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SHN Rating for Silent Hill: Downpour: ★★★ Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, has been incarcerated at Ryall State Prison after stealing a police cruiser. Seeking revenge for the murder of his son, Murphy strikes a deal with George Sewell, a corrections officer at Ryall, to secretly grant him access to a sequestered inmate, Patrick Napier, in the prison shower room. After reminding a confused Napier that they used to be neighbors, Murphy savagely beats him. The scene cuts to black before Murphy lands the finishing blow.

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The Alternative Hypothesis
Am I the only one who watches these videos to relax and go to sleep?
1:47:50 ...I couldnt help but burst out laughing when it threw the chair back at you....wasnt expecting that XD
Oh The Mirth
Thanks for this. The commentary ones get really annoying and ruins the atmosphere.
I will never understand why people hate this game so much....I loved it
I think this is the only game where the character actually screams in reaction to scary things
Hundune Johnson
There needs to be a silent hills amusement park.
P.B. Horror Gaming
Man i need to play this game again. Love you intros dude.
is it me or is the audio not working at a certain time?
Kate Marsh
I've been looking for some silent hill game play but people talk too much. I like to listen and observe, this video was very needed THANK YOU!
Juan Salinas
I love Downpour. Probably my favorite Western developed SH. Just wish this upload had subs.
Marcus Haskell
Seems like Silent Hill has been kinda "Resident Evil"ised. Disappointing...
Mads Tyler
It threw the chair back at you and I have not stopped laughing omg
It's probably just my iPhone but there are parts of this video that have high quality sound and low quality sound?
Sweet Soleil
You, are so impressive. Thanks for puttng in that extra effort for full gameplays without someone yapping over it ~
Cyberra 01
Great playthrough. Complete ones without commentary are hard to find... Looks like a lot of players don't even finish the game. Or at least they don't record it. Could use some brightening, though... While the scenes where Murphy is running around outside are good, scenes inside are so dark it's very difficult to see anything except what's in the flashlight beam.
I. Mirghani
surrealistic Silent Hill game.. i love it
La Furette
It's like a movie :) Thank you guy
Galactic Citizen
This was fucking thrilling to watch. I just wish I could make sense of the ending. I'm a die hard fan of the first silent hill, as I believe it had the best story but it's a shame they couldn't remaster it. origins or whichever one where the world freezes blew rhino balls. SHN thank you for these videos. probably gonna watch all of them.
damn i miss these games
julian chan
I reckon if Downpour wasn't a Silent Hill title but a game on it's own. It would've received a lot better by people without the comparisons. It's actually a pretty cool game but when compared to the old games, I find it very disappointing and lacking in every way.
Pattana Pechcharat
Please enable subtitleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #cryingoutloud
moist faucet
Silent hill is getting less scary and creepy every time...
Thank you for uploading this.... :)
Alex Ávila
I always had nintendo consoles only but I love horror games, where can I find all the silent hill games released so far??? are they available for download in ps4 or ps3??? or I have to get an old ps2 for that, but I think the first SH was on ps1 so I'm not sure.
Kirk Angel
sweet mary, how did you know the code without seeing the numbers? 4:13:36
qüēęñ ËłßÄ
Hi SHN I'm your big fan I love every video you upload and really hope if you put some language titled like some Asian language it would be much easy to know the story love your biggest fan ever ❤️❤️♥️♥️
David Murdock
Picked it up after putting it down for years. This is the kind of game that makes the Angry Video Game Nerd have a profanity laden aneurysm. Cameras. It's like 90's survival horror games all over again! Monsters that take advantage of camera angles to spin you around like a kid at a pinata party to blindside you. One monster almost literally lifted from World of Warcraft. Weapons that degrade and break from blocking. (Even metal ones!???) Monsters can disarm you. Button to throw your weapon (which has uses like never) right in the middle of important buttons so you're sure to hit it by accident. Forensic flashlight can easily toggle to normal flashlight at the slightest bit of pressure. This will ensure your experiences with the ninja blow up dolls (yes, really.) will be as painful as possible. We are talking Eggplant Wizard levels of ragequitting. I give you kudos for playing through this piece of shit. The Centennial building is about where I had it. The camera is just inexcusable.
hope this won't be the last SH in the series.
it feels like im watching a movie. i love it
This is my favorite Silent Hill game! Thank you!!!
GothicDark Angel
Thank you ,love silent hill
2:17:39 I love that part and as a guy who does hallucinate I know it can be very strange to hallucinate...
Whenever the audio cuts out... Silent... Hills...
Kosmas Pec
3:03:00 this level with the theatre puzzle was my favourite level.I still remeber it!!I completed this game the previus winter and liked it very much.
Modded Gaming
Murphy: Here Take the Chair!! *throws the chair and runs*  Monster: You forgot something! *Throws the same chair back at Murphy* Me: Aww how sweet...It's trying to play pass the chair
HuiJie Xin
good show
Nice awesome video is the best good chapter x7🏅🎀🎀🎀
jacob reed
I don't know how, but after I did one of the side missions. I changed clothes, and now the monsters are scared to fight me. I have to run up to them and fight them, but they still won't fight back. must be a glitch I triggered. still able to complete my missions tho
Armani Carlo Murano
one of my favorite games!
Mercy OnOasis
1:41:11 omag. sucidal ...
Chris Cheng
Hey SHN, just curious since you seem to love the horror genre in gaming. How would you improve the Silent Hill games? It's generally acknowledged that Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3 were the best ones, and once the development team changed it started to go downhill. I felt that Silent Hill Downpour had lots of potential, but it felt like something was...missing. What do you think?
Kelly Kaos
a lot of people didn't like this one but I thought it was better then homecoming and the UV light sex dolls are genius lol
pierre kwok
Hi mate, thanks for sharing. Excellent skills!
max enzo
worst silent hill ever.
BTS army Dox
( hope u can understand my bad english) Please never remove your channel or videos, they are just so great
Your playthroughs are pretty excellent - thanks for taking the time to provide us with them :)
I liked this game personally, though was not the best of the series. I'm still hoping they go back to their roots and give us the scares like they did in the first couple games. Why they cancelled Silent Hills we'll never know, and even P.T. was cancelled. It's like the companies are too afraid to take any chances these days with giving the gamers what they want. Even RE needs to go back to their roots...gawd more than anything! No more CoD crap, RE is supposed to be survival "horror", not just picking up inf. ammo everywhere and cookie cutting enemies. Silent Hill can be the greatest again if they just take the chance and finish what they promised to make the gamers sh*t their pants like they said in their interview last year.
thanks for all the awesome uploads! love all these films, the genre of horror games has really taken off recently, though i'm definitely no expert, cheers!
İlginç Oyuncu
Thanks for uploading. Can you play Homecoming too?
Andrew Morrice
"Cupcake." Oddly, I'm hearing a lot more voices and sound effects in this than I hear when I play this myself. Maybe it's my telly.
Wescley Rocha
Xbox 360 silente Hill downpour final 🏆 eu já sim OK 😉👍
Kerry Madonna
This is exactly what I was looking for!! thanks a million!
Asri Ahmn
hope this have definitive edition on ps4
Why is he changing the weapons?That's odd.. Is he an idiots or what?
Enrique Sánchez
Excellent !! Thank you very much!! :D
Reel Featured
Only if they can make a Silent Hill based on the first Silent hill 🎥 Film
you can't 60fps a 30 fps game = makes no difference.
You want to help her she dies you don't help her she dies what's the point of having those options?
Tadej Danev
i'm trying to buy downpour and homecoming, which is better?
5 hrs only :d Damn this game is short
I have no doubt that this channel will be huge one day! Keep it up!
scarlet serrano
i really enjoy it it's very scary and exciting imagine if you are Murphy Pendleton and your in Silent Hill can you be brave just like him imagine he fight a lot of stupid scary monsters can you do that with yourself cause i can't all i wanted to say is thanks for this commentary so fun....
Don't know how you manage to play this game, the frame rates and textures are absolute shit.
hunter steel
why no subtitles man!
Jimmy Mai
keep up the great videos
Brandon Crider
this guy got the worst ending possible, I thought he was supposed to be good at horror games.
Amir Shahba
there is nothing like silent hill 1-4 in this game. It is a total crap!!!
Bastián De La Fuente
Now i remember why i never liked this game... it´s just awful, zero atmosphere, soundtrack was meh and the focus on fighting? unnecessary. Homecoming at least had a decent story.
Nuiiz Thanachart
wow. I loved your channel. the other they're just suppurate one story to many clips, talking shit while playing such an annoying. thank you anyway :)  
..I really believe it was the fat pedo who was meant to go to silent hill- then murphy killed him and partly the cop and so it was him instead who was chosen, replacing the pedo..
Julian Cool
Why is the girl cop in this game so stupid? Lol.
I think the reason why the audio is low quality is due to it being recorded on a PS3.
Renee Unrated
What system is this game for
Sezen Işık
Hmm. Where's the good monsters? All I saw up to now (1:30:00) was zombies and slenderman. I miss sexy leg ladies smacking you with their mid-riffs, representing my guilty sexual horniness or something.
Александр Inzaghi
Образ главного героя взят от Сергея Головкина. невероятное сходство!
merry lu
I think no one realise that Murphy Pendleton has a lot of similarities to Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. not just that they faces look almost identical but also sometimes the way that they behave. I mean the way that Murphy always look's like a sad depperst puppy is exactly the same kind of look that Trent has. they characters are really different . but the thing is sometimes they have really kind of familiar ways to behave. like they're both so separated from everything . and that's already something that hook me into this game. I really like this familiar Nine Inch Nails vibe
Axeman Cartoons
i'm loving the fluctuation between the audio being crisp, to muffled, to completely none existent.
first part of the game's tutorial is beating up a pathetic Pedophile
This game is like silent hill 2. You dive into the mind and emotions of Murphy. Much like the second with James. The complaints shouldn't revolve around the mechanics but the story. Though it was a good story with tons of symbolism, the story just felt lacking. Your core goal was to escape the nightmare you created for yourself and even Homecoming had more narrative than that. I mean sure there is Murphy's son but they could've done more with that as well as his internal guilt. In comparison to the other protagonists Murphy just seems so bland, so boring. He seemed so confused and lost without purpose. I feel like the writer just had a brain fart with Murphy and his story. Everyone has their own opinion.
Rozetta Vyper
The scariest thing about this game was the child cries because of what it all alluded to which is disturbing. Especially the theater area. Poor Charlie. Napier got what he deserved. One of the best and satisfying scenes in the game was seeing that fat piece of shit get owned by Murphy.
Zjayanhi Kang
Murphy's screams are hilarious
HouseoftheDead Channel
This game and the puzzles are great, but I wish that the enemies had a better design. I would have loved to see a hospital level with, one design or another, of the staple nurses.
Jacky Bellic
PS3’s graphic looks much worse than 360’s
37:50 Sanchez is my favorite Silent Hill character.
olddogg eleventy2
Sorry if I seemed to use this place as a blog...I was just having fun and no one else was seemingly participating, 1 year ago, was the last comment that I saw. I just know... I figured wrong. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else on the internet www/dot communifuckity. I was just having some fun...but everyone has their own idea of what fun is.
Andromeda Zen
I love the whole concept of Silent Hill. The individual is like in their own Hell, each monster representing a certain aspect of themselves. The character is in their own Purgatory, fighting to regain redemption✨ they have to pay the price of the sins they have committed in order to be free from their Purgatory. Can you imagine if that was how it was in real life for all of us? This game isn't real obviously, but it can make you think about the "what ifs" of our own Hell if you have the imagination for it✨
olddogg eleventy2
A good shotgun can solve a lot of life's problems when you're in Silent Hill. An iron pipe or a sledgehammer is nice but a good old over and under or a side by side just gives you more of a sense of security...and authority.
Cpl. John Miller
I remember there was a Light Gun First Person Shooter & it's about a couple who woke up in a motel & fight there way through the hellesh nightmare
Kess Mynus
No subtitles
I'm starting to get bored with you running back and forth between the same houses
Marko Marusinec
Great game!
olddogg eleventy2
I'll return, but damn this a weird mo' fo' so far... Just bam, after the crash and the guard lady dying it just got whacked out surreal, that I can't get a grip on...and I'm a Silent Hill fan,...later gater. I'll be back!
This was an amazing game but really suffered on the PS3 I don't know if it was ever patched but at launch and even a year later when i played it I ran into meany slowdowns and over all visual errors it didn't make the game unplayable but holy crap I wish it had a PC port that modders could fix.
Jordan Woolf
Ah, wished you had the in-game subtitles on for this one
Vinícius Luciano
Nossa já zerei esse jogo mano mais foi difícil zera eu conseguir
Kitana Kojima
Ill forever love that they made Murphy scream and freak out. It’s always bothered me how borderline dead pan the protagonists reacted - or rather didn’t react - to all the crazy ass settings and monsters they see
Angelic Ace
This channel is amazing. I love the no commentary aspect. Sure, jacksepticeye and Markiplier are amazing but talking during game play distracts from the creepy atmosphere. Thanks for uploading!!
Mr. Rodriguez
Is this on ps3
Watching this game was at least more enjoyable than playing through it was. Shame how the series took such a dive after Silent Hill 4.... R.I.P Silent Hill... My 2nd favorite game series behind Demon's / Dark Souls / Bloodborne.
Kitana Kojima
Years later, this game and its plot have actually REALLY grown on me.