Rise of Japan: Greatest Revolutions, Part 3

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Japan's last shogun is ousted in a coup and a young emperor seizes power to become the supreme executive authority. Part 3 of our 2,600 year timeline of history's greatest revolutions. FB for daily news: /> />Subscribe to TDC: /> Researched, written, narrated and produced by Bryce Plank Edited by Robin West

The Daily Conversation
Part 3 focuses on strong leaders who rode populist waves following the widespread suffering of World War I.
Runsonhappiness Runner
I think the Italian fascist revolution deserves to be here
Hatred Clay
Lenin 😊
Lucas Go
You should write english subtitle in your videos. It's quick and it would allow you to touch a bigger public. Concerning me, i'haven't got an enought level of english to understand without subtitle: too bad it seems interesting. I stay a subscriber just in case you decide to put subtitle. And i hope! i love your themes!
Kevin Jacquet
Hey man, thanks so much for the hard work you've been doing. I really apprieciate it
I feel like these videos should serve as an intro to a much larger series where at least some 3-4 minutes are used to speak about each of the events mentioned. There's just so much content to talk about in each of these, it would easily be their own separate videos.
Jorin Sherlock
Did anyone else think that the Thumbnail looked like ERBH?
Bryce Franco Zholshybekov
Hi there
Monty Monty
Ain't no Slice
TDC are you in any way related to THFE Productions? You two seem eerily similar. (and you're subscribed to his channel)
big legend56
Thanks for remembering Ireland (1919-1922) :'(
Louis Peeters
educational twice straight rice teenager mix cook endless.
Rise of Japan was the curse for tens of millions East Asian
Generalissimo Reply
you need to improve your pronunciation of Japanese words
Andy Moon
I love how that the TDC (one of my favourite channels) talks about Hitler's violence yet never puts in the facts that Japan was a really aggressive, evil empire.
USA should have drop more A bombs on Japan
Simply Historical
Why wasn't the Indian independence movement mentioned? Sure, it may have not been a violent uprising, but it was one of the few peaceful revolts against imperialism that succeeded.