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Microsoft Surface Studio Hands On Review from Adobe MAX The Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial are a marvel of design that shows why the Microsoft Surface line is a real threat to Apple and their dominance among creatives. Here is my hands-on review of the Microsoft Surface Studio. MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4 /> MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK /> PRE ORDER MICROSOFT SURFACE STUDIO /> Official Microsoft Surface Introduction /> Austin Evans Review of the Microsoft Surface /> The Microsoft Surface Studio is great to use and the Surface Dial is one the most intuitive devices I've seen recently. Drawing on the Surface Studio felt really intuitive and if you are a digital artist or designer it will feel like using a Wacom Tablet but you get the benefit of an eraser built in. For me not being a digital illustrator specifically it felt great in the hand, the palm rejection worked flawlessly and it didn't feel like there was a delay at all. Overall the Microsoft Surface Studio is in my opinion the ideal Desktop for a creative professional. AUDIO MUSIC & SOUND FX /> JOIN CREATE AWESOME COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER /> MY YOUTUBE SETUP /> RENT CAMERA GEAR /> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST /> GET A CREATE AWESOME SHIRT! /> SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME /> RECOMMENDED WEB HOSTING PROVIDER Blue Host /> RECOMMENDED EMAIL MARKETING via MAILCHIMP /> CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE /> /> /> /> /> Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledge. Affiliates are: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, MyFonts, 1and1, Bluehost and Lumoid.

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Mrs. Samantha
I so want to get the smaller version of this for my daughter! She is such an artist and she's working with my old laptop. She needs one of these and an external HD. Maybe I'll save up and get her one of the smaller ones for her 17th birthday.
Is the keyboard backlit? Also, it looked like there was a lot of lag when you were moving the canvas around and zooming in and out.
Gazza Boo
It's nice to see a geek geeking out over geeky art stuff :)) It's a pity I'm out of the industry now as I would have been all over this thing for 2 and 3D. It's still nice to live vicariously through others like yourself. I have a Surface but the Studio is a whole new level of awesome and MS really is killing it lately. Nice impressions.
Alex Rodriguez
it would be great for manga or anime
Michael Shelton
Great review, thanks. This is where Apple and Wacom should be. This was apple base Artist and creatives, it's Microsoft' s NOW!
I have had the surface pro 3 for a few years now. I bought the surface specifically for school. I needed a machine to replace all paper because I found that using my iphone helped me organize myself more than paper. At first I used an ipad for school but that didn't do what I wanted it to do. So I searched and found the surface pro 3. It has replaced my notebook, my laptop (well it is my laptop), and my textbooks. With the dual screen feature I can look at my textbook and physically write notes on the same screen. Instead of lugging everything and forgetting papers everywhere all of it is saved onto my surface unless physically given paper work for school. That being said, I like that Microsoft has updated their pen it seems like from this video. My pen does not have the tool to erase and you have to hold down a button to do so. Also it does not have the feature to lightly press and press firmly with your pen which I have found it to be slightly unnatural to write at times. I won't lie and say that I have reverted to a physical notebook for one class only because I fell behind and that was only temporary and have gone back to taking notes on my surface. The only downfall is needing a flat surface to type unlike a laptop where you have the option to lay on your back. It's not perfect but it is definitely going in the right direction. All of this being said, as a first year graphic design student I was told by other classmates that I would HAVE to replace my surface with a mac after I started taking higher level courses and was beginning to regret my investment with the surface. However, I saw your video on if you needed a mac as a graphic designer and then saw this video and it convinced me that I made the right choice. I am hopping by the time I am finished with school and have clients I will be able to afford this surface studio (pretty sure they will have something even cooler by then) but for now I will start practicing on my surface pro 3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice. You have yourself a new subscriber
Ha, that's really creepy how the surface dial keeps slowly moving down like it's trying to escape! "OMG, he's drawing something original, I'm out of here!" *surface dial downward movement intensifies*
That's screen looks perfect for editing
Rexin Oridle
The surface dial timelapse though.
Svetoslav Popov
zooming is really choppy, why not use pinch zoom also, I don't see the point of this rotating puck
Meeting Place
Cool device. Just started researching this piece of equipment. I will definitely be setting up myself to go all out for the ensemble level on this tool.😍👍💙
Lamar Battle
Hey Apple it's called innovation!
Cinematography Database
nice hands on video, I really want to try this with Cinema 4D, hopefully I can reprogram the little dial
Segno Lin
The zooming is laggy.
said a lot without saying anything at all. Seriously, you have absolutely NO criticism?
Sam Adams
The zoom is so laggy.. And its so annoying how the dial slides down the screen.
Daniel Vu
lol the dial ever so slowly slides down the surface studio. probably not a big deal tho
Just a heads up we've been testing this all week in the office, entire department of Mac faithfuls love it. For the cost you literally can't beat it with a Mac+Wacom solution. We have the top-spec model, and buying an iMac to match spec alone costs $3,399 in the cart - that's for a 4ghz i7, 32gb of memory, and a 4GB gpu. - Add a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD touch - $2300, add the ergo stand for another $400 = $2700 - so the Apple + Wacom solution is over $6k. GIVE ME A BREAK. I was being pessimistic about this machine months ago. Now that I've got about 30 hours on it, and compared Apple solutions for myself, it's a no brainer. I'll probably wait and see what if Microsoft can pack more power into it for Gen2 maybe offer a model that you can bolt to a workstation level machine. I'm also waiting to see if Apple and Wacom respond, but I'm not getting my hopes up. iPad pro feels like a toy to me now.
J Mao
So I got are all these features on my Win10 touch screen laptop too?
Kal larken
I hate you cause I ain't you! I wanted to try the studio! XD
Great tech... but saddens me because Microsoft wants me to go broke.
Jeremy Nalangan
She Surface Dial seemed to slide down the screen a bit. Is that normal or was the screen a bit oily/slick?
How does that dial actually stick? I see it slowly sliding down here and there, doesn't look that nice to work with. Apart from that, awesome vid and that Surface Studio definitely looks promising!
Joseph Wise
As cool as this is, it's still very much a Niche market. maybe 1 in 50 computer users actually would draw or touch on the screen daily. Obviously for artists and designers it's great, but for like photographers and videographers it's too pricey. E.g. A 27" (similarly equipped i7, 2Tb, 32gb) iMac is nearly 1k less at 3,149 vs 3,999. With the difference you could buy an iPad Pro. Again, great in concept, just a specialty item.
Gabriela Risteski
Hi I have recently found your channel and it's informing me so much as a incoming graphic design major in the fall! But I am confused buying a laptop I am stuck between going with apple because I know in the field it is mostly mac. But the features on the Surface Book look sleek and offer a lot more than mac for graphics....
Anonymous Silver Stacker
I'm not a graphic artist. But I would like to see a comparison between the Microsoft Surface and a similar Wacom Cintiq tablet.
I wish, I wish they'd release the screen as a separate product, even if they dropped only 500 bucks from the price.
When the first surface pros came out, my biggest gripe was that it was way too small for any serious artist to work on. Now with the Surface Studio, they really went big. To me, it looks like they nailed it, although I have yet to try 1.
Edit name
How did you navigate from high school to finding out what you want to do in life? Or where you are now?..... I'm really baked ATM but a response we would be madd cheers mate
Meow Mix
*drooooool* The things I would do for one of those bad boys!!!
I want one of these so bad!
J Johnson
Apple lost? Hmm...who's dropping $3000+ just to draw. It's a beautiful machine and all...but is there enough people out there to buy this ? This is for a very specific market. I just don't see it...
I'm pretty shocked to see the dial sliding at that angle.. why wouldn't it have a base that is a little stickier. Also, the lower edge of the screen should clear the height of the keyboard when the screen is tilted so that the keyboard doesn't have to always have to be in front of it.
Tracks Darren
2:33 lol, I see the dial sliding down
Louis Luzuka
WHAT NO WAY I DIDNT THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS BIG, THATS INSANE i friggen love it.. btw have u decided on a drone?!
This tech is a artist dream pad!!! Truly game changing for the illustration graphic design industry.
귀요미뒤입Gwiyomi Dweeb
Nice review!
John Marshall
I've heard that the only thing missing is a more powerful processor for video editing.. if they add that in the next version... bye bye my iMac. Does the Studio have SD card slots?
Christina Testana
Thats a very cool device! Definitely something for my needs as I am an illustrator for both digital and traditional.
still not sold, i'll stick with a Cintiq.. i want more power out of a computer than what this thing offers. I want the ability to upgrade my graphics card, add more RAM, and internal storage space. If you could buy the screen by itself, i'd consider it. The pen looks the same as the n-trig pen on my surface and its awful.
Roberto bringing us quality as usual. Thumbs up on the video.
glen silverconnect
great product, and it really is. My concern is it's too expensive and you are tied to a desk to do work.
Эльдар Усубалиев
is a very beautiful computer on the world
Jason Johnson
how mcuh was this guy paid
So laggy the studio
Gary Hall
what's with the surface dial sliding down
if apple doesnt react to this then they are doomed with the imac
Nice review! Did they tell you what kind of CPU it runs? Whether it's a dual core or quad core?
Carina Cardenas
Such a great and informative video!
Well, that's going on the wish list! :D
I only wish it wasn't an all in one. I would love to get my hands on that screen and connect it to my custom pc
Martin Benford
Awesome! Keep up the good work.
The Black Pearl
There should be some kind of locking mechanism for the hinge tilt to be really useful. Also I don't see the point in using the dial directly on the screen since it's a touch screen. It doesn't look very productive in the long run.
Lester Suggs
How much weight can you put on the screen in the working position before it falls further down? BTW, I purchased a MS Dial the day it was announced. Looking very forward to having a dial for my Surface Pro 4.
sebastian almeida
i mean 4k for a mac book"pro" with a strip touch bar or this for actual pros.... yea one is a laptop the otherone is a desktop but in all truth most pros dont do they work at starbucks they work in a studio or home, if you really want to get something portable go for an older macbook pro or inmy case a pc laptop wich for light to med use and use an actual desktop like this one for the actual work load.
Liv UwU
What program were you using to draw on? I'm getting a surface pro soon, and I'm not sure if I have to download a program myself or if it comes pre-installed...
Cool, I could see using it as a digital mixing board for music production!
LJ Lancaster
I can't wait to get hands on with this. I am traditionally a mac user but this really wants me to want to play with Microsoft. Looks so much more seamless than my tablet/desktop setup.
Andrzej b
This is madness!!!
Yes!! I have been waiting for you to review this!!
While Steve Jobs was sleeping Apple became Microsoft and Microsoft became Apple.
Garagem do Alex
Thanks for sharing ! This studio is really a nice piece of tech !
Rudraneil Mukherjee
Nice review! I just wanted to know if the glossy screen comes in the way due to the reflections caused when lights are overhead. Otherwise its quite amazing for productivity purposes.
Sunil Narine
Apple you have lost? seriouly?...................comeon
Chanelle and carly vlogs and challenges
Herb Garcia
Hi Roberto. Do you mind me asking what kind of camera did you use for your video? I like the quality of the video. Thanks!
Jerickson Abuel
Is the screen slippery or textured? It seems like its quite slippery based on how glossy it is but would like some confirmation. Beyoncé!
Hugo Bessa
Hey man, i like tech review videos and yours is just great. Like the natural way you speak and relate tech to your daily work. Kudos, subscribed
Cory Simpson
I love the design...but I would never pay that much for a PC with out dated IO. Why Microsoft has ignored USB-C and thunderbolt is beyond me.
Matt Thompson
I loved this video! I loved how you touched on all the main points, and the hands on was just amazing.
Gabriel Of House Stark
microsoft is doing it right
laptops will be capitalizing on this as they get thinner and become more advanced(improved/radical latch mechanism,screen precision).
Gross 28" fingerprint magnet
sorry to say it, but Wacom Cintiq+PC with up to date hardware>surface studio. The hardware on the Surface Studio is 1 year old and you'll have to buy a new one once it becomes obsolete, meanwhile, many artists still use the Cintiqs they got all the way back in 2005 with their new workstations, just like many professionals still use their old Intuos. Wacom technologies age well and are very durable. It would be better if they'd sell the screen separately or make it usable as a peripheral, cause, you'd get more use from it.
Michael Mystro Pierce
Vinci Andrés Belalcázar Yabur
A mac mini whith a touch display... why mac dont got this years ago?
and as usual, choppy zoom, choppy overall from what I see and still input lag when you draw... Jeeez Microsoft ! People bash Apple for not inventing anything, but they take something that other companies were doing for years and somehow makes it right.
Panteleimon Stamatakis
What keyboard is that?
jean fontaine
i wish i could just buy the screen.
Very good looking product. Yep, it does look like MS is taking notice of the creative sector. Which is interesting for a company seen by many for so long as somewhat grey and stuffy.  Could be very good for greeting card designers and comic strip artists.
I am definitely going to get this. Better than my Cintiq.
B Cro
Holy crap, I thought you were 2 Chainz for a hot second!
Niels De Keukelaere
Wearing an Apple Watch to a Microsoft event :) #ballsy
Bill Overbeck
It's pretty cool and all but for that price tag you might as well just buy a cintiq companion 2 and spend the 1 000 you save on separate pc parts to build your own pc tower incase the cintiqs hardware ain't enough. Just to bad the cintiq runs windows 8...
Mas Fugo
is it comfortable to use for long time? can your rest your palm on the screen?
Jude Fan
still... go for cintiq
Văn-Hiếu Võ
Still prohibitively expensive
Nice review, the surface studio really looks amazing!!!
Are you seriously drawing without resting your arm/elbow at all. It looks painful. Thanks anyway :)
The dial usage seems so laggy!
that is really cool man!
Wanna Be Canadian
great review :)
Alex H Sco
still not giving up my MacBook for this
Dan Meeks
Is the studio a good machine for someone with parkinsons? I have found that a decent sized button on the touch screen is nice to deal with over placing a mouse cursor over an object and clicking once. Maybe it it is over-kill to pay twice the money to get a touch screen and dial. But the fact it has so many ways to click an object (mouse, pen, finger) and draw (sweep the mouse, slide your finger or draw with the pen). Okay, I used to do a lot of sketching simple animations and painting furniture art. I would really like to find a way to continue to do that. I seem to be able to on a cell phone or tablet. But they are so small. I have a nice tablet that connects to the PC and allows me to draw, but alias, it's not that easy to do any longer due to tremors. SO what I have sold (internally to the company I used to work for) several pieces of furniture art, Some one on my ol team noted a piece I had in my office and really liked it. Well, managers were given a budget for art work in their office. So I had several managers approach me wanting art work, which I did based on their role, their talents and the type of furniture in the office. Made quite a few dollars doing furniture art. Another, and more prevalent type of art I do is VISIO. I do technical drawings that mix hardware and network devices and software and OS and the application on a sheet of paper so you can readily see what is important. There is a great deal of detail in the drawings (IP addresses, routes, ports, software versions, security zones..) They are not standard work-flow, ERD, UML or Network Diagrams. NO, I use ERD and UML and Network Diagram and Flow Chart and .. all in the same drawing. It makes for an extremely informative drawing with details and gives on a quick understanding of how things work -- which makes them idea for Trouble-shooting and thinking through new implementations. Well, I used to do these. But now I find using the mouse difficult. It is difficult to pick up a line and carry it across the screen. Getting a triple-mouse click not to be a quad even more difficult. SO, I am thinking this machine may return me to drawing some pretty neat Sketches and VISIO and if that is true, then I will be able to express some of the out-of-box ideas I have and that will lead to better applications to help the companies customers and that is what I live for. OKAY $4,000 dollars for a touchscreen windows machine seems like a lot, but if it gets me past my parkinsons, then it is worth it. Guess, I should get someone to take me to a Microsoft store and try it out.
Barnacules Nerdgasm
Wow, I really didn't like the puck sliding down the screen and also couldn't believe how slow the zoom and scrolling around the image was. Seems like they have a lot of work to do for this thing to be really useful. It is a cool concept though and I hope they work out all the kinks. I still think that serious artists are going to get the Wacom screen based drawing surfaces since they are much more fluid.
Eat The Carrot!
Need help deciding! Should I purchase Surface Pro 2017? I hear that it is a really good portable tablet/pc. I would be using it for 3d modelling, illustrations, animations, etc. Please help me out here
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Are you sure they didn't just ramp up all the specs just for the conference and when you buy it from the shop, you find the thing just lags like a mofo if you try and have it at highest everything? They do that with tvs, in the shop they look amazing, they do something to them i'm sure as at home you tend to find it's great, but not to the level that you saw in the shop.
Hello, For what is the 2 buttons of the stylus, pen? , sorry the language.
Ben Frank
This is what Apple should have done for us Pro users years ago. I hope they can implement it now that they have mastered their multitouch and pen technology. An iMac Studio? Apple Pencil compatibility?