Justin Bieber - U SMILE/BABY (AMERICAN IDOL) 5/19/2010 HQ

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HD American Idol 5/19/2010 performance Justin Bieber - U SMILE & BABY on American Idol Live 05/19/2010 FOX TV American Idol 9 Kidrauhl My World 2.0

american idol 2010 justin bieber performance SMILE BABY on American Idol Live 05\/19\/2010 FOX TV Kidrauhl My World 2.0 fox

Emm Muhammad
Love him or hate him but you cant deny the talent the man has !!!
I remember seeing this when I was 10 and i hated him so much... i just last year started to realize he was actually good. I think he's really making a change for the better, I actually like the new music
Anime Couples
Wow looking at him right here and now wow he grow up soo fast
Mariah Heloisah
I Love You Justin 👏👏💗💗💗😻
Serena Tang
this was time when bieber actually sung good. This is the case for many singers
BurN 420
Still a better sing than... Oh no wait, he is the worst.
Naser Masri
I love you justin
Loretta Romero
People ask me why I'm a beliber
kim van gerwen
Omg he is soo little:(
Jennifer Yasmin
Moara Schmidt
Woo Hoo
Nieves Mamaradlo
i remember this song!! when i was a major belieber i would listen to it and cry because i loved him so much :O
ไม่รู้ อะไรทั้งนั้นครับ
LaCurrone C
this is where i first saw justin.
w мтс w мтс
то чувство когда среди алисчких
Veronica Palmini
Special Person
Now he's into drugs and went to jail so good bye
I hope these celebs don't read all the hate that is spewed out towards them.   Imagine if you were the one getting all the hate mail.
CSupori Laszlo
oh,very good song u smile and baby and the baby is my favourite song and justin bieber i love you ,i love you ,i love you my love , oh justin i love you ,justin bieber is very nice
Veronica Palmini
he's totally cute
Chemaine Cheng
he sucks
bobbie jhoanna pineda
Justin is rally good he is not bad he help the tacloban.
Sara Mehjabin
He was so cute . But now he sucks
lilly veleva
he is so small here!
Shambria Amlendinger
Justin bieber I will way love tall I die love Justin bieber
Leta Surdari
I love you Justin Bieber
This was the best performance of justin bieber.
Sara Mehjabin
He was so cute . But now he sucks
Everybody makes mistakes!
Natalie Wong
I laughed @ 3:16!
Boyd Kills Back
so what's the argument here? People saying he lipsynced while the idiots are saying he didn't?
u can think anything u want about justin bieber, but he's good live. & better than most artists out there who cannot sing live to save their life. just sayin'
@xxY2JLEDGENDKILLERxx i've never said he was the best of all artists, I said that people criticize him but he really can sing live, and he has a good voice.
Che Bear
Love him <3 xx brings back memories! ^_^
I can't believe he came from youtube!!!!!
Samantha Christy
2:17 proof of lip syncing.. fail
laura delgado
@Maki96SerbianKid haha good one man :)
@MikeDirntBass2468 he lip synching :)... but bielebers will keep insisting its backup singers
@1hlynur yes ur right. thats what wikipedia says
haha 3:15 look at his face
wikipedia said its a pre recorded performance..
@icepixie5511 anyways he has double the amount of haters than likers.. so majority wins
@icepixie5511 whoa ur 11?? really?? oh yeahh i bieleve u... i really bieleve u 101% seriously.. hahaha
hes lip synching!!! look at 2:17. He jumps up and the mic isnt near his mouth and u can hear him saying 'Ohhhh'
He is one talented little dude. He is good looking. He can sing better than a lot of dumbos in the industry that think highly of themselves. He can dance. He can play the guitar. He can play the piano. He can play the drums. He is what, 16 or 17? I think he is also handling all the pressure at his young age very well. He has somewhat of a dose of humility (if you have ever watched any of his interviews). Some people love him too much hence bieber fever, but some hate him. I think it is jealousy.
Justin is not gay. He's is only girl.
Wait...Is it me, or does he actually sound like he's finally hitting puberty.
Howard Chan
American Idol auto tunes the performances after they film it. When u watch American Idol live (as in ur watching it via satellite), they don't auto tune it obviously, because u cant auto tune a live performance. But after they film it, they bring it to a studio and tune it. This is his best performance but I can hear auto tune. It's not just him thts auto tuned, Travis Garland was performing on the same day as him and u can clearly hear auto tune in his voice. I prefer Garland over Bieber TBH.
Luke Johnson
Gotta admit, he knows how to put on a show
@Faelivrin12 The "oh's" are part of the backing track. He's still singing live :]
im boy already and i like jb
where is bieber i wait him on 8 years and i living estonia
@biodin3 Yes but if you don't like him why click on the suggestions? It's not too difficult to figure out.
@mrmuscaat When will you stop searching someone's videos when you hate them? :)
if its deep now then wtf did he sound like? a chipmunk?
aw~ he looks so cute on the drums
Aoife m
I love his amazing brown eyes <3
Aoife m
@6300tamara no way Justins still the same person!The media can portray him in a different way so you think hes changed.But really hes just growing up and he still loves and appreciates his fans!!
bahalkali shimochi
omg i love this video so much & BIEBER FEVER!!!!!! <3
Aoife m
Great perfomsnce,hes a really good singer and he proved it on this.<3 xxxxx Luv ya Justin!
i miss this boy
alekhya VV
@lizismybestie18 me too...........i also ♥ed the old jUstin very much...that innocent & childish one....
Shana Hernandez
haha my aunt said he was lipsingin cus of wen he takes da mic away durin da chorus. so i finally watched dis nd started laffin. he isnt lipsingin dey add a track to wen he sings da chorus.dey do dat all da time for dis song.like wow! deyr supposd to b music ppl dey shud kno dis
Tony Larsson
he sure knows how to play instruments and sing. A talent in my eyes.
if you think he's lip synching then that's a compliment - he's not lip synching in this video, you can tell since he did make some errors and it wasn't perfect.
Isabella Johansson
Greeeeeeeeeeeat! I love it :)
I love the way he says "thank you" in the end <3333 awww his smile is sooo cute!!!! *dead* awwww <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 he is my hero
Chasing Daisies
one of the most amazing performances i've seen from justin yet, outstanding vocals !!! <3
noami lee
I'm a not fan but I don't hate him either. But seriously, some things haters say doesn't make any sense. Those that say JB can't sing, they are deaf, probably. N to anyone who say he sounds like a girl, I just want to say REALLY? Can they actually find a girl that sounds like him? It's true he doesn't have a super deep voice, but deep enough. lol. sorry for my somewhat-of-a-rant. It just seems stupid how people r saying stuffs about him that aren't true just because they don't like him.
voice is changing. i like it!
Mark L
@Flizzankie ok then genius, explain time 2:17 where its supposed to be 'ohhhhhh' and his mic is way up in the air? pfft. pathetic.
lmao shutup he has a good voice he's talented. I'm not a bieber love fan or anything but he is talented. So Hate if ya want but realize that he does have talent
Bree McNeal
♥♥I Love Justin Bieber♥♥
hmmm on all videos i saw his name now i watched a vid of him and it isnt bad but i dont care also but i just want to know how old is he?
Mohammad Al-Zawahreh
@JBlolPandas why the fuck are people going crazy and arguing over this guy? he is a good singer I get it, but wth? These people are a little obsessed with this guy, He is a nice guy, he held a baby in his arm.... I don't give a shit, I like his music i don't care if he is osama bin laden.
Ambriel Zamora
@TerriDreamss LOL !!! dont you just love asian families ?! xDDD
Ava Dawson
OMG!!!!!! WOW!!! Can we SAY BEAUTIFUL he is AMAZING!!! I just want to hug him soo bad !!! I LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE SOOOOO HOTT :) you know it :)
I don't mind if you like this little boy or not, but he deserves not to be the most current singer in Youtube. He has no great voice, no great dancing, no great performance, no great composition, no great talent, but why? Because he has such a great supporter. It's too funny that he appears there as a invited singer. Singer? I cannot assume how did Justin Bieber thought about himself when he stood in front of a single competiter, whose name is Adam Lambert as a pro-singer.
Ambriel Zamora
i remember watchin dis wit my mom and aunt. just likee typical asians they didnt shut up bout him xDDD
i love how he got legacy as his back up singers
Monster Goddess
Justin Bieber is my first ever crush 😍😍😍
Oana Arion
is nice...very nice:P:D
he plays the drums awkwardly, usually the hands are crossed over the snare and hit hat
wow his voice got deep
Bryan Boothe
@BriannaRodriguezTV Because they make a track then they sing it..
@2:17 he is lip-syncing
Wilven Rey Hiteroza
i missed the BABY intro dance step yeha
ele é mesmo incrível,sempre vou ser fã dele.
Brandon Cruz
grew respect for him after this knowing he dosn't need electronics to be a good singer.
I really don't get why people hate on this guy so much. He's got talent. I don't understand....
@awesomemark1234100 Actually he does. He's been selling records hasn't he? He has fans doesn't he? He sounds great live. Sure his voice is high but he sure can use it