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Watatah Kineli Russo
Best thing in this video is the revenge humping lol lol lol
Charles Ainsworth
I don't know if I've ever seen a boxer who deserved a beating as much as Mayorga did.
Terry Knutson
Thank you "Mr. Oscar" for standing up and defending your Wife and your People and for kicking his ass.
Uncle Creepy
(Labored breathing) *I make* (panting) *hard* (heaving breathing) *work look* (labored breathing) *like* (panting) (panting) (panting) *easy* (labored breathing) (wheezing) *work* (heavy breathing).
Aldrin Films
LESSON: Just shut your mouth and let your punches prove your point! hahaha]
No Flies Zone
uhm... hahahahahahaha, i love big mouth athletes. He got his ass whooped by Maidana Oscar hit him like a champ
the lesson of the video...... modesty goes a long way
Michael Giovannangelo
OMG....Delahoya used Mayorga's face for target practice.
I’m Everywhere
Lmao where’s Allah now?
S Designs
When I heard Allah akbar I was wondering what was missing, I think it was the explosion or the acid being thrown
Broner is the kind of dude that thinks all hispanics are mexican
Elise Fincher
Happy hump day ya'll 😂😂😂
Nica101handcraft Nicaragua
I AM from Nicaragua and Heredia we consider Mayorga a bad joke
Defiance Is Key
De la hoya wasn't playing!
Marc Wate
The way Oscar looks at Mayorga after knocks him down...16:40
Fredrick Smith-something.
The first guys mouth was non stop. Damn, someone in his circle should have taught him to be more humble.
30 Second Hero
4:40 Get Fuk'D, revenge humping was well revenged! 18:15 I so remember this! Oscar was in the zone, he was smiling and kicking ass!!
wobbly nostrils
OMG. Oscar De La Hoyer was sooo mad!!
Echo Genetic
I always go for the Black boxer (let's just keep it 100) but when I saw that humping I knew Broner was about to get that work. And dare I say: he deserved it.
Sasuke Uchiha
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's kinda weird hearing that without an explosion happening 🤣
Christopher Franko
Man that Oscar fight was so satisfying omg.
Unlicensed Memes
3rd fight is definitely good guy vs bad guy, glad to see the good guy won :)
Grooming By Rudy
Lesson here..Dont talk about a mans wife,or his peps..You just might get Delahoyed.
Oh Adams
Prince Nasem in real life was actually a very humble man. he had his alter ego in the ring. a very cocky fighter and had his skills to back it up. The fact that he retired at the age of 30 tells his heart was not into it.
Monkey Man
That DeLaHoya's words my man!! I'm done! that dude should aware on what DeLaHoya's holding on his heart, head, and hand, is all about his disrespectful. salute to real man! DELAHOYA!👊
LeJon Brames
Broner- "it's Texas, alot of Mexicans"... Maidana is from Argentina
Manuel Vasquez
Let me get this straight you didn't make a 360 you did s 720 doesn't both turns end up in the same place lol ..
Brian Tyler
That punishment looked paaainful
D.C. Dave
DE LA HOYA!!! The best part of this vid! 👍🏾👍🏾😁👍🏾
Could've made whole compilation with just press conferences of Vitali Klitschko. He was always so calm and polite, and most of his opponents dirty mouthed trash talkers. It was super satisfying to watch him putting all of them down.
Thomas Shannon
Bronner is trying so hard to act like Floyd
Christian Windum
Hahahaha, he deserved that hump 😁👍🏻
i guess he is learning Hispanic now)))
Que super MADRIZA Oscar le dio al payaso y bien NACO nicaraguense.
Anup Nikkam
Barking dogs won't bite !
Everyone's commenting on Maidana schooling Broner, but I was pretty thrilled to see Oscar knocking Mayorga right off the seat of his trunks. Just beautiful.
It's hilarious how the first guy thinks god is on his side. See what happens.
That shows you that muslim prayer is worthless.
john bagyan
allah was taking a nap
Snot Kw
“Another right hand” it was a left hook lol
There is always someone better no matter how good you are. Sometimes when you think you are on top of the world and get too comfortable you start talking trash. You just might talk trash to the wrong person.
Mayce Beats
The beginning looked like a 90’s music video. When Broner on the treadmill.
Branon Fontaine
Damn, I forgot about that left De la Hoya landed on that chumps chin to drop him the first time....that was a beautiful shot....
Certified G
Some of these boxers want to be Ali with the trash talking. Oscar and Mayorga was terrible. You see Mayorga really hates Oscar because he is not what Oscar is. Ocsar is the professional man and Mayorga the thug who thinks he Oscar is the pretty boy. He took it too far with disrespecting his wife. Lessons learned back up your street talk a nd keep family out of your mouth
Andrew k Adams
Broner got boned...and didn't even spit on it first
Christina Pulcher
💋💕💋 like 2019 👌
Bass Is Lif
when trash talking loud mouth gets knocked out.... that is the best moment.
Fabrizio Campos
Trash talkers are always the worst fighters
Visitor Zombie
allah ULOL akbar! 🖕😁
Thank you Barrera....thank you
Abd. T Juliano
99% trash talk 1% training for the win
Dig Bick
*God hates pride*
8:01 Alluh akbar indeed lol
Oscar vs Mayorga was definitely deserved and earned by De La joya.
Kickative truth
Oscar 🇲🇽🇺🇸🙏🏾
david gonzalez
The only fighter that could talk shit and back up so far was Ali
Jose Vega
My Golden Boy!
Sniper .308
3:50 Best part ever!!!
Chepe O.
Seeing Maidana dry hump Broner was so satisfying
(Crazylord) B € C
Hez CH
Gay + Trash Talking = Lose Its related
Hez CH
First fight is going to be comedy😂
Kellz The one and only Lefontae
When I'm depressed, sad and feeling down, I watch this video.
Nelson Morales
Wahahahahaha LOL hahahahaha 2018????
Themusic Police
i haven't even finished the video, but if you wanna cash the big checks, you gotta learn to speak English, bro!!!!!! You can dress a monkey in silk, but he is still a monkey. Bro, wise up.
#SOY# Argentino#
Aguante Argentina, te metes con un argentino y lo sobras.... TE ROMPE el CRÁNEO..!! Así somos
Greg Delgado
He got the black knocked out of him...lol, he thought the Latin boxer was weak, he was wrong..lol
Mike Laws
He who humps last humps best!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
you can see the caliber difference in maidana's eyes. lazer focus while broner busy using his mouth
Mugiwara no Luffy
the last one, its the dempsey roll XD
Andres Ortez
Broner looked like a new born giraffe
Jamie Bailyes
De La Hoya was brutal here. love it so satisfying
Marcus Maidana, only non gay man to appropriately hump another man
Andrew Alstott
we dont get tired we get money😂😂
Jahaber Sadiq
Add McChicken Vs khabib also 😃
Peter Grimshaw
Look at the rich white old men following Naseem around licking their chop$
Goran Markovic
LOL this islam guy got beaten the crap out of his mosque :-D
Clive Ketoz
Adrien Broner 'I dont know why GOD gave me this talent, then GOD sent Maidana to take it away.
Romani 02
The salt 😂😂😂 5:09
Grandpa the Grey
What in the world compelled Mayorga to constantly ram his face into Oscar's glove during their brief fight?
Francisco Fregona
"A lot of mexicans". Maidana is not even from Mexico...
Tierra Cooper
He wouldn’t had beat morales either , morales was in his prime at that time
Justice For all
I think I heard broner speaking Spanish 😂😂😂
Nick The Axolotl
Looks like God told that first guy to check his ego lmao
Tony Ferguson
It was just business -adrian broner
cesar sandino
Todavía me rio del grone JAJAJA!!!!
Sofea Richie
The revenge humping kill me 😂
So the lesson is to never talk shit about Oscar De La Hoya's wife....ever.
moon light
Aloha Snakbarrr Alohaa Snakbarrrr barrr
Emiliano Laurenzi
The end of McGregor? :-D
Maidana is a beast. Idk why but as a fan this is so satisfying
Razor E
@Greg Delgado You mean the Muslim that beat the OH-AYE out of the AYE-Rish McGreggor
Andrew Alstott
its good he prays👏👏
Vaibhav S.
''Allah woh Fkubar'' didn't saved the terrorist!!
lol.... allah who is a leg or a shin did not help Hamid
"people are booing, its Texas you know... a lot of mexicans".... Maidana is argentinian lol wtf do you even 5th grade geography, kid ??? lmao
I wonder if that first guy turned atheist after the loss
10:08 "Allah protects me so I don't have to raise my globes"
Those boys got beaten like rented mules
kokoto otokok
This is the most satisfying video on YouTube so far...👍💯