Justin Bieber - U SMILE/BABY (AMERICAN IDOL) 5/19/2010 HQ

HD American Idol 5/19/2010 performance Justin Bieber - U SMILE & BABY on American Idol Live 05/19/2010 FOX TV American Idol 9 Kidrauhl My World 2.0

american idol 2010 justin bieber performance SMILE BABY on American Idol Live 05\/19\/2010 FOX TV Kidrauhl My World 2.0 fox

Emm Muhammad
Love him or hate him but you cant deny the talent the man has !!!
I remember seeing this when I was 10 and i hated him so much... i just last year started to realize he was actually good. I think he's really making a change for the better, I actually like the new music
Anime Couples
Wow looking at him right here and now wow he grow up soo fast
Mariah Heloisah
I Love You Justin 👏👏💗💗💗😻
BurN 420
Still a better sing than... Oh no wait, he is the worst.
Serena Tang
this was time when bieber actually sung good. This is the case for many singers
Naser Masri
I love you justin
Loretta Romero
People ask me why I'm a beliber
Jennifer Yasmin
Moara Schmidt
Woo Hoo
Nieves Mamaradlo
i remember this song!! when i was a major belieber i would listen to it and cry because i loved him so much :O
แอบชอบเธออยู่ แต่ไม่กล้าบอก
LaCurrone C
this is where i first saw justin.
w мтс w мтс
то чувство когда среди алисчких
Veronica Palmini
Special Person
Now he's into drugs and went to jail so good bye
CSupori Laszlo
oh,very good song u smile and baby and the baby is my favourite song and justin bieber i love you ,i love you ,i love you my love , oh justin i love you ,justin bieber is very nice
Olivia Clark-Davis
Yes MAN ! Justin Bibier sucks so bad but have you heard of Justin Bieber he's AWESOME !
he's totally cute
Veronica Palmini
Chemaine Cheng
he sucks
Sara Mehjabin
He was so cute . But now he sucks
bobbie jhoanna pineda
Justin is rally good he is not bad he help the tacloban.
lilly veleva
he is so small here!
Shambria Amlendinger
Justin bieber I will way love tall I die love Justin bieber
Leta Surdari
I love you Justin Bieber
This was the best performance of justin bieber.
Sara Mehjabin
He was so cute . But now he sucks
fuuuuuuuccccckkkk ive been bieb rolled >=(
Monster Goddess
Justin Bieber is my first ever crush 😍😍😍
Aria Montgomery
I miss the old JB
rachel ng yin yin
I wish i can meet Justin Bieber.I love you Justin Bieber
Che Bear
Love him <3 xx brings back memories! ^_^
Chaya Sangma
Justin smile I smie 😁😙
Michael Baumann
Chris you very well.from Mike
Muhammad Ashhel
Man i dont get with these girls wht do they see in justin
Ellis McKinney
He spits on his fans. And pisses in buckets
Abel Pulliza
Haters gonna hate, but justin is the best and btw the reason y you hatinvis becuz he is illuminati, which is actually the best bb order ever existed.
v v proud of you Justin ❤
PERFECTTTTTT!!! I can't even explain my love for Justin! I couldn't be more proud of this lil Canadian <3
Jezebel Ruiz
Justin is my idol.
Carolyn Johnson
me too
kim van gerwen
Omg he is soo little:(
maxim nuzhin
but not that type, yea everyone makes mistakes but drugs is just too far
rikke trolle
He's gone no where. He's still kidrauhl.
Everybody makes mistakes!
Pamela Izurieta Pamela
Jutin is beautiful 3
lenoschi 0809
Justin smile I smile
Kasandra Cookie Gonzalez
oude justin is beter nu zit hij aan de drugs alles dadelijk pleegt die ook nog een moord
Nicole Alexejew
Miss our kidrauhl
Chill Ninetyeight
Hey jonesyxxc y u putting such hatful comments
Kill yourself
Aww I remember watching this episode when it was Live on TV (':
Chloe Jones
You are really talented Never stop singing You where bourn to sing 3 :)
Brendan Johnson
2:17 takes the mic away from his mouth completely lip sinking?
Sarah Farstad
I miss this Justin:'(
Non Al ghtane
l Love you justin biebr
jazzy Presas
I Love this song
cara worrell
Lizzy Ramirez
I love this song
Micaela Monfasani
I love this song!
parker mccasland
Jb more like bj
luz iterman
Nobody cares.
rara adelia
as long as not justin bieber , that's so cool
Mia Pavail
u smile i smile :)
Lexi Rodriguez
I hate him
Beeto Medina
que dias... Forever Kidrauhl :)
Enia Kanjir
justin craven
2 years later drugs
who cares you dissed him anyway so don't like all cute and stuff
Avenger Star.sg
he was not a jerk b4...
Miss Tammy Williams
*No comment* Awesome ppl singing liike me!
EQ Rider
♥ JB♥
ปรมัส น่ารักอ่ะ
หล่อ มากอ่ะ
I know Right
I like his music I just don't like him
Jonathan Moritz
This is really weird to say but this is when he was actually good, now he just sucks.
Erika Carreno
I love you jb!
Beatriz Berenguer
i miss this <3
Luu Romero
love it♥
Erika Lopez
Hes the cutest thing ever!
Pasure Bieber
I Love him ! <3
Celina van den Brink
im still watching this.
Felipe Tiago
curti ai galera,pow da hora,muleque manda mô bemsão,watch?v=Br7zaPoczIo
yarida moya-nieto
Lotte ELS
I miss u little-Justin :(
Pasure Bieber
Awwww So cute <3
Wilven Rey Hiteroza
i missed the BABY intro dance step yeha
he sounds nothing like a girl except for the part at 1:17-1:22 and then i guess hes sepposed to sound like that
victoreic del cid
lindo hermoso justin bieber
Bianca Toscano
he's 18 dumbass and he sounds nothing like that anymore get the hell out from under a rock.