Kiss live at East Lansing [21-10-1974] - Full Show

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Kiss live at the ''Brewery'', East Lansing (Or just Lansing), Michigan, USA, October 21st 1974, one of the first dates of the Hotter than Hell tour, actually performed a day prior to its release After finishing Peter's book I've been on a 70's vibe that 70's Kiss can easily cure with amazing performances like this one. This Kiss, before success, stands as one of the many voices of the 70's, with that ''Rock And Roll is all I want bitch'' feeling hahaha They were all in amazing shape, with everyone playing for their lives (I think I've said this same thing on a previous upload) One thing I've noticed while listening to it is that Peter sounds like he's playing everything he played on studio, which, well, is not very good. The greatest thing about him are his loops and rolls which differ from the studio playing, he was a great live drummer, but on this one there a few, not at all weak, but uninteresting, since it sounds a bit like in studio (Maybe the AMAZING sound quality helps with that) Moving on, the star of this show is, let me shock you a bit, Gene Simmons! I pretty much never compliment him or say ''He rocked'', but his vocals are top notch on this one! His bass playing too, with great grooves and awesome backing vocals (His backing vocals weren't yet those annoying shouts I hate) Flawless redemptions of Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Got To Choose (Still fresh) and perfect performances of Deuce and Strutter Paul Stanley.....Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Gene Simmons.....Bass Guitar, Vocals Ace Frehley....Lead Guitar (SOLO GOD) Peter Criss.....Drums, Vocals Setlist: Intro ~~ Deuce (Note: There's no ''The hottest band in the world...'' speech :/); 5:01 Strutter; 8:44 Got To Choose; 12:38 Firehouse; 17:04 She; 24:56 Nothin' To Lose; 29:14 Parasite; 32:56 100.000 Years; 40:31 Black Diamond; 49:41 Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll; 57:16 Cold Gin

Chris Slooter
KISS was such an underrated band. This early stuff, before Destroyer, is incredible. 
Peter " playing it safe" can probably be explained by it being one of the first couple of dates touring the album.The songs are new , he's still growing into them..I'm old school KISS , only a few tunes on DESTROYER moved me
Awesome, I'm all for anything the Originals did. ACE, PETER, GENE, & PAUL Forever! Thanks for putting thisawesome concert up for us true KISS Fans!
Saw the boys open for The New York Dolls in June 1974 in Toronto.  Amazing.
Patrick Simmons
Ace is sharp as hell here...
Wow, Ace really sounds dialed in on this.
Samuel Campos
Ace's tone was HEAVY! Look at that intro riff on Parasite! It roars, sounds almost like a chainsaw
kevin kiso
I was a huge Kiss fan in the mid' '70's when I was just a kid. Kiss, Aerosmith, Rick Derringer, Ted Nugent, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Oak Arkansas, Rush, Pat Travers Band, Heart, UFO, Cheap Trick, Kansas, Yes, Uriah Heep, The Who, Frank Marino Mahogany Rush, etc... Great show here.
auggie dog
I don't care what anyone says. These guys were magnificent .  I saw them day or two before his show. Maybe 200 people. They beat us over the head with a 2x4 for an hour and a half. And  40 years later, they're still doing it. How many else can say that?
@ Michael Kelly - Now, don't get all knee jerk offended - I am expressing an opinion, same as you did..  So, here goes :  I am a fan of KISS since the very first album, which I bought when it came out, I was maybe 8 years old. I grew up on KISS. Literally. Ace is the reason I started playing guitar. I love every song they put on record up till the solo albums. I bought all 4. Some of it was GREAT, some of it was Good, some of it was odd, some of it was shit. ( talking solo albums ) I had the KISS cards, the Kiss radio, the freakin dolls (both sets), I had the comic book, I watched Phantom of the Park for Christ's sake. But as a fan of a band, I don't feel that I am required to just blindly accept/buy/adore any old thing said band puts out. When KISS became kiss ( no Pete, no ACE ) they lost something very important. And I was getting older... teenage... newer music was coming out, some of which better suited my teenage feelings. Namely - Iron Maiden. It was like the KISS I grew up on, only it went a step further.... a little more angry, a little more aggressive. A bit more in tune with what I was going thru. I never stopped being a fan of the Original KISS, I just didn't relate with the new kiss. And, I felt kinda ripped off.... personal feelings/experience/opinion. I am, and have been a fan of Iron Maiden since early January of 1980. My top 3 bands are Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden, and KISS. Why 2 Iron Maidens? Simple.. the original lineup was amazing. The 2nd lineup was/is amazing ( Bruce on vocals ).But, realistically... the Paul Di'Anno years (2 albums) are VERY different from the Bruce Dickinson years - it's like a whole new band. A very good band, but NOT the original feel or style by any sense of the imagination. Having said that, when Bruce left the band they were on a downward turn... a little confused, a little lost from the path they had pioneered.. ( which is why he left anyway ).. they got a new singer - Blaze Bailey. I stopped buying the albums, I did not like the new singer/direction/music... it was not Iron Maiden anymore. I don't have to purchase any old shit that a band puts out just because they have the band name on the cover.  Steve Harris of Maiden realized that.. and Bruce was back in - but under Bruce's condition that they went back to being the IRON MAIDEN he signed up for. The band KISS..  the original lineup was/is the best. FOR ME. YOU might think the Lick it Up album is better than Love Gun - that is an opinion... like blondes are hotter than redheads, or turkey tastes better than roast beef, or Yankees vs Dodgers... whatever. That IS YOUR OPINION. End of story.AND - that's cool. BUT- your opinion/views only work logically for.... YOU. Don't try and force your ideas/opinions onto others, and don't shit on differing views. And remember... I am a fan of KISS. But I don't have to agree with their opinions, or the musical direction they choose to take... ALSO - DYNASTY totally WAS an attempt to cash in on the DISCO craze... there ARE great songs on it.... but I'm just being honest about the album's concept. For me - no ACE + no Pete = not KISS... it does not take away anything I feel about the earlier stuff.... just, I wasn't into the direction that they chose to go. SO - I don't buy stuff that I am not interested in. My hard earned cash, my choice.
Vivi.s Foxx
I'll always be I KISS fan no matter what age I am. To me they and there music is immortal..KISS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
Festus Von Kinzie
I was there I'm the one who booked the show for them afterward we went out for soft serve ice cream. Peter criss had a chocolate vanilla twist and Paul had just chocolate.
Brian Powers
This is AMAZING!!!  When they were young hungry, and had something to prove! This is when their stronghold on the Midwest was starting to take hold. I'm from Flint, Mi originally.. KISS was BIG!! All the older kids were into em'. But, when Destroyer came out...the older 'kids' were not into it.. I was... I was hooked. All the way til 79. The 'Disco Sucks' rally was at Tiger Stadium in Detroit.. and KISS was going disco? I tried to like Dynasty.. but it sure as hell did not sound like THIS!!!  Unmasked?  Meh..  And Music From The Elder was the final slap n the face... Hello Iron Maiden!
Got To Choose... So underrated and one of my fave Kiss tunes from the first time I heard it as a kid.
More proof that Ace Frehley was the only exceptional musician in this band.
Dennis the menace
This is why tommy and Eric will never be ace and peter, they'll always be 2 dudes in stolen makeup.
Scott Jaffe
Ace is saving these songs! (in some cases), you can tell he electrified the audience with his playing. Funny about Kiss and tempos. I think I've heard earlier live stuff that's faster than this. I almost wonder if they had a band meeting about trying to keep the tempos down during this time. In the latter 70's songs got much faster, i.e. Firehouse and Calling Dr. Love. Then everything sped up even more in the non-makeup years. Then in the reunion years there seemed to be an emphasis on slowing it down again, like when they played Watchin You. Seems to be a good crowd because I think every member of the band would admit to this being an off night.
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
hell yeah kick ass live concert from one of the best tours ever the hotter than hell tour was great for kiss. better than their dartboard tour lol. this live october 21 1974 in michigan usa is magic. a great setlist too from their first 2 solid albums. when you want solid rock kiss is one of the great bands to go for that. 
jay green
the reason Peter looks like he's holding up Paul is...because he was.  Paul said he got so drunk before the Hotter than Hell cover photo shoot, he could barely stand.  They were probably all fairly drunk (except maybe Gene), but Paul actually looks sloppy in all the pics.
Paul Sabolsky
Ace sounds great on this.
Steve Steele
This is great. Half empty 70's nightclub. Probably about 50-80 people there. Kiss played on some east to west Midwestern circuit that existed back then. Occasionally landing a big show or opening. But this show was what they did most of that first year or so. Ace, with a few drinks in him, playing very loud. The other guys not very good musicians quite yet. Gene is horrible (bass is out of tune), Stanley can't play guitar hardly, and Peter is just some average 70's bar drummer. But it's great to hear a band in this state, nothing is fake. It's a hard life (I know first hand) but it's full of freedoms and rewards not found anywhere else. Probably the most fun they ever had if they were honest about it. Seeing the world for the first time, one nightclub at a time!
Billy Maloney
I am also a die-hard original KISS fan who truly lost interest after LOVE GUN.  The original line up with the first 3 albums will forever be KISS to me.  With the current shame line-up and the late 80s-92...KISS was a freaking hair band at best. Please tell all of us how to get our hands on these CDs!!
This is real guys. They sound like they're just finding their feet here. Stanley's guitar is a little out of tune. Ace is A mazing  on this. Peter has a great sense of time  and totally in the pocket. Vocals are solid but could be a little louder.
Dick Dickerson
asa usual Ace is the star of the show. Total original style. nothing like it since
Greg Halliday
Great sound quality. The band is young, hungry, and playing tight as hell. Ace really has his Les Paul sound nailed at an early point in his career. He was one of the first to really drive those guitars that hard. Classic stuff!
ace is my guitar god
LucasVadarPlayz // MC and More
The intro to Nothin to Lose is just brilliant. Love that Cowbell
Jim Winfield
Not a big KISS fan, but this show is so awesome. They would've done well to have a guitar tech to help them with a fresh tuned guitar between songs or two, but nonetheless, Ace kills. In some ways reminds me of what a "hard rock" Beatles would be like in the '70s. If I was at this show, I'd be a fan for life!
winston churchill
whew, Ace's playing pulled them through this one, Cringe fest without him,
Joseph Gerard
I don't know what I love the most about KISS, Paul and Gene's songwriting, Ace's playing or Peter's fantastic growly voice! 
Scott Zaccagnini
Great to hear!
Phil Maison
ace's sound and playing was really solid, better that paul.  paul's guitar sounds thin compared to ace's les paul
Ace is the man!  His style alone is 2/3 of the sound!  Keep kicking ass Ace!
58:01 cold gin!
Love the Aceman's big fat juicy tone and licks right up front in the mix...his signature licks and crazy vibrato everywhere. Still young and dumb and full of electric rock 'n roll energy. Strutter seems kinda lethargic, out of tune, and off-kilter...but by Got To Choose they sound like they're warmed up pretty good.
Ace on She!!! sick
Tania Humenuk
You KISS army members are worth a million bucks!! Long live Dimebag!!
ron polley
sounds fantastic to me, it's called real rock n roll
Sara Gold
Even though I am a great fan of the "Destroyer" studio album, in my opinion, Kiss reached their creative pinnacle at Kiss Alive I. Kiss Alive II was alright, but there was a power void that could never bring the magic of "I".
awesome show...i dont know where you get these but keep me cummin!
Michael Simpson
Music for the soul. Ahhhhhhhhh ........
It be cool if KISS released every PRO SHOT show (and them some) from the 1970's Uncut, Unedited on DVD/Blu Ray... Kissology's are nice but not complete, Bob Ezrin said the May.16.1975 Detroit "Cobo Hall" Show on "Dressed To Kill" Tour WAS Filmed!!! KISS opened the Show with "ROCK BOTTOM" which was weird as they always opened with DEUCE, but neverless it be nice to see everything they have in the vaults.. even a LICK IT UP, CREATURES, ASYLUM FULL show (Pro shot would be nice)... Us KISS Fans are getting older and and it be nice to see before I die.
Steve Sydek
Got to Choose sounds amazing !!!!!
Scott Claxton
incredible.  what a rare treasure and a true piece of history!  The audio quality is really decent.  thank you for sharing it.
Roy Dictus
So as an intro to "Got To Choose", Paul says... "This is from MY new album" !!
Ace sounds great, at least IMO. 
Scott Thompson
For all of the talk of studio overdubs on Alive! this sounds pretty close to it considering the recording quality.
Chris R.
WOW! Such a raw recording, nice to hear for a change!! I can just hear Gene in the dressing room after the show, "We gotta tighten this shit up man or we are never going to get another gig!! Although he comes off as a perfectionist, Gene made his share of mistakes, and can't blame the alcohol either!!
Magnus Granehall
Listen to Peter here! If anyone think he couldn´t play the drums....You´re WRONG!     He´s frigging AWESOME! (Y) (Y) (Y) 
Farras Wijaya
This is right before the release of hotter than hell in 10/22/1974
Patrick Simmons
Wow genes bass playing sucked ass from day one...
Crazy to hear them do She live before HTH was even released... As She wasn't cut in the studio until the third record, Dressed To Kill.
I'm pretty sure I have this entire recording on vinyl.  I'll have to go through my record collection to make sure.
Frank M
Energy & RAW... never get tired of hearing kiss shit from early 70's
I don't get all the hate for Destroyer that's in the comments below. Detroit Rock City, God Of Thunder, and Flaming Youth are three monster songs in my opinion. And although Rock And Roll Over and Love Gun were a bit more hit and miss, they still had some awesome songs. I Want You is one of my all time favorites.
Michael Kelly
By the way, this show sounds a little like the Winterland Ballroom show which is a few months later. 
Very raw , primal , simple basic  early KISS . This is lightning in a bottle . Way too kool and much thanx for posting !
Steve Steele
Checking this out it's hard to imagine KISS still together and touring arenas in 2014. Got to give Paul Stanley one thing - he worked his ass off and never quit.
Ron Pecina Jr
If you're a KISS fan today and are thinking "this is horrible" than you need to have your hearing checked!! This is the original KISS with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley NOT The Cat Man and Space Man and whoever they decide to play the part this year. 
For God's sake, tune the guitar!
Jeffrey McMahon
Music is a release and should be a POSITIVE in our lives. Poking fun at musicians who dedicate their lives and often starve to achieve their goal is terrible. Get a life!
tim mitchell
I was there. And we knew then and there these guys were good. There were about 75 people and it was a blast.Seems like yesterday.
Jon Starr
I was at The Brewery for this show.  I sat with a date at a front row table just a little left of center stage.  I had just turned seventeen.  Fabulous concert, great bar, intimate setting, maybe five or six hundred people.  I remember being a little nervous about some of the pyrotechnics because we were sitting about fifteen feet from the band.  It was pretty impressive for those days and I was just a kid.  I remember they had red fire engine lights (the old rotary ones) on top of the speaker cabinets that came on, along with a siren during the chorus at the end of "Fire House".  I also remember Gene Simmons biting a blood pack and spitting fake blood onto his guitar while flicking his long pointed tongue at the crowd, I think during "Black Diamond".  The Brewery was famous for bringing big names into it's close intimate venue, as was it's successor The Silver Dollar Saloon.  Those were great shows and great days.  
Екатерина Накалюжная
SHE CAN MOVE YOU... And improve you.... but you're heading for commotion. 
Felony Strutter
Peter "playing into it" ..he was average at best..OMG...anyone who believes Peters = LOSER
Really NICE crunch guitar tones on this recording. PITY their guitars are all out of tune. Good gig however. Lots of energy!
32:15 that's fast
ACE and Peter were top 5 at their instruments
muya Metal!!!!!!!
no ace no kiss here you can hear it he's on a epic run just wow!
Robert Bermudez
are they headlining a club or small arena here or opening for another band at a big arena?
Ace Frehely was 23, Paul Stanley was 22, Gene Simmons was 25 and Peter Criss was 28.
Piet Vlanderen
Pure Rock 'N' Roll !!! I love it. Great, thanks for that.
Thanks for posting! Ace is on fire!!!
Grungo Funguy
What made this era of raw KISS great and separated them from other bar bands, all original material that you get into at first listen. No half cover, half wanna be important musician original crap. Every night in their minds was MSG!
Tommy Rogers
Are u the Steve Steele from Houston? This is tommy Rogers! I like genes backup grunts . They somehow have resonance.
genes bass playing is just like mine, and iv'e been playing bass for just 45 minutes total in my life
King Kor
Bernie Quasaar's movies.
I don't know if the recording is just a little bit slow. But it sounds like the guitars have been tuned down and the band is playing a bit more in the groove instead of trying to race through every song. It sounds awesome
Chris Cronk
Wow, EARLY live KISS! Excellent!!!
Chris Cronk
For the TRUE fans....
Nothin' To Lose was hard to listen to...Gene was outtta tune sooo bad...Wow..
Brad Bennett
i remember when i both managed and produced kiss. those were magical times
Miguel Angel Mhonroy
Powerful rock n roll
Great clip thanks. I love this raw sound. Shows that those who claim Alive only sounded good thanks to Eddie Kramer polishing it up are way off the mark.
Dennis Dean
saw them right after getting out of high school changed my entire feelings towards music from then on.
This is cool.Love it.
Harry Collins
you need to put audio only in the title
Carol Fischetti
franco rock
Kurtis Ploehn
First time seeing KISS was Oct 17, '74, just a few days before this show, at a place called Thunderchicken in Grand Rapids MI. This brings back some terrific memories! Changed my life!
Louis Pereira
0:44 Intro ~ Rrrrrarrreadyderock....Rrrrarrreadyderrrol (Haha!)
craig bowen
damn, Peter was the weakest link.
julian taylor
nice raw visceral early stuff-i only think they really lost it with the metal of the bon jovi era though this defines them for early fans
I think they sound great ! I don't know what some you are talking about that they sound weak and out of tune ? Sounds like a tight Rock N Roll band to me. I would have loved to see them in their early years. I first saw them in 1996 when they reunited with the make up. Amazing show !
White Devil
Ace's vibrato is a lot faster here at times ........lots of nervous electricity!!! Raw and excellent!!!
Astro westlund
love it!
49:41 \m/
Paulo Duarte Guimarães
the best time!
Clay Chitwood
23:30 were it all began... Ace Frehley lead guitar!!!