MY FIRST TIME IN HARRODS!!! Spending my 18th birthday money ..

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Jade Honey
harrods is literally the most amazing shop EVER!
Sick of seeing people being so nasty in the comments. It’s just been her 18th she’s allowed to treat herself. Also I love hauls and seeing what she bought. Some people need to stop being so nasty in the comments.
Leah Hanna
I once bought like a teddy from harrods and it cost like 30 quid ahahah I have it as a souvenir tho😂😂🤩❤️
Jessica Xo
FYI for everyone who’s nosey like me the jumper was £715. But it’s amazing saffron can afford that when she’s 18 and she bought it with her birthday money. You go girl!!!💋🤣
think the mac white thing is to brighten your foundation but you can also look on their site
I have only watched a few of Saffron's videos, but the comments on this one are disgusting. People who are complaining about the way she talks, calling her uneducated and being outright rude about what she chooses to do with her life and HER money, seriously why do you watch her videos? If you're just gonna come on here to be critical on purpose, you should find something better to do with your time. If I hated the way someone did things in their videos, you wouldn't catch me wasting time making nasty comments on their videos. If you feel this way about her, don't bother watching her. I'm sure one less nasty person watching her videos won't worry her. Jeez!
Beverley Gamor
I can barely afford to go window shopping at Harrods.
Safiya Cifonelli
No one knows ur obsessed with Disney
Beccy Wright
That moment when you realise you could buy a car with the amount of money saffron spent on that jumper 💔
Beverley Gamor
Honestly. I'm not the type of person who would ever spend thst kind of money all in one go but that's only because I can't afford to. If Saffron can then my hat off to her bevause she worked for it
Early squad😝 love your vlogs saffron, you smash it every single day!!
Harvey Donn
The thumbnail is so exaggerated and cringe😂
White Queen
Is that the belt you broke when you braking it because you didn’t know how to get it off?😂 you sure it wasn’t your fault saff?
MiasVlogs S
that jumper is £715 !!!!!
Keep Up With Megs
Saffron you beautiful human, only just found you I wish found your channel months ago because you are amazing. I love you and your videos💋
Tallulah Paisley
Lucia Turok
Hi Saffron, your hoodie is gorgeous 😍 I love shoe heaven in Harrods ❤️😀
Thea Dyke
Saff you should do another wish or ASOS clothes under £10 or something xx
Jacob Gee
Love your vlogs so much and well done for winning vlogger of the year at sitc xx 👑💛
Beth Cooper
Saffron. Don’t listen to any of the haters in the comments. You work hard for your money and you deserve to spend that money on whatever you want it’s yours to spend. Ignore all of them some are probably just jealous they can’t afford something as gorgeous as what you got!😍
Megan Williams
Early !!! I love u saff so so so much u r my fave YouTuber u inspire me so much Lysm ❤️❤️❤️
B Bx
'I DONE a meet up' nooo you DID a more up
Ayshah S
apparently the mac hyper real foundation is meant to be a liquid highlighter xxx
Aimee Reid
Love this video would love to go to Harrods looks amazing! Xx
don't see the big deal everyone is making over the fact she bought an expensive jumper with HER money, she earned it through hard work and I'm sure if you worked hard and earned your own money you would go spend it. Nobody can tell her what and what not to buy because it's NOT your money to decide that, she is fortunate to be in that position to occasionally buy herself expensive bags/clothes/shoes and people should happy for what she has achieved at only 18!! truth is it's the people who are jealous that have the time to comment unnecessary hate, sorry but if you don't like what she's about then why are you even on her channel x
Lily-rose Price
I was there with my nan when it all happened it was a terrorist sadly, i was absolutely terrified i phoned my mum because i just had to hear her voice bcoz i was so scared and i i hope no one was killed and i know people was injured but to everyone in hospital get well soon xxx
Jasmin Pink
Love you saff you looked great and your are a big insperation of mine
Amina Akther
The 'almond drink' isn't their product. Idiot
Skyla Gardner
How many times does she say "so" in this video haha xx
Isabella Corelone
Atleast link the products
Sharmaine Wiltshire
Love you ❤️
Emma van der Heiden
What on earth...this girl wasted almost $800 USD on a sweater............... like ..... I can’t even fathom spending that much for something so blasé....... no offense like, you do you girl but I could never buy something so delicate and expensive. I’d literally never wear it and then get a stain on it the minute I do wear it. But enjoy it I suppose 😂 get a good stain remover if you’re as clumsy as me
Lillylong Legs123
Love you so much saffron queeeeenie❤️❤️❤️😍
Lucy Larner
The belt was £360 😰😰😰
don’t use
Saff I love your new merch!! Your so successful x
Nichola 17xo
YSL perfumes are unreal !!! 👌🏼👌🏼
Life of Forever
U make the most real best vlogs 😂😍🎉☺️ilysm
saff.anaxo on instagram x
I’m so excited to watch this 💘
Jamie Bell
Love your videos they honestly inspire me so so much xx
feliciathegoat •
for someone who apparently loves Off White, you’d know Off White isn’t a designer. You like the brand, not the designer
Rebecca Johnson
You mix it in to a matte foundation to give it a glow, you can also use it as a liquid highlight, it’s beaut! I’ve used it for two weeks✌🏻
Maddie Grace xo
I had an awful allergic reaction to a face mask a week before sitc literally nothing was clearing it up and I went up to the body shop stand just explaining that my face is burning and they gave me this aloe soothing cream and it cleared it up within a few hours. They have amazing products
Sparkle crazy 100
I love u soo much. Your videos are such an inspiration 💕💕
Beverley Gamor
Saff don't listen to any hate. It's your money to spend.
Zoyah Khan
The Mac white thing. You basically mix it in to our foundation to make it lighter . So it’s basically lightening drops ❤️❤️
don’t use
Thank you for my video message , I love youtubers like you, you share every experience with us as much as you can. We all love you so much, your literally the sweetest I love how you follow your followers it is literally the sweetest & people will be so happy, that you could have made their day. Your such an idol and inspiration! I love your style, I love how you vlog even when you don’t feel like it, don’t listen to any hate babe, you are literally a leader & many people want to follow your footsteps! Like I said don’t listen to no hate because you deserve so much more & there is going to be hate whatever anyone does, keep going girl, wlysfm! I also have a fanpage for you it’s @lowkeysaffron, if you see this please read this it means a lot to me. Ilysfm💖💕💝💞💓💗💘I’ve got your post notifications on, subscribed, follow you on Instagram & have you on Snapchat x Fanpage- @lowkeysaffron on ig x
I miss you so much already saff💛 I’ve literally been living in your merch 💛
don’t use
Itsloz xo
What foundation you wearing in this saff look gorg as alwaysss xx
sarah daly
The white foundation from mac is to mix with your foundation if its too dark for you, you mix the two. Love you lots ❤
don’t use
Sophie Robinson
First x💖❤️
you know your early when u can only watch the vlog in 144p 😭😂💙
Rachel Swords
Aww your so cute xo
Lucy Stubbings
Saff in the background of you doing your haul your champagne bottle looks like it's about to fall, please check it's not unless it's too late aha xx
Lucy Where's Wallis
Love your Vids but no way is that jumper worth £715 I could make it myself 🙈 xxxxx
saff.anaxo on instagram x
I ABOSOLUTELY hate how she said “boyish” what’s boyish? Can boys not wear that “girly jumper” ?! Sorry, it just triggers me😑
WCT Bayford
Your such an angle I’m so gonna buy all your merch I always save my money for your merch Xx Lots of Love Xx
MoonlightLucie Vlogsxx
Love you x
Halima Auwalu
Love you so much saff it’s so sad cos I didn’t meet u in the summer in the city hope we will meet one day xox
MoonlightLucie Vlogsxx
Love youuuuuu
Amy Games
Where is Saf's glasses from anyone??? <3 x
Love u loads I met you at Milton Keynes and your such and inspiration I love u loads say hi to everyone in your family and tell them that I love them aswell xx
you look so so gorgeous in every vlog saffron, I love you so much !! xxxx
SAFF u are sooo amazing! Keep up the hard work on all ur vids cause they are amazing. I think u deserve 2 million subs! Ur soooo pretty and u and Ana are such inspirational people and u inspire me Soo much! I love u and ur hoodie is Gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️ ~Aisha Xx
Jessica Xo
Your hair looks amazing curled saffron! And I ❤️❤️❤️ the extensions they look so realistic!💋xx
Nancy Charles
Don’t worry Saff, I live in London and nothing’s happened to me so far and I’ve lived here my whole life! It’s very unlikely, but I understand why your worried❤️
Katie Boxall
Love your videos and well done on winning the vlogger of the year at sitc. When are you puttng your new merch on the merch store? Xxx💛💛💛
saff.anaxo on instagram x
Amy Hoey
When are you restocking the grey sb logo jumper ❤️
MoonlightLucie Vlogsxx
Absolutely amazing meeting you on the weekend
Zara Z
OMG I literally went to London on Monday and I’m going again tomorrow wish I went yesterday so I could see you 💖
Alexandra Bailey
Th mac thing is kind of like a primer but it gives you a fabulous glow also it works as an amazing highlight
Itz me Ellie
Hi Saff I know I’m quite late but I LOVE your channel . On Monday it’s my birthday and it would make my whole day amazing if u liked this comment. Love u ❤️
Jasmine Victoria
Hurts my head knowing I could get a similar jumper from H&M😩
I love u so much and u make everyone happy and please do another undercover fan account video on instagram thankyou so much
Jessica Males
love your new mech xx I cannot wait so exited xx love u xx
Lily Bell
Hope you had a fantastic birthday!! xox
Eve Gooder
You are effortlessly perfect😍😭❤️
Olivia Dargan
😍😍😍Love u safff ur new merch is goals 😍😍😍🤙🏼🤙🏼
don’t use
Saff your amazing, you are a massive inspiration to me, ilysm x
Han Noble
Safffffrrrrroooooonnnnnn will you be at the Manchester BBDO XXXXX??? Early squad xx glad you feel better now xxx I Love Harrods xxxx Do you know the in my feelings dance and the baby shark dance 🐠💃
Eleeza Nadeem
The ice cream in Harrods is the best thing I’ve ever had
don’t use
Early squad where you at💗
Eva Warmington
Love this vlog ❤️❤️
Jasmine West
Love you saffron ❤️😭
B Bx
'I DONE a meet up' nooo you DID a more up
Swimming Rocks
Saffron you are the best vlogger In the world, you have worked so hard with your vlogging to provide videos for us
Lucia Maria
Love you so much saffron xxxx
Molly Smith
Love you Saffron 💞💞
Lily-rose Price
13:57 i dont actually have a clue what it is lol xx
That's some awesome vlog 👋👋👋👋👋
Alicia x Guest
You and your mum are so sweet ☺️💗
Sarah Naggay
U look so pretty xx😍💙💗❤️💖
YouTuber Edits
Ilysm saffron xxx
Ella Stein
I luvvv Harrods
MoonlightLucie Vlogsxx
Love you amazing to meet ya x
MoonlightLucie Vlogsxx
Hope your well now x
Amy Hoey
When is the new merch coming out