London: Walking Around Harrod’s – Brompton Road in Knightsbridge

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In this video, we are walking around Harrod’s with Silke, Stefan, Jennifer, Luke and Nathan. Harrod’s is the world’s most famous upscale department store. "Carefree", "Life of Riley", and "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 /> Other Places To Find Us: Patreon: />Tami’s Twitter: />Tami’s Pinterest: />Tami’s Instagram: />Tami’s Facebook: />Tami’s Google+: />Kevin’s Lunchtime Review: />Kevin’s Gaming & Lecturing Channel: />Kevin’s Instagram: />Kevin’s Twitter: />Kevin’s Google+: />Dunn Family Bloopers />Dunn Family Bloopers Part II />Dunn Family Bloopers Part III />Christina & Andrew’s Family Channel: />Christina’s Facebook: />Ashley’s Blog: />Ashley’s Instagram:

Bill F
Someone take the camera away from this woman or lock her up for abusing it
It's like Macy*s on 34th St
I shop in Harrods. Once bought a pair of nail scissors.
John Crilly
great video good work but harrods to me isnt as good as it used to be....since it got took over by the current owner and refitted in parts, its just not the same and lost the special atmosphere it once had in the late 80s/ early 90s, very sad...wonder if theres any other "old harrodians" who will echo my thoughts here?
WOW!!! Harrod's is huge. The cakes looked very pretty.
Nimay -
Thanks for this harrods tour. Going harrods next week nd only wanna splurge on desserts Has anyone ever had desserts from Harrods? No I'm not talking about tea nd cakes, I'm talking about desserts like "chocolate a million ways" Do u think it's worth it?
Anna Barham
Good video, if only I could turn off that stupid annoying music.
I sotac
Absolutely hate Harrod's the place is zoo, and Labyrinth.
Juliette Walker
Lovely video thank you for sharing
high high
Aishah AbdulRahman
I’m really thankful, I felt that I’m already there 😍💖
kamel hatem
Thank you for sharing ! i worked 2 years for Harrod's. is the best store in the world.
Michelle johnson
this is some place i know i will never get to go to, so you going and filming they way you did made me feel like i was right there with you. thanks for that. this is michelle from pigeon forge.
Are the foods in Harrods banquet hall any good ? You see, the last time I was in UK, the food tasted so bland (except for Pret A Manger in Heathrow) because of this food laws and regulations that have been imposed, for the sake of the half of the British population that suffers from food allergies (nuts, milk, wheat, etc.). Now Pret A Manger, I have heard, is changing things because of this only ONE person who died from an allergy. Take note: only ONE person !!
sylvia h
There's a few places here that have bread displayed like that. No different than the open donut cases and bagel bins at Kroger. Kroger has their gourmet breads in paper sleeves that are open at the top.
Why did I laugh when she said candy bar 😂
sylvia h
That stores even nicer than th ones I admired in Vienna. The sweets are lovely and cupcakes comparable in prices to Sprinkles here.
Margarita Betancourt
I love your England and Scotland videos. Your camera takes great vlogs. What kind of camera did you use?
Kevin Burke
Did you buy anything?
How much is the cheapest desert/food in harrods???? do u guys think if £20 would enough for the cheapest ice cream /dessert/food for 2 people????
Neal Wilson
Nice vid, and thanks for posting. I like that lego Harrod's model. Fortnum and Mason is also a very high class store that you may consider looking around.
Really enjoyed your videos, you both look like a lot of fun😊
Michelle Borisov
This video makes me dizzy
Williie Mitchell
I will be visiting here next year, WoW! Amazing.
jean norton
thats the lovelyest store i ever seen
Lisa Adams
I love your videos. makes me excited for my trip there next spring!
jean norton
how did you deside what to buy.?
If I were to see the abundance of sweets, I would think I died and gone to heaven! lol
jean norton
ill have to watch a few times to catch every thing ,i makes me dizzy.
Carl C
Harrods is just amazing but FAR too expensive!! The restaurant in there is incredible!
jean norton
the packages are so pretty.
Harmeet Sandhu
Video s fabulous. Food court is very huge. It feels luxurious
Whitney Houston
I want to visit London just because of this store and the exotic cars!
jean norton
did it smell good in there?
I'm glad security didn't give you a hard time for filming around. I hear at Selfridge they do that.
Lindsay Hester
Just went here to Harrods today! What an awesome store! The food was overwhelming! We got tea in the little tea shoppe and so far it's been one of my favorite things we've done. Felt so British!
You should not carry a backpack like that at Harrods. Read rules.
Janet Smith
We enjoyed Harrods but we liked Selfridge's even more.  Not quite a "posh!"  I did purchase some 15 pound washcloths as our hotel did not provide them.  I am still using them two years later and they still look new.
Craft Corner with Esther C
Wow that is such a neat place. I would love to visit there 🎄
george baker
when I saw the title of "Walking Around Harrod’s" I was hoping it would be a walk around the outside. oh well looks fancy!
Did you see the pet shop?
Mary Miller
Why dwell on candy?
Speedy Wood
Omg, £4.50 for a cupcake?