University of Seoul International House Dorm Tour

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Hello viewers, Here's a small video tour of the University of Seoul's International House dormitory. I stayed in this house for 2013 for their summer program. Hope this helps! For more info on the University of Seoul Summer School, check out my blog! /> --- Yukari-chan Song: Girl's Day "Nothing Lasts Forever (잘해줘봐야)" Instrumental

Lhagi Sh
Hi Yukari, thank you for the video. I'm applying to UOS. I read from their website that many classes are offered in Korean. Is there any difficulty for the international students who don't speak Korean to study due to the lack of English offering classes ?
Natalie Fernandez
Hey, I know this is a bit late and I'm not sure if you can help me but it's worth a shot xD Do you know where I can find a video or pictures of the Residence Hall dorms? My friend and I are thinking about studying abroad for spring so even if we do residence we can share the room haha
Hello, i searched about the international house in UOS and founded your useful video as there are not many info provided in university website. I'll go there in December this year so may i ask you some questions? 1. Is there any wifi in the international house or university? 2. Do you have to prepare the bedding stuff, for example, pillow, sheet, blanket by yourself? 3. How much for your room fee and does the price include all the facilities fee? Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Pu
Mj Batjargal
hi dorm fee is 667$ for one month?
Júlia Nogueira
what is the name of the dorm? how much?
Hey! Is there curfew also at the international house? Is there any offcampus options provided by the university you know of?
Samantha Black
hi how many people in the rooom?
jinky joy dela cruz
Hi yuki. Is this where foreign students stay? Say, the beneficiaries of a scholarship by the Seoul Metro Govt?  thanks