KISS - Interview & Firehouse [ Mike Douglas '74 ]

KISS made their very first national appearance on ABC's In Concert on March 29th, 1974; then unexpectedly turned up in the daytime - on the Mike Douglas afternoon musical variety talk show. How strange it must have seemed on that Tuesday afternoon, June 11, 1974, when Gene Simmons first came out to talk to Mike Douglas and his guests comedians Totie Fields and Robert Klein. The guests on that panel treated the lead singer of KISS like a bad joke, but few people today could even identify the other celebrities on the stage that afternoon - what does that tell you?

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Todd Huber
'ya can't hide the hook' --RIP Totie Fields
Sofia Fender
the interview was just horrible, everybody's just laughing, thinking the whole thing's a joke, you can tell nobody thought these guys would make it. and i kind of can understand that at that point. but firehouse is a great song, the guitars sound a bit weird to me though, but even without any sound i couldn't get my eyes off from ace, he's just beyond cool.
she says " Would it be funny if under this he was just a nice Jewish Boy!
I remember my bedrooms walls were full of kiss posters as a kid. I do agree with critics that Kiss music isn't the greatest. But I do think that Alive I and Destroyer are dam good rock albums.
Wes Clark
I love this video... Totie Fields! Hahaha!
Screw the critics. Think for yourself.
Nb Forrest
Jews can always tell who's a member of the Tribe.
That old lady sussed out Simmons in one second.
Hooptie Hamburger
The critics are concerned with technical expertise, not aesthetic value. That is why they don't get Kiss.
harry balls
totie fields is hot
Khalid Al Temimi
this is such stupid filming...i feel sick
Gene totally did the "Superstar" pose after he breathed fire. Awesome.
I agree with your statement.
Aleš Valenta
lol 1:43
So true lol.
oh Chaim, if we only knew - good one l'chaim and mazal tov..
Ron Patterson Jr.
When I look back. That was a cheesy time in life
Hooptie Hamburger
Kiss wasn't even that big in 1974. These people didn't know that Kiss would end up being one of the biggest selling concert acts of the 70's.