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WHEN TRASH TALKING BOXERS GET DESTROYED PART 1 trash-talking trash talking boxing boxers 2017 adrien broner vs marcos maidana prince naseem hamed vs marco antonio barrera cocky boxer gets knocked out cocky fighter gets knocked out cocky fighter cocky boxer fails funny ufc mma floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor mayweather vs mcgregor conor mcgregor knockouts funniest moments showboating adrien broner vs mikey garcia broner vs garcia karma

Watatah Music
Best thing in this video is the revenge humping lol lol lol
N̷o̵ ̸p̵L̷e̸E̵E̶a̴s̶S̸e̶
I wonder if that first guy turned atheist after the loss
Terry Knutson
Thank you "Mr. Oscar" for standing up and defending your Wife and your People and for kicking his ass.
Daniel Amastal
Naseem hamed has a strong chin
Micheal Townley
Marcos maidana is not Mexican he’s from Argentina nice to see marcos beat broner ass
Broner is the kind of dude that thinks all hispanics are mexican
Alexander Instøy
Mcgregor could be in this video now.
Henry Guerrero
He definitely speaking English with the million dollar check
Hunter Gormley
hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
Mr. Beast
The real question is how did broner survive 10 more rounds after maidana made his legs noodles
No Flies Zone
uhm... hahahahahahaha, i love big mouth athletes. He got his ass whooped by Maidana Oscar hit him like a champ
William Aristides
hahahha my cat has left me bigger "slashes" than those knife wounds he talks about
Mujtaba Ramis Awan
All fights ok and whatever But all respect to oscar Lesson 1: respect everyone's race Lesson 2: don't disrespect anyone's family You ain't God there's and end to everyone 👍👍👍
Mike Laws
He who humps last humps best!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toyo_ Tiger
That Islam fighter need to work on his fighting stance...
Fredrick Smith-something.
The first guys mouth was non stop. Damn, someone in his circle should have taught him to be more humble.
Zachary Evans
10:11 is the reason 9/11 happened
Ja'Maul Redmond
Broner, "This is just the beginning to my start",,,,, he suxs at being a fortune teller also!
Omar Carrillo
Arriba Argentina le partiste toda su puta madre a ese negro hocicon MEXICO con MAIDANA
Always right Louie
😹 It was over when Oscar said "mi raza"
LeJon Brames
Broner- "it's Texas, alot of Mexicans"... Maidana is from Argentina
Komentator Internetu
Even if he trash talk Prince Naseem Hamed show repspect for his rival after the fight 11:11.
Prince got a freaking chin tho lol, took so many blows.
Free El Chapo
he said when he came out there boingand its texas theres a lot of mexicans but maidana is from argentina
the most spectacular thing about this video is that Oscar has a wife....
Andrew k Adams
Broner got boned...and didn't even spit on it first
Dayjho TV
seeing the humiliated Mayorga clown is one of the pleasures of life. This clown is a shame for this sport.
Alex Yang
He thought he was like Floyd, but no, he didn't have money like Floyd so he lost.
RaceWar Official
Naseems crazy chin and willingness to stay into character made the ass kicking a little less devastating😂
There's nothing I love more than seeing an arrogant big mouth trash talking SOB get humiliated in the most painful way possible :) Oscar De La Hoya vs Fernando Vargas should've been included here!!! There's probably no better example of a cocky as hell egomanical fighter being forced to eat his own trash talk than Fernando Vargas talking his way into the most embarrassing career-defining defeat of his entire lackluster career!!! I mean this clown for years had been practically stalking Oscar, hurling every insult imaginable at Oscar, questioning his race & manhood & even going so far as to state that Oscar was not a true Mexican just because he was married to a non-Mexican woman which was just a really disgusting & offensive thing to say. Vargas even managed to convince the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez who was still very bitter at Oscar for beating him twice to accompany him to the ring in a sad desperate attempt to convince all the Latino & Hispanic fight fans everywhere to support him over Oscar and than when Oscar eventually stopped him, Vargas fled to the back crying like a baby while asking his entourage to get rid of the cameras following him.
Thomas Shannon
Bronner is trying so hard to act like Floyd
Alan Cantu
Haha Broner needs to shut up, and his music is trash too.
Arturo Ruiz
My Mexicans n Latinos let's keep leading by example we own the game
Zaid Malik
Add khabib beating Conor too..
Cardinal Nation369
Lol to the ghetto rat in the first video I thought I was watching a SNL episode you POS joke lol
Everyone's commenting on Maidana schooling Broner, but I was pretty thrilled to see Oscar knocking Mayorga right off the seat of his trunks. Just beautiful.
Peter Grimshaw
Look at the rich white old men following Naseem around licking their chop$
Man! Naseem Hamed retired after the loss to Barrera , he was only like 28.
Rigo Manjarrez
Mayorga reminds me of Macho Camacho when he got his ass roasted by Julio Cesar Chavez. Mayorga was like ref would now stop this . One of the greatest performances by Golden Boy.
Brian Tyler
That punishment looked paaainful
Marcus Maidana, only non gay man to appropriately hump another man
Soocer Lover
Broner obviously didn't learn Mayweathers techniques in defense.. Maybe you should learn before you claim to be the next Mayweather. And it's impossible. No one can be, nor replace Floyd Mayweather Jr . And that's a Facts.
Gustavo Adames
Mayorga's translator hesitated like "do I really have to translate this?" lmao 13:07
Jonathan Turbide
It's so satisfying to watch these losers running their mouths, knowing they are gonna get their asses kicked right after. 😆😆😆
T West
Looks like Mayorga will be wearing dresses and knee pads from here on out!
Kellz The one and only Lefontae
When I'm depressed, sad and feeling down, I watch this video.
C.h.I .n.O
damn vato Barrera looked disappointed all throughout
behnam vahdati
hey thank you for the video, kinda increased my high
Mile High Jedi
Oscar face raped him in that fight. That was awesome lol
King Sosa
18:12 Hello darkness my old friend
Jose Arevalo
Mayorga , el culero más grande que salió de Nicaragua.
I mean, Naz is arrogant but we still love him though
OrPhanTerio OOKillem
adrien the 2 inch boner
This fight ruined Broner's career
tall timber
In my opinion the best fight was when Oscar De La Hoya handed that filthy loud mouthed Ricardo Mayorga his ass!
Jesus Ggg
“Another right hand” it was a left hook lol
Marco won. But the other guy took shots left and right and kept going to a cocky champ. Both good boxers.
4:40 most epic revenge nice job bro
Selie Visa
Talk less and concentrate on your training and fight. 😁
Jim Christopher M. Aure
Dela Hoya beat the piss out of Mayorga. Damn, Oscar was a total monster in this one.
Christopher Franko
Man that Oscar fight was so satisfying omg.
la de oscar contra mayorca fue puro show para mas audiencia
Neftali Cabrero
1:47 soo racist
Oscar vs Mayorga was definitely deserved and earned by De La joya.
ordnajelA odevecA
jose velazco
We don’t get tied we go to sleep
Ganymede, Jupiter III
3:51 Hump 4:39 Counter-hump
Denie Morcos
Love you Gabriel😍😘😘
Clive Ketoz
Adrien Broner 'I dont know why GOD gave me this talent, then GOD sent Maidana to take it away.
Ricardo Heredia pavon
Eres puro pendejo prieto jajajajaja arriba maidana
Kendrick L
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh So satisfying
Clinch Boy
Miren a su entrenador ya ve que algo va mal
back when boxing was more brutal than ever
So the lesson is to never talk shit about Oscar De La Hoya's wife....ever.
"PROBLEM solved" lmfaoooo Savage
Zach Wolowitz
Can’t wait for this to happen to Ryan Garcia
Isaiah B
*talks trash about little oscar and Gabriel* YEEEET
Awaken The Greatness Within
Adrian Broner = who is this guy And I think he may be gay, who does that to a boxer in the ring
Looks like allah doesn’t have any power against Mexicans. 😂
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
8:12 They traded shots so quick and he folded but popped up That's what I like to see that anime speed of fighting
Max Piper
Nothing beats walking in on a fight like this! Maidana is a man ;)
Defiance Is Key
De la hoya wasn't playing!
The *Last 1* is the *Best 1* !!!
Electro Wizard
Seeing Maidana dry hump Broner was so satisfying
now you can add also mc gregor too !! :)
Pablo Barrios
Broner and Mayorga ja ja ja ja 😂😂😂😂 perras de mierda! Putitos..putitos...putitos...putitos...putitos...putitos...putitos...putitos... 😂😂😂😂
Techno Tard
Watched this at work, OMG, the effort it took to keep my laugh down when Maidana gave him the victory hump. LOL! And Mayorga, haha, he doesn't play with dolls, he was the boxing doll!
andraecus davis
First fight, "The Problem" met the "The Problem Solver".
Ma manns said is taxes lots of Mexicans 😂😂😂 ma Argentinian boy did good
LOL. Broner said he was booed in Texas because there's a lot of Mexicans. F.Y.I. Maidona is an Argentine. Those Texans were booing because he acts like an idiot.
Eulogio Bocanegra
Muy bien lo dise el dicho caí más rápido un hablador que un cojo y el moreno aprendió a desir papi te la mamo en español
Jabari Hill
Did you guys notice how they were chanting god the fight happened in 2001 he lost and then 911 happened kinda fishy 🤔
don emerson
Thank you God for giving me a big mouth, so i can get my ass kicked. lol
Fearless Skrull
Hahaha, fucking clowns! I'm glad their humiliations are immortalized on the internet. This is their true boxing legacy.
Isaac Ibnoumaryama
Every time I heard talking he sounds like he's out of breath
Goran Markovic
LOL this islam guy got beaten the crap out of his mosque :-D
Perla Ortega
Feliz q De La Hoya le cayo el gran osico a ese fanfarron d Mayorga.
Sean Scott
That first guy was trash
Justice For all
I think I heard broner speaking Spanish 😂😂😂
Alan Cantu
So much for that Allah nonsense for the second guy 😂