Lana Del Rey - Cinnamon (Long Version)

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If this song isnt released with the album i SWEAR! Im gonna get on her instagram comments, dm, twitter, etc just to drop complaints on it!!! Im gonna be so MADDDDD!!! Whos with me?!
Isaiah Craver
I can already see myself crying to this
Tiarra Isaiah
This will be my new smoking weed and crying song
Stella Wood
if Ultraviolence and Honeymoon mixed into one song... it’s this. i have a feeling that NFR will be my fav album of hers.
*halsey has left the chat*
Thank you for all views, I love you 🖤 SEE YOU ON Wednesday 24th for Lana Del Rey - HOW TO DISAPPEAR (Long Version) ! (Follow me for more videos like it)
Pravin Nair
imagine being high and listing to this masterpiece... her mind
Lana del Rey is one of a kind, she's the kind of singer that rips your heart right out of your chest and puts it back in, sews it back up, all in one song. She reminds you of memories you thought you had forgotten about and then plasters over them with such beauty. She's such an amazing underrated artist this world has ever had. but I am one of many privileged to know and listen to her music, understand her creative style and enjoy what she has to give to us fans.
Nicolas Lucassen
Can we somehow let Lana know that we want her to release this song ASAP?
Harriet Jaquline
"there's things I wanna say to you but I'll just let you live"
Wilgner Sena
This song reminds me the ultraviolence era.
Iris West
CINNAMON LYRICS Cinnamon in my teeth From your kiss You're touching me All the pills that you did Violet, blue, green, red to keep me At arm's length don't work You try to push me out But I just found my way back in Violet, blue, green, red to keep me out I win There's things I wanna say to you But I'll just let you live Like if you hold me without hurting me You'll be the first who ever did There's things I wanna talk about But better not to keep But if you hold me without hurting me You'll be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did There's things I wanna talk about But better not to keep But if you hold me without hurting me You'll be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did There's things I wanna say to you But I'll just let you live Like if you hold me without hurting me You'll be the first who ever did There's things I wanna talk about But better not to keep But if you hold me without hurting me You'll be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Hold me, love me, touch me, honey Be the first who ever did There's things I wanna say to you But I'll just let you live...
Katherine Oliviá
I always feel like I'm in a trance when I listen to her
Dragan Drobnjak
Lana is back and she is cooler than ever. ❤
g eazy is shaking
Venice Bitchh
im waiting for this song and the album like im waiting for Jesus... but this song is just.. no words!!!
Saida Aripova
G eazy will regret leaving her
I just adore this song, the rawness of the song at the start and then when it transforms and kicks in at 0:39 I don't know if you'll release it like that but I just find it perfect
Ellie Mae
This is the kind of music that made me love lana. Takes me to another place
NieChceMiSię WymyślaćNazwy
This is already my favorite album's song, even though I haven't listened yet to the others songs😂
Nahuel Ramseyer
Is it how heaven sounds like? ✨💙✨
Unexpected Who
I’m not gonna do the same thing I did with cherry, which was listen to the snippet every other hour. When LFL came out, it was my least favorite. Don’t ruin your experience by trying to make a song based off snippets, and wait for the full thing🤩 Edit: I lied
Priscilla Jamie
This is beautiful. I can't stop listening....
ultraviolence era vibe. live for it
Juan Arias
Could Cinnamon be the next Cherry?
Željana Varvodić
She is the deepest, the smartest and the most happiest woman in the 🌎
Isaiah Silva
Halsey is shaking
Majimak Chorom
1:08 This is the reason I fall in love with all of her songs.
katarina brooklyn
i think that the line "cinnamon in my teeth from your kiss" is ironical. curios, never tasted cinnamon myself, i googled it and found out that cinnamon is actually bittersweety. that lead me to conclusion that this song talks about a toxic relationship. she was with her lover and she wanted to leave the relationship, to break up w him, but for whatever reason she couldn't. the line "there's things i wanna say to you but i'll just let you leave" and some other lyrics confirm this theory. could be wrong though. those are just my thoughts :)
Idgaf🙊. Master snippet got me droolin' for the official track. This is loyalty.
Jonathan Manitta
so when does this song come out, because I need to hear it NOW
Samuel Kane
When that beat drop it give me the chills
TheLady Jacqueline
Im riding an uncontrollable emotional undulating wave of self pity and buried sexuality right now while balling eyes out and screaming silently ...on repeat ... This is amazing. Thank you
yassir rissay
Im drunk , someone tells me if its real or not
Mark Ak
I need the studio version to be released ASAP, this is awesome. I met her once, she was AWESOME ! Literally the best experience i ever had with a celebrity. She was really awesome, caring and gentle. She radiates like an angel. I saw her In Byblos, Lebanon google what she was wearing that day, she looked like an angel. Whenever i can attend her next concert i won't hesitate, believe me it was one of the best concerts i attended and i attended ALOT of concerts. Her energy, her vibes, her voice, her songs basically everything about her is FLAWLESS. Long may she reign.
Shane De La Rocha
This sounds like it’s going to be iconic
Why is everything she does amazing? I cannot wait for this new album.
AHS Ghost
Come thru with the instrumentals! I love this song already!😍
Lana Del Bae
The production sounds amazing 😍😍😍
When will this be available on Spotify 😭😍💘 this is legit the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard
This is the best of the new era...
White Lines
You should put "This is not the oficial version"
Dolce Luxe
I’ll have to buy the album just for this song
I’m already crying to this she needs to RELEASE, this song makes me remember the love of my life that I never even had 😭❤️❤️
Paloma Del Rey
No one compares to LANA ❤ if only every one could release songs like hers then I could say people sing... not bark like all those pop star singers who go to big music school along with great vocal coach, with their stupid music evolution especially carda b and Kerry perry
haseuls curse
I don’t think I’ll ever be over how good this is
Aya Al Yousef
hold me, love me, touch me, honey be the first who ever did 🌓❤
Saida Aripova
My life becomes beautiful everytime I listen to her music
Cody Lawrence Dylan
So dreamy 😍
Anthony Reyes
Bro I was high and was trying to figure out if she said "I'll just let you live" or "I'll just let you leave" and I honestly think she said both words in two separate takes. I stan a genius queen gawd.
Lazarus Mares
hufelump woozle
I usually dont like when people leak songs but thank u for saving humanity
Mindelle Hallihan
Didn't she mention there was going to be a new release in October?😱😍
zilan s
omg I want the album out so bad
We still need a full version of life is beautiful and we need this song out asap! Like today
JHope watches nisekoi
This is so good. Period.
Emanuel Goroso
I have a new favorite song ♡♡♡
Lorde Melodrama
* Sniffs cinnamon powder*
Theron Joseph
Okay but what is that instrumental at the end that snatched my edges like that😩😍😍😍
Carol Reid
Lana has created a new genre in musicology. Magnificat.
Palmtree X
If she doesn’t release this song it’s literally gonna cause a societal crisis
Lillian Sims
“Like if you hold me without hurting me You’ll be the first who ever did.” Lana says she dreamt of being a beautiful poet. She did it in the most beautiful way.
Camille Anderson
Thank you for this gorgeous snippet of genius! Can't wait till album drops, but it will be worth the wait.
This is so beautiful, this song really touch me in the heart
Gaurav Gurha
I'll file a lawsuit against her if this masterpiece is not in NFR
Mariana Moreira
This song is so sexy!
I love that this has half a million views and the song hasn't even been released yet LMAO I mean go off
Danilo Celedon
This reminds me a little bit to Stargirl interlude 👀 (Sorry for my english, I'm latin)
Latifah Williams
64 people who don't recognize talent.
I thought this was gonna be an early demo of Radio 💀
Carla Caresse
When is the official song gonna be released?!?!
Mysterious Blue
I’m killing myself if Lana Doesn’t release
Christian Pabon
You always touch my heart you got that magic in your voice that's take me to that special place.
Ryan E
pepita menal larruy
OMG! This is so beautiful! I can't stop hearing it!
Candy Sosa
Play this at 0.75x, thank me later
Elvira K
Need a 30 hour long loop
Fanny Garcia
I can't stop LISTENING 👿👿👿
aizen sosuke
Vaya temazo!! Lloro.
Nancy Horetska
Thank you for your songs. It's like a fresh breath of air. Greetings from Ukraine!
Stevie Creamer
This is by far my favorite Lana song! I don't live a day without listening to her music!
shook bih
I called the boy i loved cinnamon before❤️💔
Lauren Schmitt
I did an edit using this because I couldn’t wait any longer for her to finally release <3 :,(
Michaela Caleb
Hold me, love me, touch me, be the first whoever did. 😍😍😍
nashely osorio
i don`t know how she can create very sexy and sensual music no repeting the same, i lov u lana, i`m ur fan since i`m 14, now I`m 19 OMG, time past so fast
im already crying to this and it’s not even a full song
mona sofia
I did not like this song when I first heard it...then I got addicted to it :'(
Akhil Singh
Sees new song by Lana..........*Grabs the best earphones got*
Okay but this could be a radio hit if it was promoted right I stg
Ross curran
Halsey is quaking after hearing this
Carmen Darling
Is the last part Say yes to heaven? Just curious
Emanuel Castaneda
If you all are really liking this album then prove it to her, prove it in her next setlist of her upcoming concert. Ask for less songs of BTD and more of these new albums because in my opinion i am so fed up that at least half of the setlist is still of BTD/PARADISE and that can't be possible. That album isn't her best album. Ok, she started with it, started it all but her next albums have been better and better, even excellent as ULTRAVIOLENCE. What happened with FREAK? Why hasn't been in the official setlist for example? That and other songs. Queen, please, just few songs of that album and more of your newer ones. 😫😫😫
Hassan Osama
Wow look at the real queen
crying TM
Shay Shay
It sounds like summer bummer the solo version
Andres Romero
This song has some commercial sound, I think is gonna be a “hit” for Lana . I hope so. Well I just want the album now !!!!
lej m
my god... i love her so much.. cant wait for this album
Malvshka M
I think that your new album should sounds like this song.... like raising from the dead. Nothing gold can stay. Fire and Ice... Love you Lana!!!!
Isa Kusi
I’m afraid this song won’t be released 😣
Meresa Williams
Everything about this is absolutely beautiful!! I love it!!