The Animals Save the Planet - Supermarket Bags

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"We can all bring our own bags when we go shopping." Help the animals save their planet and ours, avoid using plastic bags! /> NEW - Become a fan of Animal Planet on Facebook!

Qui est là grâce à la prof d'anglais ? mdr...
Mew Silv
Merci la prof d'anglais !!!!!lol
Sébastien Durna
M. Thaha Pattiiha
Bring your own shopping bags instead of plastic bags when shopping
Angel bhx
Merci ma prof d'anglais...
Farhan Naufal
Cromie Kids
Looks like Animal Planet has a new logo in 02/03/08
King Rahzar
did aardman do these shorts ?
nathy il est trop méchant avec kéki
Jhonatan Gaschot
Blu Rivage
Bert Tlusty
Learn this and learn children to do.
Amanda Terry
sam oranutan wants to put some animals who need to have.
Muhammad Irwan
it looks like the girl private part
courtney caramal
i love claymation
Lorena Bueno
save the planet guys
I want that camel for shopping.
mean while in Africa...
Bill Pierson
Plastic bottles are just as bad as plastic bags. Very disappointing. This video must have been put out by the plastics industry.
Stephen Cellucci
Are they going to pass the savings on to us, if we use our own bags?
Your Video The Animals Save the Planet Supermarket Bags Is Very Useful Sharing
aren't they gonna pay?
Brett Tomadin
!!! i liked this alot :P
Stephanie Kamari
@hellosophiejude HAHAHA I was just going to comment on that! Sort of defeats the message.
Cruz Aaron
thats kangaroo had some huge balls after doing that. RESPECT!
how creative--got the message!
When the kangaroo has the gloves placed in his pouch it looks like he grew a scrotum...
in General Roca, south Argentina too!!!
Doesnt they pay for the food and other stuff
Andrew Keppel
it is weird but really short. but it is nice that they did not waist junk i just made my room clean by throwing junk away. but why did they not use plastic? only 8 people do not like this. but i like this i do not say boo too this. i had two pizza bagels for lunch date 3/18/11 day march 18 time 229 PM
Andrew Keppel
@justforshtsandgiglz it is weird but funny
Andrew Keppel
it is weird but really short but it is nice that they did not waist junk i just made my room clean by throwing junk away but why did they not use plastic?
Did anyone else think that the kangaroos pouch looked awkward at 0:23
lol that lady sounded so sarcastic
@sumala321 500 people EVERY day go to a supermarket. 500 people get plastic bags.what if theres 20 supermarkets in one place? you call that SOME plastic? thats tonnes. and say 500 people go in, but only 250 get plastic bags. thats a LOT less plastic wasted. shame on you, ignorant eejit.
Eros Mix
Great, I like all this videos a loot, thanks 4 sharing them, ^________^!!!
hahahha they don't pay
Lesly Blunt
i love the series of the film, lovely~
@danygza070398 Haha! i find your ignorance highly amusing, i also find your English quite confusing. Do some research, start to reflect and think over what comes out of your mouth. Nothing works like you think they do, you got a lot of growing up to do bud. Take care.
You think some plastic bags are going to save the fucking planet?
Sunem Arreola
@NicolasP200 both actually
Diego Cordova
@Mikko84 I thought the same exact thing! hahaha
Incrível!!!!!!! Amei o vídeo! =)
Nicolas Panayiotou
0:23 looks like kangaroo balls n camels store fat, not water
jieying wang
Muito bom! Nota 10!
@fafinhadpaula "ela fala: nós todos poderíamos trazer nossas próprias sacolas ao fazer compras" :)
Hahaha, "their" planet. Funny. Good one, Animal Planet.
Alan Slim
good example! we have to do it!
Cyan Wolf
@aideenly u have dreams of ponies honeychild cuz they did and u suck 4 believeing the liers
Cyan Wolf
@aideenly No look it up if ur smart enough to
Cyan Wolf
@Charlesincharge42 U get a lie it is all a lie
Cyan Wolf
Cyan Wolf
@KatzurpOinkers It has a cock
Cyan Wolf
@Charlesincharge42 Noit is a lie ALL OF IT U NEED TO GET A LIFE
Cyan Wolf
@cocogatu Global Warming is a lie they even admited it
Cyan Wolf
Global Warming is a lie they even admited it
funny videos with great advices!!! I love these videoos!!! GO GREEN!! :D
Anna Radomska
That was good! :)) I like it!
great post>! ITS YOUR HOME!! OUR HOME!WHY WASTE IT!?? stop being lazy and help!!its our planet!! when worlds end,...akk you people that dont care about our plant will be the first one crying and asking how to help.
Nice... but.. it was sorta weird.. with the kangaroo...
Montana Chico
bags cost 5p here im verry unhappy that cjina and all easting countrys eat china supermarket selling live animals its so cral it must stop.
it costs 5 cents for a plastic bag here in Toronto. It's a new law.
if only us humans could do that and save the environment
Soole Gn'R
Cool xD =D
Im south australia its now illegal for shops to give you plastic bags
I want a monkey at my super mart =( It's not fair.
Yes, that's like.. once I read about the idea to have a place where you can put your plastic bags you don't need (neer supermarket). Than if you need a bag next time and forgot to take one with you, you can take one out of the box instead of buying or getting a new one each time. I really love that idea, still don't know why I haven't seen anything like that around lately:S
Postelnicu Mária-Magdolna
awesome videos!Good job!:)
Oh man, this commercial is great.
i loves this version and i already do although i get some pretty weird looks from some people.