Silent Knight - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Megadeth cover)

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Taken from the sold out EP The Angel Reborn released January 2017 Song performed by: Silent Knight Song written by: Dave Mustaine Original recording artist: Megadeth

Drummer is crazier than Yosemite Sam on acid.
Abhinand Sundararajan
Prolly the best cover out there of this masterpiece. Kudos man do make more!! With love from India
Amit Dutt
that is in fact a superb recreation of dave's voice and his dictions in the record. i also loved this rendition of marty's clean solo.
Iván Escobar
holy cover!!!
Hipergerman II
Mustaine must listen to this. He would like it!!
This is awesome, and even added in that live ending too
Devrim Odabaşı
It's really great to see new bands with megadeth influences.Great cover.Greetings from Turkey.
Christian Olivera
Wow...never thought i would hear this song covered so well...🤘🤘
Heritage Thrash
Nice guys!
Antonella Casanueva
sounds so goodd
mr.lonely ss
madefuckin awesome vocals damnn
Naser Aljaser
Speeding it up kinda takes away from it
Jacob Cantara
The ending in this version is how he original should have ended.
HighSpeed Nerf
Love this cover!! Greeting from the USA
chris wise
Best cover of this I have seen
These guys are pretty damn awesome
Isaac Thorne
daniel 999
omg épico !!!
badian ou812
……...thafuque..I think you  should send a  copy to  Dave himself...his  vocals are  about to maybe  a new singer..
Not too bad...not too bad at all. Still like the original better, but this was a very faithful rendition.
pink torpedo
GOD...DAMN!!!! Speechless...that is the most bad covers of holy wars I’ve ever heard in my life!!!!!!
Sajan B
this is rad af, probably the best holy wars cover
Roby - The Heavy Guy
I have listened to this instead of the original for this better guitar tone. hahaha :) nice cover !
Matthew Brink
Fućkiñg brutual
Rafael de Souza
Lucas Sd
Nice cover guys,congratulations
Kevin Cloar
Alex Kuznetsov
josias locatelli
porrada sonora
Rob F.
Any megadeth cover sounds better than original. Dave's voice is awful.