Microsoft Surface Studio Hands On Review

Microsoft Surface Studio Hands On Review from Adobe MAX The Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial are a marvel of design that shows why the Microsoft Surface line is a real threat to Apple and their dominance among creatives. Here is my hands-on review of the Microsoft Surface Studio. MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4 /> MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK /> PRE ORDER MICROSOFT SURFACE STUDIO /> Official Microsoft Surface Introduction /> Austin Evans Review of the Microsoft Surface /> The Microsoft Surface Studio is great to use and the Surface Dial is one the most intuitive devices I've seen recently. Drawing on the Surface Studio felt really intuitive and if you are a digital artist or designer it will feel like using a Wacom Tablet but you get the benefit of an eraser built in. For me not being a digital illustrator specifically it felt great in the hand, the palm rejection worked flawlessly and it didn't feel like there was a delay at all. Overall the Microsoft Surface Studio is in my opinion the ideal Desktop for a creative professional. AUDIO MUSIC & SOUND FX /> JOIN CREATE AWESOME COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER /> MY YOUTUBE SETUP /> RENT CAMERA GEAR /> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST /> GET A CREATE AWESOME SHIRT! /> SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME /> RECOMMENDED WEB HOSTING PROVIDER Blue Host /> RECOMMENDED EMAIL MARKETING via MAILCHIMP /> CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE /> /> /> /> /> Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledge. Affiliates are: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, MyFonts, 1and1, Bluehost and Lumoid.

Mrs. Samantha Roblox
I so want to get the smaller version of this for my daughter! She is such an artist and she's working with my old laptop. She needs one of these and an external HD. Maybe I'll save up and get her one of the smaller ones for her 17th birthday.
Ha, that's really creepy how the surface dial keeps slowly moving down like it's trying to escape! "OMG, he's drawing something original, I'm out of here!" *surface dial downward movement intensifies*
Lamar Battle
Hey Apple it's called innovation!
Meow Mix
*drooooool* The things I would do for one of those bad boys!!!
Gazza Boo
It's nice to see a geek geeking out over geeky art stuff :)) It's a pity I'm out of the industry now as I would have been all over this thing for 2 and 3D. It's still nice to live vicariously through others like yourself. I have a Surface but the Studio is a whole new level of awesome and MS really is killing it lately. Nice impressions.
Meeting Place
Cool device. Just started researching this piece of equipment. I will definitely be setting up myself to go all out for the ensemble level on this tool.😍👍💙
Tracks Darren
2:33 lol, I see the dial sliding down
Rexin Oridle
The surface dial timelapse though.
Louis Luzuka
WHAT NO WAY I DIDNT THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS BIG, THATS INSANE i friggen love it.. btw have u decided on a drone?!
I have had the surface pro 3 for a few years now. I bought the surface specifically for school. I needed a machine to replace all paper because I found that using my iphone helped me organize myself more than paper. At first I used an ipad for school but that didn't do what I wanted it to do. So I searched and found the surface pro 3. It has replaced my notebook, my laptop (well it is my laptop), and my textbooks. With the dual screen feature I can look at my textbook and physically write notes on the same screen. Instead of lugging everything and forgetting papers everywhere all of it is saved onto my surface unless physically given paper work for school. That being said, I like that Microsoft has updated their pen it seems like from this video. My pen does not have the tool to erase and you have to hold down a button to do so. Also it does not have the feature to lightly press and press firmly with your pen which I have found it to be slightly unnatural to write at times. I won't lie and say that I have reverted to a physical notebook for one class only because I fell behind and that was only temporary and have gone back to taking notes on my surface. The only downfall is needing a flat surface to type unlike a laptop where you have the option to lay on your back. It's not perfect but it is definitely going in the right direction. All of this being said, as a first year graphic design student I was told by other classmates that I would HAVE to replace my surface with a mac after I started taking higher level courses and was beginning to regret my investment with the surface. However, I saw your video on if you needed a mac as a graphic designer and then saw this video and it convinced me that I made the right choice. I am hopping by the time I am finished with school and have clients I will be able to afford this surface studio (pretty sure they will have something even cooler by then) but for now I will start practicing on my surface pro 3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice. You have yourself a new subscriber
Mark Bowman
How is this comparatively to the Cintiq?
That's screen looks perfect for editing
Kal larken
I hate you cause I ain't you! I wanted to try the studio! XD
Jeremy Nalangan
She Surface Dial seemed to slide down the screen a bit. Is that normal or was the screen a bit oily/slick?
Great tech... but saddens me because Microsoft wants me to go broke.
Rafal Es
How would You compare drawing quality with wacom cintiq, any similar level? This product really turn my head away from imac. Thank You for nice review ;)
Michael Shelton
Great review, thanks. This is where Apple and Wacom should be. This was apple base Artist and creatives, it's Microsoft' s NOW!
what camera are you using?  its AMAZING!!!
Эльдар Усубалиев
is a very beautiful computer on the world
Alex Rodriguez
it would be great for manga or anime
glen silverconnect
great product, and it really is. My concern is it's too expensive and you are tied to a desk to do work.
Abdelkarim Kamal Raafat
congrats for 200 k subscribers ☺🎁🎁🎁🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉📯📯📯📚📚💣
Mossad Polo
Works with Painter 2017 and Comic Debut?
I wish, I wish they'd release the screen as a separate product, even if they dropped only 500 bucks from the price.
Yes!! I have been waiting for you to review this!!
Well, that's going on the wish list! :D
LJ Lancaster
I can't wait to get hands on with this. I am traditionally a mac user but this really wants me to want to play with Microsoft. Looks so much more seamless than my tablet/desktop setup.
How does that dial actually stick? I see it slowly sliding down here and there, doesn't look that nice to work with. Apart from that, awesome vid and that Surface Studio definitely looks promising!
Nathyn Brendan Masters
But is it baller? LOL! I'm still drawing on paper.
Francis DeSouza
i have a surface pro and i am loving every minute of it..
I'm pretty shocked to see the dial sliding at that angle.. why wouldn't it have a base that is a little stickier. Also, the lower edge of the screen should clear the height of the keyboard when the screen is tilted so that the keyboard doesn't have to always have to be in front of it.
Is the keyboard backlit? Also, it looked like there was a lot of lag when you were moving the canvas around and zooming in and out.
floyd Millar
From a previous Apple lover. They have missed the boat. ios and mac osx should have been merged ( Please don't say it isn't possible ) I Remember moving from windows with total envy towards the mac offerings , but boy a lot has changed since then , And really the innovation is not coming from Mac.
Roberto bringing us quality as usual. Thumbs up on the video.
I'm more interested in the Wacom Mobile Studio
Wow this video was great man. The surface seems pretty legit :)
Nice review, the surface studio really looks amazing!!!
Joseph Wise
As cool as this is, it's still very much a Niche market. maybe 1 in 50 computer users actually would draw or touch on the screen daily. Obviously for artists and designers it's great, but for like photographers and videographers it's too pricey. E.g. A 27" (similarly equipped i7, 2Tb, 32gb) iMac is nearly 1k less at 3,149 vs 3,999. With the difference you could buy an iPad Pro. Again, great in concept, just a specialty item.
Excellent review my brother! Keep up the good work
Cool, I could see using it as a digital mixing board for music production!
Juan Pablo Lozano
It's a marvel of enginering, until Windows show up on the screen.
thanks for doing a take on this. i found it awesome, but maybe overwhelming. I have always liked working on a destop and tablet simultaneously, but ironically the all in one experience may not be as good. anazing build quality and the pen felt great
laptops will be capitalizing on this as they get thinner and become more advanced(improved/radical latch mechanism,screen precision).
Hugo Bessa
Hey man, i like tech review videos and yours is just great. Like the natural way you speak and relate tech to your daily work. Kudos, subscribed
id really like to see its strengths out side of drawing / art.
Thanks for the review. Appreciate all the effort :)
True Passion
May be we could just draw on paper and scan it
Anand Dharmaraj
saw the surface dial slipping down during the time laps actually thought it would me stuck lil firmly
SKY Dreams
maaaan I'm late but this is SO COOL!!!😂
I want one of these so bad!
GreekGod-Perverseus weee
good video :) Hey be careful what your drawing !
Natasha F
Please do the videos on print production you talked about! I need them!
John Ralph
I'm looking forward to future updated Studio hardware. Looking for larger display, thunderbolt for external videocard support and matte finish.
If the cylindar was half the height to be lighter and magnetic perhaps they could make it stick to the screen and not slowllllyyy slide down.
Fine Prime Academy
im here trying to hear the conversation in the back haha ,awesome review
I only wish it wasn't an all in one. I would love to get my hands on that screen and connect it to my custom pc
Sid The Geek
This is great stuff Reoberto, i just subbed your channel...looks quiet familiar like iMac.
Congratulations on your review. It's noticeable that you are talking of an area you know about (art/illustration), so it's good to have an authorized opinion. :)
Mike Kelly
I love how the Surface Dial slowly slides down the screen in all of these hands-on video reviews of the Surface Studio. You'd think that they would have put a slightly grippier texture on the bottom of it to keep it in place.
Garagem do Alex
Thanks for sharing ! This studio is really a nice piece of tech !
Larry Mayers
juttering... how is that possible!? Come'on Microsoft....
Yusuf Limalia
a unidirectional mic may help with your audio for these events
Martin Benford
Awesome! Keep up the good work.
ipad 4arab
Is that a Microsoft Surface Book with Mac OSX Wallpaper on it?
Cris Garcia 6
Roberto is Smart and i agree. Adobe MAX is the best
Apple could have launched a 32" iMAC touchscreen without cannibalising the macbook or iPad. They chose to put a touchbar on the macbook :/ Windows are now going to destroy Apple in desktop publishing.
Fudiscuss F
Don't use. win upgrade is very long time。Waiting for it to finish!died
Cinematography Database
nice hands on video, I really want to try this with Cinema 4D, hopefully I can reprogram the little dial
Reminds me of my Acer Aspire R7 572g - which is everything in a Laptop
Ash Sabre
Would love to get my hand on this beauty but i would want a different keyboard or place it else where as i do not have enough arm length.
Microsoft got it RIGHT!! Im waiting for mine to arrive. #CreativityAlert
Andy Sommer
Hello, Roberto Im hook on your vids! I have some questions? What is a TRUE Graphic Designer? I've worked with 5 graphic designers and yes I understand every artist has their own style but I can't find anyone that knows all that would be required to have the title "Graphic Designer" some know how to click/drag and paste and can't draw freehand. Then others Vice versa. I've not seen anyone like you who knows both necessary needs of the graphic artist world. How do I find someone like you? Would love to see a video of how you handle confidentiality and what you consider work as your own on drawing for customers. Thanks
8:00 Whats that, sone sort if accessory?
Svetoslav Popov
zooming is really choppy, why not use pinch zoom also, I don't see the point of this rotating puck
Svetoslav Popov
plus I don't think the drawing position is very convenient, it is much more steady to prop yourself on a true table
Amdrew Moore
Aye your name is reberto
Rafael Rivera
dang!! kinda what i expected when i tried to major in graphic design, looks like a good approach
Ali Ahyar
Men that's crazy. love it.
Lester Suggs
How much weight can you put on the screen in the working position before it falls further down? BTW, I purchased a MS Dial the day it was announced. Looking very forward to having a dial for my Surface Pro 4.
Robert Crescenzio Art
I really like that Screen, i have asked Microsoft if they plan to release the LCD without the PC part, that would be game changing :) Nice video.
Dan Navarro
Wouldn't it mess your eyes up after a while?
This tech is a artist dream pad!!! Truly game changing for the illustration graphic design industry.
Trena Saunders
Hey Roberto I'm new to the channel and so far I love your channel. I have a question for you.....I am a graphic designer and I'm trying to do some freelance work and I wanted to buy a printer, however, I wasn't sure what would be a good printer to get. Something that can print on glossy and hard stock paper, can print on both front and back, able to print out business cards and so on. Any suggestions?! Oh and by the way right now I am using a PC.
Anonymous Silver Stacker
I'm not a graphic artist. But I would like to see a comparison between the Microsoft Surface and a similar Wacom Cintiq tablet.
Reduction in Force Gaming
Awesome review love that new surface!!!! Left ya a like.
J.B. Flores
The blue screen of death must look awesome on this machine, that's for sure
Tristan Visions
somebody notice the granny on the background 4:21 using on of the stuff? :) kickin it!
Devestation And Reform
This looks really cool, but not past digital illustration. I don't think the pencil, touchscreen, or dual would improve me video editing workflow. Definitely for digital drawing though.
Sam Adams
The zoom is so laggy.. And its so annoying how the dial slides down the screen.
Gabriela Risteski
Hi I have recently found your channel and it's informing me so much as a incoming graphic design major in the fall! But I am confused buying a laptop I am stuck between going with apple because I know in the field it is mostly mac. But the features on the Surface Book look sleek and offer a lot more than mac for graphics....
still not sold, i'll stick with a Cintiq.. i want more power out of a computer than what this thing offers. I want the ability to upgrade my graphics card, add more RAM, and internal storage space. If you could buy the screen by itself, i'd consider it. The pen looks the same as the n-trig pen on my surface and its awful.
Highlight Techno online
Rill you design i like it and why not drank the pen guys
John Marshall
I've heard that the only thing missing is a more powerful processor for video editing.. if they add that in the next version... bye bye my iMac. Does the Studio have SD card slots?
When the first surface pros came out, my biggest gripe was that it was way too small for any serious artist to work on. Now with the Surface Studio, they really went big. To me, it looks like they nailed it, although I have yet to try 1.
Carina Cardenas
Such a great and informative video!
Avantt 007
it's funny that the puck gradually slides down in those fast forward shots... not good
Lina Tsatsi
My artistic side is literally crying for this magnificent piece of technology
Herb Garcia
Hi Roberto. Do you mind me asking what kind of camera did you use for your video? I like the quality of the video. Thanks!