Living Dead Beat - Children of Bodom Expert+ Full Band Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

ttp:// So yeah. The ONE day when the DLC hits and the internet just flat out DIES on me, right when I'm about to get my profile back... Bleh =( In a way I'm glad of that because I was so tired by the time I actually got it back that I think we all would've performed much poorly than if it we had done it at the time we did. Anyway, I feel bad for everyone who had to wait on me, I didn't think it'd take nearly that long =/ but hey, at least we got the videos. woooo This pack was kind of fun and for the most part, uncensored. lolshit Nothing's really too hard except for the fuckfest that is ZAKK WYLDE OF WYLD STALLYONS LOLOLOLOLOL those songs kind of sucked. But the rest was alright, CoB was probably the highlight of this pack, I just found those to be way more entertaining than the other songs. For some reason, all the DLC was recorded blurry, even though I haven't changed ANY settings on my recorder OR rendering since the London Calling album, so I'm not sure what's up with that. I want to say it's because I've left my computer running for almost two days straight but honestly, I don't know, I apologize if that irks you. I might have to reset my computer though (like I had to do in the past), but we'll see yeah blahblahblah too lazy to write more kthxbai enjoy

Guitar Hero first uncensored S word. :/
how did you get this on GH6?
@ntate123 As I said, I don't mind it. I just never expected it.
@Groudon0199 Who other than a mom would care anyways?
@rabbidfreak madness?.....THIS IS GUITAR HERO
@Groudon0199 Of course it wouldn't. This song is downloadable. Remember, "Internet interactions not rated by the ESRB". That goes 4 songs too
@ShapelyDice i agree. it looks easy
Stefano De Maria
@rabbidfreak Well, they censored "to kill" in 2 minutes to midnite in gh5
Zachary Sieg
@Groudon0199 "shit" was in fact left in a Marilyn Manson song
subterranean psychedelicatessen
Bodom is now on Guitar Hero?! Well, there goes a lot of the respect I had for them.
allot of people dont respect that people can complete these songs allot are just like "omg what a noob he didnt get 100%" so to you people i say screw off
Lil Mysfit
do you guys use auto controllers?
wooow..before solo: 3300k. after solo 4700k!!!
Galhenig Guyshenig
@1337sparksftw more chemicel warfer
@MetallicaFan657 i heard that the last one was the modern rock mega pack but i have no clue
@EDJR0 Yeah i heard that rumor 2 days after i made this comment :( but we still get one more chance to get at least one more song we know on Guitar Hero
@MetallicaFan657 but they end dlcs for guitar hero in april
Danny Brony
Wow they didn't censor "Shit" GH might become rated M on the next game, ahh who cares
best GH Band ever!!!
Karandeep Singh
@Groudon0199 whore hasn't been left out in misery business on WT either and "drunk" has been left out on the rock show in GH5...
Guitar Hero is back! How do I know? They announced new dlc coming soon
@mechamind90 that was Band Hero not guitar hero Band Hero was for kids
@Justerbuster89 map pack.... HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
This time colors are more warm and alive. I like that.
@PenguinMasterChannel Misery Business and No Sleep Till Brooklyn say hi
@Groudon0199 It's unusual for a Guitar Hero game though, given they censor the word "whiskey" from American Pie.
@legultramaster yes because I ALWAYS play as Arthas. it's mandatory.
@MrLordofrock Bugger. Well, it's confirmed- I'm gonna start Fretting songs for Frets On Fire!
@tourdeforce17 I'm sorry to say this but yes
@MrLordofrock Shit.... so was this piece of DLC the last?
@tourdeforce17 Nope, no dlc bro. It was confirmed
Although the franchise has been axed ( =[ ) do we know if we're gonna still get DLC?
@reaperr938 I have no problem with "shit" being uncensored. It's just that this is the first instance of the word not being censored. It's a nice change, and certainly a good way to end their DLC releases (in my opinion).
A Tony Mendez
@TheDeadPlayers oh then if u play on ps3 do the same thing with the ps3, do it on the system to make an american account & say you live in oregon & then u dont have to 2 even pay taxes
@Groudon0199 Only because the dictionary term for bitch is dog.
Nightmare Lyra
@ATonyVideoProduction If I played on Xbox yes...
@Groudon0199 Shit was used one of the manson this week uncensored.
A Tony Mendez
@TheDeadPlayers oh i see i wasn't aware. I'm pretty you can solve this problem by making a US xbox account n xbox . com then buy the songs from there for $2.
@AeroxLight "Bitch" has been left in in other songs (such as "Promised Land" and "Hair of the Dog" in RB), but "shit" hasn't. While I guess "shit" could technically be used in a T-rated game (and it has), I didn't think it would be allowed in a rhythm game featuring Vocals.
Tommy Adamson
I will get this pack
Nightmare Lyra
@ATonyVideoProduction Hmm maybe it is regional differences in the pricing... The price is anyways closer to 3$ per song on GH in Norway, while the RB songs are around 2$.
A Tony Mendez
@TheDeadPlayers its the same price on all systems
Nightmare Lyra
It is packs like this that makes me sad that the GH DLC is so damned expensive on the PS3...
Times like these makes me feel proud of being from Finland.
2:45 Holy shit it's the word "shit"
I like the chorus on this song.
wow, i didn't know that the lich king liked drumming
The one good COB song on bass this week.