Walmart yodeling kid

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Hey guys click on the link to watch my Q&A video : />. . Mason Ramsey performance at Walmart what could you have done to make your mum tell you to sing on isle 12 in Walmart ??? I'm in love with this song ... #Walmart #yodel #trend #kids #cowboyboots #cowboy I only wish for Ellen Degeneres to see this amazing kid

Sam Matheson
I can’t tell if he is singing amazingly or terribly
Josh Bacon
Still better than Jake Paul...
max post
Who is also watching this and thinks rip rewind
He distracts the cashier while the mum takes the food
Vintage sonic 1
Only came back; because YouTube Rewind had to remind me.
Somali pirate who's actually somali
This kid is going places More specifically, meme world
"She do me, she do you" TRANSLATION "She a HOE"
ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ
I like how this video is still getting comments
Martin Baldry
I'm surprised he didn't get kicked out xD
Кино-моменты на Andesh TV
Cameron Johnston
Dad: Show em how ya sing boy Kid: In a Walmart Dad? Dad: Don’t test me boy
victor ia
*_Who is still watching this in December?? Be honest_*
*Congratulations, you on Youtube Rewind 2018!*
You’ve been arrested for filming Vertically 👌
Korn _____
Sounds like one big voice crack
This kid is such a meme He should also be a fortnite skin
Chim Chim Panda
Finally watching the original for the first time
D de David
A Realist
Sounds like a screaming donkey. :/
Keefy Boi
Kazoo kid has evolve into a human instrument
The Boy
Girlfriend: you better not be entertaining other girls Me:
Your Accident now
Sasha Weirdo 78
Natalie Beansquad
It sounds like a dying donkey
Andrew McCluskie
Is anyone here cuz they watched youtube rewind (i remember when this came out)
This kid came into walmart not knowing he would become a meme. I wish i could yodel in walmart and be on ellen
Toxic Dipp
When you’re too drunk and can’t even talk straight
Bella W
December 2018? Nope just me ? Ok .
Federico Schwarz
2019!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When my sister hears this song she gets triggered
Ben mckernan
He’ll be on the Ellen show in approximately 5 minutes.
23Olivia Hale
Youtube Rewind needs to be better in 2019
This boy sings very well.
CHIKEN in The corn
Who’s from rewind?????
Eva Armer
This is so cute ‘HE’S’ so cute My new crush of the week xD
Reminds me of Sandy Cheeks singing “I wanna go home”
Neiden kroa
still better then Youtube rewind
MajorJetsFan 973
The only good thing in rewind
Opal2016 Naufal Nabil
Youtube rewind make me to watch this video.
2 Easy
A Plant
“Are you ready for your singing lessons?” Ariana Grande nervously shakes her head yes Celine Dion shivers Beyoncé nervously looks around Adele quivers “Yes Yodeling Walmart Boy” they say in unison.
Alejandra Rodríguez
I must be the only one here who knows the song perfectly but not because of this video 😂😂
Fabi Trojnar
This meme is deep on my Heart...
Bamboozled Doggo
Oml the voice crack tho
Velocreeper 444
Aunt may is that you??
Wigs In Space
People making fun of him, he is actually singing very well, just because you don't like the genre doesn't mean you have to shit on him. He's just a kid and I am actually impressed To be clear, I don't like the genre, but this kid can SING
Ahad Uddin
When your going thru puberty...*
Improv Masters
Who randomly goes to Walmart and starts yodeling???
Tyler Joseph
Someone say hi to me right now
It feels like yesterday, when my whole school was talking about this
Carlyn W
*she call me sweet daAaAaAdy*
nadya nares
Satan Anthem 😂😂😂😂
The Unknøwn
Had to come back because YouTube rewind just sucks this year
Wonder how popular this kids gonna be when he's older
Ozark Yeoman
(10 minutes before) Okay kid, you yodel your heart out in aisle12 while we run out the back with the electronics. And remember, you can keep all the teen rated games and an Xbox.
sponsored by Walmart
Hypiene Sike
Who watch this after Youtube rewind 2018
Noah Kriemadis
The one good thing in YouTube rewind 2018 Besides Fortnite (in my opinion it was good)
Hailey Duncan
Killed it! Literally... rip my headphones. Seriously though, good job. :)
Drew HQ
He’s distracting them while his mom is getting the milk
Tiny nooodlezzz
Congrats child...You are now the meme of April...
NintenPlush [Mario & Pokémon]
is no one acknowledging this was uploaded apr. 1
Dimitri Daniel
Is anyone coming to this after YouTube rewind?😂
Wolfy FN
The things you see in Walmart
FNAF Adventures and more!
1950's: We'll have flying cars in the future. 2018:
Nevaeh Brown
the lady the back is like *how i end up here?*
Lambros Zahos
T Gillie Suit
This is what I see when I see the 5th graders trying to be fancy by gelling their hair and shit
Smol Bean
Abbie Beukanin
Someday that kid is going to grow up, get a job, maybe have kids, he's going to have an entire life, but will he ever be as famous as he was in 2018
dat_ ELi
i wonder how he feels about being in most disliked video of all time
catherineys li
who's here from rewind?
he is distracting everybody because his mom is taking everything from the store without paying
Nicholas Toth
Up next *choir kid at Target*
Martin Nordhagen
Why did I get this in my recommended page 8 months later...?
Kane Hepi
this is just the motivation I need to put a gun in my mouth.
David Godfrey
So many questions: Why is he in Walmart? Why is he surrounded by an audience as if they came for this performance? Why is he dressed like that? Why is this being filmed in portrait mode?
el mejor videos V
Canta bien
I only listen to real mOoOoOosic.
NintenPlush [Mario & Pokémon]
uploads a 2 min video becomes meme gets 6mil views turns meme into career gets on yt rewind i wish it was that easy
lobo arce
Nadie mas quiere lanzarle un zapato para que se calle?:v
Alysia Saab
Did you know that this is a tik tok meme song
Puppy Playz
*But this in 2X fast ohmygosh😂😂*
Okixiii _
When your mom forgot the eggs and you try to become a meme in 2 minutes while the cashier stares at you waiting for your mom to come back with the eggs Edit:thanks for all the likes 😂
I wish normies didn’t remix this
i dont know why but i unironically like this a lot
hermione granger
*im so glad I was born in this generation*
The Real Ronin
And this is how Walmart was made.
Somali pirate who's actually somali
This kid is going places More specifically meme world
Wesley A.
That’s the most famous “oh yeah” ever
Max Minecraft & more!
He attac He protec Most importantly he yodel
Ferdi Memes
Well, I have to say that lady looks very impressed...
Best. Recommendation. Ever
GG Skillz
And people say I don't listen to real music.
*insert random comment about this kid here*
best trend that ever happened my friend texted me on instagram saying "Omg this 5 year old kid wad singing at walmart i like him" 😂😂😂hes 10
Minecraft Heaven
This meme is **Whips** Long dead
His boots are too loose.
when you find out your cousin is single