Monologue: Natalie Portman Answers Questions About Star Wars - SNL

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Natalie Portman surprises two nerds (Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis) in the audience with her knowledge of Star Wars, then answers questions on why she shaved her head and if she still has any of her wardrobe from The Professional. [Season 31, 2006] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: /> Get more SNL: />Full Episodes: /> Like SNL: />Follow SNL: />SNL Tumblr: />SNL Instagram: />SNL Pinterest:

Ninja Toe
to people.... this woman has a HARVARD degree and a thesis paper, dangling off the CRIMSON WALLS
World's most beautiful woman ever!
Am I the only who doesn't confuse her and Keira Knightley
La Femme Fictionale
There's just something so, so satisfying about a woman putting nitpicky men in their place.
Sam Grayson
Barely any applause for The Professional.. c'mon now it's gotta be one of her best roles ever
Kieran Daniels
Great Actress in great movies, and looks great while doing it...........Natalie why you so perfect ???
ahhh back when nerds were considered nerds and every rock climbing fitness freak douche-bag didn't wear a star wars t-shirt.
She looks like Audrey Hepburn here
Use your common sense
Okay, am I the only one who understands every questions and her answers here?
avedic how that mention of The Professional was to make fun of the creepy fan-base of older guys who are _reeeally_ into that movie...for reasons I don't need to spell out. Pretty cutting and funny joke though...I bet(or hope) Natalie herself had a hand in that idea. That aside, The Professional/Leon _is_ a great's a killer slice of 90s crime thriller. But the characters and dialogue and cinematography all give it this cool noir feel. It takes place in NYC, but kinda _feels_ like Paris. It's subtle, but elevates the movie to a cool unique place. And it's less quick-cut loud whiplash action(though, it has it's moments) and more meditative human and psychological, which I like. And yeah, Natalie's performance is quite good. Though I definitely think her best role was in Black Swan. I've always had a bit of a celeb crush on her, but it wasn't till Black Swan that I gained a whole new level of respect for her as an intelligent creative and nuanced actor. She's just a genuinely cool human being.
I think you're confusing monologue with question and answer
'Shes too small, everything in her physical outlook seems to be prejudiced. But inside her Brain is a mass of big ideas and incredible intelligence, that makes her more beautiful in every way". They say she's blunt, cold and boring but that's her she does not fake her way up to where she is standing now. I'd prefer hanging out with a person like her than joking around with an individual who applauds you always but when you turn around she'd be gnawing with falseness!!!!!!!
Nina Sayers
Am I the only one who thinks that she actually looks hotter and sexier with shorter hair? She looks so incredibly stunning, I don't understand why men hate short hair on women!
Andy Samberg sounds alot like Sandler in this haha
are you an angel?
Hugh Ryan
No one made a joke about her in Pirates of the Caribbean...
ikoa mot
she is the sexiest short girl in the world!
GG Babe
pervert serpent
natalie portman future judi dench
Sudeikis is awesome ... he mades me cry
Božidar Čekić
Oh god I love her I just want to marry her.
Loved v for vendetta. :)
Prateek Singh
she's sooooooo cute....
Probably one of the funniest opening monologues ever
Sus Watters
*Dwight voice* False. The lightsaber remained at the wreckage of Sifo-Dyas' ship according to the canon.
Opener would have been funnier if she pronounced the names correctly.
John Kelly
Chris Parnell's line was soooo funny 
She is ADORABLE!!! I love her. 
michael garrido
Don’t really know who Natalie is personally but, I like her acting and her choices.
Monica Dias
this bit isnt particularly funny, she's freaking beautiful tho so I dont regret
Ha. Way to portray star wars fans. Kind of offensive.
Andrew Roberts
If you ever get a chance to see Closer, take it - fine, fine movie.
Was that a monologue?
Andy A
she is so cute
i dont know anything about Star Wars
Valtteri Nieminen
love the eeeextra high note the saxophonist played for when she walked past him
Sarah Farnell
Deniz Bade Akkoyun
THE most beautiful soul on the planet. Natalie.
Amara B
Jason sudeikis 😚😚😚
Malik lee
shes the best!! <3
Blaze Crawn
Couldn't understand what she is answering to the second questioner, may someone help me? ^^
Im in love since She did the first of Star Wars ahaha... So so gorgeous....
T Clark
Funny...she didn't complain about the part of the skit that addressed her as a sexualized 11 yr old...Lorne and Chris must be misogynists, and the female writers/cast members, as well as Ms. Portman must have internalized their own misogyny. #Timesup everyone!
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
She looks 12yrs old
A pedophile joke... really??
Hello It's Mo
The guy who asked the last question sounds a lot like adam driver
Kope of Onrac
It must have been a hard week to be you, Natalie. Ah, I don't blame you for feeling a little frazzled. You stood up for what you believe, and in the end, how can we make any country better unless we do just that? I'm with you, Natalie. Keep fighting the good fight, and don't let anyone stop you or tell you different.
Garron Dombroski
Anybody notice how she forgot to mention when answering the first question that the clones were originaly supposed to be trandoshians.
आस A hope
So short!!! listen whatever they were speaking.....was busy looking at her.....retardetly.....!!!......... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Это не твой уровень, юмор очень плох.
jhim K
I just love her face
Tutankheman Riperton
I am a Natalie Portman fan bigtime and can u believe that she is my Eve. Like in the bible. I luv mecsome Natalie Portman. She looks soo sexy in tight white clothin. Anytime anyplace Mrs Natalie Portman!!!!!! Mmmmmmm
Ты слишком талантлива для этого
Писать в прошлое очень продуктивно! =)
And they say prequels had plot holes...
наташа уходи
очень плохо
M.Shyam Ganeesh
Her hairstyle kinda makes her look like miley Cyrus .
Peatear Griffin
Star Wars......what is that? Lol
Mark St. James
She's good yeah but I will always be a fan cuz The Professional was such a badass movie among badass movies and she was such a big part of that, even the producers and directors must have been blown away at what they had created for cinema
Saturnian Pytonwielki
I would never understand all this "wow' bout her. She was ok in Leon, but thats it. lets be hones, if she would not be jew, she would never be so famus.
Short hair tho... Why? Why would women have short hair. Just why
Vad L
3:29 oh my favorite creep moment, pervert detected, funny thing that he have serious face like its norma )
Andraž Kržič
Shannon Tarrant
Boo. Hiss. Boo. Hiss 🐍
George Hamilton
Those Episode II spoilers, though.
Ryan Reed
Jeez, Natalie, why'd you chop off your hair?
Tien Duong
She is great
Xhevdet Salihi
SNL is way overrated
Tucker Doyle
Never would have gotten away with that 11 year old joke now
So Jin Choi
She was actually eleven in Leon, and now she is actually Eleven in Stranger Things 3 skit.
Dana Oyardo
Burhan Mustafar
is it just or she looks a lilttle bit like aaron paul when she was bald in vandetta...hmm
Bho Loo
SHE is a very bright person but here is she DRUNK?
Lmao😂😂😂😂 the black dude cracked me up with that "what is that" question.
Alee Kose
she looks like ashton kutcher in this :d
last question - is this the most boring reaction you could expect? Other I dont understand
Cool guys can go nerd, nerd guys can't go cool.
Ábel Hodász
Cyril :) wierd to hear his voice
Why is that guy in a bathrobe?
Aaditya Bhattacharya
Samberg is the best. 
She's an angel with patience...
she is so cute... and damn those people are so funny XD
Natalie is a great live performer! 
Sandberg's brilliant in this.
3:49 what about Radioactive Man?
Paprika Harris
hey look its pervy cyril!
Gregor Blaszczyk
This one guy look like Russel Westbrook
Euky Bear Satay
oh my god, she is gorgeous
i has a question wtf was up with black swan
Margarite Carrecter
Luc Besson. Movie
Well now I know what kind of cleavage I‘m never gonna wear. Looks like there‘s an exactly trimmed piece of skin hanging there 🤨
R.J. Macasa
Dzzamn Kristen looks young AF !
Maria Clara Lima
I was there