KISS - "ABC In Concert" Dick Clark - UNCUT 1974 (Nothin' To Lose, Firehouse & Black Diamond)

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KISS performs for the first time on national television in 1974. As guests on Dick Clark's IN CONCERT!

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KISS doing a song about anal sex on national TV back in 1974 ha! If the suits only knew lol.
I hope I am not the only one who thinks Peter Criss was an awesome vocalist and should have been used more later on. His backing vocals on "Nothing To Lose" are what really make the song great. I'm sorry that song was never promoted enough to make it as a single. The mainstream world wasn't yet ready for Kiss I guess. But that is exactly what Paul means when he introduces this set with "Hey everybody, we're KISS! And we want you to come with us." Its like he knew they were at the beginning of an epic journey (which they were).
Brian Marto
brings back memories as 10 year old kid listening to KISS back in 74 dropping that needle on a crappy record player speakers about to crack when deuce started , parents thinking you were spawn of the devil what are you listening too, yah that was KISS in the good days,
bill hansen
i still think the Great Peter Criss is the best singer in the band. They were holding him back.
Before we knew them personally,all that mattered was the mystique.What a great time.
Michael Scheidt
HEY WORLD WE ARE KISS, greatest introduction ever!
Brian Thorburn
Thanks to Ritchie Blackmore for the use of the rainbow. Cheers
At around 7:51, the cameraman says to himself, "Oh... it's the DRUMMER singing..."
Chris Clark
Even when they first started they wouldn't put the fucking camera on Ace during a solo. Fuck me sideways.
Natural Born Scorpio
This when they were young, full of energy & hungry as they were still trying to prove themselves & gave 110% I cant get enough of this stuff !! In fact, when I get sick & tired of listening to Paul or Gene bash Ace & Peter  I just go back & listen to or watch the old clips & performances from back when they were real "KISS" ..."Classic "KISS"
alan martin
Me i dont mind the current lineup but i would give anything to see paul gene ace and peter in concert
The video falls full well under the "I see why they made it" category.
Charles Hanes
was fortunate enough to see kiss around this time long beach arena ca. sweet memories
"Um - they're pretty cool for a bunch of mimes." - Butthead
Ace is soooo much beyond the talent of the remaining members.
Love Ace's Solo on Black Diamond !
Ace all the way!!!!!
Ziggyzag Zi
Frikin 19 74!
L J Goldstein
also superimposing fireworks at the end of Black Diamond was a nice touch since thy couldn't do their usual explosions in the ABC studio.
Shahlan Saim
Is it edited? Seems like the first song got cut..
Monty Reed
Ace was Kiss!
Eugenio Oisel
Thanks a lot for a good remember
Abby Allman
they still are bad ass !!!!!
Hace 41 años,como pasan los años KISS KISS KISS KISS
Dominique FARAUT
It's Happiness , It's Rock'N'Roll , It's KISS !!
King David
Sim One
Quintessential KISS Raw new unafraid, demanding your attention no surrender ... I love this ...Peter Criss ...say what you like about him but he fit in like brick and motor..... played and sang his fuckin lungs out.. Fuck yeah...God dam im going to put on Alive 1 and just DO IT IF IT FEELS GOOD ...ITS ONE MORE DEUCE.
William Carnell
I read that half the speaker cabinets were unloaded & only for show. They were so broke that they couldn't afford speakers. I hope that's not an urban myth.
In my humble opinion, the height of Kiss's career was @ Alive I. Their raw and powerful approach to rock, had already vanished in Alive II.
Ace's guitar sounds fucking great here. Loud, crunchy, sustain-y...classic Ace. He really gave the band the "rock" sound that they needed.
Man, they were so hungry in the early days.... timeless stuff👍
J Oliver Hazley
This is what time it is. Real power
don barlow
It was Cool the Dick clark invited them on the show but it would take ALIVE to skyrocket them
Patrick Simmons
Listen to the Space Ace! These guys rocked ass back in the day! And WTH is up with Paul's damn hair?
Brian Ferrell
You can own a "copy" of The Mona Lisa, but you can never have "THE" original. Peter Criss, "THE" original. All others are just copy "CATS" JMHO. At his best!
Armpit Studios
Hmm, interesting video effect for the producers to aim a camera at a monitor and flip back & forth between them.
Walter Mirren
I am old enough to have watched this... And I LOVE IT!
pre-wig kiss
I know most of you won't get it but I just wish I could have lived in the 70s forever... it was such an awesome time
Joey P
Back then there were barely reruns of shows like this, so if you missed it that was it... I believe this was their first TV appearance? Raw and pure rock until after Love Gun when they became a kiddie band and it went downhill from there...
Ilias Mavromatis
Ace is simply amazing ! how can you not miss him in KISS
Mark Boyd
Man...KISS was so cool back when they were hungry and before they became a Vegas act. This is good stuff...thank you for posting it and reminding us of the times when KISS was a band...before they became a brand. lol
'Get the fire houth'
Christian Leonardo
Ace's solo in Firehouse will always be one of the best things I ever had the pleasure to hear
Roy Lee
Love Gene and Ace's interaction at the mic during Nothin to Lose. You can tell they were all good friends then
KISS . Nuff said.
Un cut? Yeah just LIKE my foreskin isn't cut!
Libertys Son
+ Gregor Greg Gene Simpson has voted for both democrats and republicans (he voted for Obama in 2008) so I think he is more of a moderate/independent freak.  
Jean D
Oh God who are these long haired layabouts? KISS??? What a stupid name. They'll be flipping burgers again in 6 months.
Pastor Paul D
Love Paul’s hair.
Typical scene at a KISS concert! Bare breasts at 3:00
Armi L
Yeah but its the Gene and Paul show lol
Tommy Boyce
The Budget Aquarist
The fake fireworks at the end of black diamond are priceless and a sign of the great pyrotechnics to come.
En esos momentos no tenían dinero y Paul, Ace y Gene aún vivían con sus padres.
Patty Hays
Ace wouldn't know a scale if it hit him in the face....
Ahhh, the days before in ear monitors, drum tanks and processed sound. Raw, unadulterated rock and roll, when I was 13 in middle school, this was my musical world!
Harald Sletterød Christensen
Peter Criss might be the most underrated drummer in rock history
Sim One
Double..that was a great comment you left there...fuck yeah you did Spot on ya mate
MT Rice
From the New York clubs and into your living room... #AmericaInThe70s
David Krebs
They sound like shit.
Space grass70
Goosebumps is all I can say, goosebumps.
Entertainment and raw music. The audience couldn't help but give in by firehouse!!! Wow
Wasn't this Don Kirchner's Rock Concert?
Great performance by Chaim Witz and Stanley Eisen.
Robert Mack
John Smith
Magic and hard work!
P Brickley
These idiots are making fools out of themselves.
the best
robert loya
I remember seeing this , I was 14. Craziest sh*t I'd ever seen on TV, became a big fan all the way to Destroyer, then there music got boring and just sucked. Also a band called UFO was just tearing it up. Ace was still the coolest though.
Nittany America
Is the guitar player on the right a chick? She looks like she has tits.
Mongo Lloyd
Is that large gay pride banner for paul stanley
mae hidell
Rock and Roll all night and party everyday is their anthem song , but Firehouse live scorched the fuckin ground beneath me!
Stephen Jones
STUID-ass fireworks! wtf?! Great jam...too bad Ace's solo wasn't shown on Black Diamond!
Storm Walker Rippey
Yes, not original Pete makeup but very very close
Storm Walker Rippey
Am I mistaken or does Paul have part of his early lone ranger mask on. Transition
Storm Walker Rippey
Truly "Original" one of the rarest that this Army member has seen
Joe M
the 70s ROCK Some of the BEST EVER PLAYED
Joe M
every member has a role in this shit KISS WAS ⚡️ RULING THE WORLD
Joe M
on Top of The WORLD
Richard Lawson
yep....when people are hungry the besst comes out
The Great Gazoo
Dick Clark was uncut
Richard Lawson
hungry we are most hungry for success we push we hear a band hell bent to take it to the limit with what they have!!!
Maine Music
Peter's vocals make me moist
Francisco Oca
que tiempos aquellos soy fan de KISS y me gusta la guitarra que usa Ace frehley y su forma de vestir.
Chuck Leivan
who would thumbs down this.... really? Gah
sheesh, reminds me why KISS sucked.. this is horrible people.. stop fooling yourself
stu bryan
one of the most historical events to USA TV thanks house of Brienne
L J Goldstein
a vintage KISS video with a triumvirate of great songs. You can see how unrefined their makeup was at the beginning Gene's bat wing and Peter's whiskers were thinner and he silver tip of his honker had yet to appear. Great stuff! They'll never sound like this again. Even the early crowd got into the music standing and clapping in time.
Casper Cobrax
Emilio Aqueveque
At 1:08 Stanley moves his head the same way John Lennon used to. Also, the choruses and background vocals are reminiscent of The Beatles.
Nick Godfrey
great chemistry from the early Kiss. they all look like they are having a blast which is what being in a band is all about. no drink or drugs or ego's fucking things up. Simmons and Criss's vocals sound great. you can do anything when you're hungry...
Simon Clulow
Ace is truly definitive in this. There's a special chemistry here. That's a real band.
I remember seeing this.....that's fucking awesome Kiss Rocks
KISS was flying the GAY rainbow before it was cool.
PissedOff WhiteGuy
Damn... I thought the only song Peter Criss sang was Beth lol. That was pretty cool. Sad things went the way they did.
the "full" intro is missing
Amazing Kiss.Young,unspoiled,full of power and drive and hungry.
Gary King
Back when there were only three channels, (4 if ya count PBS) alas, being in the mountains of E. Kentucky, We were only able to receive one. NBC. so I did get to see them on "The Midnight Special". later.