfo Fan
Maybe the tardigrades from Harbringer down? The creature from that movie was interesting. Maybe that one next?
This should be labelled "Split (2016) - Summarised ... you didn't really 'explain' anything that you couldn't get from just watching the movie
Painted Faces by Fairy G
I really enjoyed this movie!! It was brilliantly done!! The look into the mind of someone with this disorder is amazing.
Scorching fletch
do the babdook
Zacimus the master Shooter
Great video mate I never knew it had this much depth to it and it was kinda of sci fi😃😃😃😎😎!!! And is this a real condition?
dev patel
I really really liked this movie. Absolutely amazing!!
the actor tho , he did a good job on it.
Damian Starks
O man I have been waiting for a awesome analysis of this character can't wait see him in glass which brings all of the characters from unbreakable together along with this character.
William Hahs
Kinda wish they kept the alternate ending. Him attacking the school couldve been a strong jumping off point to glass
devondre rembert
Have you already did the terminatior
UNBREAKABLE SPLITTING GLASS (glass is like a world with millions of identity that never breaks)
mail 2
Split is city in criatia wary pretty but full of ustasha
JP Poole
No mention of a young Kevin being in Unbreakable for a brief moment? He walks passed Dunn in the first movie and he senses something wrong about the kid.
OLAIMRAE ihatemyself
I love this movie so much. James McAvoy did a good job playing this (these) character/s
Bruce Willis is going to utterly end the beast in glass
sifeddine naamane
I really was hoping they would discuss in the movie how is it possible to control the human body in such a way of changing it's abilities just by the power of the mind
Mr Abyss
This whole video is absoultly incredible👍 I'd love to see you explain the Zeds from Killing Floor, keep up the amazing work
"Death Machine" (1994)
James Mcavoy nailed it!
James McAvoy is a true character actor. His range is impressive.
The one thing I thought about split is these personalities are screwed up targeting people that quote didn’t feel the pain of life there there the terrifying beast which does make me excited for an unbreakable sequel and or crossover Also on the movie itself I love the acting of the film 1 last thing hedwicks my favorite
Just Liz
Very good movie. James did an excellent job.
That movie was amazing! Great video m8
I dare you to explain the dead effect peoject😎let's see if u can do it😎😎
Lucas Salcedo
thanks for dropping vid made my day
Arrow Arrow
The beginning says 2016 but this movie came out in 2017.
Kurihono The Reaper
Split is... *cofee add shows up* SSSEJSISJSJSJ
Non Existence
Thanks for the vid bro love coming from New Orleans 💕😊 perfect for after 420
Do the green flu from the left 4 dead
Werl 01
Hold up. M. Night Shyamalan directed this? The same M. Night Shyamalan who made that abomination of an Avatar: the Last Airbender movie? 🤔
Love the vid
Mykael Nyx
Well I haven't seen Split yet, but I saw and loved Unbreakable. I guess we have to deal with a decade of shit from Shyamalan before he comes out with a new one that's actually good
God bless
Jake Byron
Yessss, i was waiting for this 👍
The Dark Binzky