The Big Bang by Katy Tiz Lyrics

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Hey everybody! Here is a video for the lyrics to the song, "The Big Bang" by Katy Tiz! I don't own the song or album cover!!! Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe!!!!! :)

Katy Tiz (Musical Artist) Lyrics (Website Category) The Big Bang (Canonical Version) Music (TV Genre) Song Album

Joeri Budie
she's got the London look lmao 😂😂😂 the gap in between her teeth if you haven't seen the commercial this version is awesome tough
Nicholas Snow
How to start a fight on the internet: Religion
Ni Hao
I've been looking for this song for SO long, and I finally found it. 😫😫😫 It was on my mind for so long.
Dingonun Ahırı
Whenever I listened this, I get relax what a lovely song.
Grace Deas
Who else is here because of the Sims 3 Pets?
Skyla Sparkle
Is it just me, or are her eyebrows uneven?...Sorry, I'm ocd and things like that bother me a bit....(Says the one with the uneven unibrow....)
I came expecting triggered Christians but surprisingly did not find any
tiffany lowe
This song is on Sims pets u can listen to them both at the same time lml
ss ss
Guled Uchiha
im here cuz of the movie lol
Aubrey Saunders
I love this song and she is super pretty
Anita Malik
I'm here because of a supernatural edit
im surprised there arent that many religions comments tbh
bria monroe
this song is in the sim 3 pets
Manuel Lacher
Hmmmm where is the official video?!?! It sounds exactly like the rock mafia version. Maybe that's the reason cause i've never heard this version in our radio stations.
awesome song
one of my four year old preschool students was walking around singing this yesterday. lol
Autumn Varner
i love this song! but its so easy to make your singing voice sound just like hers i like singers i have a hard time matching my voice too that does a great job with lots of talent but great song🖒
Girl Q
Big Bang stans be looking real sly now. 😏
silver wolf
good job :)
jesenia marrero
I Love this song
seher ekici
Luuuuuuv it!
Good job
Girl With Lizard
this is the original song. miley just covered it with Rock Mafia
baps baps
Miley cyrus ft rock mafia much better
Who else heard this song in 2010 from ROCK MAFIA? Because I have! :D
Emily Vasquez
This song is my favorite i always come to your song because as soon as I see the lyrics I say to myself that I love this song ❤️👍😀😊😉😃😄😋😌☺️😛😺
Miral Glances
0:31 is where the meme starts!
I thought this was Miley when I first heard it. I had never seen the original music video until 5 minutes ago and then Miley was there.
rainneyfabray rfcool
Criminal minds brought me here
vähän typerää kun disney lopetti nyt kokonaan piiroselokuvien teon ja siirtyivät animaatio elokuviin :/
luna kai
why her official video is not available anymore
SellyGamesChannel MinecraftPE
Thank's very much)I'm preety funny:)
Katya Way
gayvibes TM
here...bc butler...
rashamel sallen
this song is the Mob Wives intro!
BlahBlah Blah
what happened video?
Inna Kurniasih 081372014411
love this song
Kayla Graves
like this song
Shenier Torres
Here because of FIFA
victoria harnum
How come I can't find the original video?
lale özdemir
Adrienne and Genesis
I love this song so much tbh.. -A
Lisa Davis
She helped me survive my stint at DD’s Discounts!
Viktorka Morova
The big big beng
That is a very awkward hand position
so good
susan Huicochea
wasnt the big big bang a science theory?
Vanesa Castelita ;v
speak spanish?
Autumn Dees
4 real
Johnecia Blue
oh bae
Doel: naar muziek luisteren
Ceyda aşkımsın yavrum.
Perrie Girl
who is here from the movie LOL
Hi I'm Trash
My own mother likes this song
Maslinda Colon
Miley Cyrus wrote the song
Julia Kahile
who's watching in 2016
Lair cloe
Katy tiz just copied this song of rock mafia
Aphmau Stuff
this isnt by her its a cover its by --->Rock Mafia<----dont believe me? check for urself...