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Christopher Franko
Man that Oscar fight was so satisfying omg.
I love that Browner was so humiliated that he wouldn’t even give a post fight interview, but instead ran out of the stadium with his tail between his legs. What a spineless coward. If He won they would have had to pry the mic from his hands. I can’t even imagine the satisfaction that Maidana must have felt picking that scumbag apart and watching him run away like a little bitch after the match
Coffee Hand Shaky
Who's here after Pac vs Broner?
LaLa Harris
Why does Broner look like a little boy who just got his ass beat on the playground & his friends had to help him home.
Broner should have learned spanish so he could have said "no mas, porfavor NO MAS"
Mike Laws
He who humps last humps best!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Travis Marx
Oscar utterly murdered that man, if no ref stopped them we would've probably seen a pay per view homicide lmaoo
Theo Ikhide
1:23 "I don't say I made a 360° (literal reversion back to a starting point, or regression), I say I made a 720° (literal reversion back to a starting point, or regression, twice)"
Fred Owusu Sekyere
I don’t know why God blessed me with all this talent🤣
Justin M.
Broner’s gonna be in one of these compilations again lol
Jeric Libarios
Broner's talent is a joke.
The Broner and Maidana fight is still entertaining...
Lindsey Ormsbee
Adrian Broner is "Made in China" Floyd knockoff.
Elio sky
The Muslim guy from England was so stupid, he had his hands down to mock his opponent while his opponent pretty much destroyed him
LeJon Brames
Broner- "it's Texas, alot of Mexicans"... Maidana is from Argentina
destroyer 911
Good for Oscar de la Hoya... respect!!!
Roemon Elliott
I loved how Adrian Broner prayed to God for Marcos Maidana to be 100% going into the fight. ask and you shall recieve
Joshua 'CHUBBZ' Gardler
Naseem getting beat like that is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in boxing.
In Vino Veritas
Oscar De La Hoya stay pretty after every battle !! Not even a spot on him......
Broner walking back to the dressing room lol
Jim Jam
Oscar got the best ass of his life from his wife that night. That's how you hold your family and people up with your opponents down.
Don't Mess With Chewie
Yoooo broner did the stanky legs XD ~~~
People in general just need to learn to not flap their gums so much.
Everyone's commenting on Maidana schooling Broner, but I was pretty thrilled to see Oscar knocking Mayorga right off the seat of his trunks. Just beautiful.
Naseem has a monster chin.
Volibear Gaming
His name should be "Boner" cuz that's all he got anyway😂
Who is here after a.b vs pac? Lmao.
SaShin ShiNE
I love watching Oscar fight, so clean so quick and accurate with his hits. Not to mention he fought that last one for the honor of his wife and race. Beautiful fight my man, even at the end he doesn't talk trash just explains his reasons. Respect
Its funny how after all the years of Boxing, Broners lost to Maidana feels like the most iconic example of "Trash talkers getting destroyed in boxing" lol. I remember that lost instantly when i think of that and its no wonder hes the first one on this list lol.
Stinger HitmaN
Adrien 'cant beat the senator' Broner😝
Edward Gaines
I love how Spanish had their own way of trash-talking! 3:46 "The cow wants to fight a bull!" 🐄😀
Wangyal Tsering
Poor Clown broner got knockout cold😂
Tried so hard to move like Mayweather but he ain’t got it
S 88
Had Broner doing the stinky leg wobble wobble🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Street Outlaw
I want to thank God for my only two talents channel surfing and heavy eating.dont hate the player hate the game.
I LOVE Maidana. "The cow has messed with the bull". 'Nuf said.
Sad Child
This kinds of trash talks is what makes a fight more exciting and interesting
Rebecca Hopkins
Barrera is a brilliant boxer. He used outstanding, perfect technique to take down that hot bag of wind. He was dead serious, and tore Prince’s boasting hyped ass up. I watched this fight when it happened. The bar went absolutely insane. And it made Barrera a star.
miguel eduardo padilla garcia
Puro latino cojiendose a las otra razas🤔😎
chino maidana (argentino) 😎🤛🤜💪💪💪💪
I wonder if that first guy turned atheist after the loss
93 Til Infinity Steez47
Why he sound like Kevin Hart?
Mayorga was waking up at 7AM?! holy smokes, stop the press, what an absolute warrior
Marcos Maidana - A R G E N T I N A ♥
Cean Llanto
Maidana's revenge hump is Classic 😂
Chepe Olvera
Seeing Maidana dry hump Broner was so satisfying
Friye Amen
@16:11-16:15 I just don’t think we gonna need a judges for this fight😂😂😂
Alvaro Ceruti
Muy buen inglés Oscar y para qué decir el ko
Diggsy Dan
An empty drum always makes the loudest noise
Ice Cream
Prince Naseem was out boxed and out classed by Barrera he assumed he would knock him out with one punch, Broner all hype.
Fredrick Smith-something.
The first guys mouth was non stop. Damn, someone in his circle should have taught him to be more humble.
AT Balakay
"I don't say I made a 360, I say I made a 720..." -Genius
Sith Lord
No one called it, but at 4:20 - 4:24 Look close, he threw elbows. I don't blame him.
Os W
This black boy need to stop calling real men boys. He is the boy.
Muhammad Rafiq Saifullah
AB=Arrogant boxer 😱😱😱cocky fighter of the year
Grooming By Rudy
Lesson here..Dont talk about a mans wife,or his peps..You just might get Delahoyed.
Maidana vs Broner never gets old lmao
Renzo Gulle
Broner you are a fluke! You're no Floyd..
Spiritual Warrior
Maidana made this clown eat his own words he should of knocked out a few teeth to .
yann monrolf
so Broner spend 95% of his training on treadmill , 😆 now I know, (after watching Pacman Vs. Broner)
The part of Prince Nassem, is another level of confidence. He has the right to be cauky, because he was very talented 31 wins 1 loss. And he didnt get destroyed like Adrien so he doesnt count here.
I loved big D....then hated him, then loved him again. I am glad when I stopped watching boxing ended up loving him makes me smile.
Carls 257
God resisteth the proud but giveth grace to the humble. James 4:6 1Peter 5:5
Justice For all
I think I heard broner speaking Spanish 😂😂😂
veki kive
Oscar Dela Hoya is great boxer this other pusy are sheat!
Lee Be You
OMG. This is why you conserve your energy for the ring! 😂😂😂
Monique Johnson
The look on De la Hoya's face, and in his eyes,... Is more than priceless. Man,.... If looks could kill. 😂
Lost Films
Latinos are coming better than ever
Ignacio Arteaga
Oscar put him down!!!,🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼good old boxing!!!
Giogio Gio
After watching AB trashtalk ... i thought he was trained by kevin hart instead 😂😂😂😂😂
N. L.
These 3 fights never get old!!!
Aaron Calderon
He left like Red in the movie Friday "You know he gonna cry in the car" 🤣🤣🤣
Charles Ainsworth
I don't know if I've ever seen a boxer who deserved a beating as much as Mayorga did.
When the revenge humped him, I would have stopped the fight and said what y'all doing 🤣🤣🤣
At 16:41 Mayorga knew he fcuked up 😂😂 priceless
Michael Matthew
Oscar, that stare down said it all...make a man mad enough who can focus it properly and you're in trouble.
randy palla
Naz looked like he was about to cry,
rag e63
Again: Congrats Oskar. This was the perfect answer for revenge against that trash talking LOOSER. 👍👏👏👏👊👊👊
Reginald Davis
Adrian Broner proved to everyone that prayers work! Be careful what you ask for, you’re definitely gonna get it!
Htoo Doh
That chicken dance cracks me up lol
enrique figueroa
Problem Solved..! Lol 😂
how awkward is it to trashtalk with a translator?
Ancestraldrop 36
Now that was satisfying.
blah blah
charlie zenhoff can beat all these fighters
SayitAintSo Tv
Y’all hate trash talkers but just imagine how boring boxing would be without it! 🤷🏾‍♂️
LaLa Harris
Everytime I watch this video...dumber AB get...nergo a 360 is complete circle; thus meaning you ended where you started; then you added 720🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️you weren't talking about waves.
Thomas Shannon
Bronner is trying so hard to act like Floyd
God damn I love when Naseem gets clocked. Stupid guy lol.
Swear I heard Kevin Hart at first
That death stare form De La Hoya though...
Austin Gostomski
"Steak is tough but if you beat it long enoufh it's tender" 1:10
Terry Knutson
Thank you "Mr. Oscar" for standing up and defending your Wife and your People and for kicking his ass.
Blake Dixon
“PROBLEM SOLVED!!!” Lmaoooooo
Hugh Silva
Ayyy a lot of these have hispanic boxers!
Josh Palao
Broner is a joke😂😂😂
Aron Gabor
De la hoya shoulda kept hitting till the dude stopped moving
Marcus Maidana, only non gay man to appropriately hump another man
Jolly Misanthrope
Barrera vs Naseem is one of greatest fights I've seen on PPV. Naseem got schooled and it was glorious.
Leila Claire
Boxers who talks waaayyyy too much, but punches waaayyyy too less 😂
Abcde Fghijklm
Hahaha they were victorious and totally victorious, HAHAHAHA