Bruce Lee: A Life Taken Too Soon

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He was the King of Kung Fu – the deadliest human fighting machine that the world had ever seen. Bringing a new level of excitement to the silver screen, he establishing himself as the first oriental super star. Billed as the fittest man on the planet, he had the world at his feet. Then, suddenly, he was gone – dead at the age of 32. In the almost 50 years since then, his legend has propelled Bruce Lee to mythical proportions. In this week’s Biographics we go beyond the legend to reveal the real Bruce Lee. →Subscribe for new videos every Monday and Thursday! /> Vote for the Biography you want us to next. Click here to vote: /> Visit our companion website for more: /> Credits: Host - Simon Whistler Author - Steve Theunissen Producer - Jack Cole Executive Producer - Shell Harris Business inquiries to [email protected] Biographies by the book, get Bruce Lee's biography from Amazon: /> Other Biographics Videos: Joseph Stalin: The Red Terror /> Winston Churchill Biography: In the Darkest Hour

Deividas Melnikas
"A fighter is not a fighter if he cannot win a fight against himself." - Bruce Lee
Chuck Keough
When you make Bruce Lee bleed and he proceeds to dab his fingers in the wound and taste his own blood.. it's on like Donkey Kong. " The art of fighting without fighting " - BRUCE LEE
ste farrelly
Favourite biographics video so far. Great work 👍😁
Paul Simmons
Bruce Lee was the best martial artist to ever make a movie. Bruce was the real deal and influenced every martial arts practitioner who ever watched his movies. It's such a shame that both Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon, died so young and with so much left yet to acheive. RIP, father and son!
Abdelhameed Emad
We need a Jackie Chan video
People commenting about the quality of the video 7 minutes after the near 18 min video was posted 😂. Thanks for the video Simon & crew!
I knew it was coming but my heart sunk when you got to the end... great job!
Jon Lee
"Don't think. Feel. Its like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”
'Knowing is not enough we must apply' - Bruce Lee
A legend that will live on forever
Ser Davos Seaworth
You see many jokes about Chuck Norris but not a single one about Bruce Lee. That's because *Bruce Lee was no joke*
Prathyush PG
Be like water....
Kurt Simon
Damn video almost made me
Robert Palumbo
Yip man is almost forgotten
Sarah McCord
May I suggest a video on Janis Joplin? That would be so amazing.
Mr. NormalPuff
WE NEED Brandon Father and son
Marc Lemieux
Thank you Simon... for this one in particular. Every since as a young teen I saw Kato in the Green Hornet series, I fell for Bruce Lee. Now I don’t do martial art, or anything really physical, but that was not what caught me.. it was his style, his calmness his demeanour his way of talking so soft spoken you just had to listen. Yes so much has been said about this great man and it’s great you added your voice and research to solidify my love for such a man as the world will never see his better. He will always remain the top. Sounds like worship, it’s not, just true appreciation of a great leader. Some of the documentaries about him are also very revealing and great. Thank you again. I love this channel as I love all your other ones. 👍👍👍 namaste 🙏
Lenny Fritz
Can you do Ronald Reagan? I would love that.
Polo Zoe
a pioneer in martial arts & film as well as being years ahead of his time... RIP Bruce Lee
Eric Patterson
Whoa Simon! Hold on...did you HONESTLY just call Bruce Lee "oriental"?!?! THAT TEARS IT! YOU SIR, are VIOLENTLY BRITISH!!!
Northern Thai Garden Guy
Well done, but I believe you left out the fact that Betty gave Bruce one of her equagesic's before he laid down. That is what caused the next cerebral edema event that ultimately took his life (allergic reaction to her medication).
Simon, it is not the most complete bio of Bruce Lee but in 17 mins is pretty damn good. (y) Another great video , Simon :) I think i have seen most of this channel's videos but there is no way i'm watching a bio of a fool ( Pierce Morgan) not even if it is 1minute long. lol
Johni Simonsen
How about a video on Niels Bohr?
Miss Noname
He'll always be the big boss. RIP Bruce & Brandon.💞 Dan Inosanto was friends with my kids' sensei. He showed me an old photo album. He also sparred with Chuck Norris back in the day. Pretty cool.
If the idiots that run Hollywood weren't so bigoted, Bruce Lee would've turned the TV series of "Kung Fu" into a current cult classic.
Aron Husink
Incredible..learn so many thing about him..the first time I realize that he is a real street fighter first, before being a movie star
Nelson Smith
Damn, a Bruce Lee, Lee Marvin film. I can not imagine how awesome that would have been! Btw, Didn't Bruce Lee help come up with the concept for the series Kung fu? The video made it sound like it was a role that he simply didn't get.
Rest in paradise, Bruce and Brandon <3
Great video. I've never been a huge fan of Kung Fu movies or Bruce Lee for that matter, but I find his power and discipline incredibly inspirational whenever I hear about him.
doom sayer
Excellent and gripping telling of Bruce Lees life. Magnificent sir. Magnificent.
Dylan Schlie
Bruce Lee; God among men.
Christopher Bronson
"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend." Bruce Lee
Yes I’m Blessed
All of these are so fascinating! Thank you, Simon, and crew!
yogesh upreti
So disappointed that this video didn't mentioned Jiddu Krishnamurti, he was the most influential person for bruce lee. He was the spiritual master who influenced bruce when he was bed ridden after the spinal injury!!
He was and still is far to good for this world
H VonWolfenstein
The only other semi-biographical thing I ever saw about Bruce Lee was the movie "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story". His back injury was the result of his martial arts dual. It was broken and he was hospitalized. It's so hilarious how lame the real story was - he hurt his back lifting weights and took a few months off. That's pretty lame..
For me, the greatest person to ever walk this earth is Jesus Christ! That guy was special and from his teachings and wisdom, probably is the author of life itself. Then not too long after him comes Master Bruce Lee (李小龙) who was like the Jesus of Martial Arts and his teaching extends beyond Martial Art, can be universally applied. He actually inspired me to learn the Chinese language. Great Video and thanks very much for the compilation. Is the man on 9:28 really Wong Jack-Man? I have seen different photos of him.
*Asian (Not 'oriental')
Mars IMP
After binge watching your videos I am now walking around narrating my own biography in my head but in your voice... even while I write this it sounds like you 😂😂😂
Rod Severson
Both Bruce and Brandon Lee's graves are here in Seattle at the Lakeview cemetery..Very beautiful, and a excellent memorial to their legacy....
Infidel Gastro
It was very interesting. I've seen a few biographies of Bruce Lee before and this one was every bit as good as the best of them. It would've been better if Si was standing and presenting as he does in Top Tenz then we could've enjoyed watching him flailing his arms and hands about as usual, emulating Bruce Lee himself and adding realism to the show 😂
Jackie Chan embraced by the master at 04:18
Ya nigga Joe
My teacher learned from dan Inosanto
Florisa Nogueira
Brilliant! I had no idea about the story of this man! If you find it interesting it would be nice to make one about Brandon Lee. Thank you!
Thomas Wright
Was just wishing for a Bruce Lee Biographic, and so it arrived!
Joseph La Bianco
He was poisoned !!! They never forgot .......
Ethan Aleman
My hero next to Jesus Christ.
Do a video like this on Eazy-E please.
Ryan Hartwell
You should do Jackie Chan next.
Thomas Boulet
Near shitedness has nothing to do with reading, look it up. Thanks for relaying medical and scientific cliches.
This is the video I was waiting for! Thank you Simon.
M. O.G.
great details,but one is incorrect he injured his back while doing the 'good morning' exercise
When you find out Chuck Norris was trained by Bruce Lee! *Mindblown*
Man. What the hell. That is not a picture of Wong Jack Man...Very disrespectful to Great Grand Master Ku Yu Cheung. Who disseminated Northern Shaolin Martial Arts to South China. He passed away when Bruce Lee was 12 years old. Get that right. tsk tsk tsk.
Tamerlan Kuzgov
Probably, his siblings will not agree with me, and I am sorry in advance (and only the God knows exactly a reason of his death.) but it is enough clear that a reason of death was hashish. Because a Doctor who saved his life stated that a reason of the first allergic reaction was hashish from Nepal, very strong drug.And he warned Bruce Lee do not use it again. Then he died and another doctor stated that a reason of brain swelling was aspirin even though they found in his body insignificant remaining of hashish. And there were no known cases in the world where aspirin causes somebody's death. Obviously, people who surrounded Bruce Lee agreed with each other do not tell to public about real reason of Lee's death which is hashish from Nepal where people still today sometimes have neurological problems because of this type of narcotic. Why they hidden it? Because they wanted to save Bruce Lee's reputation and famous name of the great martial artist and actor in the heads of million fans around the world and avoid failing of his main movie Enter the Dragon which was produced after his death and shown in movie theaters. If people knew that their idol died because of drugs they would not go to see his movie! Producers and other creators would lose a lot of money..! Also because they wanted Bruce Lee' s fans will remember him as the real martial artist who did not use any drugs and leaded exemplary way of life. The answer for a question why he developed brain swelling I see in the several factors of his life. 1. Big stress 2. Too much hard work/Movies 3. Intensive training 4. Medication from back pain 5. Hashish.....a one my friend is the professional neurologist. He said the big stress and too much hard work, using alcohol or toxic drugs, and even medication makes your immune system weak ( some people's immune system keeps strong anyway) and it creates pathology such as allergic reactions, oncology and so on. Bruce Lee developed his pathology by these different factors. He needed to relax and pay attention to his health and stop for while. He was too busy to think about that and it took his life.
Weeabo Trash
Bruce Lee legit looks like my 5th grade teacher wtf like in his 20s
"he establishing himself as the first oriental super star"... Umm... "Oriental" are things like furniture. A person is "Asian". Calling a Chinese person "Oriental" is kinda racist.
Neutral 69
RIP Bruce & Brandon Lee u 2 died 2 young. 🙏
Leo Castro
I use to love Bruce Lee as a kids, I was a big fan of him, great video again, 3 thumbs up!!!
Kue Lee
Bruce Lee was not oriental (0:10). Rugs and Vases are oriental. Bruce Lee was an Asian man.
Bruce is with Elvis now, kicking Alien butts to keep the Earth safe for the rest of us. RIP
Joseph La Bianco
Watching another Simon !!! Your the best !!!!!! Again thank you ....
That just goes to show that no matter how tough you are everyone needs rest and he didn't get enough. RIP
Brayden Ray
Can you tell us the music that was used in the video i love that music
'As you think so shall you become' - Bruce Lee
Tyler Penta
Ricky marciano, jack Dempsey , joe louis and mike tyson would be great videos
Aaron Seet
Bruce Lee is the Chuck Norris of Hong Kong. No, Chuck Norris is the Bruce Lee of USA.
This was very well done. It clarified a lot of things for me that I thought I already knew
Please do Bass Reeves. He's got a great bio that not a whole lot of people have heard about.
Derek T.
My parents also call me never sit still
The Dude Abiding
Am I the only that thinks Simon likes like the guy in the Claritin ad with the puppy?
Kan you do a Biographics on Bernadotte? R.I.P Bruce Lee
Theodore Roosevelt would be an awesome biographic
blood raven
thnx for making this vid
Craig Colby
He definitely was billed as the fittest man on the planet.....but died because of something simple as an asprin. Life is fragile and proves we know not what secrets our bodies keep.
Seb Rodot
Great video:) What a long journey of sacrifice . My hero forever. "Deeds grow forth with great energy to a point of respect into appreciation" Always RIP.
Please do videos on Brandon Lee, and Toshiro Mifune.
Arcane Necrosis
The world lost a God when Bruce Lee aka Jun Fan passed away, he and Yip Man will always be remembered as Gods
L wnhp
This was a great job thank you enjoyed it very much and would love to see one on Brandon I know what they said happened buuut? ?
Ben Hur
Can you do a video on Billy Graham?
The music is a neat addition!
True Moayyed
Thanks Simon for amazing video
Wait. You need reading glasses for nearsightedness? I thought farsighted people needed reading glasses because they can't see things close to them clearly.
Kartoffel Pommes
So moving. Thank you for this!
Aryia Stark
You did justice to bruce lee can you possibly do one about his son brandon Thank you
Fighter Forever
Eternal forever ❤🙏 Sifu Lee
evan wetzel
General George Gordon Meade next please. He won Gettysburg and yet isn't In history books, pisses me off!
Emilio Mejill
Do one about Colin Wilson-the author of his first famous book, The Outsider.
undead Otter
great video. loved it
Elijah Lee
A man ahead of his time...
Karl Bamberger
That was great but you should have said the reason Bruce lee had died? The cause? The curse? The conspiracy ?
I really like the biography I just wish it would have been longer. It felt short on the end of his life. A lot more interesting things could have been add to it
You gotta do Henry T Sherman hes sucha a unique genral during the US civil war
Clint Pmk
Man I love Bruce but in all honesty Simon you can make old people plying bingo in the ancient world sound fun
Matthew Keith
Fantastic work, Thank You for an amazing insight into a straight up Playa
Papa Yaw Agyekum Addo
I thought he got shot on set. Thanks for the right info!
Kurt Simon
I'd like to see a Jet Li video...before he's gone from us
Krekker Recer
What's in that pc?
Peter Goettler
The Master!