Perfect Paris Trip - George V Hotel "George V Suite" - 3 Star Michelin Eats & More

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All things lovely in Paris: * Fantastic eats at top ten best George V hotel 3-Starred Michelin Le Cinq restaurant & hidden gems around Paris * Cool & impossibly elegant French women * Henri Le Roux, one of the best French chocolatiers ...are here for you to feast the eyes :) Enjoy!!

The original video was much too in 30 minutes long - yikes! So I made this shorter, slightly different, version for easier viewing :)
John Baumer
It is my dream to see Paris in my wheelchair! Thank you so much for your tour!
Thank you for being the eyes of those who can not travel to these beautiful places
Michel Rodrigues
Merci beaucoup Madame Alexis, votre video ces très agréable et sincere.
Melissa’s Purses
Thanks for sharing I'm taking notes for our trip this upcoming summer to Paris and still deciding on a countryside town to visit for 3 days. Thanks for showing the details.
beautiful :)
Wesam Mansour
Great video.. Paris is amazing..
John Baumer
Thank you, Alexis Rose! It was very kind of you to take the time to reply to my message.
Chic Noir29
What a beautiful lobby
Andreo Suro
its a true style, no shit... for its time it was perfect, so its one of the best now... course it was talented and soulfull!!! not marketing SHIT
cadu 1974
A strong hug from Brazil friends!!!
Nice Girl
Cant wait to go there
Alex Black
Now, thats how you travel.
Luann H
J Hearn
Drivers ignore pedestrians on zebra crossings in Paris? In UK cars have to stop to let pedestrians cross.
Beautifully hospitality !
Charles Cyiza
Thank you Alexis!Nice video, I will be in Paris soon! Unfortuntely it will be in winter just this coming February. I do not know If I will enjoy much this Lovely country
JikKoh RoBoCoP
Gabbie J
I love Paris france 🗼🇫🇷🍷
Fox Mulder
You know that You are 'NEVER" too keep valuables in a room safe? ie "Passport, plane tickets, travelers checks, & money"? always put in Hotel safe deposit---retired NYPD
Julian Coulden
That’s why I jokingly say I will sell my house and retire to the Ritz in london, because it’s absolutely sublime and has so much more to offer than the comfort of my own home! But I have stayed in some apparently fabulous hotels and frankly I had more comfort and amenities in my own home!
Zale 88
No way this is 3 star its 1 star hotel. Jk ☺ its 5 for me
Julian Coulden
You know, I think whilst is fantastic to stay in wonderful places, if the place your going to isn’t as nice as the home your leaving.......why bother!?
Julian Coulden
Just like home!
connie bracamonte
Nicolas Mulatier
My favorite hotel ever! If you ever go back, try the gouter! it's amazing!
Thank you for sharing with us such beatiful places. I loved the video. Perhaps in the future you could use a gimbal to improve your takes. It would be great. Best regards from Argentina.
Sumit Pal
How much per night? I want to visit.
Andreo Suro
this hotel is the only one ave seen at youtube that dont look like its made in China :))