Robin of Sherwood - Nasir vs. Normans

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From series 2, episode 7.

Power Up
I really loved this series but the Robin Hood on BBC seems stupid.
""Norman chainmail clearly sucks"" Again, people take movies too serious. Nope, real historically accurate maille armour from end 12th century would be made of riveted iron rings, probably ~16mm in diameter from 1,2-1,4mm wire. There is no chance for a simple knife stabbing or cutting through this. But again, it's a movie! Enjoy it, but don't even think about historical accuracy.
Zach Campbell
Why in this scene from the robin of Sherwood Series 2 finale entitled the greatest enemy didn't Nasir swing his sword and cut of guy of gisburnes head with his sword.
Anne-Marie Caluwaert
It was surely not Gisburne who did start the 'fairplay' feeling in the UK! LOL
This clip is arguably one of the finest of the entire series. Nazir demonstrates both his ruthless fighting skills, and his fierce loyalty to his friends. He enters the village knowing he will face overwhelming odds, yet he does so without hesitation- in a vain attempt to save his friends. Mark Ryan was fantastic, so dynamic with his two swords and throwing knives. Naz seemed unbeatable-even Will Scarlett, a highly skilled and ferocious fighter himself had utmost respect for Naz as a warrior.
Nasir,Proof that you dont mess with Doncaster lads :) A few years ago i chuckled to myself when I saw a bloke that looked like Nasir in Donny....had no idea at the time that it could actually have been him ,well,who would have guessed the ultra cool saracan was from Yorkshire? :)
Sapphire .Seahorse
Nasir is so damn cool and sexy..
Mark ryan's portrayal of Nasir was a turning point for the way we view Robin Hood - many books and movies now include a Saracen, not realising that 'Nasir' was invented especially for RoS coraclewoman
Nasir jest genialny! I te 2 miecze.
@sabine1470 well, he wasn't the best, but definitely the coolest. i thought, when it comes to the best, the sheriff rocks the show by far.
Watched these awesome series back in 1996 or 97, when our local TV aired them. All my friends liked Robin, but I preferred Nasir. He was just so damn cool! Still is... Just shame that I had no access to Internet back then and couldn't find any info about Mark Ryan :(
Nasir was probably the best character in this series.
Ken Burke
I liked the way Nasir fought. Using no shield (usually), fighting with two short swords and hands and feet, he was a Dark Ages ninja!
Baz theblue
Mark Ryan was playing i suppose a Clint Eastwood character,strong,silent type but lethal,the only thing was he wasn`t Arabic enough for me,not enough praying to Mecca or moaning about the cold weather.
@eocarcharia Not that much of one! Known someone living here 18 years and still hasn't an english or regional accent. It could have been concealed more, but Mark clearly asked for more lines in the last season. It didn't work as well as it did in the first two series.
Rhine Horn
Holy shit assassin's creed. When i was a kid i never under stood the storyline but i never missed an episode. The theme song is just epic and Nasir was the first non-lead character i ever preffered in a show.
vince burke
This was the best robin hood series ever made period
Yeah, you're right! But some of the themes in it, I would not think were suitable for certain ages.
I've heard it said that RoS was a children's show, but I've never believed this to be correct. It was set for prime time family viewing, shown around 6pm when most folk had their tea. As such, there was a limit to the violence they could show. They could never show someone being shot below the waist for instance, but got away with it a few times. They couldn't show someone's throat being cut, but got away with it. The fighting was often brutal, sword fighting clean & precise, but zero blood.
It was a childrens show? Really!
Grainne Mhaol
It was a children's show, and ITV placed strict rules on what they were allowed to show at that time i.e. no blood coming from a wound, no dead people with their eyes open. I think it works better for not being a bloodbath, as I think people would find Robin and the Merries less heroic if they were slaughtering and dismembering Normans.
Nasir's credibility wained in series three. Every time he opened his mouth he sounded like he was from yorkshire! They spent two whole seasons not giving him any lines for that reason.
Юлия Панина
Nasir is the only one of sherwood team who I still respect. Perhaps, because he says a little and does much. :)
Pretty dumb being spotted like that. I thought he was meant to be stealthy? The camp had about 20 guards. LoL
this episode was so sad.
Agreed. Naz & Will Scarlet were superb characters. Will to me represents the fighting spirit of the English, a never say die attitude coupled with pride & incredible stubborness. Naz was an out & out warrior, ruthlessly efficient & determined. When I saw this scene at the time, I genuinely thought Naz was going to succeed in rescuing his fellow merries. Mark Ryan is superb with a sword & dagger!
Nasir was my favourite when I was 7 years old, followed by Will Scarlet. I thought he was a Ninja. Ninjas are totally sweet.
That's one of the greates warriors ever.
Nasir was brilliant!!
Thx for video... Nasir is so cool :)
Louise Vallière
Nasir rocks... but Norman chainmail clearly sucks
Alex Moreau
I swear watching Nasir is like palying "Hitman: Chronicles" :)
my favourite episode and my favourite Saracen - thanks! He was such a great character all subsequent Robin Hood adaptations included some sort of Saracen (producers of prince of thieves apparently believed that was part of original folk lore) - but noone ever was as good as Naz. Kudos to the ultimate lean mean silent killing machine!
Great sequence from a superb series. Naz was a seriously cool character. Guy of Gisburne was lucky that day!!
Thanx for the video! Nasir was cool, unlike Morgan Freeman's character, which was a joke.
Rajiv Welikala
Nasir was the most bad ass of the Merry men