Small Bathroom Makeovers: Pedestal Sink Installation (Step-by-Step)

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/> Our courses /> Small bathroom makeovers help transform an old bathroom, and today we install a pedestal sink. The bathroom I'm working on today is over 120 years old. It needed a makeover badly. But I wanted to get a pedestal sink and faucet that matched the style of the home. American Standard shipped me their Retrospect sink and Portsmouth faucet. It fits the style of the bathroom. The first thing to do with a pedestal sink is to check for studs in the wall. Pedestal sinks should be attached to studs or framing using lag screws. If you don't have either in the location where the sink will go you'll have to add wood blocking behind the drywall. This video doesn't tackle wood blocking but basically you'll add a 2x6 or 2x8 in the wall using decking screws. Then you can drywall over the blocking and attach the sink to it. Watch the video to see how to install the sink and faucet. /> Btw, this is my CYA, I'm not responsible for any water's up to you to inspect your work and make sure it's leakproof. This video is meant to be for entertainment purposes.

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Tommy DeWalt
Great video Jeff. I especially like the shut off valves you use. If it were me and it being new work I probably would have assemble the faucet on the sink before attaching it to the wall so there's more room to work. What do you think? Any reason you put the sink on first?
J Parra
Good job Jeff. As usual your video is complete. Anyone could do this after watching it.
Nice work.
Meenal Saxena
Very nice and clean job. Thank you for the video :)
Ryan Wong
Hi Jeff, wanted to ask your opinion on a previous faucet replacement I did for my bathroom. I have an integrated sink. The part I had trouble with was the drain assembly. Like your assembly, there is a rubber gasket that sits against the bottom of the sink to seal the gaps. For my sink, the opening for the underside of the drain had imperfections in the casting, a chip big enough that would not seal with the rubber gasket. I tried sanding it down and ended up using epoxy putty (JB waterweld) to fix the chip and get it to seal. Any suggestions in the future if I come across this in a future project?
jb bartkowiak
Cheers Jeff great topic... trimmed in chrome, no other way. slick. - looks like you are rocking and rolling.
The Drizzle
Is it safe to assume not all shutoff valves are the same size? The ones in the video look larger than what I have in my bathroom.
John Locke
Muito bom! Um abraço do seu aluno aqui do Brasil!!! Fique com deus!
Moran Guy
Although we don't have this device in our location thanks....