KISS - "ABC In Concert" Dick Clark - UNCUT 1974 (Nothin' To Lose, Firehouse & Black Diamond)

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KISS performs for the first time on national television in 1974. As guests on Dick Clark's IN CONCERT!

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I hope I am not the only one who thinks Peter Criss was an awesome vocalist and should have been used more later on. His backing vocals on "Nothing To Lose" are what really make the song great. I'm sorry that song was never promoted enough to make it as a single. The mainstream world wasn't yet ready for Kiss I guess. But that is exactly what Paul means when he introduces this set with "Hey everybody, we're KISS! And we want you to come with us." Its like he knew they were at the beginning of an epic journey (which they were).
Brian Marto
brings back memories as 10 year old kid listening to KISS back in 74 dropping that needle on a crappy record player speakers about to crack when deuce started , parents thinking you were spawn of the devil what are you listening too, yah that was KISS in the good days,
bill hansen
i still think the Great Peter Criss is the best singer in the band. They were holding him back.
Before we knew them personally,all that mattered was the mystique.What a great time.
Michael Scheidt
HEY WORLD WE ARE KISS, greatest introduction ever!
Brian Thorburn
Thanks to Ritchie Blackmore for the use of the rainbow. Cheers
The video falls full well under the "I see why they made it" category.
Natural Born Scorpio
This when they were young, full of energy & hungry as they were still trying to prove themselves & gave 110% I cant get enough of this stuff !! In fact, when I get sick & tired of listening to Paul or Gene bash Ace & Peter  I just go back & listen to or watch the old clips & performances from back when they were real "KISS" ..."Classic "KISS"
Monty Reed
Ace was Kiss!
At around 7:51, the cameraman says to himself, "Oh... it's the DRUMMER singing..."
"Um - they're pretty cool for a bunch of mimes." - Butthead
R.I.P. Dick Clark and thank you for believing in KISS!
Ace all the way!!!!!
Alan The Adventurer
Me i dont mind the current lineup but i would give anything to see paul gene ace and peter in concert
Brian Shaffner
Gregor Greg, you are leaving out the fact that the whole image and concept was largely Gene's.   He was the creative element behind it.   And, plainly, they would not have made it on musicianship alone.    ;)   I don't disagree with your points about the man, but there could have been no KISS without Gene.   It was a very quirky, distinct chemistry between the four, that worked really well for a time.  
Ace is soooo much beyond the talent of the remaining members.
Great performance by Chaim Witz and Stanley Eisen.
Charles Hanes
was fortunate enough to see kiss around this time long beach arena ca. sweet memories
Ziggyzag Zi
Frikin 19 74!
Love Ace's Solo on Black Diamond !
Abby Allman
they still are bad ass !!!!!
Hace 41 años,como pasan los años KISS KISS KISS KISS
Dominique FARAUT
It's Happiness , It's Rock'N'Roll , It's KISS !!
King David
Patrick Simmons
Listen to the Space Ace! These guys rocked ass back in the day! And WTH is up with Paul's damn hair?
Entertainment and raw music. The audience couldn't help but give in by firehouse!!! Wow
But Not Today
I love Black Diamond.
Shahlan Saim
Is it edited? Seems like the first song got cut..
Eugenio Oisel
Thanks a lot for a good remember
good times...
Armpit Studios
Hmm, interesting video effect for the producers to aim a camera at a monitor and flip back & forth between them.
du pure bonheur !!!!!
Sorry chuck, KISS was played plenty on the radio in the 1970's. After Alive came out, every rock and top 40 station played KISS constantly.I was in high school, and a big KISS fan. When they had a new album or single out, you could hear it on the radio every day.
A true rock fan would have known to appreciate these guys. Their music was never about serious subjects. Just good time music about chicks and rock n roll and I loved every bit of it.
I didn't say rock fans listened to them, I said they should have. Gimmicks aside, KISS was a great rock band and anyone who claimed to be a true rock fan should have been listening to them.
William Carnell
I read that half the speaker cabinets were unloaded & only for show. They were so broke that they couldn't afford speakers. I hope that's not an urban myth.
In my humble opinion, the height of Kiss's career was @ Alive I. Their raw and powerful approach to rock, had already vanished in Alive II.
Emilio Aqueveque
At 1:08 Stanley moves his head the same way John Lennon used to. Also, the choruses and background vocals are reminiscent of The Beatles.
From the New York clubs and into your living room... #AmericaInThe70s
Man, they were so hungry in the early days.... timeless stuff👍
J Oliver Hazley
This is what time it is. Real power
Per Hansen
Back when Paul could sing...
don barlow
It was Cool the Dick clark invited them on the show but it would take ALIVE to skyrocket them
I know most of you won't get it but I just wish I could have lived in the 70s forever... it was such an awesome time
Brian Ferrell
You can own a "copy" of The Mona Lisa, but you can never have "THE" original. Peter Criss, "THE" original. All others are just copy "CATS" JMHO. At his best!
james g
does anyone realize what their singing about,lol🤣
Joey P
Back then there were barely reruns of shows like this, so if you missed it that was it... I believe this was their first TV appearance? Raw and pure rock until after Love Gun when they became a kiddie band and it went downhill from there...
pre-wig kiss
Bazooka Joe
Walter Mirren
I am old enough to have watched this... And I LOVE IT!
Ilias Mavromatis
Ace is simply amazing ! how can you not miss him in KISS
Mark Boyd
Man...KISS was so cool back when they were hungry and before they became a Vegas act. This is good stuff...thank you for posting it and reminding us of the times when KISS was a band...before they became a brand. lol
'Get the fire houth'
Christian Leonardo
Ace's solo in Firehouse will always be one of the best things I ever had the pleasure to hear
Roy Lee
Love Gene and Ace's interaction at the mic during Nothin to Lose. You can tell they were all good friends then
Mike Pemberton
Hay kiss are you go two have new song s soon
Nicolas Everas
las actuaciones de gene aunque muchos dicen que peter criss es un mal baterista pero yo creo que es el primer mejor baterista de kiss des pues de eri karr
RockNRoller RAN
3:10 Ace blows Gene a kiss, Gene sticks his tongue back out at him. Fuckin awesome.
KISS . Nuff said.
Libertys Son
+ Gregor Greg Gene Simpson has voted for both democrats and republicans (he voted for Obama in 2008) so I think he is more of a moderate/independent freak.  
Jean D
Oh God who are these long haired layabouts? KISS??? What a stupid name. They'll be flipping burgers again in 6 months.
the lucky kids who did it their way and hit the big time, well done
the "full" intro is missing
Checking out Paul's autobiography is making this video mean so much more.
Danny Hood
The camera guys knew nothing about guitar solos and during the 70s they were the most important part, except it wasn't known only youngsters that smoked pot because they didn't get speed, Up in a tree to sniff glue fall poop
Danny Hood
Really good shit!! Pisses me off at the end though at 9;30 Ace is not shown one time playing his gutar solo on black diamond, The light is on peter criss but hes done singing? Somebody fucked up, im sure everyone was happy , nobody complained about it ,.It sucks because i always imagined it certain way, Ace did too
Does Paul have a silver outline on his star?  I never noticed that before.
That's really ironic. You're there for Peter and Ace, when Gene and Paul aren't even there for them. Those poor slobs got thrown under the bus. More than once.
I'll agree with that. Looking back, their music definitely sounds better today than it did when I was 13 and listening to Zeppelin and regular hard rock of the time. I think if they never bothered with the silly make-up they would have been more popular with the real rock fans. But probably not as successful overall. To be honest KISS didn't sound that different from Ted Nugent's band. And all rock fans liked Ted Nugent back then. I think they lost adult credibility with the make-up.
I hate to break it to you, but in the late 1970's real rock fans in their 20's, 30's and so-on did NOT listen to KISS. Back then a WHO or Zeppelin fan listening to KISS would be like a KISS, or Motley Crue fan listening to Justin Beiber today(that's what I meant by the bar dropped). It was pure kiddie rock for adolescent boys back then. They even marketed toys and dolls(back when grown men didn't collect such things). They also made a live action cartoon, KISS Meets the Phantom. Not for adults.
Wow...that was great.
The Budget Aquarist
The fake fireworks at the end of black diamond are priceless and a sign of the great pyrotechnics to come.
Jason Rodriguez
I was going to say... Gene admitted to this being about butt sex, yet they play it in front of an audience :|
Darrin Ros
Peter made this song. Like James Brown lighting one of his ho's on fire with a torche. HA.
And in the bible it was a promise the world would never be destroyed by water again.
this is really the bottom line when peter criss plays good kiss is awesome when he plays bad or when theres someone eles in there its just worthless bullshit
dick clark has died, kiss broke up, ROCK AND ROLL IS OVER
Destroy Date
Steven Hoefgen
This is GREAT STUFF! Wow, a 22 year old Paul Stanley...
Steven Hoefgen
Les Reid
wow this is the beginning of kiss
Les Reid
They were much better in 1975
Kenny Vega
So great young n hungry
I think when they started out, the makeup gave them an edge. The act was raw and unrefined in the early says, but then it became gimmicky when the merchandising began. Of course, I was a kid then so I thought the action figures were cool (heck, I still do), but I think that was when the rock fans abandoned them.
@beowulven HA! I fucking choked on my drink when I read that!!!!
Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy
the solo in Black Diamond from Peter doin hes KIss
There is one disapointing thing about this performance. And it's Peters singing on Black Diamond. It's common with all performances of Black Diamond I'v heard from this period. In his book Peter says that Paul would stand next to him in the studio and make him sing right. And on the studio-verson Peter do sing very good in deed.
jeff goodman
Dude, that was the best comment ever! LMAO!
El Atomico
I used to sing lead and play drums in bands, probably very badly, it's harder than it looks, love you Peter Criss!
I guess was the opening act for Rainbow or DP
claire keesey
the melody here and there reminds me of a Foghat tune
Some of the Best Pro Shot early Kiss . This really is the next best thing to being there . Thanks for sharing
Amazing Kiss.Young,unspoiled,full of power and drive and hungry.
Chris ayres
thats what im thinking if this is from the California jam then this is even more awesome because KISS would have seen Deep Purple Sabbath and ELP they were all at the same concert i wish i could go back in time to see this concert just awesome
they had great energy and stage presence back then!
Freddy Cellophane
Fireworks = s*xy tickle.
El Atomico
They look so young!
chugger smith
Will never forget this.  ABC's In Concert (NOT the Don Kirschner edition) was on Fri nights at 11:30PM.  One Fri night in 1974 when I was 15, I came home from hanging with my buddies, turned on the tube and saw this.  My initial reaction was WTF is this?  I thought the music was OK (but Black Diamond was cool!), but thought the face paint was bizarre and it was just a gimmick and we'd never see them again.  Guess they proved me wrong.