Ip Man Mike Tyson Fight...

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fight between Ip man and Mike Tyson by SHAAN

Michael Stables
Leth thee whoth fiths are the fathtesth
AMAS Tupac
after the first punch from mike Tyson I would've said "I quit I quit 😷"
Tanius Scott
That uppercut would have been sleepy time and the groin kick would have halted future offspring 😂
John Vincent Olmos
Remember kids unless you are Ipman. If Mike Tyson challenges you, you better run...
that lisp... lol i can't take him seriously lol... Leth thee whosth fisth ith the fasthesth, yourth or mine..
Big Daddy Herc
if they fight for real tho pretty sure mike would won
1:38 i am not sure he could stand after this punch...
i was afraid mike tyson would bite that poor man's ear off after the ring
Jeff Fassbender
Why are there always children riding tricycle on his fights.
Abu Fadhil
Ip Man could have lost his teeth and had his ribs broken...
punani pu ndeh
leth thee who fith ah the fathest
Just saying...Master Ip has fought and beaten many Asian and White opponents, but the 1st Fight with a Black man, resulted in a DRAW. Both equals in badassery. Asians thought he was a hack, White people thought he was inferior, the Black guy just saw a worthy adversary. No bashing of his style, no insulting of his culture...Just throw those hands. Beautiful.
The Chad Pad
Ip won! His leg was closer to Tyson's nuts /:)
Tyson is such a beast
OPDestroyer 93
Two legendary stars fighting
J3R Omega
Pretty sure Tyson would have won that fight
This is just a movie and Donnie probably can't take mike, but remember good old Bruce at his prime couldn't beat master ip when he was an old man
Honestly, I'm glad neither one of them won. Both are incredible, legendary fighters of unmatched skill.
andrew Hoard
This is actually a really good fight scene! Who knew Mike could act and do choreography!
Ip Man
I think ip man would win
BestNailSpa NG
the music makes everything do badass
"Thank you for not knocking my teeth out my skull." *Looks down* "Thank you for not ruining my baby makers." "Truce?" "Truce."
Well, for his weightsclass, Ip Man would be an unreal monster
Let's see who fiths are the fathest LMFAOOOO I LOST IT
Believe it or not, the only one who got hurt during the filming of this was *Mike Tyson.* Donnie Yen broke his finger.
JP Trj
Glad Donnie Yen still has his ears after taping this scene
Nobody beats IP Man. Nobody. Especially no has been Tyson.
Vote Ipman 2020
Half Eaten Pizza
a low blow kick from ip man or an upper cut from tyson
Realistically speaking, Tyson could have knocked this wormy little man out, with one punch.
"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." -Mike Tyson
Sanjeev Kumar
IP man won
michael tu papi
No way mike Tyson would do so good against the real ip man. I mean this guy trained Bruce Lee and we know how great Bruce was. and he couldn't best ip man in his prime.
Balrog still got it.
Ip man punched Mike like 1-9 times and mike punched him 10-27 times😁.
To me this is just fucking wonderful. The great exponent of the sweet science getting in shape for a more universal fight movie. Plus its an honour to Cus as well since all his techniques are on display. And fine acting on the part of the champ as well. I know that fine acting in an amateur is really just good direction. But I think we will be replaying this scene for decades.
Golden Arts
Donnie yen actually showed respect towards Tyson with doing this fight. I know donnie is a fan of Mikes old fights in the ring but when Tyson and Yen did this scene neaither yen or any of the other people working on this movie made Tyson look like some fool like many other people would do. Yen even more or less let Tyson win this match. If the clock hadnt gone off there it would been goodnight for Yen. I know it, you know it, he knows it. Thats what respect is about. Tyson was a real fighter and while Donnie Yen follows the steps of Jet Lee and does absolutely amazing fighting scenes that actually no one else does today he still respects and pays tribute to past generations.
Khandar William
Power vs Technique
Miguel Gutierrez
Kung Fu vs Boxing. I Pick Kung Fu.
Trina Williams
would've quit after a few of them punches
ProJirard the Finishist
He could've just bit his ear and won...
SiF 101
I would like to see Brock Lesnar VA mic Tyson
Eugene Krabs
Ya'll people making fun of Mike Tyson's word pronounciation should shut up. Tython ith the betht ever tho thut up!! 😎
Angel Lugo
Mike Tyson is better his punch is powerfull
Michael Song
Reality: If a person learns Boxing and Wrestling to at least medium levels, he would be able to beat most of kung fu masters.
Michael Mannucci
This whole thing ruined Ip Man. Making him struggle against these jokers ruins the image of the first movie.
1:38 Mike let guys go sleep with those punches and now he had no gloves on so he would have probably broken his chin
exactly that punch mike tyson did at 1:38 the guy would of been down,,considering he took a rib shot then the FACE just makes it 100 percent confirmed mike woulda won
Liyang Xie
I am pretty sure that this fight should end at 1:37.
Master Debater
Unfortunately in real life, size has a tendency to beat everything. That's why the dinosaurs were the apex predators and rulers of the planet, and why we didn't fist fight grizzlies and developed weapons instead to dominate other animals instead.
Velix S
why are they putting boxing and martial art together?
Eddy Vaso
tyson would break him with one punch if it was real!
Howard Treesong
Dude, no. At 1:37 Tyson's fist fully connects to IP man's jaw. That's lights out right there. And that's after first getting a direct hit to the ribs. Not goddamn happening. IP dude is down for the count. You don't shake that off. Tyson hit like a freight train. You are not blinking your eyes twice and then take a deep breath and rejoin the fight. That is absolutely not happening. Also: after two solid hits you're no longer going to do a lot of that Wu Tan Shaolin bullshit where you have your full stamina. This is Mike Tyson. "Everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the face." I'm not disrespecting IP man, he is capable and a solid fighter. He's not taking two direct hits from Mike Tyson and keep fighting as if nothing happened. The only way that happens is if he's high on PCP. Then, yes.
Balrog vs Fei Long :D
Skunk Man
I can imagine mike Tyson hitting him so hard he goes retarded
Angel Lugo
Mike Tyson is the best he teaches rudy
Little ip man would have got folded from just one of those liver shots. There is a reason there is weight classes in fighting. Except that he's literally a superhero in these movies.... But I guess that makes Tyson a supervillain doesn't it?
Great fighters but prime Tyson would win in under a minute ..
Twiztid 133
Mike tyson i believe would definitely win donnie in a real fight whether he’s in his prime or not. His boxing alone is deadly.
Matthew Grace
Great fight scene!!!
This fight scene will motivate me!
2:33 When you decide to use the litter tray for once
Bünyamin Gümüşlü
Mayk taysında tam bir camış amk
To be honest, Tyson had mentioned that he might lose in a real fight with Donnie Yen. However, Donnie also said that he had no match for professional boxer. Indeed, both of them were humble. We couldn't determine who would win if there is really a fight.
Ken T
I've said it and I'll say it again. There's no way any 'asian martial arts grandmaster' can take on a western heavyweight boxer. You're delusional if you think that's actually possible.
So, anyway. The best move of this fight is probably when Donnie starts to block his blows with his elbows and Mike "realiase" what to do to stop it and go offensive. I love the concept of the whole fight. "Just" under three minutes both Donnie and Mike knows what to do to step it up agaist each others choice of Martial Arts
Julien Gong
I'd take broken jaw with possible brain damage over blown balls any day.
akshay sangwan
none zero sum game:- the arrival
Darren Blair
Who liked 1:38
surenthar r
2:35 what is the movement called
It is like Marshall Law is fighting to a Black Steve Fox.
Parkour Guys
He looks Like a baby in the beginning
Blue Sky
lol this is for all the s*** talkers I know exactly what you doing. this is good
His professional fighting days might be well in the past, but Iron Mike still looks super mean when he throws those punches...
Haohui Li
ip man should have gone for the nuts kick
Rick shaw
0:32 thought he was going to bite his ear
whoa. im really impressed that they actually precisely timed it 3 minutes! isnt that hard to do in films? because when you add in effects and scenes after the time stated its hard to know how much time the viewer sees. and i expected the fight to go way over 3 mins.
Bruce Lee
1000st comment
Fiego's Stop motion
2:00 reminds me of the movie "IT"
So, who do you guys think won?
Damn, Tyson still dangerous
clace genesis
I've seen better boxing choreography than that, but i'll still give Mike Tyson props.
Chand Butt
No boxer like Mike tyson
Vatan Sana Canim Feda
2:48 streching is the most important before a fight
Hikaru NABY
Carlos Vargas
The force with him
Xarien Art - Drawing tutorials and Speedpaints
Ith Man
Alles Niemand
damn good omg,nice one
A lost soul
Damn I loved steve harvey in this scene
Sahib Eminov
Манас Токтобаев
Sr. pacman
The tyson really would have won him 1 stroke >:v
jessie gomez
Tyson would lose against Donnie.punches to slow.Don would block easily and he does punch way faster and knows where to hit him to do most damage.tyson has no chance in a real fight against Donnie.
jericho turbo jones
donnie could probably beat tyson if he had the equal weight. afterall, jab cross hook can't stand up to the sophitication that is kung fu.
tyson cant act but he also cant do anything wrong. love you tyson!!
mr donk
Are you really believe that in a real fight Donnie will win.? so funny!!!
but Tyson really beat sheet out of my IP man