My Favourite English City 💓 | Bristol Vlog

Met some old friends last weekend in Bristol, where I lived for 5 blissful months 5 years ago xx ******* 📍 PLACES: Saturday - Cabot Tower: - Bristol Zoo: /> Sunday - Arch House Deli: />- Clifton Suspension Bridge: />- Falafel King: />- The Clifton Sausage: />- The Cori Tap: />- Nettle & Rye: /> Monday - University of Bristol: />- The White Harte: />- Banksy: />- College Green: />- St. Nicholas Market: />- Cabot Circus: /> ******* 📱 FIND ME ONLINE: - Instagram: />- Twitter: /> 🙋 FAQ: - What and where are you studying? MSc Management at UCL - Where did you get your backpack? I don't know, sorry! My mom got it for me from a street shop in Seoul. - Where did you get your glasses? Warby Parker />- Where did you get your Macbook case? From Amazon, the brand is Mosiso * - Where did you get your phone case? Sonix /> 🎵 MUSIC: - Hyson: />- Ryan Little: - Gillicuddy: />- Wanderflux: />- A Different Thread: /> 🎥 PRODUCTION: - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100: * - iPhone SE: />- iMovie: /> 👗 OOTD: - Glasses, Warby Parker: />- Khaki Parka, Tate: />- Leather Jacket, Macy’s (Bar III) - Shoes, Michael Kors - Ripped Mom Jeans, Topshop: />- Black Skinny Jeans, Zara - Dark Gray Mock Neck Sweater: Banana Republic - Striped Tee, Zara 💄 FOTD: - Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: * - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow: * *This is an affiliate link, which means I can earn a bit of commission if you decide to make a purchase with it. You don't have to use it, but I appreciate the help if you do!

Great Vlog! Bristol is such a beautiful place. Especially Kings Street and The Wapping Wharf. I've brought my Vlog to Bristol a few times now. Hopefully you could check it out. Keep up the great work! Will be looking out for more Video's!
That dog is judging everyone 😂😂
Hard to believe your anything but 21. You look so young.
Sukaina Bouattaouin
yes! more Bristol vlogs please!
Zahra Dewji
Love this video, Bristol always keeps a piece of you with itself!
Nicole Brooker
I love Bristol zoo I always go there for my birthday because I'm never too old. :) also that dog was absolutely adorable!!
Ira Daz
K. Choi!!!! 💓 love from the Philippines 🇵🇭
my wig flew to exo planet
your taste in music is just so 😍😍😍
Lina Dwiayu Rinlestari
Omg this vlog is full of beautiful and pretty sights💖💖💖 such a stress reliever!! I hope I could go to Bristol someday!
30 secs in and im already sold
Ed Owens
it's strange seeing a vlog of where you are from
im going on exchange in bristol & i was so nervous at first but watching this makes me feel so excited now!
Recently stumbled upon your channel! Love how calm, refreshing, and eloquent you are. This vlog has definitely renewed my interest in visiting Bristol again :) xx
April Dyan Oropel
it was very nice to see Korea in Joan's perspective and now its very nice to see England in your eyes. It's beautiful! now its like I'm getting to see some parts of the world through your videos! Thank you so much kchoi! 💖😁
fae gibb
It always makes me so happy when people say they love Bristol. I miss it so much everyday 😢😭
vanessa hilarion
that dog looks so cute hahah ♡
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Kristina, what's your soundcloud?? Love your playlists!!
Leviosa Lily
i'm moving to bristol to study next month and so i stumbled across this while looking for anything related to the city and i love your calm vlogging style :)
Carlo Mercato
Bristol is my home
Really enjoyed this style vlog too! ❤️
Jia Teng Khoo
So excited to receive notification of your new video! 🤤🤤
Raihanna Razman
I love Bristol lovely place ❤️ love your vlogs
Vanessa Atok
So happy you uploaded new vlog!😄
Ah there’s my beautiful city
Ashley Smith
Castle Park is named for the very old (1000+ years) castle there, ruins of which are still visible. Not named after the church, which is also very old. The castle and the nearby crossroads of Wine St and Corn Street are the oldest parts of Bristol. I love my city and glad you love it too!
Jessica Neves
Loved the dog xD and your vlogs 💖
Is it weird to ask what font you use? 😅😆😂 love ur style of editing!
jaemin oh yes
Please do your morning routine...
John Rafael Moquiala
I am so happy seeing you have a new video uploaded... yey... 😍😍😍 stay awesome as always...
Joey Chen
Love this video, makes everything vivid again in my mind.
thanks for the vlog! i might be going to bristol uni soon <3
Keung Kau
Sadly most students don't venture outside of Clifton!
Zion James
Your editing is so cute😂😂
cindy michella
we really enjoy it k choi!!so happy if u make new video <3 :D
For J
aesthetic as always
Maja Johansson
Wow Bristol seems so much nicer than I imagined 😃 So different from busy London haha ^^ I should really take a weekend there
Miljee Jee
Angraeny Dede
I used to click the affiliate links xD keep vlogging pls :)
Charissa MS
yeay so early 💖💖💖💖💖
Tony Godfrey
Fantastic video ... well done and many thanks
Thomas Lee
Love your vlogs ! Keep up the great work 🤗
Sophia J Maheson
Love seeing UK through your lens. wow, good job on your description box, must've taken u a while to compile everything! Enjoy UK as much as u can, these months will sadly fly by.
Reni Cruz
So glad i found this channel! xx
alyanna ross
omg that dog is so precious :-((
Radin White
i love your videosss!!! fighting k.choi💞 by the way you look like woo jinyoung one of the produce101 trainee💃
my moon
i just wanna cry everytime u posted a new video
wesry 00
yay!! ♥♥♥ this vlog!
comforting video!
The dog was sooooo cute!!! That person who was rock climbing! :O Bristol seems like a nice city! I love how you insert the people playing in the streets into the video, you did it before (for Prague?) and it's brilliant! Ugh allergies I hate them too! See you in the next vid! ;D
yay bristol! :D
배경음악이랑 영상이랑 잘 어울려요👍 항상 잘 보고 있어요!
Vera Yiran
It's so beautiful and peaceful!
Green tea mochi
Love this vlog! That dog is so adorable 😂 I liked how you did the voiceovers! Your vlogging style kind of reminds me of CatCreature~ It would be nice to see a video of your favorite youtubers if you have any!! 💕
Jasmine Chen
Really want to go to Bristol after seeing this!!! 💕💕
Tina Lai
may I know the name of the fonts used in your video?😍
Dika Anjar Pratiwi
all of your friends are so lovely..
Love your videos! 💕
Dear Kristina, I love all of your videos 💞😘
More vlogs please!Love u K!Not only the editing style of videos but also the peaceful voice n taste of everything.Follow u just yesterday but can't help viewing all your videos.
nina wang
Hai K. Choi, what's your shoes brand? And where did you bought it? It looks so cool 😎
C Le
I really liked when you went through all the places you used to go to when you studied abroad. It made me oddly nostalgic cause it reminded me of when I studied abroad in London. Even though that wagamama was probably just one of my many in england, it had specific memories for you and your friends, just like how I feel the same way about some EATs and Caffe Neros in london :')
bristol moore
i am bristol.
baden hohapata
uber dweeb guide
Love from the uk
Ming li
Great vlog. it shows another side of england
Nothing like some pasty Brits to start the day!
Willa G.
come visit some of the amazing Australian zoos!!
Sinta Chen
Hi Kristina! I love how Bristol is urban-ish 😁 such a nice place to visit 😊
Ruby Ali
So so so cool. Glad you had fun. I've got to make my way to Bristol.
yesss bristol is my city☺️ also , i don’t know if this is weird but what font did you use for the text in your vlog? x
Nurul Haji Alias
Ahhhhhhh. I studied in University of Bristol and graduated in 2012. This brings back so much memories! Lovely vlog kchoi!
Bernice Low
K choi, how did u go to the suspension bridge? last time i got to the bridge. wanna take a full pic of the bridge but idk where to stop. helppp :(
Ivana S
I enjoyed the vlog :) Have you ever seen the millau viaduct bridge in France?
Chao Yuan
Omg ! You were in Bristol last week. You really should have gave a shout out-loud in advance then I could treat you a big meal in there . Big hug!!
As Londoner I too was surprised how nice Bristol was when I visited it 2 years ago. But didn't you feel a bit like a third wheel with your mates and boyfriends?
Awww so cute! Please come back soon and see my pasty British face again! Anna xx
This is Clifton.