Sri Reddy, Richa Chadha React to Saroj Khan’s Casting Couch Remark

Speaking at a press conference recently, veteran choreographer Saroj Khan not only accepted the existence of the ‘casting couch’ in the film industry, but also defended it. Video: ANI Music: Big Bang Fuzz

Ajay Singh
Instead of fake sympathy, she revealed a bitter truth.
Apoint Ofview
Ranbir *Kapoor* - "I have not faced it" - Of course you have not faced it with your background. Such an elitist comment. Lost respect...
harsh jain
She has just spoke d reality..which very few people have guts to speak openly bcz ppl fear backlash
Shantanu Mishra
Honestly, I think Saroj Khan has gone senile and her words shouldn't be taken literally. Casting couch as a practice exists, some people are okay with it, some aren't. It's just like bribe or dowry.
Anuradha Gautam
Saroj khan's statement tells us just how accepted and protected is predatory behavior in the entertainment industry. As soon as someone points a finger at the entertainment industry, the sandstorm of whataboutery tries to normalize sexual harassment by saying it happens everywhere. yes, sexual harassment is widespread but that should not be used to rationalize its prevalence in the entertainment industry. I understand that predatory behaviour is alive and kicking in all kinds of workplaces. But the problem is that most individuals employed by the entertainment industry are independent contractors and how well can they be protected by the existing machinery is not very clear to me. it is easy to make a blanket statement and to tell a woman to go to the court without telling her how to get there (i.e., awareness about workplace harassment laws)
Deepak kumar
No body is understanding the sarcasm in saroj khan's statement.
Mary Am
And here is more evidence of my theory:Old women- the root of all the negativity in the world continuing.
bari shangpliang
She speak the truth.she is senior she know better what is going on in Bollywood industry.
Did anyone notice alcohol bottles in Gajendra Kumar still....?
yo yo facts facts
So according to Saroj atleast those who exploit newcomers are good becuse though they exploit they gave them roti. So by that logic owning of slave is also good because though they exploit them they give them food. Thank you for your outstanding understanding.
Do not trust Sri reddy and her protest, national media should check her background.Her end goal is to target 2019 politics, check her protest news in telugu states
Sadia Ejaz
saroj ji is right...sach kadwa hota h
Why r people bashing saroj ji...she only revealed the truth..didnt say that its a good thing..
Anuj Choudhary
Now hypocrite people start talking she just said the honest truth
Bitter Karela
She spoke the absolute truth!! But in blockheads ko toh protest karnai hai!! Aab morcha nikalo nikammo!!
Susmita Roy
People dont like the bitter truth these days...saroj khan always speaks the truth
shiv shekhar
It's clear misinterpretation
Binaj Basnet
She's got a point.....It all depends on a girl....But people asking such dirty favors are also animals.....disgusting
Kiran Yallabandi
It's not really complicated. There are two threads to it. 1) a woman despite having talent is not being able to go ahead in her career because of casting couch or is forced into it to save her career. 2) assuming even if she is willing and "enjoys" the casting couch this constitutes a goddamned bribe, where the only criterion should be acting ability /looks. Essentially the balance of power is skewed towards producers and the employees are suffering. It's the situation where there is only factory and many workers and factory is taking advantage of the workers, in this case sexually. As far judging the women who have agreed to casting couch that is a whole another issue. Main issue is of producers taking unfair advantage of their position /power, if it's happens in other fields as mentioned then it's wrong there too. That is no justification
Ranbir product of nepotism, so he can shhhh
kuljinder ahluwalia
She is speaking from her heart and appears to be fact. Ranbir is born within film industry with lot of wealth. Rest is story. She is talking facts.
Rosh r
Everyone knows it happens..y sud she apologize for speaking the truth..Shez not the first person to admit this in fact
Rachit Bhandari
Now a days women are speaking out their hearts, trying to be real....and men are suddenly trying to be hyper-feminists so that they can maintain their image....😂hell some of these manginas sometimes try to teach women how to respect women..its actually funny😂
Agastya Sanjeev Palava
This is the problem with people they won't be able to digest this bitter truth!! Said by Saroj ji !! But ultimately the point is yes...She's right !!
Lakshmi S
Gotta love Richa Chaddha for coming out on issues and sanely so.
Garima Jha
This progressive director-actress duo defending it makes me feel ashamed of this industry. Thooo!
simran Kaur
It's a bitter reality she has spoken a harsh truth their is nothing to be losing respect or as ranbir kapoor comment has,nt happened to me as he belong to filmi background
yash sandhu
Richa chadda's pretence of bravado fizzled out when it comes to calling out her own industry people.
faizan sami
What she said is the fact.. she is not at all disrespectful... she’s just speaking the truth
rahel sue
Saroj madam spoke truth.. now those who prefer sweet tooth would definately clash ... she truly speaks if u have art u never need such *** system but yes this truth must be taken seriously
Irwin Crook
"Orgy" karke nikle hain 😂🤣
Mona Das
She revealed the bitter truth, but the misogynistic squad has dissed the topic completely.
Bollywood is biggest arena for casting couch....lots of big names are involved in it..thats why everyone remains silent
Bikash Mohanty
I think she is completely right...and all people and media giving a wrong direaction to her statement
kuljinder ahluwalia
Look who is talking. Trying to become idol. Why Ranbir Kapoor has ditched Deepika Paudokone. She got his name RK written on back of her neck. Ranbir Kapoor is not a good person. God please give him Wisdom, knowledge, respect for women.
Naushad Ansari
Agar women ko nhi krna Hai to mat aao. Ye to bussiness hai
Ye Gajendra Chauhan ko kaun interview karha hai?
Pawan Kumar
She said correct thing nothing wrong
divyanshu gautam
saroj khan u have lost it
Ayushi naval
richa chada now m fan of urs
priyanka reddy
Wtf?? Seriously Sri Reddy?? People support her cause don't support her..n yes what Sarojini Khan said is wrong...
She didn't say it's right or wrong. She just said what is there.
Harsh Batra
Ranbir kapoor tu rishi Kapoor ka beta nhi hota tujhe kutta nhi puchta
Sunita Chetwani
Fake people double standards
Rashid Jafri
I think Sudhir and richa is right they r saying that people come here for job now this is your choice how u talk it for example see sunni Leone and rakhi sawant Sunni has portray her so nicely but rakhi gone so wrong see how she is miss handle this is my option may be rakhi enjoy this it's her choice Question is that from where it should me clean - see the news now?
ms Sri Reddy,, first have respect for your own face please- be on those lip fillers and botox, you are starting to look like a fish. Yes, this has been happening since the beginning of cinema, this was much talked about stuff around people, Just dont hate on someone who just opened the tap on this issue and pretends like the evil is only the part of what Mrs. Khan said.
Mr Human
Rape Kar ke chhor to Nahi deti ....slow clap. And we can blame others , If Mr X or X Country do it , or X organisation does it ......then Y should not be questioned.
harsh jain
She is right
human being
Even i have lost respect for her...she is soo cheap ....and moreover its olso in hand of women...u should bycott such film makers
Zeeshan M. Raje
i am not supporting her ,but she reveled truth
Rajbir singh
She is right
carta jenner
And are the people in India really that dumb , can't you listen what is she saying , for once just open your mind and listen to the lady .....
Adam Patinson
ek to modi itne rules bana raha h taki women upar uth sake or fir bhi govt govt bc
Aryan Ahmadi
Sorj Khan is right all of u loss ur self for money
Kalyanpotti Chakravarthy
Pove lanja munda
Balaji M
Let's get one thing clear, what she said is right, it's been there but shouldn't have said it provides you roti so adjust. Ppl are shouting like there is none or taken on mutual consent. Her statements sound like you should adjust for your bread and butter, thts completely wrong
She has gone crazy
Haris Ismail
a bitter truth
Oooohhh Cringe. Cringe.
Siddhant The fire
This women is sick
Shambhu The Eternal
There is some truth in Saroj khans comment ....The bollywood is very hypocrite ... Bollywood industry never protests and hold placards regarding Sexual exploitation of both men and women in this industry ...
पियुष पान्डे
But she's got a. Casting couch is something which is not look and say as a rape. It is something which happens with the mutual concern of two people one is getting sexual pleasure and other was getting some big offer from the person who has offered casting couch so its ok its world its like give and take
kiyaa galat baat hai .mard jaat ek kiyu hui ye proof kartaa hai
Harshita Jaiswal
what saroj said was the truth! ppl protesting have a problem with saroj khan and lost respect for her and will wilfully stand against her rather than standing against the root problem of the issue. Is saroj speaking about casting couch an issue or the casting couch itself is an issue? what did all the people (commenting about her age, her dignity and respect ) do to curb this? or improve the condition of women in india? or to gain or maintain dignity of those working in the industry??? making vulgar movies n acting as an object??
watch time
I kind of agree with saroj khan, even when I'm a woman
I wont disagree with the first 2 comments of her. It’s everywhere. But her last 2 comments are disgusting.
carta jenner
If a old lady says it it's her" age", if a girl says it she must be "out of her mind", when a middle-aged women says it she's doing it for "publicity". But when a man denies it " the directors and producers" laugh out loud, like a great joke has been cracked.
Abdullah Moulvi
Chutiya sali Saroj khan
Ms. Gadepalli
Now Sri reddy is attacking Bollywood? all seems like a plot, What Saroj ji said is true, why are you pointing fingers at someone who is speaking the truth, it may have come across as irresponsible, but its true, if a women who has the self respect and more importantly talent of acting, then she would not give herself away hoping to make a career in movies
Susmita Roy
Yeah she is absolutely right...but she should have said it in a decent way but films like Fashion also show about casting couch and government and indian police sucks they are the worst
Rajni Devi
sachaee kadvee hoti hai , bahut kadvee sachaee hai film industry ki baap bada na bhayia sabse bada rupayeeya , chale hai maa padmavati ko badnam karney .
Eddy GR
Saroj Khan was talking about the realities of the industry in most straight forward way.
I M Habibi 43
Aunty pagla Gaye hai. Kuch bhi bolre hai. Very bad
Pritam Bhardwaj
Saroj khan is saying the truth... because it is better to have a bitter truth then a sweet lie....
Quantum Mechanics
Yhi ladkiyaan jo casting couch against wahin camre ke samaane nangaa ho jaati hai
Hikari Licht
Saroj khan is right, it happens with mutual consent of that girl, no one is forcing to sleep with someone. Whom to blame, if an adult man/woman willingly, sleeps with someone for carrer gains. Stop showing fake sympathy guys, you can't cheat yourself