DFD - Growing Young

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"Take the Stares" OUT NOW! Get the CD at /> Get it on iTunes at /> Growing Young iTunes - />Bandcamp - /> Produced by: Breezy Lovejoy Bass: Kelsey Gonzalez Keys: Vicky "Farewell" Nguyen Mixed by: Joe Peluso Illustrations by: Sang Lee /> Directed by AK+B /> /> Lyrics: Be a man john be a man, used to get them Marlboros for dad, it made me feel grown, didn't know the problems he had, but he was real gone, when he had the bottle in hand, he was just dead wrong, promised that I would never grow up and be him, but I never grew up at all, and now I'm womanizing and cheatin, drinkin heavily in the pm, havin myself a monsters ball, just like my pa, my girl lookin the same way my mom did, smeared make up tears under her eyeleids, generations of havin a down ass chick, but we always end up fuckin up that shit, pointin fingers at all of my male figures, the only thing gettin bigger is makin bout six figures, and everybody just shut up, when I put it on my tab, aint it sad when a visa's the only credit you have, huh, but that's just john and that's how he is, that's the only way people come into my defense, but that's just wrong but that's how it is, and it be helpin me get away with alot of shit, alotta shit, alotta shit, I wish somebody really gave me a whole of shit, but they on the dick, yea they on my dick, now my ego is getting bigger than moby dick, they see the videos, they see the hero, they take a mess and paint a mural, edit out the a- hole put in the b-roll, render the clips, and you got pure gold, shoutout to B tho, that's mi amigo, kept me in check when I was actin like a devo, when I was steve o, he made me steve jobs, im a ceo, now look at me ma, now look at me ma, I'm on my grown shit, when I mean grown I mean takin care of my own shit, now look at me pa, this is some grown shit, now what you taught me forget it I flipped the whole script, now look at me girl I'm on grown shit, what im sayin I mean it my word is golden, everything I'm sayin you're probably thinkin no shit, I shoulda known this already, but I'm ready now, __________ dfd, dumbfoundead, los angeles, hip hop, animation, rap, growing young, take the stares, are we there yet, green, BRB, bubba kush, cool and calm,

Zero Shimada
I started listening to dumbfounded again. This man is pure genius... I have friends who are off to university, and I should be too, but for reasons I couldn't. I'm afraid to grow up and I always listened to his song "Peter Pan Complex" and because of this, I feel even motivated to continue on marching forward through my school work and be successful. Love dumbfounded. Thank you.
Parker idk if you read these man but I'm just becoming a man and this song really helped me to stop being a kid and grow up. It's still a learning process, but still Thanks man
Bee Lee
Cool thing was he gave out those actual cards he drew on along with the CD! (; I believe.
This is so real
wow it would have taken forever to draw all those...
Chans in a bee
This is great. Simple and light music with a sick flow about LIFE. This is honest art that needs to be put out more.
Cee Jay
4 years and still waiting for the illustration that the first 100 or so are supposed to get if they buy the song ._.
Motorboat Jones
Thanks, Dumb...I'm in my 40's and every once in a while I put this on to remind myself to keep growing.
just found dumbfoundead. Great, just great music
Melody Yu
Love it, how did I just find this now?
Dontbthirsty -Notadrink
DFD is so sick I got a fever just from listening.
Jack D
i really wish after watching this, i could just give him A BIG ASS HUG
does anyone what kind of beat this is, I want to hear more music similar to this style
Proven Sakima
How does this not even have 1 Million likes? Honestly
No matter what name you choose dumb your recognized as Dumbfoundead. one of the most realist killin it in the game.
Sylvia Ramone
out of almost a million views, at least 1,000 of them are from me.
Mohammad Al Azzouni
I love your flow. Keep doing your thing man. A fellow Niketalker ;)
VividSoul Yaj
the nostalgia 😵
nunyu buz
rubb you rong time
whats this beat? sounds familiar like kanye west.
shadow tiger x
1 Mio clicks are mine
와......진짜 개좋음..
trefor thomas
love the drawing style who drew it ?
Tyrus Bachar
Must have took so long to draw all those pictures... god damn!
never knew u changed ur name to parker? oh well w.e name you go for just keep making music, it dont matter, different name same BEAST LYRICIST!!
Malik Moses Lawson
There should be an instrumental of this. I'd love to flow with my home boys to this track.
Starkraven Markraven
Dumb needs to listen to this again.
I wish I could like this vid everytime I hear it.
need more of this shit nice relaxing beat and lyrics that mean allot
Max Rodriguez
please keep on making music man PLEASE
this is some real ish. Love this song
Joyce Ho
this song makes me cry ;"( 
The Realest
Liam Orchard
So slick
People gon look back on this song. Classic shit. 
Everyone so proud of u. This video is awesome Love it.
El Tiangco
missed this.
Jeremy Diesel
My favorite Dumbfoundead song
Kevin Sluder
If this was a minute longer it'd be the perfect song
Sang Tu
why does this explain my life.....
AyeBrahh Caah
Imagine the feeling of looking at a wall with your whole life on it.. Must of been a good feeling to know where you come from and where you are now.. Great visuals. Love this video and song. 
BKR Records
i subed to u man cuzz my friend moss willow posted u on fb man u r dope
Towelie McTowel
this song gives me the same vibes that watsky did..... They kind of sound similar in this song
Aylin H
he was at kcon and he was seriously the funniest person and I was so happy he was there because I just love his music and it was so surreal to actually see him upclose im still laughing at what him and danny were talking about while interviewing the other artists
haha I got the first notecard in the music video, I get superrrr lucky :]]
Deja Manns
still my favorite vid by dumb
Minaya Alomar
This is soo dope
Omar Tenorio
stuff we already knew but we still tried it and guess what.. we blew our shot at providing for the fam, no more chances but god damn god give me one more chance...
JohnnyBoy Biggz
That's what life is about
Nick Biddle
Hi Jon! 
Alex Garcia
What a gorgeous song
January High
~ I wish somebody really gave me a whole lotta shit ~
kim y.j.
I love you
reminds me of the spoof of justin beiber when he says "im a big boy now"
atom delgado
absolutely can't get enough of his stuff... i'm hooked  :)
James Deng
Somehow The ending helped me connect with Dumbfoundead in terms of having flashbacks of our own past selfs.
Bryan Zhang
This guy got the best MV of all time
Julian Rodriguez
This sounds like heard em say but its good
Mengmore Vang
Best music video.
Lucas Quiroga
Eu realmente gostei disso.
hey does anyone have an instrumental for this? I'm going to write a song over this (: it's just for practice yo. please?
Justin Choi
Simply the REALEST track
Grayson Mento
So sick.
banana murax
Produced by Breezy. Sweet!
The1 Daskelter RNHKLAN
kool jam
Lei Jugenheimer
The vibes
Maly Trance
Thanks for the Aspiration.
Jiahn Park
덤파 화이팅
Mahdi Ben Fekih
Why so perfect?
J.J. Valdez
Jason Campbell
I'm going to regret this but, why do the Asian guys in pics look like Micky mouse
Arthur Gonçalves
Deep, love it. (not like that you creep).
Sadie Bee
Lộcộc Lê
so cool :)))
very very good
this song always hits my soul. insperational song is what it is.
this song always hits my soul. insperational song is what it is.
Jonathan Tran
Hella smooth flow. Chill song
Toby Brash
Eamon Fitzsimons
i own the picture at 0:11
Insane Lyrical
draw my life, hahahaha..fucking lames....... dont even realize the end of the vid show's life before your eyes experience............dope vid........ no hate on ya'll just pointing it out... ;)
Am I the only one wishing the drawings were straight in line?
Missael Sanchez
DFD and Palmer Squares colab!
really appreciate the support. can't wait to get down there for some shows. thanks fam!
Jillian L
LOVE this
N O T H I N G F O R E V E R.
Haha , Agree ^.\
one word to the making of that video "DEDICATION" YOUR THE BEST DFD!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER DFD
Rabbit Rocks
Fucking cool!
Alex A
damn this musta taken so long
nick williams
best one
Chris Gibson
I honestly do not know how, in a year, this only got half a million views. DFD KILLS.
probably my fav song by DFD