Pokemon Gold vs Lance Full Fight

Pokemon animation about Gold vs. Lance Full Fight. I made this animation due to many requests in the previous video - Pokémon Lance Dragon Master. This fan animation was made with ToonBoom Studio, and 3D room made in blender. Contribute to my Patreon: />Musics: /> /> /> /> />

You can't be the champion of the pokemon league without knowing how to spam full restores!
Parsel 94
That ending though... 😭😭😭 (beautiful animation) I'm actually playing through Crystal version right now. I love Pokémon!!!! I may be 25 years old, I'll probably never outgrow it 😅😂
The Noonies
why is the end making me cry. It’s like him looking back at all the old pokegear in the box was me finding my old collection of gameboy stuff as an adult and the memories just come back
Jordan Verbeek
2:06 Gold is basically your reaction to fighting a Dragonite for the first time.
Personally, I find it refreshing when I see someone on the internet who can draw extremely well. This is great, keep up the good work!
André- Kun
The old mom and the adult Gold made me cry A mãe velinha e o Gold adulto me fizeram chorar
8:51 tho red chilling with mew and mewtwo and missing number lol. 😆😆😆
Yan Coutinho
Hard days when Togetic wasn't a fairy-type.
lance: dragonite use hyper beam in ho-oh mouth. gold:come on lance isnt that just brutal even for a legendary pokemon
This is the beauty of Pokemon. You start off on a virtual journey with a "pet" and then you gain other pets along the way. Somewhere along the lines of talking to people and gaining exp, you start to get emotionally attached to your pets, it's almost as if they were real, no, it's that you wish they were real. This emotionally attachment never goes away no matter how many years you put between yourself and Pokemon the series or the games.
That one guy
Did anyone cry at the end Maybe a little? I did it was such a good animation
Angel Olivas
Wow my childhood in 9 minutes, good old times.
William Convey
There's just something so right about this, this is what Pokémon is supposed to be
N.D Goldberger
Reminds me of how i imagined these battles as a kid, amazing!!!!
Dude this hit me way deeper emotionally than I’d ever expected. Started Pokémon with Gold Silver and BOY did you capture the feeling of wonder that came with my first Pokémon play through
Flamedeer TF2
I love lance's flash back with the younger version of characters with the young oak from the manga.
ember ashes
3:40 Lance:you don't get to be champion of the Pokemon league without knowing how to spam full restores
Tiel Master
Came here for jokes and laughter. Left in tears.
There are people with super fancy art styles that don't do nearly as well as this. Animation is more than fancy colors
I hope there will be same videos about gen 3 and 4. The animation really knows how to pack the whole journey, the struggle and feelings, the pokemon we meet on the road and milestones into a beautiful nostalgic video. Cynthia and Steven (also Wallace, I like him more bcs of the relationship with Milotic) are great champions, accompanying us through the journey and giving hints on the pokemon world. Fights with them sum up everything we've learned and truly test the skills of a pokemon trainer with great music in the back. It's nice that they showed that not only a 'cool dragon type' master trainer or our rival can be the final fight in the pokemon league. Can't wait for new content :)
Toast- 33
i love how th majority of everyone uses an ampharos first to obliterate the gyrados
Hits right in the feels and its 4x super effective <3
Edward Webber
When Dragonite hyper beamed into Ho-Oh's mouth, I thought he was going to explode! Brutal!
Red just shilling with Missignon hahahaha
Jack Raiden
4:55 Hahahahahah, nice refference. Godzilla's kiss of death.
Greenherring 10
Everyone of your animations are worth the wait because they are so amazing. Especally love the ending.
2:05 Dragonite: I think this belongs to you. Gold: Thank you sir.
Wizz Wizz
Whats lance theme music? I cant find it in the description
Julian Brown
The way dragonite finished ho oh tho...
Just a guy who's trying his best
Came for the idea of a cool pokemon battle. Stayed for the feels trip. Amazing video, my man. Just wow
Nova Mods
Finally, that was the best. After seeing this I rate it 10/10. Excellent. I'm really speechless.
CDrummer Gaming
Nostalgia levels intensify.
Togetic used finger wag. It's super effective.
fico muito bao parabens fico engraçado
That's amazing. I love how that brought a tear to my eyes. It's like I'm 10 again. :')
This video is awesome, but Dragonite emiting hyperbeam into Ho-oh's beak was savage and disturbing.
༺ཱྀ༼Mitsuki༽ཱི༻ 은 미나
Why this video made me CRY 😭 Yeah I too played Pokemon Since I was a Kid This made me felt sad even more cuz I lost my Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP I even lost my Pokemon games huhuhu Good thing i still have my DS games But my Pokemon Crystal, Leaf Green, I lost them :(
Pedro you sweet sweet bastard. The story is beautiful, i do not have enough words for this. I really hope a professional artist sometime in the future re-makes this story. Today, you won my heart.
Indiana John
Wow. Did not expect to cry c:
Christian Berto
This is a perfection... I love Pokémon and I love this.. You made me move.. I m crying.❤️
I never thought I would want an older Gary in replacement for Professor Oak, handing out pokemon to new trainers. Until now
This is perfect! You went above and beyond here! You added all those little touches and captured what Pokemon really meant. Awesome, Pedro. Thanks YouTube recommended.
I ave just one comment posible : so sad... so saaad ! 😭😭😭😭😭
Joshua Musa
This is really awesome!! Like how I play pokemon gold
Greenherring 10
4:58 So brutal.
Ronald Simmons
Eww typhlosion.... great vid tho
Albert Lewis
Wow how am I just now finding this? I love this so much, brings the feels...always wished I could live in that world...still do
Wow.. Truly amazing work man! Shed a tear seeing your Pokemon battle with all their experiences we all know that it takes to get to the Championship. Plus Typhlosion is my favorite Pokémon so it was awesome seeing him finish it off strong! Subbed!
Graham Vanderhorst
This honestly made me want to cry
I love this Animation ! The best thing about it are the flashbacks and the scene at the end.
Xyruz Icawalo
The ending is so.. I just dont know how say it.. The part of me Thank you 😢😢😢
Joeb Hancock
How many times did he reset to save point until the Hydropump finally missed?
Ram Queen
Lol @ older man Oak, and of course Red caught the glitch, Red can do EVERYTHING 🤯
Copshot 00
I like the animating... But did typhlosion use earthquake on dragonite...?
Nelson Pareja
I tear up when typhlosion hit dragonite and we see him growing up
You Ate All My Beans Niqqa
I cried when Lance saw him as a pokemon master , so emotional .
Man, I don't know why, but this really really resonated with me on a core level. Liiterally tears and a huge stupid grin, and my heart swelled when all the pokemon and flashbacks. This is so so good, I'm really glad I watched.
Blox Gaming
4:59 Great reference to Monsterverse Godzilla killing Female MUTO
Ethan Pritstick
Ace Coordinator Mary
Will you make a video for gen 3 please??
Tyler Rinn
Foolish boy...You don't get to become the pokemon champion without learning how to spam full restores!
Calogero Shurley
5:20 when Gold simply says "Go"... how many memories...that Thymplosion in my gameboy already knew what to do even before I told him
Youngster Joey
Hey that's not fair, where is gold or red against youngster Joey and his Rattata?
D'o Da gamer
5:16 how u feel when lance forces you to pull out your strongest Pokémon (your starter)
David Wade
This is absolutely phenomenal.
Obito Uchiha
It reminded me of the Godzilla movie from 2014 when Dragonite shot his hyper-beam in ho-ohs mouth.
Jadon Oliverio
Omg this must of token a long time good job keep it up
Best version pokemon for me...
train fan 4014
Hey Nintendo why can’t Pokémon dodge like that in game?
Earnest Gamer
Hahahaha no mms! Le soltó ese hiper rayo como si fuera Godzilla. 10/10
Tony Vazquez
2:34 Sudowoodo realizes the diffefence in power
Unknow D. Master
Godzilla scene 4:57 xD
Kae Fgrade
1:30 Lance : Arceus !! MY HAIR !! Inventory : Full Potion x5 / Hair Gel x99
Samir Browning
You should do Lucas vs Cynthia or Brendan vs Steven
vida de otaku
Gostei muito mesmo
Chrome Raichu
5:00 nice Godzilla reference btw
Villess gaming
you dont get to be champion of the pokemon leauge without knowing how to SPAM FULL RESTORES TROLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL
goku ssg
My only question is did dragonite miss purposely.
Adrig Exp
This is the definition of the word EPIC.
Randomly stumbled upon this video today. Wow! Such an amazing piece! I'm definitely sharing this with others. Keep up the amazing work, creator!
Ian Chen
That Adult Ethan scene made me cry 😭
Theboss777 Garcia
Yo!! This was a time machine! I felt myself playing game! The moves the sounds on point! With dope animation! / + AB\
Obzerio's Lyfe
So the team is amphoros, Red Gyarados, Sudowoodo, togetic, Ho-oh and Typhlosion
Thomas Wylie
Everyone's talking about the battle (it's amazing, no argument there), but can I just say the ending scene was extraordinarily well done. Beautiful animation!
Sebas Gordon
I am not crying you’re crying 😭😭 that was so good. Just chills running down my body
Deanie Martin
Ok let me break it down FIRST this is a good drawn animation i wish i could draw like this SECOND how many dragonites dude THIRD both has pokemon friendship backstories but gold had alot of it and FOURTH when i saw Adult Gold and Old Gold's Mom and Adult Gold back tracking all his stuff in the past was soooo heart warming 😢😤 ooooo i know people think that aswell and FIVTH(sorry cant say it right) CONTINUE ANIMATING U ARE GOOOOOOD 👍😁
Lorenzo Alieus
This is a FREAKING masterpiece. And the end was moving and heart shattering. I loved it. Oh, and now we need Lance VS Crystal, of course!
Arthur Sales
that was awesome, i started playing pokemon gold i was like ten. a few days ago i've got a game boy color again and you made me remember how amazing it was, playing this as a kid, imagining to be real every step and every capture in the game. now i miss being a kid SO MUCH
Thomas Atkinson
I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! 😭
Marce Daza
you should make one about silver or crystal
The Emerald Asriel plays
I cried in the end
Vc e demais cara!!
or harel
Nice animation! Also my team was: Girafarig Heracross Sudowoodo Dragonite Feraligator And my favourite pokemon: ampharos!!
No joke this was my team wtf
Plot twist: the starter is actually Meganium
Vincent Boelter
The cinematography is absolutely unprecedented!!
Congrats on 1 million views my man.Watched this video when it was released and rewatched it today.
Pulling my heart strings on this one.
Josh Mustord
That was... Beautiful. You've moved me so much, I... I need a tissue. 10/10, I love it.