Water. By Paul Collier (46)

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The title of this music is....Water It is written and performed by Paul Collier ©2010 I am an unsigned musician therefore your support is everything to me. Please click like and subscribe if you want to hear more from me. Download coming soon. Stress relief relaxing music with binaural nature sounds Use this soothing healing music as deep meditation music, yoga music, music for massage, spa music. Also could be used as a study music, deep sleep music and total relaxation music. Relax your mind and body with this calm music video. Use it for zen meditation, concentration and balance, pilates, stretching and other relaxing ways or just your daily after work relaxation. Epic music. Relax your body and mind. Find me on Facebook /> My website /> Contact me at [email protected] The video is "Havasupai Indian waterfalls" by David Huting (c) - see his amazing work here....

Nalia L. S.
Simply beauful. So relaxing and, in the same time, so good to focus here in my studies. Thank you!
Sophia Conwell
i just love Paul collier's music
Akiane Paikea
ThIs is sedona , not indian ,
Pernille G.
Lovely music......thank you so much Paul Collier and David Huting.....Beautiful video :))
Pernille G.
Wish you All a Beautiful......Happy Week :))
norland obillo
Havasu Falls! ; )
Winthrop Frame
Must have been the most beautiful day to be there. And watch the water role on by destination to unknown parts. Thanks for showing this peaceful joyous place.
Wesley Thomas
nice profile pic, :) Deus Ex rocks
Autumn Allen
Hard to relax to when it just keeps stopping. Wish is wasnt like that!
Paul..you have a true gift that few can achieve! I started listening to you in 2009 and you music has never been far from my mind. Continue to share your gift and you will continue with great rewards!
John Shepard
I played this last night on my phone cause I was having trouble sleeping... woke up pressing replay and dozing straight off again. Brilliant... absolutely brilliant!
amazing :D it's so beautiful :D
Cj Wright
Paul, thank you for sharing your incredible talent! Wonderful!!!
sevenasing KC
I listen to you music every time i do my homework. It helps me to relax and think more especially while i am writing an essay.
that's exactly what popped in my mind when I got here :D..
I am listening to this again, and again, and again, and again while I complete my social homework... Paul, I am so thankful I was introduced to your music! You are one of my very favourite musicians on YouTube and in general!
how do you listen to it? im guessing headphones in your pc? i would prob not get away with this in my office....
Essence Nilaya
Really beautiful creation Paul. You are a gift of Life <3
Bob Smith
i fell asleep
Rangel Dimitrov
Absolutely fantastic!
This video made me want to take a pist
Rudy Leather
Music yg mengalihkan dunia
Vera Garza
Man... where has this been all my life?
Zharmae Author
wonderful music :)
Alien 21
Nice music, btw you wrote support with 3's "PPP"
Oi Missus
beautiful as the piece is, it really makes me need the toilet.
Designs by Treeza
these relaxing sounds put my anxious cat straight out into sleep mode and slowed his heartbeat.PEACE2all
This music makes me have the most pleasant daydreams of sailing into the middle of a peaceful lake on a quiet morning to watch the sun rise <3
Betty Guest
I do Appreciate the Beauty~your music and the sound of the waterfalls~A moment of Serenity much needed~
Please don't ever ever delete this clip ,this is soooo awesome and I would NEVER find 1 like this again :( Thank you so much 4 having this clip ,just love it !
jenny whitley
jon doh
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jon doh
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Bradley Rackel
its at moments like this when you feel like nothing is wrong, just relaxed and all you feel is that warm tingle inside of you that says that were on top of the world and were never coming down. sure we have faced or challenges in our life but now were free.... and if your saying something is make believe, then you are saying that you lost faith that anything thing can happen. i am still a believer anyone else care to join me
Anwaar ,
waaa awsome music, thanks for upload ^^
Sammy9017 *
i come from stoke =]
sarah Larson
@KarlChristan haha ya thats how i felt too lol
wonderful video and music, thanks for upload :)
@darroni123 over here please
About a minute into this, I just started staring at the screen, as if in a trance, and I became so relaxed...Great work Paul!
thank you so, so much for your uploads <3
That water noise makes me want to pee.
i will never understand why some videos have the dislike button...like this one, why would anyone dislike this? it's beautiful :)
Agustin Centurion
This video is more stressful than relaxing, because I'm pissed I'm not there.
Carlos Fuentes
Your friend David Huting is very talented, I love the scene. Feels very nice with the music.
Michael Hastrup Bendsen
maaan this sucks, it sounds like he'd just made some sounds that's similar to Nasa's Spacerecordings "Song of Earth"
I think this is my favorite work by you, Paul. Thanks!
Gerard Fletcher
it blew my mind thank u ura genius and god given tallent thank u. what a great way to escape al ills in this world peace
Eden X
@DauwXelfje i promise u ur bigger than them!
Eden X
man i wanna get stoned there :)
makes me pee
Paul, dear, is there a way I can get your beautiful music on my ipod?
Miche Spade
Thank you so much for the music, you learnt me to relax when I came back from a hard day at school, listening to all those bullies. I don't care them anymore Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderfull music, I'm sure you helped lots of people.
cheatcode F
I will listen to your music when I write, it inspires me and calms me :)
Chris Cook
the 8 people who disliked probs just fell asleep and accidently clicked dislike
i actually was gonna expect 1 min of easy sounds and then a RRAAAAHRREJGHGHURJHG monster :P
@kwordkarinababe yes this is music is some kind of Magic for me and with these awesome nature which we see in the video i feel so good with no anger,no stress,just like normal Human!!! Best wishes from Bulgaria!!
I will be having the most relaxing sleep now. ♥
@PaulFromStokeUK really Great video !!!!!!!!!! i feel so Great now when i watch it! Best wishes from Bulgaria!
Cairin Diggz
Great video,this is featured at thesandmanproject (dot com) Please have a look, and thanks! If you know what's up and you want to learn what to DO then this will be a good investment of your time.
Alex Rodriguez
Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter
You should be doing a fourth ''Koyaanisqatsi''
crystalin ian
I truly love your music it is so relax and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul. Serenity
Subliminal and beautiful!!!
Simply beautiful :) I've been in such places. Thanks GOD, I'm a hiker as well, and GOD blessed me many times with many of Blessings like these :)
@momoericke : I've been in such places. Thanks GOD, I'm a hiker as well, and GOD blessed me many times with many of Blessings like these :)
Simply beautiful :)
Meagan Pecka
I almost fell asleep
i have stress problems, any recomendations, any doctors :P
I would love to lie down on that sand, watch that waterfall, feel the hot sun on my skin, and listen to this song. ♥
this reminds me of your song Air...i like it :) you should make an earth and fire song as well. the crackling of flame would probably be a nice soothing background to a song. just an idea, keep up the good work Paul.
@PaulFromStokeUK no thank you for making them i feel so much better
@PaulFromStokeUK Just the thing to stop you from losing the plot. Love this music and all your music. It makes me float into another world and all my stresses float away and I feel human again.
...this true love...this is the real love we all are searching for...
Where is this place??? Its calling me 2 come to take a break away and rest in harmony with nature...so sad...my gps says location not found..:(
Where is this place??? Its calling me 2 come to take a break away and rest in harmony with nature...so sad...my gps says location not found..:(
ahmed haza
flufygogogo's story is the saddest story i have ever read on the uploader comments or even anywhere... its on Song #29
beautiful music, you're so talented, I gave you a thumbs up!
cathy jones
where is this place :( i want to go there
@PaulFromStokeUK AWESOME,,,,,
Cha Riley
Nature is so beautiful. :')
at first I thought the music was my breathing
loved the whole feel of the video - beautiful :) thank you
We All Need Relaxation & Meditation ! Thank You so Much !
And of course I enjoy listening to your wonderful and peaceful musics. Thanks for sharing your talent.
wow!! this is amazing. Paul you are very lucky to be in the place like this, surrouned by water flowing down stream.
Music by Paul Collier
I hope you enjoy this video, the video footage shown is by David Huting. The music I have wrote and performed myself, I have currently over 60 of my compositions on YouTube, Thank you for watching/listening. Paul :)
Wonderful, thank you for NOT including annoying sounds of someone running a lat-night bath.
I just want to live there it looks so peaceful!! Haha, definately on the need to visit someday list.
Anurag Sharma
@dirtydog1985 Do you really think that the sound of water is of this waterfall? This waterfall will make so much noise that we won't be able to hear any music :(
Cimone Wofford
awesome waterfalls. where did u get the vids of them
now im thisty
Elene ele
just amazing,....