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Sakib Khan
very nice your jumping is the best
Short Kicks
More beach!
clickbait... where is a 3rd meter spike???? pff
finally some beach volley bruno schmidt is such an all-round player a truly magician nice vid btw
Thanks for the video but please do something for the music, it's just terrible...
marco Cap of bag-end
italy the best
Raúl Luna
Where is the "crazy" in this video? All of them are normal actions in this sport. But even then, is a good video.
Rei Supremo
Brazilians great as usually. Bruno <3
Rocco Reichelt
0:57 I laughed sooo hard omg
Saúl Félix
🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 MÉXICO 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 VIRGEN /ONTIVEROS 3:04 3:04
Emerson neno
so fera amo esse esporte ja fui muito bom na areia hj jogo qadra tento kkkk
Alessandra Rizzatti
Brazilian players rocks !
Rokas S
I prefer women's beach volleyball :)
Gustavs Auziñs
more beach
warner sissies
OMG!!!! definitely the best video you've ever made
Simone Flaminio
Summer is coming😎🌞
Can someone explain to me under which category this movement falls and why/how it's allowed? 2:50
Danny Jenkins
ok how are they not covered in sand? they are so sweaty throwing themselves on the ground like that lol
Nilay Karatas
2.46 thug life 😎
love the serves of that guy who tries to use the sun in his favor with his high serves
Harbard Rvnclw
Who is 2:34?
Barça Barça
WoooooW !Best Channel Of Me
David Jimenez
why court volleyball needs to be played with tank tops in men? I understand that on the beach, but inside...
Володимир Ковальчук
very nice actions
Jannis Gruschka
this music WHY? :(
Cartel Records
Good video I see volleyball and beach volleyball and I find interesting to combinate both sports in this channel
Thị Hồng Duyên Nguyễn
Viet Nam bao gio moi duoc 1cap nhu the nay
men man
really incredibol!
K Enigma
More beach!
Gustavs Auziñs
omg very nice video! please more videos on beach volleyball!
Rachel LaCroix
Just a question: the play at 1:52, doesn't the hitter touch the net?
James Howlett
Perisic is the best
Igor 002
Brasil representando
Вадим Долгов
Please tell me the name of the song
wiss EZPVP
finally beach volleyball!!! you are awesome
what is the name of Italy beachvolleyball player
Fernando Casasnovas
3:46 beautiful.. are there any vids for serves like that??!!!
RAJ kamal
Fernando Casasnovas
Great music btw dog. Love progressive house. Really ideal
Diellza Morina
1:41 Who is the player?
nelly go
Miguel Mero
Como se llama la canción del video
Andrea Bacci
Why always that music
Alondra Rojas
can you pl make a video about Casey Paterson
Diego Alejandro
via shile mierda
Cornetto Disk
where is the beach?
Ricardo Guedes
Mamute BR ;)
the best уважаю этот канал за то что он не линивая жопа труда любивый человек каждый день делает видео с отличным монтажом респект titans voleyball
Mebarek Seddik
I suggest you to do bossaball like so that he can see it
Kiko san
image they put on shoes how tall they would fly
Niell Hyung
song name please ?
Ibrahiim Rob
Maxine McQuarters
Why are most of these spikes aimed to people? Why not aim where there is no one?
Why is this video celebrating cheap 1 and 2 ball shots?
Mateus Pereira
se inscreve ai rapeize 100K
Meh... not the best selection, seems you're obsessed with the Italians and Polish
Jonatán Kotán
carzy actions...?
Igor Stanojevic
hahahaahaha...this is joke.
Dorotėja Suruda
0:57 wtf
Johnnion GT
1:50 net touch
The music is too annoying to watch.
Adam Gruchała
Bas Dergen
wtf 3 meters =20ft??? none of the first 4 shots are within 3 meters of the net