Zbigniew Preisner - FairyTale: A True Story - "Fairytale"

"Fairytale" from FairyTale: A True Story by Zbigniew Preisner can be licensed through the Score Revolution website /> A tender piano solo accompanied by flute creates a sweet, pleasant atmosphere. Strings pick up melody at 1:04 and rise to a sweeping, romantic climax.

This film and this soundtrack are both so underrated!
Christopher John Lamb
Well' me and my future wife were walking through a bluebell wood in England and I kissed my lady and I said to her Fairies live here you know she looked into my eyes with a tear six months later she was my Angel Wife I'm now 61 years old and she is still my wife.
maravillosa!!! gracias.
E. jenima
Why is this soundtrack so hard to find both on YouTube and on CD?