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Labelled as one of the "worst Silent Hill games ever made" by fans and critics alike at launch, we take a look at what's possibly the most underrated Silent Hill game ever. Nitro Rad on Facebook:

This video was recommended to me in 2018 for some reason but I'm glad it was, great video!
Wow, dude. You are really, really good at critiquing horror games. I mean, you're good at critiquing in general, but when it comes to horror, you really know your stuff.
Hemang Chauhan
When Downpour was released it was riddled with bugs and got some really bad press. They extensively patched it, but it was already too late.
I hate how this is probably the last Silent Hill game, it's my favorite of the post-Team Silent games and was an actual step in the right direction. It's far from perfect, but parts of it are amazing and what I want from Silent Hill, and haven't seen since 4. I actually think this group of developers could have made truly great games had they learned from their first mistakes
Robert Corr
Downpour seemed like a step in the right direction, It's a shame the bugs killed it before it could be seen in its best light
Al Vahnomicron
Sometimes I feel like the only person who loved Downpour. Thanks for your video, sir. You've earned another subscriber.
I think Murphy's monsters were just ugly people because he's from a prison and some of his biggest fears and threats were probably the actual inmates. It's not as symbolic and deep but a person's mind isn't always complicated. So I give the monsters a pass for considering that.
Gabe Scharf
Thank god, I thought I was the only one who liked Downpour.
I have never heard a positive review for this game. It’s very interesting.
Axel Dark
I like how this game handles enemies, after you kill a lot of monsters, they will start to avoid you and run away as you get close to them Or maybe it was a glitch, who knows
Rohan Sorensen
This game would have been the perfect Silent Hill game if it didn't have such awfully designed and stupid looking monsters. Murphy Pendleton is still my favorite Silent Hill character.
Enjoyed this game a lot, even compared to original silent hills. Silent Hill Homecoming was the worst. Origins wasn't any good. This was a good game.
Poor Downpour. If only the devs had a bit more experience to prevent the technical issues and the monster designs had been more creative, as well as work out some story weaknesses, it could EASILY have been up there with the Team Silent games. I would easily put it on the same level as 4: has SEVERE issues, nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, but it's a genuinely good Silent Hill game underneath its unpleasantness.
Martyna Lewa
I like this game, better than Homecoming, but it wasnt that scary unfortunately. The monster's design was kinda lame, and combat was really frustrating. But except that, Downpour is good SH game.
Keven Rivera
Let me just speak my peace and leave it at that. @ 21:47 - 22:10 I highly disagree that is what silent hill is about... that’s it😅. I’m one of those twin perfect fan but I love the rest of your silent hill reviews, especially SH 4 and SM ! It was definitely an eye opening experience watching those two videos. Another reminder, I’m just giving out my opinion and trying not to stir negativity. Keep doing what you’re doing my dude ✊🏽 I’m no popular person but I will recommend your vids in time. From one silent hill fan to another, “ This town is full of monsters, how can you sit there and eat pizza !?”
Lycan Entertainment
this game is better than homecoming
Finally someone else who actually likes the game!
Brian Riff
ok but can i compliment you a million times for being a really level-headed, fair, sweet reviewer who never goes super-negative unless a game really deserves it you're like the opposite of the AVGN i like him because he's purposefully comically negative, like a caricature of negativity itself i love YOU because you arent an enormous ball of anger and negativity, you give everything a fair shot and do your best to be purely constructive AND STILL YOU FIT STELLAR HUMOR IN YOUR VIDS you're literally the perfect reviewer for me and to think i fell in love with your work over a game ive never played XD (i dunno maybe im missing the point of adoring a video praising a game everyone in the fandom hated instinctively haha)
Andrew Heard
Watching your SH videos chronologically and your reaction to Downpour having a puzzle difficulty is absolutely priceless.
Just don’t throw your axe down an endless abyss...
I've been waiting YEARS for someone to give Downpour it's due justice. Thanks for making this, you've earned a sub from me
Says the game was "critically panned", shows scores that give the game mostly 7/10 or 3/5 - which means slightly above average. Looks like Jim Sterling was right. Thanks to sites like IGN which completely destroyed the rating system, gamers today think that anything below 9/10 counts as a low score... Personally I like Downpour. Technical issues aside, it had some good ideas and some good monster designs as well. Nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, but still alright.
Downpour is underrated sadly, I enjoyed it when it came out on 360.
Jackie Kog
This game also has a really excellent comic unlike other Silent Hill comics which are hot, steaming garbage. It's also implied that the monsters may be Anne's moreso than Murphy's, particularly the doll and their increased aggression towards Murphy may more be related to Anne's hate for him. It's actually pretty cool in my opinion.
Ade Lesmana
Thank god there is people who like this game
Arianne Wingard
I think that the monsters looking human like and I noticed one looks like a tattooed criminal has to do with Murphy being surrounded by human inmates all day and everyday with every intention of killing him and filling with his psyche that way rather than Devs being uncreative
Skyler Steffen
Idk why people hate this game, i thought it was great, the story was original, there were new characters, the character/setting of silent hill was faithful to the series, it felt like it paid homage to and really was a silent hill game. It has its issues like all games, but i liked it
That creepy guy in the intro is so polite, just giving out free copies of the Silent Hill games, what a nice man.
The Spycrab
Downpour has too many unneccesary idiotic characters running around. Especially the DJ. What, the town forces him to play records for all eternity? lmao gimme a break... or given his way of speaking, wich is hilariously stereotypical "Ah sheeeeet, son gif dis Kang a break" Also the postman ... didn't know a demonic town needed one to deliver notes across itself ... But what I personally found the most goofy thing is that apparently the monsters of Silent Hill have their own police force AND squad cars to drive around in. For those who don't know and wonder "Wtf are you talking about?" - The game has police cars driving around, that will spawn monsters on you when you go near. g g
Who else thinks that it’d be awesome if this game was redone with a dev team that actually knew how to use the unreal engine, had consequences for your choices, and knew how to do 3D modeling properly? (Unrelated: i kinda view the town of Silent Hill itself is an eldritch abomination. It’s something evil, feeding off of the suffering of the broken people it calls there.)
Dude i played the original version on 360 got all the endings and achivements even put some extra hours into it Never saw a single glitch/framerate drop Looks like people didn't want to like it in the first place TBH this ones my favorite after SH2
I will give the game this. It does something interesting with Silent Hill itself plotwise that the other games don't. 1. Murphy isn't Silent Hill's main target, Anne is. Murphy was brought there to test HER, first half of the game is the town getting him to her and having a short test for him to because why not (Murphy by default will have his epiphany about his son if nothing else no matter what you do, That aspect Murphy always comes to terms with regardless of his actions in game. Whether that's because Silent Hill knew Murphy was gonna pass anyway and the test was purely for the lolz or was relevant for Anne's test, or it was more lenient with Murphy solely because he was needed mostly unharmed for Anne's test.), Murphy has his little revelation a mere halfway through unlike any other protagonist, He is unique in this aspect, meaning the 2nd half is purely about him escaping. Notably, when he get's the boat working he sees a light, Silent Hill was personally done with Murphy, however he was still needed for Anne so it made him go back to finish Anne's test, otherwise it's implied it would have just let him go then and there. 2. Not all of the monsters fought aren't Murphy's inner demons, 1 is specifically Anne's, it's even implied some of them are tired to unknown parties beyond those 2. It's interesting because in SH2, James only fought ONE MONSTER that wasn't his, which might solely be due to being in proximity to the person it's tied to when it appeared, I don't know if Silent Hill predicted that possibility, but I'm assuming either way it just rolled with it. Here it seems intentional, not that Murphy would ever know this. In the games outside this and 2, this could be explained by the Cult having a hand in it, kinda like with Homecoming where the centipede one is sent after the protagonist and the cop despite having no collection at all to those 2, unlike the other bosses. Downpour is the odd man out, Murphy is only there for the final boss in terms of Anne's and the unknown parties' monsters and it's the only game other than 2 where Silent Hill is the big bad rather than the Cult. Meaning Silent Hill, for the only time where someone's inner demons are directly targeting someone they aren't connected to, and purposefully and not just because they happen to be in the same room as their target like James was. A decent amount of plot, mostly around Anne, is absent in game and is in a tie in comic sadly, specifically what the Dolls represent. This isn't really interesting, it's just something that I find rather annoying and felt relevant, I hate it when they tie story bits for a video game outside the game. Looking at you World of Warcraft. Said comic also straight up makes the good ending canon, this makes the game the odd man out in just straight up picking a canon ending, unlike the other titles where multiple endings are somehow canon. If this game just had a few more months in the oven to polish up gameplay ad maybe the story a bit, it could easily be considered one of the best games in the series.
Domenick boucher
The Silent Hill movie I can defend, it's mostly following the story of the first game in which it explains why everything the way it is. The movie for what it was, is a pretty faithful adaptation and for all it's faults, I have to commend the director for making something that FELT like Silent Hill.
for one of their first games, they sure did reach an unfortunate end. I do like the plot but I definitely agree they should've delayed it to get the bugs down to a minimum. Same with how Konami didnt help its case by literally handing off a flagship franchise to such inexperienced developer...
Know what's funny? I bought the game in 2016. No internet connection for my PS3, so no patches. And it didn't have a problem the whole way through it. Did they update the game discs? Or was I just really lucky?
Gleidston Filipe
So it's a hidden gem, that was badly received because of graphical bugs and frame-rate hiccups. Why the hell hasn't it gotten a PS4 remaster yet?
Silent Hill: Downpour is in my opinion a better game than Homecoming, and I liked it quite a bit. I felt like it had a really good Silent Hill atmosphere. The gameplay was up and down, and the monster design was bad, but the town itself, the side quests and the puzzles were all pretty fun, and the world was fun to go around in. I don't regret pre-ordering it whatsoever.
Alice Red
I like how fair your reviews are. You never seem to jump on the bandwagon, but you don't needlessly contradict. A bad game is a bad game and a hidden gem is a hidden gem. People need to stop hating other people just for one little disagreement, or at the very least put their feelings aside and try to understand. I get really mad at certain disagreements myself, but I try my best to keep my arguments to a logical and calm conversation.
Damn story is good....
Waleed Alsiraji
This game is really good , good luck finding good stories and single player games nowadays...
Jarvey Rocks
I love this game and I don't understand why silent hill fans hate it. It has everything that makes it a Silent Hill game. People also said what was the point of the fat guy in the beginning and that shows they don't really wanted to care at the start. *spoilers* The fat guy killed the main characters son and the bogeyman was not a pyramid head knock off he had alot to do with the story. Oh also I have watched Twin Perfect's video and didn't agree. But I agree with this video.
Venom Deadass, The Shitposter
* well first off, been watching your reviews for a while, also, i'm glad you gave it a fair review. * also i absolutely did NOT expect that reference
"Nobody reads every piece of paper they found in Silent Hill..." Excuse you, I do That's what they're for ya lazy butt :p Other than that it's nice to see someone who likes Downpour and explains why.
Matthew Curran
This game is a perfect example as to why I pay no mind to game reviews. Some of my favorite games, have been heavily shit on by all reviews, yet they are still great to me.
Barry-Allen The-Flash
Usually in reviews when they say, "If you're worried about spoilers, skip to this point", I just ignore it. I usually don't have that much interest in the game in question to play it myself, or at least don't care about the story. But damn dude, you did such a good job redeeming this game - just like with everything you do, you gave it a fair shake; one that's long overdue - that I totally DID skip the spoilers. Heck, I'm here searching websites to see how cheap I can find a copy for PS3 :) Great freakin' review, man
Having read all those negative reviews, I still decided to give this game a chance. Oh boy, I’m so glad I did. Initially, I had very low expectations. The first part was exceptionally frustrating, especially the enemies that jump down from ceiling. I usually don’t complain about those things, but combat is nonsensical in this game without any reason: even if you successfully attack your enemy, camera often inexplicably swings in front of you so that you don’t see that enemy and then you get attacked yourself afterwards. This makes the game way harder than it should be. Besides, the entire game is filled with useless junk that makes exploration way less fun than it should be. Once you get passed those weird design decisions, the game starts really shining. Annoying combat mechanics can be bypassed just by skipping most enemies. Distinguishing usefull items from junk is often possible by moving the camera. All in all, once you learn the game rules, SH:Downpour becomes a really satisfying experience and definitely one of the better games in the market.
I can only imagine how Nitro reacted to Silent Hills cancelled.
Act Of Vengeance
Stupid Konami...! If they didn't fired Kojima, we probably had Silent Hills now...
it was glitchy as hell..but i had not that much hate for it..(silent hill fan boy here)
Shane Padilla
What a breath of fresh air it is to see someone else who really enjoyed Downpour! I thought it was a great game!
finally the first really fair review when it comes to that fantastic story/plot of Downpour.
Akira Kurusu
Damn! This game is seriously misunderstood!
Downpour was the only 7th gen SH game I got cause it was the latest, and when you said that it was known as the worst one I was like "how? Am I really THAT terrible at judging games. I've only played a couple of hours of it but I thought it was pretty good". And then the review starts and I'm like "oh, okay, yeah, fuck IGN".
Horror ambiance, worldbuilding, and character backstory comes from reading found journals and papers. People that "don't feel like reading" would never fully understand Silent Hill 1-4. Silent Hill's for folk that LOVE reading everything they find. Also, Silent Hill isn't about immoral characters getting punished. Only SH2 was about that, and SH2 was just a side story meant to depict how Silent Hill operates when main story events aren't occurring. Harry, Heather, and Henry weren't immoral people getting punished. Why do you even *want* to play as a criminal that deserves and eventually receives fully justified eternal punishment?
Take it from a developer - rounding literally all performance issues down to "not knowing how to use the Unreal Engine", is a terrible over simplification of what is exactly done to make a game perform well, or bad, along with each developers skill. This game is a very good use of Unreal Engine, a lot of the textures, shading, animation and character controls, environmental effects, particles are all really well done. Your issue specifically is with the performance, mostly due to either bad occlusion culling, or post processing. While yes, these things should have been accounted for, and I can see why from a players perspective it would seem like a bad use, but you are degrading all other beautifully used cases of Unreal Engine's toolset, and the developers behind it because of bad performance. It should also be noted that while Vatra's first title was Silent Hill: Downpour, the developers who formed the studio come from Eidos, Crytek, EA, Climax, 2K and Relic Entertainment - all studios who have either used or have been in contact with a AAA game engine. Some research from this perspective would be a lot more respected by your viewership.
Lord Fadora
In defense of the reality-bending-red-demon-Black-holey-thing, wouldn’t you be a little freaked out if a reality-bending-red-demon-Black-holey-thing came after you?
Ricky Swayzé
You know I really liked it. I remember seeing people hate it for korn being the theme of the game. Worst silent hill game by far was book of memories. Look it up it’s a dungeons and dragons style game
WaluigiYoshi44 Productions
I recently finished Downpour, and for me its a game I could respect for its ambition and I can see the effort the Devs put into the game. Plus to give credit to where credit is due, while the game isn't scary, it did creep me out in some occasions.
I know I'm late to this one, but I just recently randomly discovered your channel through your Siren videos. And I wanted to comment just because you're one of the first people I've seen to actually enjoy Downpour. I really enjoyed it myself too, and I played it at launch even. It's also my favorite outside of the original four games. (I also really enjoyed The Room, I think it's quite brilliant actually.) Downpour is strange in that I actually feel it might have been perceived better if it actually didn't have the Silent Hill name attached to it. With that came expectations and disappointment. And even on it's own, just as a horror game I still think it's quite strong. Just happy to see someone else enjoy it too!
Undying Zombie
Yea when I got my hands on the game it was already patched. I did not think it was that bad of a game. Is it the best SH game? No, Worst? No.
I'm so glad I found a review positive on downpour. It's so sad this game is so underrated.
Kris Ann
I think the red black hole thing is probably them trying to bring in the ghost chase in the theme park haunted house from Silent Hill 3. The thing that these devs don't grasp (the devs who weren't the original SH team from the first few games) is that monsters shouldn't be recurring. The monsters of one protagonist's game are supposed to be linked to that protagonist alone, with the exception of the nurses, though that's likely because everyone can associate a nurse with a hospital, and the nurse designs did change between games 1, 2, and 3 (likely due to the protagonist being different in each game). The monsters represent something in the protagonist's psyche; some warped interpretation from their past or the past of someone around them if they happen to be in the same room as another person being attacked by a personal monster. Pyramid Head was for James alone, but was so popular that other studios picking up the SH series was like "Hyuk, let's use this iconic character" instead of understanding that the monsters have to be linked to the character in some way.
Random Youtuber
(Looks at thumbnail) Badass.....
The Dark Master The Dark Master
Are you telling me that an actual ax can't break a padlock?
Alex Olinkiewicz
pretty late to this video sense you posted it like 2-3 years ago, but yeah I pretty much agree with you on Downpour, it is a graphic/buggy mess, lack creative monsters/bosses, etc. But it did felt that the developers where really trying to create an original Silent Hill game, and not only the story was really great, but personally Murphy is without a doubt my favorite Silent Hill protagonist I just really like his story and how deeply developed a character he is. P.S. A few months back I create a Horror game called FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate (college project), it's a game with a story/setting heavily inspired by The Thing, with gameplay heavily inspired by RE7. It is free on common Game sharing sites, so if you feel interested give my game a try and share your opinions on it. Though maybe hold off on it a bit cause I'm working on a massive update to my game.
nope the worst Silent Hill is Homecoming
Romantis Anon
Boy I really hate the monster designs in this game. They could probably work in a different game, but they really don’t feel like they belong in Silent Hill.
To quote razorfist "twinshitbags hate everything that isn't the first 3 games"
Daniel Puia
Great review, James! I also think Downpour is a great game and I also waited for a price drop to pick it up because of all the negative reviews it got at launch. In my case, I got the Xbox 360 version because I read somewhere it runs better, and it is also possible to install it to reduce loading times. The same game can now be played on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Maybe now it runs better because of more powerfull hardware? I don't know, I haven't tested it, but it might be an option.
Richand Darksbane
Daniel?! The master mind behind the Dishonored sound track :D
Happy 2BeHere
@Nitro Rad Can you explain how those monsters were able to drive a patrol car? Who taught them to drive?
Neet Boss
this is literally the first im hearing about glitches and game breaking bugs.... i bought this game day 1 and it was fine??? i never had any frame rate issues or anything like that... some textures would get a bit fuzzy before properly loading when entering a new area but that was literally it... how weird...
Gooey ?
I feel like the game would have been significantly better if the monsters actually looked well designed and not like generic uninspired humanoids that don't even seem to make sense at all for the main character aside from the wheel man.... Maybe create creatures that resemble children since all his troubles began with his son dying. Or make grotesque provocative monsters to reflect the child molester who originally killed his son ? Just a thought
I actually like Downpour.
Jack Moore
I've watched all your videos in order and laughed so hard when you saw the separate difficulties
I think Downpour didn't get a fair shake. It is already a niche genre of games, but most of why it was panned was the glitchy state it came in. When other games, such as Skyrim or Fallout or any other big picture AAA game comes out in a similar state, it is given the benefit of the doubt by reviewers.
Modern Otaku
So I was listening to this while playing Silent Hill 1, and I came to a save spot in the Hospital. I saved and it said “Room 302” for the location. At that EXACT moment you were talking about the Easter egg about finding the replica of Room 302 and I was very confused for a second.
i never knew downpour was considered the "worst", i always hear either origins or homecoming taking that title
Edward Talley
I wouldn't disparage you for liking this game. I'd go even further by recommending another youtuber's playthrough. User, iconoclast187 did (what is in my opinion) a very fair and exhaustive play through of Downpour. We'll never have another Silent Hill game, so I guess all we have left is each other, and the fandom that surrounds Silent Hill.
This is a really more depressing than infuriating, unlike the other bad games, isn't it...? I've never heard much about Downpour past "It was bad", but it was actually a decent game ruined by some horrible bugs, inexperienced devs who probably had some potential, and just a general lack of creativity with the horror side...
Ze 'Lectrode
Honestly, I think we need the Boogeyman more than Pyramid Head, because Pyramid Head is over used. We need this original idea for future Silent Hill games...if Konami ever decides to release another game of the series.
I like one of the enemies. I found that guy with the stretched mouth creative :3
Mr. Bombastic
I actually enjoyed this game.
TopHat MonacleStache
A lot of people are saying it would be better to consider it not a Silent Hill game but I disagree. While yes, it isn't scary, it still holds up on the lesson factor where Silent Hill is there to make you learn your lesson in a grotesque kind of way.
Fantastic game, held back by Konami and their unrealistic deadlines.
I'm glad to see after 2 years this video is still getting comments
Couldn't resist the little undertale reference, eh?
Hafiz Mohd
This was decent game,if only they can add more boss.....
On The Spectrum
downpour isn't that bad you know what is? origins. at least even homecoming had an OK story at least I thought so. origins gives you nothing. the post team silent releases I would rank shattered memories, downpour, homecoming, origins.
Rowan Oscar R.
I think the mood is just completely off for this to be a Silent Hill game. It feels completely lacking in atmosphere and detail. It would probably have been better off being its own thing and not SH. The inexperience of the team really shows through I think. Not to mention the plot is like it came out through a game of telephone of what Silent Hill is about. Silent Hill is not actually about teaching people a lesson. That was only one of the 4 main games. All the other games are about the cult and the demon god. If they wanted another game they should perhaps expand upon that mythology. Where did the cult come from before Silent Hill?Does it exist elsewhere? I really hate this perspective that the town exists to solve people’s problems. No, it’s literally because there’s an entity there that feeds on hate, evidenced by Heather and what it took for the demon god to grow inside her. Maybe I’m just tainted by the Twin Perfect review of this game but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We’ll always have the original games.
As Asa
I wish this game had monster design similar to Homecoming.
Sio O'Connor
I find it odd and slightly frustrating how people tie the roots of Silent Hill and "what it's all about" to Silent Hill 2. The origin of Silent Hill is the Cult and the rebirth of it's God and how the town was corrupted through the sacrifice of Alessa in a blind devoutness to said god. SH2 was an oddity in a way because it deviated from the initial premise. Not gonna lie SH2 is my favourite of the bunch but it's the copying of that formula that has caused the series to dwindle mainly because that's what these new companies are expected to make and in the end they just pump out a second rate SH2. Silent Hill was only ever about teaching a lesson in 2. 1 and 3 are the purest form of Silent Hill and that was defying fate and prophesy, and discovering the ever failing cycle of rebirthing god.
I really can't believe that there are people that hate this game! I love it!
Nitro, agreed. Finally, someone I can agree with about Downpour.
Brandan C
I loved this game. this was my first SH. then my ex-fiance told me abiut 2 and 3; got them both and played both. SH2... nothing short of a masterpiece. 3? didn't care for it that much honestly. But 2 became really special to me because after losing my ex fiance about a year and a half later, I felt as if I could really relate to James-in ways out felt like a mirror-image. It struck me so emotionally. I was so depressed; it helped me cope through the monster that I was.
Wilbert Beltman
I loved Downpour glad to see someone else talk positive about it. It was kinda scary for me though, that time when you see the wheelchair man on the TV, it gave me this feeling someone was following me all the time, and it didn't feel good at all, and I have a phobia for animatronics that look human, or just mannequins that are old and shit. So that scene in the minecart, where the light goes on and off and each time the mannequins come closer was really scary to me. also in the joke ending.. where's Harry?
Derpin Derpana
Your video has given me the encouragement to give downpour it's fair shake. Thanks for the review!
Vasyl Milchevskyi
Why lie about the endings? I remember them not making any sense and ruining the whole story, because the define what Murphy did in the past. You've clearly changed them to make at least some sense. Even with them changed, some might disagree with this approach, meaning, throwing characters and meaningless dialogs just to make everything more unclear for that exact purpose. Original games never did that, they were pretty clear on what's going on and who these characters are once you finished the game and linked all the bits and peaces. The nun, the mailman, disk jokey, they make no sense, the notes and bits of info you find on sidequests have nothing to do with the games story, nothing expands the lore of the town and not many things add up to the Murphy's story. The whole "he is a prisoner in jail" theme is almost as dull as "he is a soldier" theme in homecoming in my eyes, so I don't understand why mock one thing and appreciate the other. P.S. And at some point nun tells you that the boogeyman is your son that died in peace. That just doesn't make any sense, so your interpretation of him is kinda wrong.
Captain Squid
So there is a radio, Crazy Talk strikes again
Gaming Senseii
I'm soooooo glad you liked the game like myself, and didn't jump on the bandwagon to bury it. Keep it real man!