Silent Hill: Downpour HD 1080p Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay Lets Play No Commentary

SHN Rating for Silent Hill: Downpour: ★★★ Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, has been incarcerated at Ryall State Prison after stealing a police cruiser. Seeking revenge for the murder of his son, Murphy strikes a deal with George Sewell, a corrections officer at Ryall, to secretly grant him access to a sequestered inmate, Patrick Napier, in the prison shower room. After reminding a confused Napier that they used to be neighbors, Murphy savagely beats him. The scene cuts to black before Murphy lands the finishing blow.

The Alternative Hypothesis
Am I the only one who watches these videos to relax and go to sleep?
Oh The Mirth
Thanks for this. The commentary ones get really annoying and ruins the atmosphere.
I think this is the only game where the character actually screams in reaction to scary things
1:47:50 ...I couldnt help but burst out laughing when it threw the chair back at you....wasnt expecting that XD
Hundune Johnson
There needs to be a silent hills amusement park.
I will never understand why people hate this game so much....I loved it
is it me or is the audio not working at a certain time?
Mads Tyler
It threw the chair back at you and I have not stopped laughing omg
Kate Marsh
I've been looking for some silent hill game play but people talk too much. I like to listen and observe, this video was very needed THANK YOU!
Juan Salinas
I love Downpour. Probably my favorite Western developed SH. Just wish this upload had subs.
I feel like these walkthroughs would be perfect with subtitles. I tend to watch these while at work & I can't exactly have the volume loud. Thus, I get lost during the cutscenes..
gunjan amoli
What's the difference between HD and Remastered ??? Can someone tell me ? :-)
I. Mirghani
surrealistic Silent Hill game.. i love it
damn i miss these games
Sweet Soleil
You, are so impressive. Thanks for puttng in that extra effort for full gameplays without someone yapping over it ~
Everybody's got great hair in this game!
this is not silent hill as we know...
It's probably just my iPhone but there are parts of this video that have high quality sound and low quality sound?
You know you're in for a treat when he hits the crow with his wrench.
محمد ابراهيم
هو افضل تختيم للعبة من وجهة نظري --مجهود غير هادي-انت رائع حقا-تحياتي ونتمني للك مزيد من التختيم المميز--دمت بصحة وعافية --شكرا
Pensky Material
DOWNPOUR!!! WHO would have guessed that this was the last time we got to visit this incredible universe!! WHAT A GAME!!!
Hi SHN I'm your big fan I love every video you upload and really hope if you put some language titled like some Asian language it would be much easy to know the story love your biggest fan ever ❤️❤️♥️♥️
hope this won't be the last SH in the series.
Lux The Dopestar
The bus driver took his eyes off the wet, winding mountain road for about six seconds 😂
This is my favorite Silent Hill game! Thank you!!!
I'll never forget when I found the apartment from 4. I was SHOOOK! /Chills
Here and Now
This was fucking thrilling to watch. I just wish I could make sense of the ending. I'm a die hard fan of the first silent hill, as I believe it had the best story but it's a shame they couldn't remaster it. origins or whichever one where the world freezes blew rhino balls. SHN thank you for these videos. probably gonna watch all of them.
Shane Bales
That beginning sequence gives you an idea of what a manhunt game on the PS3 would potentially look like.
Whenever the audio cuts out... Silent... Hills...
H. P. Mad
the things that make this a weak game in the series....the monsters design and poor variety...and the SOUNDTRACK...but is one of the best atmosphere i've seen in a game
Kirk Angel
sweet mary, how did you know the code without seeing the numbers? 4:13:36
It's like a movie :) Thank you guy
Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV
Early in the game and what a dumb woman. Risking (and losing) her life for the job. UPDATE: spoilers She survived.
Vinícius Luciano
Nossa já zerei esse jogo mano mais foi difícil zera eu conseguir
Andrew Morrice
"Cupcake." Oddly, I'm hearing a lot more voices and sound effects in this than I hear when I play this myself. Maybe it's my telly.
J. D
Every time he says "what the hell" I just go full on Silent Hill 4 flashbacks. Good Laughs haha.
Tori Monique
One complaint I had about this game was that the lighting was mad dark but maybe It was intentional idk
I love how every silent hill game ends good but the evil always comes back.
I hope they make a new a silent hill game soon gosh
To be honest I loved this game, I was always so happy to get on and just explore and get scared and everything. It was the only Silent Hill game I could play, although I had only really tried SH2 or 3 can’t remember but the one with the girl. I got it at a used game shop and I played it all of maybe 1 hour haha and was too scared to play anymore. I have watched probably you play every other SH game and I was amazing but there’s a few I seriously wouldn’t be able to play at least not without some kind of infinite ammo haha. I’ve been looking for a SH PC game with like a trainer maybe but I’ll need to look deeper and see if I find anything. After the RE 2 remake I really want to play an SH game, but probably not without some cheats as I want to be able to explore not just run away from everything.
Enrique Nangüelú
Actually I love this game. This was my introduction to Silent Hill saga and it was great. By the way. That scene of the wheelchair person in the window was enough to scare the sh*t out of my big brother, he said "here, all yours". 😂
"Are you enjoying the ride Murphy?" I just wanted to learn!
Infinite Gaming
Your video quality is just amazing. I will subscribe just for that :)
Aurorial gaming
Thank you for uploading this an for doing the real ending to the game.
Watching this game was at least more enjoyable than playing through it was. Shame how the series took such a dive after Silent Hill 4.... R.I.P Silent Hill... My 2nd favorite game series behind Demon's / Dark Souls / Bloodborne.
Jimmie bastrixer
I think the serie went in The right direction with this game, a more open town to Explore and wheater effects, and I also like that the charachter reacts to some of the things thsts going on. Too bad we Will Never see a New silent hill. I think the horror genre today has become stuck in The walking simulator and we can thank the succes of amnesia for that, not many horror games today where you can fight the monsters and there is a balance, i can run or i can fight
Apra Dox
( hope u can understand my bad english) Please never remove your channel or videos, they are just so great
Thank you for uploading this.... :)
Nancy King-Hoffman
To bad they never Made this game for Ps2 it looks like alot of creepy fun And a brain challenge as well😔 I found it only on ps3 and Xbox I got Nether system but I Do like the video on The game thanks for the info and have a happy New Year 😉
İlginç Oyuncu
Thanks for uploading. Can you play Homecoming too?
Kerry Madonna
This is exactly what I was looking for!! thanks a million!
Kosmas Pec
3:03:00 this level with the theatre puzzle was my favourite level.I still remeber it!!I completed this game the previus winter and liked it very much.
thanks for all the awesome uploads! love all these films, the genre of horror games has really taken off recently, though i'm definitely no expert, cheers!
Nice awesome video is the best good chapter x7🏅🎀🎀🎀
Justin Bausili
lmao 1:03:45 i was like TURN AROUND and it came out of nowhere 2 seconds later haha
3:23 î’m running behind you with an axe, but don’t worry little girl, I ain’t gonna hurt you!!!
God... These developers complete destroyed the silent hill series.
Wescley Rocha
Xbox 360 silente Hill downpour final 🏆 eu já sim OK 😉👍
MizMookey The Recessionista
Murphy looks like Henry from SH4
Mercy OnOasis
1:41:11 omag. sucidal ...
Does the audio keep cutting off for some people too?
Lukas Funk
Thank you for upload
pierre kwok
Hi mate, thanks for sharing. Excellent skills!
Pattana Pechcharat
Please enable subtitleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #cryingoutloud
Savion Ramsundar
i remember playing this lol this game had no guide whatsoever, i was lost af, so i stopped lol maybe i start back now that you have shown the way
Nancy King-Hoffman
What's this one's System it did not say it looks like fun In a creepy sort of way to me at least I Got to give it credit it stayed true to the Game itself I give the maker of the game a plus for staying true to the Game's storyline 😉I still need to know The system's it's for🤔
Pensky Material
This was such a great game exept for some minor mistakes. A lot of SH fans complained about too many scenes where no matter what you do, it will result in you losing all your things for a while. The settings was great. The rooms the city ect! My favorite part was the school near the end. With the fairytales and all that!
STeve - Pysta
Watching as movie in 2019 :) TY. so much memories
I have no doubt that this channel will be huge one day! Keep it up!
Alex Johnson
Slam all doors and you wonder how they always know your location...
Cyber Cristo
Vinícius Luciano
Na parte de ignorar não mata eu matei ela sem querer eu não sabia que não poderia
Dante Nero
2:17:39 I love that part and as a guy who does hallucinate I know it can be very strange to hallucinate...
merry lu
I think no one realise that Murphy Pendleton has a lot of similarities to Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. not just that they faces look almost identical but also sometimes the way that they behave. I mean the way that Murphy always look's like a sad depperst puppy is exactly the same kind of look that Trent has. they characters are really different . but the thing is sometimes they have really kind of familiar ways to behave. like they're both so separated from everything . and that's already something that hook me into this game. I really like this familiar Nine Inch Nails vibe
Clyde Lee
i could never play this and even if i was given the game and console for free, i'd prolly not touch it. but i'm grateful i can watch someone else play and it's a bit less scary lol
Manolo Carvalho
I dont understand this phantoms cop cars.
Giorgi Khutsishvili
anyone knows how to download it for pc ?
dan cito
ey.. how many damage and not aid kit ?? :0
Asri Ahmn
hope this have definitive edition on ps4
Ashleigh Call
I'm only 2 hours in but it's driving me crazy... hoping the police siren gets answered
I think the reason why the audio is low quality is due to it being recorded on a PS3.
Wow!! Amazing storyline. Thanks for taking the time for making this video
Chris Guzman
Does the number 8492 has any meaning? Not just in the game but in real life, also Ive heard that number in ace combat 5 if anyone recalls...
Inspector Gadgeł
Honestly I'm confused on what was real
nonbinary goat
Murphy's screams are hilarious
Max Rieser
Did you enjoy the ride Murphy?
Davis Wong
no monster battling? where are all the monsters?
Jamie Anderson
Thanks for the upload. This one wasn't to bad as far as games go. :)
Andriejus Archipovas
i dont have good pc and cant play so i watch :D
Ndidi Alimole
This is definitely one of the best YouTube channels I've ever subscribed to! There are so many horror-genre games I'm too chicken shit to play, but I'm still interested in watching them! Thanks very much!
Only 1 of the 5 endings?
Mad MuziQ Television
His yells... 😂😂💀
Александр Inzaghi
Образ главного героя взят от Сергея Головкина. невероятное сходство!
I'm subscribing. Well done.
Some spudge and snacks, Im set to go😋
Abbas E1000
Is this game available on PS4 or PS3 please????
Juan Rosas
1:47:57 Holy shit, he threw the chair back at you. I died.
MR APOCALYPSE is tha bomb
I will make grate games so hardcore people will cry out to god
Kokuten NSH
Yo i love your chanell man you take a lot of time in my day not in a bad way tho
Modded Gaming
Murphy: Here Take the Chair!! *throws the chair and runs*  Monster: You forgot something! *Throws the same chair back at Murphy* Me: Aww how sweet...It's trying to play pass the chair