Kiss live at East Lansing [21-10-1974] - Full Show смотреть онлайн

Kiss live at the ''Brewery'', East Lansing (Or just Lansing), Michigan, USA, October 21st 1974, one of the first dates of the Hotter than Hell tour, actually performed a day prior to its release After finishing Peter's book I've been on a 70's vibe that 70's Kiss can easily cure with amazing performances like this one. This Kiss, before success, stands as one of the many voices of the 70's, with that ''Rock And Roll is all I want bitch'' feeling hahaha They were all in amazing shape, with everyone playing for their lives (I think I've said this same thing on a previous upload) One thing I've noticed while listening to it is that Peter sounds like he's playing everything he played on studio, which, well, is not very good. The greatest thing about him are his loops and rolls which differ from the studio playing, he was a great live drummer, but on this one there a few, not at all weak, but uninteresting, since it sounds a bit like in studio (Maybe the AMAZING sound quality helps with that) Moving on, the star of this show is, let me shock you a bit, Gene Simmons! I pretty much never compliment him or say ''He rocked'', but his vocals are top notch on this one! His bass playing too, with great grooves and awesome backing vocals (His backing vocals weren't yet those annoying shouts I hate) Flawless redemptions of Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Got To Choose (Still fresh) and perfect performances of Deuce and Strutter Paul Stanley.....Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Gene Simmons.....Bass Guitar, Vocals Ace Frehley....Lead Guitar (SOLO GOD) Peter Criss.....Drums, Vocals Setlist: Intro ~~ Deuce (Note: There's no ''The hottest band in the world...'' speech :/); 5:01 Strutter; 8:44 Got To Choose; 12:38 Firehouse; 17:04 She; 24:56 Nothin' To Lose; 29:14 Parasite; 32:56 100.000 Years; 40:31 Black Diamond; 49:41 Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll; 57:16 Cold Gin

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