Made in Sweden S2E1 part 1 (HQ and english subtitles)

This is the preview of the first episode of Made in Sweden season two! Subscribe to see when I update the rest. (as soon as possible) Laila Bagge, Anders Bagge and Andreas Carlsson are going to reunite the Swedish pop sensation Play. The translation isn't 100% accurate, but I've done my best. Please tell me what you think of the subtitles, to tiny, show them longer, another colour? I will be uploading the whole episode in pieces.

Clara Schinzel
@prettyinpointeshoes1 everyone whos not from the USA or england or any english speaking countries sing in english anyways cuz that's the shit haha. no but seriously no one would listen to a song in swedish right? haha
Mandy Chan
Is there a season 1?? Please let me know
Sarah Ash
Why do they sing in English if their from Sweden?
It sucks that Rosanna and anna didnt come back -.-