Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Highway Star Live 2016

Buy DVD = ,,,, Studio: Eagle Rock www.eagle-rock.com/ ,,,,,, ---- Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Highway Star Live Loreley 2016 ( Memories in Rock - Live in Germany DVD ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In June 2016, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore made his much-anticipated return to rock music as Ritchie Blackmore s Rainbow played three concerts in Europe, two in Germany and one in England. Recordings from the two German shows at Loreley and Bietigheim make up this live album Memories In Rock. The setlist, combining classic tracks from both Deep Purple and Rainbow, was exactly what the fans had wished for. The band played superbly and Ritchie Blackmore proved that he remains one of the finest guitarists of all time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVD 1. HIGHWAY STAR 2. SPOTLIGHT KID 3. MISTREATED 4. 16TH CENTURY GREENSLEEVES 5. SINCE YOU BEEN GONE 6. MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN 7. CATCH THE RAINBOW 8. DIFFICULT TO CURE (BEETHOVEN S NINTH) 9. PERFECT STRANGERS 10. STARGAZER 11. LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL 12. CHILD IN TIME / WOMAN FROM TOKYO 13. BLACK NIGHT 14. SMOKE ON THE WATER CD 1 1. HIGHWAY STAR 2. SPOTLIGHT KID 3. MISTREATED 4. 16TH CENTURY GREENSLEEVES 5. SINCE YOU BEEN GONE 6. MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN 7. CATCH THE RAINBOW 8. DIFFICULT TO CURE (BEETHOVEN S NINTH) 9. PERFECT STRANGERS 10. STARGAZER CD 2. 1. LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL 2. CHILD IN TIME / WOMAN FROM TOKYO 3. BLACK NIGHT 4. SMOKE ON THE WATER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TA :Ritchie Blackmore Awesome Guitar Solo Live ,Rainbow ,Deep Purple ,Awesome Guitar Solo ,Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Guitar Solo,Blackmore's Night,Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Memories In Rock - Live In Germany,Ritchie Blackmore 2016,Ronnie Romero, bassist Bob Nouveau, drummer David Keith and keyboardist Jens Johanssen,Candice Night,Bob Curiano,Live at Monsters of Rock,2016,2017

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gursel ozal
Blackmore is Still rocking.Great, high quality, classic rock like it used to be..
juan perez
This sounds kinda empty.
ben aleksandrovich
Блекмор человек легенда!Вот бы хоть раз его увидеть!
juan perez
I had to listen to the Made in Japan version after this.
PLZ Production
Jon lord sei sempre con noi!!!!
Great singer!
What a guitarist - what at singer - what a combination!....
The voice is from Chile!!! His name, Ronnie Romero
Oh my God. Richie, who are these people with you? They are not suitable for your music.
Elvys Santos
Blackmore is the best.
Jorge Monteagudo
Nadie va a cantar esto como Ian Gillan!!!!!
Kinda lazy solo from Ritchie compared to the original solo.
Fedir Belenko
Love the bassist's impression over Ritchie's tremolo-part. Anyone know who he is??
Michael Stephen
I'm one of Blackmore's biggest fans, but this is simply uninspiring. Sure, they are playing the right notes, but there's no life, vitality or energy about the performance. Blackmore fires off great musical talent (Lord, Dio etc.) but he's not firing off this. Just glad I didn't pay megabucks to see this version of the band - I prefer to remember them even from the Dougie White days. Sorry.
Elias Sanchez
Didn't know Jens Johanssen was playing here!
Backing Track
Nice voice..... between freddie mercury
the vocalist kinda sound like freddie mercury
lekndr ubev
Superrr!!!! My favorite music
Hayato Toyotama
Very good for me. Ritchie's Guitar playing remains the same.
PLZ Production
deep purple!!!!!
Miguel Angel Prieto
First time i see the son of Gillan and Mercury singing
Ричи держится как впервой на рок сцену вышел. сколько лет под дудочку аккомпанировал? не прошли они даром
Michal Brodziski
perfect vocal
Завур Абусалимов
Даже не верится,но он это сделал.Здоровья тебе Ричи!!!!!!
Shawn Eni
and here I'm playing all downstrokes on this riff. I had no idea Ritchie down-ups. life changing revelation.
Gomen Darminra
definitely ian paice the only guy can carry the drum sound right for this song
What a Great drummer, who is that !?!
Клинт Иствуд
1:03 Kill him plz.
Powerrush Power
Long Live Blackmore!!!!
Gen Rod
For me he is the best
Moustafa Rahmooni
Ritchie was 71 years old at that concert ....what a giant!!! ... All respect
Sam Al
awesome vocal
Jiri Forest
Ritchie Blackmore best
kari morander
Ritchie Blackmore, welcome back! We have missed you!
88 HH
im so glad i was there!! i really liked it even tho its not the Rainbow it used to be
Nahuel Ramos
Jens Johansson rockin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Robert Trương
Perfect version🎶👀👏🏻
rudy Maudits
ritchie the best
Good song
william mcmonagle
Blackmore....God on the guitar
Tony Roma
OMG .... this is my favorite song the best song over the music world TNX RITCHIE ... i cry of joy every time i'm listening it!!!!!
Come on guys, this is a great singer along side the rock god himself. Sit back and enjoy!
руслан Якібчук
Блекмор просто Неймовірно-Фантастичний гітарист....геній!!!! Blackmore just incredibly fantastic guitarist .... genius !!!!
stefano nanni
Sempre grande Ritchie Wowww
Dima Denisov
GREAT !!! Ritchie Blackmore !!!
Sarasvati Devi Dasi
richie mi corazón es tuyo
Ritchie Blackmore genius!!!
Jesse McCree
It's like Deep Purple but without Paice,Gillan, Glover and Lord.
Gregorio Dávila
Михаил Мусалов
best hard rock
Manuel Ricardo Vanegas Jurado
When Yngwie is gonna steal this vocalist? Lol
i like this intro!!!
Patricia Monasterio
Grande Ronnie 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Brutal Ritchie Blackmore perfecto !!
Ninjun Jun
Nicolas Garcia Gonzalez
menos mal que el leon volvio a su jaula, esto es, dejar esa candy no se que z toda esa musica de elfos... welcome ritchie at your rainbow
Jens Lorenz
Jens Johansson på Keyboard! Han är en jävel på . Kanon, kanske den bästa på jorden.
David S.
I'm sorry Mr Joe Lynn Turner......but I must say: this singer is exelent. Even you must admit it.
вячеслав карнаухов
Superrr!!!! My favorite music
Richie always had a good taste in singers....Imagine Deep Purple with Freddie Mercury, it kinda sounds like this.
Jan Aronsen
Ritchie Blackmore;"The master of the strings"
Daniel P. Courvoisier
nice sound recording, good quality audio
Is that the guy of Stratovarius?
Mr Fit 53
ritchie.. u play so cool.. How old are you sir??
boni hutahaean
he still got it
Ab B
Супер и гений.
Georgiy Tsukuryan
Гений! Без видео даже понятно, что это Ричи, звук, манера, стиль... 20 лет этого ждал!
I see he's not picking everything during the solo like he used to. It's unlikely for Blackmore to have just become lazy. Does he have some problems with his wrist or something? Glad to see him rocking once again.
Boomman Dk
The best
Henny Nix
flavio siciliano
Great band, singer bass and guitar obviously !!!
上手く言えないけど・・・ リッチーが動いてるだけで涙が出てきます。 リッチー最高!!!!!
the singer is pretty good !
Андрей Янроса
Отлично 💫. 🌟.
Mick Thornley
Ritchie Blackmore as cool as ice, what a legend ✌️
hola que buen cantante me recuerda a los 70 y 80 ojala sequen disco algun dia un saludo
Victor Tsvetkov
очень хорошо!
such a fine show, why are some of you complainig?
Ritchie's hair is totally on top of its game here, an ageless bouffant lightly feathered tumbling gracefully onto his shoulders while those tasteful highlights compliment his eye colour and moustache.
Just too bad they didn´t chose the Bietigheim version which was way better. But it´s still incredible! Excellent Ritchie and Bob!
Deep Purple - Machine Head .)))
Couldn't understand what was wrong with the otherwise great lineup. And then..... The bass player is using a Fender. Give him a Rickie bass and it would be spot on. Need that twang rumble.
cris rach
The Legend live 😎
Miguel Angel Prieto
¡anybody can tell me the name of the musicians? Instead of Ritchie, of course ...
Matthias Neumann
So that's his ensemble now. Pretty good!
Хитрожопец Ричи. Взял и прохалявил тремоло ))
Marcos De Luca
Is the best!!!!
joe promwong
เทพมาก ริชชี่
Ke Ramen
hombre dogo
siempre es buen escuchar a purple o a rainbow ahora este chabon que canta la rompe muy pero muy bueno
geil !!!!
aftêr all these years he still rockin',he is one of the best guitar players.
Mattias Kroon
Jens Johansson was the given choice as he is so allround at both hammond and keyboardplaying overall, masterskills.
Gabriele Manoni
Ritchie is The Master :-)
Simon Firth
Singer sounds across between Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio......
Артемий Колеснич
Igor Poretsky
Perfect vocal!
Wolfgang Sch.
Super gespielt und gesungen.!!!