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Fernando Alonso has his say on Renault, rants, and his champagne shortage... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

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Iñigo Fernández del Campo Viu
Fernando is intelligent, fast, he has everything
Federico Rosano
*Honda left the team* Fernando: 4:14
What Alonso managed to do with the McLaren was pretty amazing at some points, I'd love to see him able to fight for the podium a few times in the Renault.
That One Guy
"He did a great job in Monaco, the team was super happy" *insert picture of Button wrecking Alonso and Wehrleins car here* 1:41
Diego J.
Best of history.
Fernando the Best Driver! 🤘
Highlights Channel
Nico B
„He did a great job in monaco“. Yeah he flipped Wehrlein 😂😂
Marc Nieuwhof
Ok... after Max Alonso in my n2 fav driver! deep respect for this man!
He's such a talented driver, i hope he can fight at the front this season.
Carlos Piedra
Alonso best driver in the grid. No doubt
Gordon Chan
RIP grid girls
Jumbo Schreiner
Best driver in the last ten years!
F1 Fanatic
Fernando Alonso's 2018 schedule March 25 Australian Grand Prix April 8 Bahrain Grand Prix April 15 Chinese Grand Prix April 29 Azerbaijan Grand Prix May 5 WEC Spa May 13 Spanish Grand Prix May 27 Monaco Grand Prix June 10 Canadian Grand Prix June 16-17 Le Mans 24 Hours June 24 French Grand Prix July 1 Austrian Grand Prix July 8 British Grand Prix July 22 German Grand Prix July 29 Hungarian Grand Prix August 19 WEC Silverstone August 26 Belgian Grand Prix September 2 Italian Grand Prix September 16 Singapore Grand Prix September 30 Russian Grand Prix October 7 Japanese Grand Prix October 21 United States Grand Prix October 28 Mexican Grand Prix November 11 Brazilian Grand Prix November 18 WEC Shanghai November 25 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
George Green
Please, please Renault, be good.
Copyrights Can suck IT
How glorious would the words- “ and the winner for McLaren Renault - FERNANDO ALONSO!!” Be
Nick Eisen
#gridgirls #nohalo
Hope Renault will give you a chance
Pastor Maldonado
Bring back the gridgirls!!! I want something to crash into
I still want him to win his third WDC :(
NASCAR sucks
Sergio Perez
Dislikes are from hammy fanboys ferrari fanboys and dutch people who cant accept he is the best driver on the grid
Vol deMort
Young Fernando Alonso looks awkward haha
Hulkemberg is right.
1:08 i did not know jenson button was disabled lol ''he has disability''
Erwan Léon
Brian Lopez
If he can fo the fastest lap in a Mclaren that is awfully slow imagine what he can do in a Mercedes if Ferrari car.
Liam Scerri
BaseStuntman HD
*Insert "nice microphone logo" comments here*....
Wankel Audio
I like that they still were using the old Logo on the microphone. Probably was recorded last year.
Prasad Shirvandkar
We all wanted you to taste the champagne on the podium at every race this year.
A Ali
#DontTakeGridGirls Liberty Media!
Andrea Rojas
#NoGridGirls #YesHalo If you believe me, you need to look up the meaning of #sarcasm
Max 33
Alonsos carbon footprint must be ridiculous next year with WEC and Formula 1. Guy contributes to 10% global warming
FC liverpool
Goat driver Goat:Greatest of all Time
#OldLogoBestLogo #NoHalo #NoAmericanisation
Simon and Garfunkel Bootlegs
When Alonso's highlight is a P6, it clearly shows there's something wrong.
Daniel Reibold
1:42 He did a great job in monaco. The team was super happy ... :D lol he crashed WER into the wall because of a driver mistake ... :D
naresh vuppu
The most emotional moment of next season would be seeing him on the podium..I hope it happens
Paul Kästner
He's just a driver you can't dislike... :D
Jeff Favignano
Love you Alonso❤️❤️❤️💚💚💛💛💛🖤💜💚💚💚💛💛
1:41 So doing a great job is nearly killing Wehrlein?
He may not have won races in the last three years but he sure won symphaties like no other. Go for it 2018, Ferre!
Thiago Veloso
Oh please let this man taste the champagne. And at 24hrs Le-Mans preferentially
Mark Sexy
The last time I was this early the logo was unchanged
Elind 78
Best driver of the history.
In 2018 i will be cheering as a Dutch for Max and as always for Fernando.
Cool logo on the mic
Jessica Rona
Wait a sec, jenson tipped pascal over in monaco or? Am i wrong?
R a i n m i l t o n - Financial wizard
Living legend
bliequit vestern
If Lewis gets first 5 wins I’m not watching the rest of the season.
Bad logo bottom left
2:35 I loved that crowd reaction when i was watching that q1 xD
Such a great guy Nando, always trying to be funny and positive when things go wrong... I hope he will achieve better results next year, he deserves them :D
F1- Boxenstopp
Mehr zur Formel 1 auf meinem Channel ;)
Kutlay Yeğen
no grid girls no F1
King of F1 memes
"Yenson, my friend!"
Bringing back the grid girls would be a nice start. Those women actually enjoyed their jobs shame on you Liberty for taking their jobs away
Podium for Nando in 2018.
Jeremy Parts
Worst decision maker in F1 history. He leaves a team and they find their way! He would be on top if he stayed with Ferrari! Whatever stock portfolio he has stay away, it will fail!
No Halo, bring back the old logo AND bring back the pitgirls!!!
Alp Kısa
He even does something good with that shit car. Give him Mercedes engine and see what happens! Really talented driver.
Dylan Bheekha
Really feel sorry for this man, amazing talent but in a shit car because of a shit engine, what a talent wasted, if McLaren had the Mercedes power unit they could fight for sure for the title, Renault is not a good engine like Mercedes or Ferrari, i want to see Alonso happy again
Dominik 95 PL™
Good year for Alonso - incoming :D Le Mans win and good fight in F1:)
Guys let’s guess how many times his engine will explode in the season.
Erkmen Akin
Love and hate him
Renault vs McLaren vs Force is the battle in 2018
Shame F1 has gone feminist by getting rid of gridgirls...
Rakshit Joon
He did a great job in monaco The team was very happy.😂😂
Dominar TyranT
Cant wait to see the Renault "effect".
yüsra ysr
Can't wait to see you on the podium again Alonso :)
The best F1 driver. I love Fernando❤️
Long live the Spanish samurai
Diek us
The most complete driver of the F1 grid. A true racer.
Kiko Ilievski
The next must be the bwoahminator
Eduardo Arias
I wish only the best for Alonso.
crazy guy
spelling mistake at 0:48 . "raqe"
First the Halo, then the logo and now the grid girls? Oh boy ...
Takumi -San
Kimi’s next?
Alberto Llobregat
The best ever
kick derel
How are people calling him the best driver ever? With only 2 championships😂 Like what did i miss? He WAS good, but “the greatest”? NAHH😂😂😂
Rob Lal
Im disappointed that the word "race" is so often mentioned on this channel. Everybody is equal yo
anderson escobar
My favorite driver
Alvaro Martinez
For me Alonso, button and Ricciardo are some great people probably the most enjoyable personalities of the grid. I mean how can you not love them xD i also think max and Lewis are great guys
Alvaro Martinez
La verdad es prometedor y optimista escuchar estas palabras. Vamos Alonso y puxa Asturies!!!!!!
Alonso and Hamilton, the bests drivers in the world...Agree?
When Mclaren achieve that podium again that is going to be the biggest party and celebration of the year.
Alvaro Martinez
John Simon Wijaya
so far, Fernando only have good luck with Renault engine.
Pavlos Lepaul
Despite better social media Liberty Media done everyrhing to destroy this beautiful sport...
for me one of the most talented driver on earth actually
AOR Bremen
I think Vettel,Hamilton and Alonso are on the same level!
Attila Horváth
I hate u Liberty!! Grid girl pls...